Ava and/or Eva Pt. 02

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Author’s Note – This story has 8 parts which I am releasing as I finish editing them. For the best experience, please read them in sequence or you may not be able to follow the story properly. Although this is a work of fiction, it is based on real characters and events. All names and locations are fictitious. Thank you.


A Night Of Discovery


Exiting my shower, my mind was still on Ava as I dried myself off and walked back into the bedroom. I felt full and totally relaxed from the meal, beers and shower. I had to think for a moment on the most likely place I might find my jammers. Since I usually slept in just my boxers, it had been a bit since our ‘jammers’ days. I dug through the bottom dresser drawers until I found them, slipped them on and headed back down to the family room…

Lounging on the sofa, Eva turned her head to look at me as I came into the room. I paused on the steps and imitated her twirl to show off my attire, my amateurish spin drawing a big smile and chuckle from her as she patted my spot on the sofa next to her.

“I got you a fresh beer,” she said, pointing to it on the coffee table. “I also changed the TV channel to some music…I hope you don’t mind.”

I nodded in agreement as the sounds of classic rock played. “At least you picked some good stuff!” I teased, as I walked across the room, grabbed my beer and slid into my corner. She leaned forward and poured herself some more wine from the bottle on the coffee table. ‘She must be feeling relaxed by now’, I thought to myself, noting the nearly empty bottle. Leaning back, she swiveled sideways on the couch to face me, tucking her legs up under her butt. I sensed she was finally ready to get serious and tell me what was going on.

She started off slowly, searching for the correct words as she went. Knowing that she usually gave me clues about her feelings and wishes from her facial expressions, I watched intently as she spoke.

Jeff and her had separated…it wasn’t because they didn’t love one another, but rather because she couldn’t have children. She described how they had started trying about a year after they had moved in together. She had gotten pregnant once, but had a miscarriage a few weeks later, then she had trouble getting pregnant again. They finally went to several doctors and confirmed Eva’s fears…she had the same problem that her mom had. Ava and I were very blessed to have had Eva. The doctors had said she was a miracle birth, so we had decided to forgo further attempts and just devoted our lives to Eva.

Jeff, however, didn’t deal well with the news and wanted a natural offspring…no adoption, no surrogate, no exceptions. It tore them apart in the end. As she told me of her heartbreak, her sadness deepened. After setting my drink down, I instinctively did what I always had done in the past and opened my arms to her.

“Come here, cuddlebug.” She placed her glass on the table and crawled into my arms just like she had done hundreds of times before. Cuddlebug was the nickname that Ava and I had given her because it was her favorite thing to do when we had our jammers on…Ava on her left, me on her right and our cuddlebug sandwiched in between us on the sofa. I could feel her softly crying as she burrowed into my side and finished telling me her story of their final breakup and her heartache. I held her in silence, gently stroking her hair while she cried her pain out.

Minutes later, she spoke again. “I don’t want to make any decisions right now, dad,” she whispered, her voice slightly breaking up. “I just want to be with the one person I know who truly loves me…I just need to feel that now.”

“You came to the right place, then!” I answered. She gave me an ardenthug in response.

Her head was tucked under my chin and her cheek was against my chest. When I moved my right hand up to her face and slowly stroked her hair and cheek, she raised her head up and kissed my neck. “Thanks for being here for me, daddy.” she murmured in my ear.

“Always!” I assured her.

She shifted in my arms and I relaxed my hold when she declared, “I need to pee! And I’m sure I look like a mess. Don’t go anywhere! I need to cuddle some more, okay?”

“Sure thing, sweetie. I’ll be right here.” As she stood up to leave, I added, “Good thing it’s Friday, cuz, I drank a little more than normal.” I closed my eyes and laid back as the Eagles ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ began to play. It was one of my favorites and I sang along for a bit…

“And I found out a long time ago…what a woman can do to your soul…Oh, but she can’t take you anyway…you don’t already know how to go…And I got a peaceful, easy feeling…and I know you won’t let me down… ’cause I’m already standing…on the ground.”

The song was just ending when I felt her snuggle up next to me again. “I’m sure I know what you’re gonna say…but I have to ask anyway…will it be alright if I stay here with you for a bit until Giresun Escort I get my act together?… I’m pretty sure I know what I want to do… but I want your input first,” she asked. She rested her chin on my shoulder and stared up into my eyes. I could smell the wine as she breathed on my cheek.

“Of course you can, darlin’…that goes without saying!” She promptly planted a big, wet kiss on my cheek, then turned and picked up her wine glass from the table. After taking a big swig from it, she set it back down, then settled back into her normal cuddle position against me.

“I have a confession to make about you and mom,” she said in a small, shy voice.

“What’s that, sweetie? You know you can tell me anything, don’t you?” I had to admit that she had my curiosity peaked.

“While I was in the bathroom, I had a very fond memory pop into my head of when I was younger.” She paused and then the next part came in a flood as if she had to get it all out in a hurry, or die. ” I’ll bet you never knew that you both gave me my very first, real, sexual experience.” There was a short pause and she sounded extremely nervous when she continued, “I mean… I played doctor and such… with Billy, Tammi and some of the kids from down the block when we were young… But…this was way different for me… I want to tell you about it…I’m not really sure why…maybe it’s because… I’m a little tipsy… I, ummm…I don’t know, exactly… but… I want to tell you anyway.” She sounded as if she was out of breath as she finished. As she was looking up at my face, seeking my approval, I could feel her trembling lightly against my chest.

“Okay, sweetheart. You know I’m here for you.” I tried to sound encouraging, not quite knowing where she was headed with this obviously very personal topic.

She took another sip from her wine, prolonging the suspense. It felt as if she was screwing up her courage to continue. Reaching out, she covered my left hand resting on my left knee with her left hand, interlacing our fingers together. Lifting them to her face, she kissed my palm. She appeared to be thinking of what she was going to say as she lowered our hands back down to my leg.

“I woke up late one night…I had to pee, real bad. As I was walking down the hall to the bathroom, I heard noises coming from your room,” she said, with her little girl voice taking over. “Curiosity took over, so I walked to your bedroom and saw that the door wasn’t closed. At first I thought someone was sick or in pain, but the more I listened, I realized it was something very different.” She was gesturing as she spoke and lifted my left hand up as she did, while I felt something brush my left thigh and glanced down to see her right hand come to rest gently on the inside of my bare leg. At the same time, she lowered our coupled hands down, guiding my palm to rest on her right thigh.

As if nothing had transpired, she continued her story, “I had to see what was going on. I pushed your door open and crept down the hallway until I was at the corner where I could peek around at your bed…What I saw changed my life forever.” For the first time since she had started, she turned and looked directly into my eyes, then continued, “Now, don’t laugh, daddy… it was all magical and amazing to me.”

Almost speechless, I managed to mumble in reply “I won’t.” I felt all the blood leave my face as it dawned on me where this was heading.

As she continued, I became very aware of her right hand creeping higher up my thigh while her other hand guided mine up hers. It was all happening in slow motion, as if I was having an out-of-body experience with absolutely no control over what was going on.

She looked down again as she spoke. Each sentence was describing a separate image with a distinct pause between them for emphasis. “The lamp was on by your bed…You were both naked…I could see you laying on your back…Mom was straddling your lap with her legs tucked up under her…She was slowly rocking her hips forward then back…Your hands were playing with her breasts, and pulling her nipples…Her head was tilted back as she was moaning…I could hear your heavy breathing, too,” she seemed to finish but quickly resumed, “Of course, I know what it all is now…but, back then, it all seemed like…some…wondrous and special secret that I was watching.”

I was acutely aware of Eva’s right hand as it began to lightly knead my thigh, inching closer to my hardening cock. She continued to slide my left my hand closer to her crotch until I realised that I could feel the heat radiating from inside her. Looking down, I was shocked to see that she no longer had her jammer bottoms on, apparently removing them when she went to the bathroom. Her legs were spread so that I could clearly see her bare pussy, the outer lips swollen while her inner labia were pushing outward and starting to flower. I also noticed a film of moisture covering them as a small trail of Giresun Escort Bayan her juices was leaking from inside.

Weakly attempting to move my hand back, she was insistent and held it firmly in place. I was discovering that…just like with Ava… I had no will to resist Eva, either. My cock twitched involuntarily and was now fully rigid. Shifting my hips, I tried to ease my discomfort. When I moved, she turned her head to gaze at my crotch where the bulge of my arousal was unmistakable.

Continuing her erotic narrative, her voice grew low and oozed the same sexiness as her mom, “As I watched you, I felt a tingling between my legs…I slipped my hand down inside my panties and began to finger my cunt…I watched as mom leaned down on top of you…I could see your cock moving in and out…your hands playing with her ass and spreading her cheeks as you fucked her… It made me so hot that I could barely stand…my legs grew weak and shaky.”

Sensing no further resistance from me, her right hand moved to press against the base of my swollen cock and balls. Aggressively, she pushed my left hand into her wetness, her fingers urging me to slip between her inner lips while my palm became soaked with her desire. My eyes were locked on the beauty of her silky, glistening pussy, the trail of her fluids had become a small trickle. I noted absurdly that her flow seemed more plentiful that Ava’s.

Done with the foreplay, she now moved directly into full seduction mode. Turning her head until our faces were cheek to cheek, her words came out as little puffs of heated air against the side of my face as she went on, “I felt the warmth of an orgasm come over me…I could feel my hard nipples rubbing against my nightgown…My fingers were wet and sticky, but I couldn’t stop…I watched you and mom as I frigged myself…pushing my fingers in my pussy like you were fucking mom with your cock… my body was trembling all over…mom let out a loud moan…her back arched as she ground hard against you…I heard you groan at almost the same time. I knew I had to sneak back out before I got caught. Back in my room, I crawled in my bed and masturbated until I came again.”

She pulled her head back and looked directly into my eyes as she spoke this last part, a sexy little smile on her face, the back of her right hand slowly rubbing my cock from balls to tip. Eva reminded me so much of her mother at this moment…her seduction was complete…I was putty in her hands.

Continuing to look into the back of my eyes, she was trying to gauge the depth of the affect she was having on me. When she knew exactly where she had me, she turned up the heat. “I used to try and stay awake at night to see if I could catch you and mom again, so I could watch and learn. I quickly came to recognize the tell tale signs of when you both felt horny…which was really pretty often. She would rub her hip against your cock,” Eva’s hand was firmly pressed against my shaft and rubbing me for emphasis, “You would grab her ass and squeeze it, or brush against her tits when you thought I wasn’t watching. I managed to catch you so many times that I lost count.”

She spread her legs wider as her left hand released mine and moved to press my fingers harder against her pussy. “God, I’m wet!…Feel me, daddy…Put your fingers inside and see how hot just thinking about that has gotten me.” Her right hand left it’s stroking duties and moved over to slip inside her partially unbuttoned top. I could see it cupping her left breast and teasing her bullet nipple. Her tongue slipped out and moistened her lips as her mouth was moving towards mine like a homing missile. I parted my lips, preparing to willingly accept her tongue inside.

My will was no longer my own. I pushed my fingers inside her as she urged me on. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a moister pussy in my life. I felt her body shudder and her eyes rolled back in their sockets while a little gasp came from inside her. She enjoyed the feeling of my manipulations for a few moments before she spoke again.

Finally, she pulled back her head for a second. “I have another confession to make,” she revealed. I tried to say something but only managed a sort of ‘grunting’ sound.

“Do you remember all the times I used to climb onto your lap asking you to hug and comfort me?” I somehow managed a nod. “Well, that wasn’t my only reason. I used to wiggle around as we played tickle games and such, but what I really wanted was to cop a feel of your cock.” I jumped a bit when I felt her hand grasp my hardon through the jammers. She was still staring into my eyes as she began to explore it. “A few times I managed to get my bottom where I could feel this between my cheeks,” she added, squeezing my cock firmly to emphasize her statement.

“I would wiggle around and could feel you getting bigger…but just when I thought I would succeed in my mission, you would move me,” she pouted with a complaint in her voice Escort Giresun as she finished.

She rolled onto her right knee then swung her left leg over me, sitting back on my knees…my fingers slipping from inside her. I looked down at her sticky juices covering them, instinctively putting my fingers inside my mouth to taste her. After all these years, I could still tell that although it was very similar to Ava, the taste was still not exactly the same. My fingers lingered under my nose as I inhaled deeply and reveled in her intoxicating scent. There is still nothing sexier to me than the taste and smell of a woman I care about.

Unbuttoning her top, she watched me clean my fingers with a devilish grin on her face, then leaned back on my legs giving me a full view of her beautiful body. She removed her hand from my cock and and arched her back. Placing her arms behind her, she shrugged her shoulders slightly, her pajama top sliding smoothly down her body, off her arms and dropping to the floor behind her. She remained in this pose with her chest thrust forward proudly showing me her firm tits. My eyes feasted on them as they seemed to glisten from a layer of perspiration covering them. They were almost identical to Ava’s in size and shape. Her soft-pink, eraser-sized nipples were swollen hard, rising proudly from the quarter-sized, light-brown areolae below. My cock jerked again…I was primed and ready to explode.

“Put your fingers back inside me,” she directed, her hands moving forward as she leaned towards me again. She unbuttoned my top, then moved her hands to pull down my shorts. “Raise your butt.” I complied helplessly. As she slipped my shorts under my ass and down my thighs as far as they would go, my cock convulsed again and rose higher in anticipation of what was coming. Her hands attacked it, one grabbing the shaft and the other cupping my balls. Staring intently at it, she stroked, massaged and manipulated me.

I watched her face as her tongue slipped from inside her mouth and wet her lips. She seemed as if she was almost in a trance as she studied her hands working on me. When she spoke again, it was as if she was talking to it and not to me.”This is what I’ve wanted for so long… I could not get the images out of my head of mom stroking and playing with you in bed.”

She lifted my balls and seemed to be weighing them in her fingers before she continued. “I can see why mom loved it so much.” If it hadn’t been said with such a sensuous and loving tone, I would have sworn I was in a doctor’s office getting a medical exam. My mind shot back in time to when Ava had first inspected me. For some reason, the similarities were uncanny.

My mind didn’t instantly register her comment. But, after a moment, a quick thought popped into my head. ‘How does she know what Ava thought…?’ It passed quickly as I felt her other hand squeezing my shaft hard and stroking me firmly upward. She pulled the skin up over the head of my dick, forcing some pre-cum out of my slit. Then she loosened her grip, letting my skin fall back down while she extended a finger to the tip, slowly spreading the fluid around the head and up under the ridge. I jerked my hips from the sensitivity, a sharp jolt of pleasure coursing down my shaft and into my balls.

She looked up into my eyes as if looking for approval. Her voice, however, was firm as her true objective was announced. “I want to taste you…just like she did. I loved watching her take you into her mouth and sucking on you until you got hard. Will that be okay with you?” There was a teasing smile on her face as she said it.

“I’m already hard, my love. But…whatever you want…I’m all yours.” It was the first intelligent thing I had said in a while.

She removed her hands from my cock and threw her arms around my neck, my fingers slipping from inside her as she crawled forward until her pussy lips were pressed against my shaft. She slowly slid up and down against it, coating it with her juices. My balls were soon covered with the copious moisture flowing down. Leaning her head forward, she pressed her cheek against mine where I could feel her hot breath panting in my ear. She was breathing heavy and fast as her hips continued to grind on me. My cock felt like it was wrapped between her labia. I couldn’t believe how hot she was, her nipples like fire pokers against my chest as she bear hugged me tightly to her.

In a lust-filled, breathless whisper she declared, “I want this, daddy! No regrets, okay?” She moved her head back until she was staring into my eyes again. I nodded. “Now…I want you to fuck me…just like you fucked mom when I spied on you.”

Leaning in, she kissed me like I hadn’t been kissed in a long, long time. As her tongue slid inside my mouth, I almost lost all control. We french kissed for the first and longest time. I swore I could feel her pussy lips squeezing my cock as they were wrapped around it. She finally broke our kiss and pulled back, looking deeply into my eyes again. When her hips stopped moving, it felt like the tip of my cock could slip inside her any second with no effort.

“I love you, daddy…Please, take me to your bed… I want to do this where I used to watch you and mom, okay?” she asked.

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