Awakening Ch. 09: The Proposition

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Spending all afternoon fucking and sucking with Lenore and Victor had created a powerful sexual need in me that wouldn’t go away. Everything about those very special people was so over the top and my body and brain was still buzzing. I was literally basking in the glorious memories of my most recent experiences and the magnificent wonderful feelings that went with them. My inner slut was contented and satisfied as I curled against the car door and made myself comfortable for the ride home. A sly smile crept onto my face as I shifted my thighs slightly toward Emma and spread them. I was really pleased that Emma now had a perfect view to watch Victor’s going way gift seep slowly out of my well stretched pussy.

The idea that Victor’s cum was leaking out of my cunt made a warm tingle surge through my pussy as I remembered how wonderful it had been receiving his gooey gift. I closed my eyes as I relived having his cock inside me. Damn, his mammoth cock! Jez, when he came, he pushed his cock as deep as he could get it before he deposited his cum where no cock had been before. Jesus, his gigantic cock spasmed inside me over and over again. What an incredibly delicious thought; so many fucking spurts of cum. My smile got even bigger as I wondering just how long it might take for all of his spunk to drip out.

Thinking about Victor’s exceptional talents had me really turned on. I mean the man was an unbelievably gifted lover and fucking him pushed me to incredible lengths; pun intended. Thank god Lenore had been right. He did go slow and easy, letting my cunt adjust to his inconceivable width. But even though he went slowly, and all the gel made it easier, his massive girth stretched my pussy like never before and was still gaping wide open as we rode. My curiosity kicked in and I began to wonder how many more times I’d have to fuck Victor before my pussy would really adapt to a cock his size. Jez, what a nice thing to ponder. I smiled, slowly opening my eyes with that wonderful thought stuck in my head.

After the rigors of the afternoon, the peacefulness of the car was so nice; just the outside air rushing over the car. I was dog-tired and ached all over so I was totally content to let my wonderful memories keep me company as the scenery whisked by. It amused me that Emma had flipped the air conditioning to high again and pointed all the vents at my bare tits. I took a quick peek at her. She was smiling contentedly. She loved her little games. The cold air did its job and my sore nipples were standing tall, hard as rocks. Emma looked sideways at me and smiled as she blew I kiss at me and mouthed, “Slut.” She was definitely proud of herself.

Damn, I don’t think things could have gotten any better. It was a gorgeous summer afternoon and as we rode, I had a perfect view of her beautiful tits sagging deliciously against her chest. She had pulled her unbuttoned dress to her sides displaying her bountiful profile. She was sexy and she knew it. I loved looking at her tits.

I had just spent the afternoon bound in leather restraints being measured and toyed with by a very kinky lady. Her husband had fucked me like never before with a cock bigger than I could ever have imagined. And, now, here I was, naked riding along with Emma while Victor’s cum leaked from my abused slit. Damn, how fucking good was that for one afternoon of fun?

As Emma drove, she kept stealing little glances at me. She was smiling and licking her lips; being naughty like she was so good at. I loved the way she greedily devoured me with her eyes. She made me feel sexy and wicked.

Emma turned into her driveway and as she turned the car off she looked at me and gave me a huge smile. Fuck, I sure hoped I was up for whatever was going on in that kinky little head of hers. Thankfully the ride home had reenergized me a little bit, so I grabbed my stuff and got out of the car ready for anything. As I slid out of the car, my ass grazed the giant wet spot on the seat. Seeing the shiny goo on the seat made me weirdly proud and it turned me on. Wow, what a kinky fuck I was. I stood and stretched as I pondered my kink quotient as Emma sauntered around to my side of the car. She was fastening a few of buttons as she walked; hmmm, more of her games. It looked like I was the only one going to be on display and I couldn’t wait. Damn, she was certainly good at playing her little games.

She took the leash and led me very slowly up the walkway and into her house. I followed, letting the leash play out so I could feel the pull against my neck. I stood erect and tall in my heels swaying my tits and ass putting on a show like any sexy minx should. I didn’t care the sun was still shining brightly and I was completely naked. I hoped all of her neighbors were enjoying my nakedness because I sure was. Parading me in nude from the car was a bit reckless even for Emma, but she was pushing me, testing my limits again, and I liked it.

I think our little escapade in front of her house even had Emma amped up. poker oyna She kept glancing back and when we got to the door, I could see her hand shake as she put the key in the lock. There was no doubt about it, she was excited as shit. I mean had me walking naked in public in heels, on a leash she was holding, and we were in broad daylight. To anyone watching, it would have been one hell of a spectacle and for me it was incredibly exhilarating. I had quite a buzz going on. I couldn’t really articulate why, and it didn’t really matter. Emma was fucking with my boundaries and I loved it. My sex buzz was soaring and my pussy was on fire again.

Emma led me to the bedroom and as soon as we through the bedroom door, she turned and kissed me hard. She mashed her lips into mine and one hand found my pussy. Oh my god what a wonderful feeling. I unbuttoned her dress and grabbed her ass and pulled her against me. I pressed my tits all over hers. We were breathing hard and doing what lovers do. Finally, Emma broke away and give me several quick pecks on the lips, “Amy darling, I needed that badly. Being able to look at your gorgeous body on the ride home and watching Victor’s cum ooze out of your cunt was so decadent. She dropped to her knees and spread my legs as her tongue lapped against my outer lips before working its way inside. Emma moaned as she licked the cum from my pussy. I could tell all she was interested in was sucking his cum out of my twat. I didn’t care about coming, having her eat Victor’s cum was un-fucking-believably sexy.

When Emma was through licking my cunt, she stood and unhooked the leash, laying it on the dresser. Her lips had shiny remains from her dalliance between my legs. She leaned in slowly just pressing her lips to mine. After a few seconds, she pushed the tip of her tongue into my mouth and I the taste of Victor’s cum entered my mouth. She stepped back smiling like a Cheshire cat shrugging off her dress and tossing it on the bed and then sat down to take off her sandals. I stood in front of her displaying my body for her, legs spread and waiting. She looked up and smiled, “Look at you. You are such a slut. Your pussy is all red and swollen.” She reached out and put two fingers in my gaping hole, “And it won’t close. Wow, Victor fucked you good. And damn, you’ve got dried cum all over you. You need a shower.” Her words about Victor fucking me good were still pounding loudly in my head as she stood and turned me around to unlock the collar. When she was through I slipped off my heels. I couldn’t stop thinking about Victor’s massive member.

The shower was just as wonderful as the one we’d taken early that morning; lots of suds, her buff puff, and fingers everywhere. Emma sucked my nipples lovingly and toyed magically with my sensitive clit and stretched out pussy. Her touches and the hot water were invigorating and brought me back to life. When the shower was over, we playfully dried each other with big fluffy towels again and Emma rubbed this wonderful smelling lotion all over my body and then some special ointment on my sore nipples. I lotioned her next and we smelled like a tropical rain forest.

We dawdled brushing each other’s damp locks taking every opportunity to caress one another and plant little kisses. Emma didn’t think we needed to bother with makeup so when we were done, we had that fresh scrubbed, natural look. Emma took my hand and led me to her closet. After sorting through a few things she finally looked satisfied and handed me a short pale yellow robe. I slipped my arms into the silky material and tied the sash. The robe just barely covered my ass cheeks and my pink nipples were nicely visible through the sheer yellow material. Emma was good. Instantly the sheer silky fabric gave me naughty thoughts, and a shiver made a tingle shoot through my pussy. I loved what Emma could do to me and how she made me feel. She knew exactly how to turn me on.

She picked a cute little pink baby doll for herself and she shook her massive titties playfully at me as she lifted her arms to put it on. Watching her huge mammaries flop back and forth was breathtaking. She did a little shimmy with her arms in the air trying to get the garment to drop in place, but her huge, strawberry tipped mounds blocked the way. She pulled on the bottom of the nightie forcing it into place. Fuck, the sheer material stretched dangerously thin as each of her amazing tits found their way into place. The gauzy material was tight and hugged her tits snuggly, but her nipples were so hard and pointy, they almost poked through the thin pink top. Her eyes bore into mine. She smiled her naughty smile as she circled each of her rock hard nipples slowly with a fingernail. She was sexy and gorgeous and very pleased with herself.

Emma hadn’t bothered with panties which I was quite pleased about. The two of us looked so yummy, like we should be going to a Hugh Hefner pajama party. Emma hugged me to her and kissed me lightly at first, then her tongue pushed slowly between my canlı poker oyna lips. Her tongue was silky and warm, and her boobs mashed nicely against mine. I didn’t need to go anywhere. I was happy. Emma broke our kiss and leaned back, “Let’s go grab a bite to eat, and then let’s have our talk.”

I smiled dreamily at her, but was worried when we left the bedroom without my collar locked in place. Emma never left anything to chance and her apparent oversight made me uneasy. I didn’t like it one bit. It meant something important to me and I didn’t feel right without it. Emma didn’t seem bothered though and took my hand again and led us to the kitchen. She prepared a small snack and fixed us drinks. They both hit the spot. When we finished eating, Emma refreshed our drinks and moved us into the living room for our little talk.

Following Emma and her beautiful ass for the short walk into the living room was heavenly. Her cheeks floated seductively, peeking out from under the thin baby doll as she took each step. As we entered the living room Emma pointed toward one of the couches for me and then lowered herself into couch the across from me. As soon as she sat, she smiled coquettishly and crossed her legs slowly making sure I got a long look at her tasty pussy. Damn, she was so good. She did it effortlessly and she made it look so feminine. She did it so naturally it looked like that’s the way a lady is supposed to cross her legs. I couldn’t take my eyes off the spot where her kitty had just winked at me.

Emma studied her glass as she put her thoughts together. Finally she took several long sips, then slowly started as her face broke into a grin, “Amy, in a very short forty eight hour period, you’ve experienced one hell of a lot, and you’ve literally transformed before my very eyes. I’ve watched you grow, and as we’ve chatted about your feelings, I know you’ve enjoyed yourself immensely.” She paused for another sip and then continued, “Amy, your inquisitiveness from the very first minute you saw my screen saver to now has been thrilling. Oh, and that screen saver thingy really was an accident. I didn’t do it on purpose.” She paused again to let things sink in, “Your raw curiosity about every new adventure and challenge has been refreshing, like a kid at Christmas. When I saw how you reacted to me all dressed up, I knew you wanted to be seduced and I couldn’t wait to do it. I wanted to take you places that you didn’t even know existed. I’ve never seen anyone respond like you have. It was if a beautiful butterfly was ready to emerge from its safe cocoon. All it took was the right circumstances; you were just so ready. My god, I really don’t think there’s a thing you wouldn’t do. It has been so much fun sharing you and teaching you.”

I was smiling ear to ear. Her words were like magic and they brought back all the marvelous feelings, and odors, and sensations; the exotic leather, experiencing unbelievably huge cocks, having my ass licked and kissed, and then violated and stuffed full, breakfast at Sappho’s, and girl sex with her and Lenore. My god, what a weekend of nasty, kinky, perverted wonderful eye opening sex, and she was right, I loved every fucking minute of it. I just smiled and sipped my drink. Her words made me feel warm and sexy and slutty and confident and comfortable and right now the only other place I’d rather be was between her beautiful thighs. Fuck, she was delicious and I couldn’t think of anything nicer than licking her tasty love button right now.

She took another sip, shifting in the couch and re-crossing her legs. She stretched like a cat and treated me to another peek of her beautiful bare pussy before she continued, “I haven’t really ever discussed this next subject, so it’s new territory for me.”

I didn’t really hear what she said since I couldn’t get my mind off her pussy. I had to will myself to concentrate on what she was saying. I listened intently as she continued, “I’m not sure how to approach this other than straight forward so here goes. Some of my special friends have taken submissives as the next level in their sex play. It’s something I’ve been toying with and thinking about for awhile, but there was no one I thought would really fit the bill. That is until this very remarkable weekend with you.”

As the last word rolled off her lips my heart pounded harder in my chest and I could see my chest rising and falling as my breathing sped up. I couldn’t wait for her to continue and hopefully hear the words I wanted to hear so badly. Instead, always the tease, Emma smiled, got up, and bent forward teasing me with her deep cleavage as she retrieved my glass for a refill. Her cute ass swayed enticingly below the bottom of her baby doll as I watched her leave the room. Immediately my thoughts went to everything she’d said. Jesus, the idea of being hers and letting her control me was electrifying and I knew I wanted it badly.

So many thoughts were zooming through my brain; so many experiences. This whole scene was so new, internet casino but I’d known since I put Emma’s stuff on that I wanted more. When I awoke after I passed out from the massive orgasms and found myself bound in the restraints, I was so turned on. The tight leather was so erotic and being forced to do things pushed me to places I didn’t know existed. I was hooked. I wanted Emma to broaden me; to use me like today with Victor and Lenore. Emma was connected and I wanted to experience the deepest, darkest places she could take me. Fuck, I was shaking thinking about the possibilities. I loved everything about the last two days and by the time Emma walked back into the room my body was tingling uncontrollably.

My breath caught in my throat when I saw the collar wrapped around her arm as she entered the room. She surprised me by sitting down next to me. Her thigh was hot and she let it rub seductively against mine. She put our drinks and the collar on the coffee table and then turned to me. She took my hand in hers, rubbing my fingers as she spoke softly, “I’ve had as much fun this weekend as you have; in fact, maybe more.” Her words were soft and gentle and she stroked the side of my face delicately as she continued, “It was exciting taking you to higher and higher levels and watching you grow as you understood more and more about yourself. It was a huge turn on for me and I enjoyed my part way more than I thought I would. You have become a wonderful play toy and an incredibly sexy slut. All of my friends have been quite impressed and you’ve made me very proud. You are a very special person.”

She leaned in and re-arranged my robe so that my crossed legs were exposed all the way to my waist. My pussy was tingling again and I hoped she would order me to spread my legs so she could finger me. I was ready and willing and I wanted her to play with me. I looked into her eyes pleading as I whispered, “I love it when you touch me Emma. I love it when I’m exposed for your pleasure. I love being your slut. My pussy is wet and ready for you now.”

A little smile appeared and without any words Emma leaned toward me. I opened my mouth and accepted her tongue as it filled my mouth. Our hands roamed slowly over each other’s tits as we kissed passionately making each other breath hard. God, Emma can kiss. Finally she leaned back and stared at me like she wanted to say more. She grabbed her glass and took several sips. When she was finished she looked at me, “I need to get through this and then we can play.” She cleared her throat and started, “Amy, we both really enjoyed what happened over the weekend so I have a proposal.” My heart started pounding and I could hardly breathe thinking about what she might say next.

She sat back and smiled. “I want to take you as my submissive. I want you to wear my collar.”

My heart was pounding uncontrollably and my mouth got dry as toast. My god, she just said it. She wants to be my DOM. My heart was beating a thousand times a minute and my cunt was leaking like an open faucet. I wanted to scream yes, but my mouth was full of cotton and I couldn’t speak. All I could do was shake my head up and down and smile at her as I squeezed her arms. She smiled back at me and I knew my life and my world had been changed forever.

Neither of us said anything. The huge smiles on our faces said everything. Emma started flicking my nipple idly with a finger nail and it hardened immediately. I was engrossed in her nipple play when she seductively blew in my ear sending love shivers down my back. She began in a very soft voice, as if she was whispering sweet nothings in my ear, “Whenever you are with me slut, you will always wear my collar and do whatever I tell you to do, which includes doing whoever I choose, whenever I choose. You are going to be my play toy.” She paused to blow softly in my ear again which sent more shivers down my spine. She licked and nibbled on the bottom part of my ear and started again in a low husky voice, “We will have our separate professional lives, but the rest of the time you are mine.” She leaned back and picked up her drink.

I nodded in agreement and picked up my drink. I was shaking visibly as I put the glass to my lips. Emma smiled. She knew how incredibly excited I was. I was breathing hard and it felt like my face was beet red. I took another sip waiting for Emma to proceed. I was hers. She studied me for a minute and then smiled mischievously, “Turn around.”

I turned so my back was toward her and I felt her slide the smooth leather around my neck. She tightened the collar, buckled it, and locked it in place. That little click was the most wonderful sound I can ever remember hearing. I didn’t move. Unconsciously my hand drifted upward until my fingers found the collar and caressed it softly. I felt Emma’s hands slide delicately over my ribs and upward as she began massaging my titties, hugging me to her. I closed my eyes and laid my head against her shoulder basking in the wonderful feelings she was causing. She pinched and pulled on one nipple as the fingers of her other hand slid up and down between my soaked pussy lips. Jesus, I was in fucking heaven. My pussy felt like silk as she worked her magic with my stiff clit.

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