Baby Girl’s Bound Adventure


I pick you up one Friday night. My hand against the small of your back as we walk to the car brings a sultry smile to your angelic face. The smile grows more naughty as I open your door and guide you into the car, softly closing the door after you. Before I start the car you lean over and kiss my cheek softly.

I grin, telling you, “That’s not how you kiss me.” with a wink. I then grab you by the shoulders somewhat roughly and pull you closer to me. Our lips meet, colliding in a rough, urgent manner, you let out a slight and soft gasp as our lips part, a second before my tongue finds its way into your mouth, entwining and massaging yours. I break away from the kiss, and ask you, “Was that nice Baby Girl?”

You nod softly, saying, “Yes, Daddy.” I kiss you again, softly this time no tongue, and lightly bite your upper lip as we part, you gasp softly before I release, grinning at your response. We drive away from your house. The entire ride you’re wondering where we’re going and perhaps what I’ve got planned. We park at my place and I come around the car, opening your door and helping you out.

You smile softly as I lead you up the steps and into the house which you’re surprised to find is completely empty, we have the place all to ourselves, a naughty grin spreads across your face as you realize that means you won’t need to be quiet tonight. I lead you silently down the hallway to my room. As I turn on the light, you see that the restraints are attached and ready for use, and you let out a soft moaning sigh.

I smirk at you, saying, “Hold still now Baby Girl.” I then begin to slowly, teasingly pulling your shirt up along your stomach, my fingers sliding along your skin, tickling you as I do. I pull the shirt up and the bottom of it comes up over your bra, revealing a soft, sexy, black lacy bra. I lean close and kiss the slope of your breast over your heart before pulling the shirt up and over your head. You nervously bite your top lip as you stand there in front of me, partially exposed, your self-consciousness begins to creep into your thoughts, I can see you starting to rebel mentally against standing in front of me partly unclothed.

I lean in, kiss your forehead, and whisper, “Relax Baby Girl, mecidiyeköy escort you’re beautiful.” You smile, blushing and nod to me, indicating I should continue. I reach a hand behind your back as I lean to kiss your lips again, carefully unhooking your bra with one hand and letting it fall free of your breasts as I kiss you passionately. I then pick you up and lay you down upon the bed, then I grab a blindfold and slip it onto your face, covering your eyes completely.

Now not being able to see me, all you know if what you hear and what you feel. You hear a chain jangle above your head. You gasp slightly as I grab your hands and pull them roughly up above your head, fastening the cuff of the restraints to your wrists. You then feel me pull the restraints up above your head and attach them to the bed.

You moan softly as I trace my fingers down your arms, over your breasts and twirl my fingertips around your nipples, which makes you gasp and bite your lip as I lightly pinch your nipples. I slide down your body, tracing my fingers along your body kissing my way down your fantastically gorgeous body. I place kisses all down your body. You shudder as my kisses tickle down your belly.

You gasp as my lips press against your pussy lips, my tongue pressing against them, spreads the hood of your clit and then flicks across the nub that is your clit. You arch your back as my tongue caresses your clit. You try to wrap your legs around me, as you moan, but you feel me stop licking your pussy and grab your ankles. You gasp as you hear the Velcro of the restraint cuffs being opened up, and moan softly as you feel me wrap the cuffs around your ankles.

I pull gently at first your left leg, then your right, attaching them both to the hooks of the anchors for the system. You’re now lying on my bed, completely naked, except for the blindfold. Your arms are stretched straight above your head, your legs are spread wide open. You whimper softly, unable to move much at all.

You hear me chuckle as I slide my way back between your, now immobilized legs, you shudder as my hands slide along your inner thighs, my fingers graze your pussy lips and you moan as my fingertips slide between them, two of maslak escort my fingers slowly and gently slide their way inside you, slipping ever deeper as I push further the more you moan until there is no further for them to go, once it reaches that point my thumb rubs up onto your clit and you let out a guttural growling moan. I chuckle as I lower my mouth onto your pussy, my tongue massaging your clit as my fingers caress your g-spot you begin to scream and moan, writhing in pleasure to what I’m doing to you.

My other hand slides its way up and begins playing with your nipples, pinching them and rolling them between my thumb and forefinger, and squeezing your ample breasts as I tweak your nipples, finger your pussy, and lick your clit. The combination pushing you straight to the brink of orgasm. As I continue my work, you feel yourself getting closer, you moan and groan as you get close to gone, begging for release. I push you harder as you bear down on cumming all over my hand and face, and suddenly you arch your back and scream as you finally cum, gushing juices all over me and the bed.

You relax as your orgasm subsides, but quickly realize that I am not stopping. I continue stimulating you, pushing you quickly to a second and then third, fourth, and fifth orgasm. At that point I stop, letting you relax and recover a bit. I get up from between your legs, and you feel the bed shift under my weight near your head. You hear a zipper slide open, and a button pops making you gasp with anticipation, and lick your lips.

You moan softly as you feel something hard yet soft pressing against your lips. You moan and open your mouth, knowing what was touching your lips from its familiarity. As you open your mouth you feel my cock slide into your mouth, you begin to twirl your tongue around my cock in your mouth you moan as I thrust it in and out of your mouth slightly. I push too hard one time and you make a slight gagging sound as I pull my cock away from the back of your throat you moan and coo a bit as you continue sucking on my cock from behind your blindfold.

I let you continue enjoying taking my cock deep into your throat for a few more minutes before I pull it out of your mouth and get up merter escort from beside your head. You can’t hear me moving or anything so you don’t know what to expect and gasp as I touch the skin on the sides of your face and begin removing the blindfold. You look up at me and smile somewhat weakly as you’ve been wracked with orgasms. I lean down and kiss you softly on the lips, my tongue probing your mouth, and dancing with yours. I nibble on your tongue before sliding back onto the bed between your spread legs.

I reach down and touch your pussy, now dripping with the juices of your multiple orgasms I gave you. I slide my fingers up and down, getting them wet before moving my hand up to your mouth so that you can taste yourself. As you lick your juices from my fingers I slide closer to you, my cock begins pressing softly against your pussy lips. You moan softly and try to force your pussy closer to my dick with no success.

You look at me, your eyes pleading with me to give it to you. You whine at me, “Please Daddy, give me that cock!!” I lean down and kiss you softly but passionately, I trail kisses down your cheek and onto your neck. As I kiss your neck, I bite down on your neck lightly as I gently push my cock into your pussy, I pull up and look at your face as I push my cock deep inside your pussy. You gasp and look up at me with wide eyes as I hold stationary inside your pussy. As you relax from the shock of suddenly being filled, I begin thrusting into you, you moan louder with every stroke. You gasp as I hit your g-spot with every other thrust.

After a few minutes you cum all over my cock, I keep pumping into you repeatedly as I get to thrusting harder and faster you cum several more times on me. With your twelfth orgasm, your pussy clamps down on my cock making you tighter than anything I’ve ever felt. The amazing feeling causes me to cum hard, pumping my cum deep within your pussy. You gasp at the feeling of my cum deep within you and you cum again, convulsing slightly. I kiss your lips and slide out of your pussy as you whine at the feeling of your pussy being empty now.

I stand up from between your legs and begin undoing the cuffs on your ankles and wrists so that you can snuggle up and relax. You slide over in the bed and I lay down next to you, smiling as you snuggle next to me, resting your head on my shoulder. You release a contented sigh, saying “MMM thank you Daddy, that was amazing.”

I kiss your forehead, saying “You’re welcome Baby Girl.”

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