Back From Iraq Ch. 01

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My Marines and I finally get home from our long 7 month sojourn to Iraq, seven months of missing you even though we’re in contact almost daily, we’ve both gone without the intimate contact of another warm human being. Of course you’re there, waiting for me at the terminal. We stare for a second then it’s a rush of tears, kisses and hugs. There’s a final formation with the CO telling us to be careful and make sure we get enough rest before we head off into the winds, even though it’s less then 10 minutes it seems like and eternity. He say’s “Dismissed!”, and everyone rushes to grab their bags and hit the road. After I get my bags in the car, we start driving home. You ask if I’m hungry, not really. My nerves are still jittery from the 20 hour plane ride. On the way home I can hardly keep my hands off you, it feels so right sitting next to you again. Every stop light we kiss, feels like being back in high school and first love.

Leaving the bags in the car we head upstairs to the apartment and the kids are already away safely at your dad’s house. We pass silently through the living room, clothes disappearing as by magic on the way to the bathroom, we stop at the sink to brush our teeth naked, hardly touching but hairs breathe away from each other. Just looking at each other in the mirror. Still a word hasn’t been spoken since we got to the house, we step into the shower.

You start it up, ah clean water, I could drink it directly from the pipes, real pressure and warm, mmmm. I just close my eyes for a second and am content with life. Sometimes it’s the small things that you miss.

My eyes are still closed and I feel you putting shampoo in my hair, you massage the shampoo in with deft gentle motions, I rinse and you repeat it with the conditioner. I rinse and you wash my face in small circler motions then you pull the scrunchy down and start washing my body. I open my eyes, I’m watching you cleaning my body, occasionally you rub your breasts against me in seeming innocence. I’m already an iron bar. You glance up, I can see the interest in your eyes, you bypass my sex, I moan, even though the water is hot, I shiver. You’re massaging my legs with the scrunchy and you head brushes me, another innocent gesture? You pull up on my leg lightly and I lift my foot, you’re rubbing the soap in with firm smooth motions starting with my ankle, working your way down to my toes. You clean each one with slow massaging motions, being careful of the spaces in-between the toes and hand me the scrunchy.

You’re down on your knees and you reach beside your head and grab a bar of soap and slowly, oh so slowly you start lathering up your hands. I am steel. You reach up and gently start soaping up my ball sack and between my legs, and with slow strokes move forwards with small circler motions, teasing me till you reach the head. You start going back and forth with twisting as you pull the skin back, cleaning behind the head. I close my eyes, and you do this for about a minute then reach up, I open my eyes and hand you the shower head and you rinse and hand it back to me and then lick my head, swirling your tongue around it. With no further instruction you take me in your mouth and go all the way down. I’m hard enough to knock holes in concrete but I stay still, you work. Sucking, licking, occasionally swallowing the entire organ and I feel my knees grow weak. I say the first words “if you keep doing this I’m going to cum….” You just glance up at me and I see a hint of a smile dance in your eyes. You massage the area behind my balls then it’s beyond holding back, I feel my knees melt, I’m holding on to the window seal above my head to keep from falling. It doesn’t seem to end; it feels like I’m cumming gallons down your throat and you just keep swallowing till I’m done.

Black spots dance before my eyes, I’m breathing hard like I just ran three miles. Whew. I rinse off the sweat that’s re-beading on my forehead and just shudder there for a sec and we exchange places, now it’s my turn.

I squirt a silver dollar sized glob of shampoo onto my hand and emulsify it between my palms and start working my way through your hair while using my fingers to kneed your scalp. Your eyes close while I’m doing this and you lean back against me, I do this for about a minute and using unseen body language alone you know it’s time to rinse off. I follow through with the conditioner, using the same kneading motions on the scalp, you rinse. I open the jar of facial soap and work a small amount between my fingers and start working in into your forehead, arap escort then eyebrows, cheeks, between your eyes, nose, chin and tilt your head towards the shower head. You immerse you face with your eyes closed and pull your face out of the water; I slide up and kiss you deeply and feel myself start to rise again, not quite steel yet. We have one of those kisses where you forget where you’re at and then slowly draw away. You’re panting a bit now.

I grab the scrunchy and squirt some body wash on it and start working it through. You’re still leaning against the wall from the kiss; I start lathering the shoulder that’s facing me, you breathe deeply and move away from the wall, I scrub your other shoulder and work my way down your back. I work my way up your left side and up the arm, not hurrying because there is no rush. Half way up your arm you start to turn, I reach your fingertips and work my way back down your arm and down to your left breast, I do small circles in a bigger circle going toward you nipple. I finally reach your nipple and it’s like a hard stone under my hand. I roll it back and forth between my fingers, you rinse, and I put my mouth to it mouth, sucking and nibbling softly. You make a sighing sound almost underneath your breath.

Yup that’s working…

I work my way across to your other breast and your breathing picks up and I can feel your body wanting to lean towards me but you don’t. I work my way down your body, down over your belly, down one leg, back up and down your other leg; I sit down on the floor of the tub and start down your shins and the top of your feet. I motion for you to turn around, you do and lift up one foot, I work my way down to your toes and clean in between them, you squirm just a bit then put your foot down, the same follows with the other. Then I’m massaging my way up your legs and clean your buttocks.

You pull down the massaging shower head and step around me, without getting up, I move next to the faucet and you glide to floor on the other side. My legs go under yours and yours spread as you slide forward. I reach for the shaving cream and lather your nether regions; I shave you working my way from the edge of you pelvis in, making short sure strokes, pulling the skin taunt between passes. I’m at your slit and I can feel the heat raising that somehow feels hotter then the shower we’re in. You take a deep breath in when I brush your clit when I shave the hair on your lips, I’d like to think it’s from excitement not fear of me being down there with a sharp razor. That I might be out of practice after 7 months gone. If it’s fear it’s unwarranted. Seconds later, you’re as smooth as the softest satin.

I put the razor and shaving cream up; it’s almost like a ritual these habits that you fall back into. Next comes the soap, I lather up my hands, once again starting at the edge of the pelvis and working my way in, almost a massage. It’s more sensual then sexual, even though there is a definite sexual tension running beneath everything. I can see you almost holding your breath.

Once again I reach your slit and my fingers make circles around it, almost like they’re learning new territory. I clean around your opening and work my way in, then back up to you clitoris. Your breathing picks up again. I’m rubbing my fingers back and forth over it and you’re almost to your first orgasm and your hips rise up almost by them selves. I stop and reach for the shower massager, can’t leave the soap on too long or you’ll start having a reaction. Your air lets out in a sigh.

I start rinsing you off with it on spray then turn the dial to massage slowly, not too quick. If on any night I don’t want you getting sensitive before any of the real action starts. I hold the massager with my left hand and make sure all the soap is gone with my right. While still on light massage, I bring the spray near you clit, you’re smiling at me, heh. Then the first stream hits it and your eyes automatically close. I bring my sneaky right hand into play, and dip my middle finger into you, slowly working it in and out till the entire finger is in. Rubbing on that magic spot to the front of you vagina then pull it out to turn up the spray on a harder setting. It beats against your clit my finger is there, stroking back and forth with a little curve. At times like this I wish I had an extra hand. I feel you body ready to take the massager at full strength, so I withdraw my hand and turn the knob. My finger is hardly back inside of you before you have your escort bayan istanbul first orgasm of the night.

Time to switch tactics, I start moving my finger in a quick up and down motion, not in and out. Almost beating against your g spot with my middle finger, this time the orgasms makes your pussy clamp down on my finger and try forcing it out, I don’t move and ride it out. You have you eyes clamped shut till it ends then open them wide and stare at the ceiling. I pull the massager out of direct contact with your clit and turn it down a notch.

As you regain you breathing, I slowly work the stream of water back towards your clit. You raise your eyes to watch me for a second then pull your head back and leave your body to my trusted hands. I go through the same motions, working one finger in slowly. Pulling my hand out to turn up the pressure when I feel you’re ready again. This time when I go back down I slide in two fingers and my index finger rubs against the front of your vagina wall while my middle finger is bent and the tip is pressed against the first knuckle of the index finger, putting pressure on the index finger tip and pushing the backside of the middle finger against the rear of the vagina wall. And start the in and out motions, it seems like seconds and you’re going wild again. I ride through the orgasm and pull the middle finger tip back further on the index finger increasing the pressure on both sides while continuing the in and out motions.

You scream “OH GOD, OH GOD” then only animal sounds come from your throat. After that orgasm I slide the massager away from the clit for a second and let you lie there panting, hmmm. Guess I the trip hasn’t made me lose my touch. The two fingers are still inside, now side by side working their way back and forth as almost an afterthought. I curl the ends a bit and bring the shower head into play slowly, you start squirming again, not quite there, I’m working this one up slowly not letting you rush into this orgasm like the first couple. Every time that you’re almost there I pull back; you’re still having mini orgasms but not the full blown mind shattering ones. You’re almost growling at me, I can see it in your eyes.

Please get me over! Heh. I’m letting it build slowly, alternating thrusts of my fingers and placement of the shower head. Most of the time your eyes are closed but every time you open them first looking at the ceiling then at me I can see the pleading. After a couple of minutes of doing this, you grab the shower head out of my hand and I reach down and spread your lips around your clitoris and increase your tempo. You start humping my hand, the shower floor, you legs straighten out and your toes curl up. I slip in a third finger into your wetness you start yelping and making inhuman sounds, your pussy is clamping down on my fingers and trying to force them out, your belly is pressing down and your abdomen is going through convulsions. My fingers stay in and continue doing their dance. You drop the shower head and your knees are shaking. You’ve stopped making noise and are just lying there breathing heavy. I withdraw my fingers.

After a moment, you open your eyes, I know the color hasn’t changed but there is a new light there that wasn’t there when I met you at the plane.

I say, “Ready to take this to the room?”


We untangle our selves off the floor and rinse the sweat off. Rubbing our bodies on each other. I’m a plank again, without speaking you turn around and press you arms against the wall, I enter you from behind, you’re tighter then I remember, I thrust into you like this for a minute and you cum hard again, I pull out and have to hold you up with my arms across your breasts, good thing I pull out I don’t know if I could have handled much more of that. Damn that felt good. We rinse off again and I turn off the shower. I get out first and hand you a towel. You’re still standing in the same spot, holding up the wall.

I say, “I love you.”

You say “I love you too.”

I go to the bed room and light the candles pull the sheets back and get out the toys. KY from the top drawer, the Hitachi Magic Wand that I bought you when I was overseas, the black dildo and the ribbed vibrator just in case. I lay them down on the edge of the bed like a surgeon lays down his tools. You come into the room naked.

(I bought a mattress and box spring set a while back ago and didn’t have a frame. I was thinking on buying a frame but then I realized that I could be on my knees on the zenci escort side of the bed and thrust into someone with their legs spread. Well buying the frame went to the wayside in favor of better sex. A head board would be nice but I think our sex life is pretty spicy already.)

Back to the story, you sit down on the edge of the center of the bed, I’m on my knees. We kiss again and this time the kiss ends with me working my way from your mouth to your chin to the side of your neck, up to your ears and slowly down. Little kisses, almost brushes worked in with mild sucking, a nibble here and there some strokes with the tongue. All the time running my fingers in a light stroking slow motion, circles and straight strokes that barely touch the skin. I’m pulling the energy from your body. You’re breathing deeply, almost in a trance. I’ve reached the top of your breast; I kiss around the side, mirroring the path on the other breast with my left hand. I kiss around the underside, you’re a little bit more sensitive on the underside and light kisses up the center. Round and round I go, two complete circles around the breast I finally reach your nipple. I take it in my mouth and pull it between my teeth, I stick my tongue out and pull your nipple back sliding it over my top teeth, tease them. I know you talk about liking it rougher, but I’ve never heard you complain about the final result. I stay there for a while just doing that. You shudder a bit, was that an orgasm?

I slowly slow what I’m doing and start down from your neck on the other side. Same slow motions, this isn’t a race. Same mirror motions but with my right hand, light strokes, a soft caress. Back at a nipple, you shudder again.

(I’ll have to ask you about that when we’re done.)

I kiss my way down the center of your abdomen, my fingers are butterflies teasing the bottom of your ribcage and the under sides of your breast. The seem to have a mind of their own as dance to their own melody, there is an unheard music playing that our hearts are beating on time to.

After an infinity of kissing, the indrawn breaths, I reach your sex again, I kiss my way down your thigh, back up again, mild surface kiss on your sex and down your other thigh and back up. I’m making circles with my tongue, licking your lips starting from your vagina and working my way up past your clit then back down again. Once again I feel you impatience, I give in a bit after making some circles around your vagina with my tongue, I go up to your clit and lightly stroke with my tongue. Just a few flicks, almost like you see on porno’s that they do for show, from personal experience I know that that doesn’t cut it. But it does start the blood warming. I reach up with my middle finger, using the same stroke I started off in with the shower, stroking the inside of the front of vaginal wall. I increase the pressure of the tongue, I can feel you getting wet. Without a prodding from me you’re already there.

I slow my strokes and licking again, (over time I’ve found that multiple orgasms take time and verity of technique if you want to do it consistently. You have to feel your approach and what she’s responding to that day. Her favorite position one day might not work as well the next day.)

I had already came once tonight so it gave me some sibilance of control. I closed my mouth over your clit and used my tongue like I did with the nipple to rub it against my top teeth at the same time I slipped another finger in, middle finger on knuckle, and then a third, you cum with another howl. I reached over without looking and grabbed the black dildo while letting up on my tongue stokes, I put some KY on the end holding the dildo with my left hand and rubbing the KY in with my right. Then I closed my mouth over your clit again, going back and forth between the nibbling, sucking and tonguing the underside, slowly working the dildo in you.

I’m teasing again, every I feel like you’re going to cum, I back off a bit. Only for a moment or two, just hunting for another mind shattering one. I feel you at the point of no return and a slide a finger in your anus. It presses against the dildo in your vagina and your entire body leaps off the bead, your pussy discharges and everything clamps down.

I keep up the strokes, firmly pressing the dildo and the invading finger in using an alternating pattern, you cum for about a minute then your body relaxes. I pull everything out and with one swift thrust I’m all the way inside of you.

Plain sex, no special moves, hard and fast have their place too. I’m going a mile a minute and you come almost like you did a minute before. Everything clamps down, I ride it the contractions for 30 seconds and then pull out, I’m not done yet.

I ask “Am I doing alright?”

You look at me like a fool, you know I’m only teasing.

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