Bad Babygirl’s Saturday Evening

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This story contains diapers, pee and ageplay some people don’t like it so warning it’s in here. All characters are 18+.


Bad Babygirl’s Saturday Evening

The butt plug was uncomfortable… and Janie thought it was unnecessary. She hadn’t been that bad, this time anyway, had she? It wasn’t her nice little fun plug, it was Daddy’s punishment plug. Thick, black and deep in her ass for the last few hours. It’s not that she didn’t like the feeling… but it pushed against her bladder and she needed to pee.

Janie had been a bad girl. That’s why she was in bed on a Saturday evening with her hands cuffed tightly behind her back, her hands in ball shaped mittens to keep her from doing anything, her legs also cuffed together, with the cuffs being chained to the foot of the bed. Her top half was nearly naked: a pink bow in her long straight jet black hair; a cute pair of clips pointing defiantly from the long nipples on her small A cupped breasts and finally a gag shaped like a pacifier… except there was a small dildo where the sucker would be… something that had kept her happy for the past few hours at least. Below the belt all you could see from the outside was the large diaper surrounding her skinny hips and ballooning out around her little butt that left her a little embarrassed and back in to tightly to allow her skinny pale legs out at the bottom. Inside Daddy had given her the punishment plug tearing her tiny little butt cheeks wide open… but nothing for her pussy that’d slowly but surely been getting wetter and wetter for the last two or three hours.

She was sure Daddy had been joking when he said he was going out with the guys for the evening after he’d spanked her over his knee, tied her up in bed and told her she wasn’t to cum before he got home… but he’d already been gone for a few hours and the summer evening was getting dark. She was new to being his baby girl and she’d never been tied up this completely or left for this long. She couldn’t help acting like a brat occasionally; she knew she’d been completely illegal bahis spoiled as an only child but now living with her husband to be she was trying her hardest to change.

Janie thought back to earlier in the day where she’d made a scene in town and embarrassed Daddy. He was a quiet and reserved and he hated it when Janie became her loud, bratty younger self she remembered. But she had really wanted the purse… and it had been on sale. It was just after a lovely lunch that Daddy had treated her to and she knew she shouldn’t have pushed her luck… but she did. After Daddy had said no twice she continued to beg and plead and the people in the store had started to notice. That’s when Daddy had said been a bad girl… those two words stopped her immediately. If he said those words in public she knew she was getting punished and he had no idea what it would be.

He had become very strict with her over the last few months first a little bondage play where Janie discovered she loved to be controlled sexually. Quickly she’d given up her right to orgasm without permission and he pushed forward with introducing her to new fetishes giving her the embarrassment and pleasure she desired in perfect harmony. Daddy soon started to punish her for her everyday actions and began to remind her that when she was acting like a spoiled little girl she’d be treated like one.

Recently after demanding to go to a restaurant and then declaring she didn’t want any of the food there Daddy had taken her to the restroom and spanked her. Twenty hard, slapping strokes across the cheeks. After each blow Daddy stopped and she’d had to say:

‘Thank you Daddy, one more please.’

At the end Daddy tucked her skirt into her panties so everyone could see one of her red cheeks as he led her out of the restaurant and into a car home. She’d hated this, she hated feeling embarrassed more than anything and he’d done it to her… When they got home she’d dropped to her knees and sucked his cock until he came in her mouth twice… She hated it, but she loved illegal bahis siteleri it.

Back in the bed the butt plug was really pushing on her bladder and she had no idea how much long Daddy would be gone for. The diapers were still pretty new to her and she’d never had to stay in them wet for long and she was afraid to let go too soon. She shuffled around in the bed and one of nipple clips caught on the bed sheets causing a wave of pleasure and a pinch of pain shooting down her body. She moaned and squirmed, the butt plug shifting back and forth stretching her anus and burying itself deeper and deeper. She wished her hands were free so she could finger her wet little pussy until she came.

Time passed and the feeling in her stomach became painful, a slow burning ache that she knew was telling her she really needed to pee. She guessed he’d been gone about three hours, he could be home soon… but if he was out into the night with his friends drinking he could be at least another three or four hours. The pain was becoming far too much as she thought she heard the noise of a car pulling up outside.

Janie shifted her weight and tried to sit up to look out of the window, as soon as she moved she knew she’d made a huge mistake. The plug in her ass shifted with her sending waves of pleasure through her ass and into her pussy and she lost control of her bladder. Janie writhed with her arms and legs tied as she felt the flush of embarrassment in her cheeks , the relief in her bladder and the uncomfortable warmth of the pee leaving her already we pussy. As she peed she heard a small clicking sound behind her back… the cuffs hadn’t been locked well enough and had come unlocked, her hands were free! Well… kind of. Swiftly Janie shoved a ball shaped hand from behind her back and firmly against her diaper where her pussy was. It wasn’t as good as using her fingers but she thought she could get herself off like this.

She was still peeing full force as she rolled over onto her front and began to grind her hips down, forcing her canlı bahis siteleri pussy against her mitten clad hand. She’d found the best spot, her hand just about clipped her erect little clit and the plug bounced and down in her ass with each forceful grind. The piss was sending her into euphoria and she realised she was moaning loudly and sucking harder than ever on the little fake cock in her mouth… she wished it was Daddy’s… just as the door flew open.

It had been Daddy in the driveway… She could’ve waited to pee… And she’d escaped her handcuffs. She froze with her wet, diapered ass in the air. She’d been so close to coming and now she knew she was in big trouble. Daddy was stood there watching her. She tried to murmur an apology to her man but the cock in her mouth muffled her words. Daddy showed no emotion and simply said:

‘Don’t stop’

Janie breathed a huge sigh of relief, not because she thought she’d escaped punishment… only because she knew she’d be able to cum first.

Janie slowly restarted her grind against her hand. By now she’d finished peeing and her diaper was saturated. She could smell her own pee and feel the quickly cooling dampness against her snatch, on her legs and even against her mitten covered hands. She’d been tasked with putting on a show for Daddy in this state of disgrace and again she felt utterly ashamed and hornier than ever. As Janie’s rhythm began to increase her sucking and moaning increased in equal measures. As her excitement grew stronger and stronger she began to rub fiercely against her pussy as her grinding became a hard bucking. As she exploded into orgasm she collapsed forwards, her nipple clips dragging against the beds adding more sweet pain and pleasure causing a scream to erupt from her gagged mouth. She lay silently convulsing on the bed.

She only came around as she felt Daddy lift her up gently from the bed and carry her towards the bathroom. He was very careful not to hit her head on the doorway and there was a big smile across his face. Janie thought that maybe the display alone had pleased him and she may not get punished for disobeying him.

‘Let’s get you cleaned up for you next punishment then babygirl,’ he said.

Janie shook, an after-tremor of her orgasm brought on by Daddy’s magic words.

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