bad day_(1)

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After a hard day at work, and her boyfriend Alex breaking up with her, Julia decided she would head to the bar. First she had to find out if her parents were sleeping. Usually around this time of night, her mother was passed out drunk on the couch. Her father? That was always a crap shoot. “Please be asleep.” Julia whispered her prayer as she walked out of her bedroom down to the living room, where her mother was fast asleep.
Her mother would drink all day. How she could afford it, Julia didn’t know. Her family was piss poor, and she still lived with them to help out a little. But also because she was being blackmailed.

The sad truth was that her parents were actually in love once. Then her mother became a drunk and Julia thought for sure that she was on some kind of drugs.

When her mother turned to the drugs and alcohol, her father turned to her. She always the thought the reason was because she looked so much like her mother did when her parents had fallen in love. 5’6″, 125 pounds, perky 32c breasts, and a perfect round ass.

The first time it happened, she thought she was dreaming about her father doing unspeakable things to her, but then she found the evidence. The video. The video of her father raping her. After she watched what she could of it, she decided to deliver it to police and have them take care of her father. Just as she was about to bring it to the police, he found her and beat her horribly. She had to stay in the house for a week in order to keep people from seeing what he had done to her. Julia had threatened to go to the cops about everything, but he gave her a threat of his own. If she did, he was going to kill her mother and make her watch, then kill her slowly. So she decided to stay quiet. If only to save her mother.

She sighed and turned around to go see if her father was sleeping, only to bump right into him. She saw the look in his eyes right away and knew what he wanted. “Not tonight.” She put her hand up and began walking back to her room. “I’ve had a bad day and I’m not in the mood to deal with your shit.”

He grabbed her arm and slammed her against the wall, pinning himself against her. “You’ll do whatever I tell you to do.”

Julia grunted as she struggled to get him to let her go. “I’m sick and tired of your pathetic threats!”

He raised his eyebrows. “What threats?” He asked innocently.

Pushing him again, she managed to get him off of her. “You constantly threaten to kill me and mom if I ever tell anyone about what you’ve done to me!”

A hint of a smirk crossed his lips. “So, you think it’s just a threat? You think I won’t do it?”

There was a look in his eyes. A look that finally made her realize that he would really do it. Even though her mother was a drunk, she didn’t want her to die. As for herself? She didn’t care one iota. Any way that she could get out of this hell hole would be alright by her. Even if it was by death. “No.” She sounded defeated. “I can tell you mean it.” Julia looked down at the floor. No longer wanting to look into his eyes. “I know you’ll do it.”

“Then do as I say.” He grabbed her by the arm and started dragging her to his bedroom.

“Wait!” Julia halted herself, which halted him. She had this plan forming for a while now, and she knew she could pull it off this time. “Can I get us each a beer first?” Of course Julia wasn’t 21, but she was 19. It wasn’t like she had never had a beer before. She had plenty at all of the parties she had gone to throughout high school.

Her father thought it over. “A beer would be nice.” He waved her off to the kitchen. “Don’t take more than two minutes. If I have to come find you, you know what happens.” The malice in his voice made her shiver.

She knew all too well what would happen to her. More beatings. Something she didn’t want, she nodded and hurried off to the kitchen and grabbed two beers from the kitchen. The next thing she did was open a drawer and pull out a baggy of powder. Sleeping pills that she had crushed up. Opening the beers, she carefully watched which one she poured the powder in. That was when her father yelled for her. Letting her know that her time was almost up. “Coming! I just wanted to open the beers for us.”

Julia walked into her fathers bedroom and found him waiting for her on the bed, like she had so many times before. Only this time was slightly different. “What are those for?” She asked as she came to a halt in the doorway.

He smiled. “I want to try something that your mother never allowed.” He replied as he swung handcuffs around his pointer finger.

Julia shook her head. “No. It’s bad enough that you make me have sex with you. There is no way I’m going to let you handcuff me for your sick pleasure.” She handed him a beer and sucked back the one left in her hand.

“You think you can ‘allow’ me to do anything to you?” He took a swig of his beer and laughed. “Here’s the deal, Princess.” She hated that nickname now. When she was young, it was cute. But now that he used it whenever he raped her, it felt dirty. “You’re going to do whatever I tell you to do.”

“Sam, please don’t make me do this.” She watched as he chugged the rest of his beer. Clearly anxious to get started. “Sam, I mean it. I don’t want to do this.”

“Doesn’t matter what you want.” He stood up and put his beer on the etiler escort table next to his bed. “I have needs and they need to be satiated by someone.”

That was when Julia fipped out. “Mom is right there on the couch. Passed out. Go take advantage of her!”

He grabbed her and shoved her down on the bed. “I like a little fight in my women. Not someone who just lays there.” Julia started to say something, but he cut her off. “I mean sleeping. It’s no fun if she’s sleeping.” He grabbed her right hand to put the handcuff on it, but she fought him. She wasn’t strong enough to fend him off though, because she felt the metal of the handcuff surround her wrist. The click she heard had sealed her fate. She heard another click, and knew that she wasn’t getting away unless he passed out and she could find the key.

She started fighting him again, and screaming. It didn’t help. Sam laughed. “See, much more fun this way.”

Once he was sure that she was secured to the bedpost, he got on top of her and started kissing her neck. “Sam, stop! You know this isn’t right. I’m your daughter for fucks sake!” She used her left hand to push against him, trying to push him off of her.

“Then call me daddy.” She felt his grin on her neck as he began kissing her again. Then he reached up her shirt and began fondling her breasts.

“That term is reserved for men who actually treat their daughters like their daughters. Not a peice of trash like you!”

Sam pinched her nipple hard, which lead to her screaming out in pain. “You’ll think twice before you talk to me like that again!” Julia noticed that his words were starting to slur. If only she could make it a few more minutes, he would be sleeping and she would be free of him. At least for a night.

She wanted to distract him for as long as she could and the only way she could do that was to make him angry. There was a lot of risk involved, but she was willing to take it. “You’re a sick son of a bitch! You rape your only daughter because no one wants a slob that doesn’t work!”

She knew she had hit a nerve when he lifted her shirt and bit down on her bare nipple. Again she screamed out, but he covered her mouth, ensuring that no sound came out. He pulled on her nipple with his teeth and pulled until there was no physical way he pull it any further. When he let go, he lifted his head and saw the pain in her eyes. “Keep talking to me like that, and there will be more pain to come.”

Julie noticed that his words weren’t actually slurring. She started fighting against him. Trying to get him off of her. No such luck. It was like he was a brick wall and she couldn’t make him budge. Usually she wouldn’t panic, but he was being rough this time. Something he never did before. He usually shoved her on the bed and got it over with quickly.

She tried to bite his hand, but he pulled it away before she could. “Julia,” He said as he looked at her with anger, yet hunger in his eyes. “We can do this the easy way, or the hard way.”

“I’d rather do it no way!” She screamed out and began feeling dizzy. No! This couldn’t be happening to her right now, yet it was. She drank the wrong beer. The beer intended for her father was the one she drank. If she didn’t figure something out fast, she would fall asleep handcuffed to his bed. Then again, maybe this wasn’t such a bad thing. He had just said that he didn’t like to have sex with women who were sleeping. She looked at him as he started to pull down her pants. “I’m falling asleep.”

He chuckled as he fully removed her pants, leaving her purple thong still covering her. “You’re lying. You just don’t want to enjoy this ride.”

“No, Sam. I’m telling the truth. I’m falling asleep!” Against her better judgment, she told him the truth. “I put crushed up sleeping pills in your beer, and I ended up chugging that one instead of you.”

She saw the anger return in his eyes, as he got off of her and walked to the corner of his room where the closet is. He opened it and pulled something out. She couldn’t see what it was, and that scared her. When he turned around, she could still see the anger in his eyes. So much anger. This made her nervous. “You tried to knock me out.” She thought it was question, but it was a statement of fact.

“I- I just didn’t want to go through another night like this. I’m sorry. I really am!” She sat up. “Really Sam, I’m sorry.”

He took a step towards her and she saw a tie and a belt in his hands. Fear coursed through her body. “Sorry? You’re sorry?” He took another step. “You’re only sorry that you drank the wrong beer.” Another step. “You’re not sorry for trying to knock me out.”

Shaking her head fiercely, she explained. “I am sorry! I’m just tired of you raping me and telling me that you’re going to kill me and ma.”

“You love it.” He took the final step that placed him in front of her. “You love it when I fuck you. Admit it!”

A snarl came across Julia’s lips. “Never! I think it’s gross!” Just as soon as she finished the sentence, her cheek was met with the leather of the belt, causing her to cry out in pain and she grabbed her cheek. He grabbed her hand from her cheek and began tying the tie around it. She struggled, but again she wasn’t strong enough for him or muscles. Her father worked out everyday, and he liked to çapa escort use his strength to his advantage. He pushed her back down on the bed and tied her arm to the other bedpost. “You yourself said that you don’t like having sex with women who are sleeping. Well, I’m almost asleep.”

He laughed as he made sure that she was restrained enough not to get her hand out and free. “It’s true, I don’t. But this will be fast.” He winked. “Possibly. Besides, you’ll wake up while I have fun with you.”

Her eyes drooped as he pulled her shirt up over her head and placed it under her head on the pillow. “Seriously dad, I’m falling asleep.”

Sam looked at her with wide eyes. “You called me dad.” He looked down at her perky 32c bare breasts.

“That’s what you are.” She was trying to reach his paternal side. “Whether I like it or not, you’re my father.” She opened her eyes slightly. “Even if you are a shitty person who rapes his daughter at least once a week.”

“You love it.” Obviously trying to reach his paternal side was not working.

Shaking her head slowly, she mumbled. “No. I don’t. I want you to leave me alone.” Her head fell to the side and her eyes closed. Before she could fall asleep,
Sam smacked her in the face. “What the hell?” Julia screamed out.

“I told you that you would be awake for this.” He grabbed her thong, pulled it down her legs, and off. “And I meant it.” He smacked her again, only this time on her right tit. She screamed out again and she feel the adrenaline running through her now. That meant no sleep was going to come and save her.

“Stop it!” She bucked her hips up, trying to find a way to get free. “Let me go and leave me alone!”

“Sorry Princess, but I can’t let this opportunity go to waste.” He licked his lips just before he lowered himself and started kissing the tit he had just smacked.

“Stop!” Julia started rolling over, which made him growl in anger. “I’ll wake mom up!”

He sat up. “Has she ever woken up before?” He asked her mockingly. “There’s a reason she hasn’t.” Grinning as he lowered himself down again. “I drug her.” Sam whispered. Then set to work on the other tit. Julia started rolling again, trying to get away from Sam, and he growled again. Only this time he got up off of the bed and walked to the closet again.

Julia was almost hyperventilating as she tried to sit up and see what he was doing, Again she couldn’t see anything, but she did hear him dragging something.

When it came close to her, she knew exactly what it was. “No.” She frantically began pulling on her restraints. “No! No, you can’t put me in that thing!”

Sam placed it next to the bed, then he grabbed her hand tied to the bedpost with the tie and undid it. “I can, and I will.” Next he unlocked the handcuffs and pulled her off of the bed, placing her on the floor next to the stockade while he opened the cuffs for her hands and feet. Just as she was about to run out of the room, he grabbed her and placed her ankles into the cuffs, securing them with the small padlocks that kept her ankles locked inside. Struggling against the restraints, he laughed knowing that she had no way of getting away this time.

He grabbed her left hand and placed it into the cuff, securing her in. Next came her right hand. Now she was completely immobile. “No chance of you getting away from me now. Is there?” He walked in front of her and knelt down to face her. Tears were streaming down her face. “We can’t forget your neck.” He placed it into a fur covered collar and locked it closed. “Now, let’s have some fun!”

“Please,” She whimpered.

Sam smiled and patted her face. “Oh, please you I will.” She started trying to wiggle free as he walked behind her. Suddenly, she let out a yelp as she felt him smack her ass. “We’re just getting started, Princess.” She heard a zipper and knew it was no use. She had no possible way out of this. Her best option was to try and block it out.

Sam slid his jeans to the floor, stepped out of them, and knelt down behind Julia. He grabbed his eight inch dick in his hand and began stroking it. He was already hard, but he wanted to be sure that he was as hard as he could be.

Inching closer to her, he placed his dick at the entrance of her pussy and pushed the tip in just a little. Julia gasped. He pulled himself out. Usually, he would make her wet or spit on his dick to make it easy to enter her, but right now he didn’t care about her. Not after everything she had said about him tonight. Nope. He was going to make her suffer, and he knew just how to do it.

He got up off of the floor and went to his dresser, where he pulled out a dildo, a little smaller than his dick, and then a gag. He chuckled as he walked over to Julia and dropped the dildo on the floor. Next he placed the gag in front of her mouth and she refused to let it in. So, he bit her shoulder and made her scream out, resulting in the gag being placed firmly in her mouth. He locked it at the tightest notch he could. He patted her shoulder. “I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere!”

Sam left the room for a few minutes and that gave Julia some time to try to scream for her mother. The gag made it impossible. She heard something moving behind her and she knew it was Sam.

“Princess, I have a surprise for you.” merter escort In an instant, he was beside her on the floor and pain flooded through her tits. She didn’t know what he had used, but it hurt like a bitch. He came into her view, which was blurry because of the tears. “Clothes pins have a lot of uses. My favorite, other watching your mother use them to dry my clothes, is using them for nipple clamps. They hurt.” A wicked smile crossed his lips. “And I added weight to them, which adds to the pain.”

Julia whimpered at the pain. If this was the beginning of him having his way with her, what else would he do to hurt her?

“I know you are fucking that boyfriend of yours, but did you ever do anal?” She shook her in response. Either way, she had a feeling he was going to violate her that way. Whether the answer was yes or no. “Are you sure? You’ve never done anal?” She nodded. “Good. I’m glad that I get to be your first for something.” She struggled at the thought of him having his dick in her ass. That was the one place she never wanted anyone to enter. “Oh, another surprise.” He showed her two weights and she watched as he moved his hands underneath her, where he placed them on the clothes pins, pulling her nipples down more.

Sam placed himself behind her again and she felt something at the entrance of her ass. It slipped in little by little, causing her so much pain that she was screaming into the gag and shaking. “If you relax, it won’t hurt as much.” There was no relaxing for her. This was the worst moment of her life. Worse than her boyfriend breaking up with her.

He pushed further and the pain got worse. He pulled the dildo out and thrust it back in again. Once the dildo passed the resistance that her ass was giving him, he got the dildo all the way in. “Now that the dildo is all the way in, I’m going to tape it in so that it doesn’t come out while I fuck you.” Which he did. He actually placed duct tape over it, securing it in her ass.

Sam grabbed his dick again and found himself harder than he was earlier. Guiding himself to her to entrance, he shoved himself in. He gave her no time to get used to the feeling of being so full, but he didn’t care. To him, she deserved the pain. “As for this being fast, I lied. I’m going to take my time tonight.” He pulled out and thrust himself back in. Pounding into her hard. “We have all night Princess. All night for you to feed my appetite. All night for me to do whatever I want with you.”

He could feel that she was about to cum, so he pulled out of her completely. “Oh no, Princess. I’m going to make you wait.” Sliding himself back into her, he reached around and grabbed onto the clothes pins and pulled them down just hard enough that they didn’t come off, and hard enough to cause more pain.
Sam pumped himself in and out, hard and fast, all the while pulling on the clothes pins. When she was about to cum again, he stopped. Laughing, he grabbed her hair and began pulling on it. “Inflicting pain is my favorite thing to do. It makes me hornier.” He took one hand and pulled on a clothes pin again. “I was never rough with you before, but now you get to feel everything I like to do.”

Pulling her hair as far as the collar would allow, he began thrusting again. First slowly, then fast. Instead of stopping when she was about to orgasm, he slowed down. Slow enough that she growled through the gag. She was getting annoyed with not being able to release the sexual tension that had building up in her.

He was just as frustrated as her, maybe more so, but he liked doing this to her. Building her up and letting her think she was going to get off was a great feeling. The more he teased her, the better he felt. He was going to have to let her cum soon, or else he was going to go crazy.
He started pumping into her again. Hard. Again, he pulled out of her when she was about to cum.

Touching her clit, he felt her flinch. Oh the joy of making her flinch and sexually frustrating her. “Okay Princess, we’re done.” He thought he heard her sigh in relief. He grabbed her ass on both sides and drove himself back into her pussy, laughing. “You really thought we were done? Not even close.”

This time he kept thrusting into her until she did cum. Her body was shaking from her head to her toes. Unluckily for her, Sam had still not gotten off and kept pumping into her until he did.

Slowly, he pulled himself out after he climaxed and he was panting. “Princess, we have just one more thing to do.” He pulled the tape off of her ass and pulled the dildo out, he noticed some blood on it, but didn’t care. Not tonight at least. He promptly replaced the dildo with himself. Causing her some more pain.

Julia was still recovering from her orgasm and was hurting a bit. To drive home the fact that he wanted to hurt her, he pulled on the clothes pins again. One harder than the other, and pulled it off. Causing her to scream. “Princess, you’re making me so happy right now.” He plowed into her ass over and over again until he got off. The semen getting into the cuts inside her ass, making her ass sting and her eyes water.

He heard someone behind him and jumped up in self defense, hoping it wasn’t the cops. When he turned around, he found his wife standing there with a gun in his face. “Is this what you do? Rape our daughter while I’m sleeping?”

Sam held his hands out. “She wanted it, Evelyn. She loves it when I fuck her. You should hear her begging me for it.”

Evelyn took a glance at Julia who was shaking her head no. “Bullshit!” She cocked the gun and shot Sam between the eyes.

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