Bad Dolly Ch. 02

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The next day I was groggy and confused as to whether the whole thing had been a dream or not. Amber was already out of bed and downstairs. My heart pounded frightfully for a few dreadful seconds. I thought of what would happen if Mr. Wells had felt guilty about our little rendezvous and had told his family. What if they were all waiting for me downstairs? I shook away the thought and decided to deal with it when or if it happened.

I crept down the stairs to find the usual Sunday morning commotion. Amber and Madge always went to church while I stayed at their house, being indifferent of faith, myself. They were all busy with breakfast, finding clothes, cleaning up and no one looked up when I entered the dining area.

‘Morning sweetie, how was your sleep?’ Madge said in her usual cheery, loving tone, she’d obviously seen me out of the corner of her eye. My heart felt heavy as I told her about how I couldn’t sleep and came downstairs, then Amber came to find me and we went back to bed. Totally avoiding the part where her husband found me in the kitchen and broke my hymen with his fingers. I couldn’t look her in the eye, not that she noticed, with getting everyone’s breakfast ready.

It was a cool morning, looking to turn into a hot day. I was wearing a light singlet that barely covered my stomach and a pair of Amber’s boyshort pairs of underwear. Usually I wouldn’t have given it a thought, but with the man across the table I suddenly felt very aware of my bare skin. My nipples and skin pricked with a cool rush of excitement and guilt.

I humbly sat down at the table and there he was, reading the paper, eating his breakfast that his lovely wife had made him. My heart did somersaults in my chest and I felt rotten, I wanted to leave, my guilt was swallowing me whole as I sat down and someone handed me some French toast.

‘You coming to church, honey?’ Magda asked her husband,

‘No, dear, you go on without me, I’ve got some things to sort out in the office.’

‘Okay, well make sure Dolly doesn’t get too bored, will you?’ She said jokingly and I swallowed my breakfast hard. My face showed no signs of this inner turmoil as I smiled at her and rolled my eyes.

‘Of course, we can get to know each other finally,’ he joked back, giving me a friendly wink.

‘Yeah, and then you might not be so freaked out by him every time he visits, huh Dolly.’ Amber nudged me with her elbow and I slapped her shoulder, mouthing ‘shut up’. She just laughed and left the table to get into her Sunday clothes.

‘We might be a little longer than usual, Dolly, so if you want to go home just ask Mr. Wells, okay?’ Magda informed me before ascending the stairs.

There we were. Alone. Despite my guilt I felt a terrible urge to jump over the table and onto his lap, to kiss him again and feel that hard cock yearn for me again. But instead I just glanced at him for a moment, and caught him doing the same to me. I was so nervous I could hear the blood pumping in my head. I was an evil little home wrecker. And there was something so unapologetic about the way he sat there, pretending nothing had happened that made me feel used. What a shambles.

I cleared my throat and left the table, avoiding eye contact with him again, though I could see him eyeing me up in my peripheral vision. I went upstairs and said goodbye to Amber. The two of them left shortly after and I felt a hint of dread in my stomach. I decided to get into a bikini and go for a quick swim in the pool, maybe work on my tan. Perhaps I would forget this whole mess in the meantime.

When I came back downstairs he was gone. I felt disappointed and relieved at the same time, I wasn’t sure which ankara üniversiteli escort one outweighed the other. I grabbed a towel from the linen cupboard and danced over to the pool. It was quickly becoming a hot day and I appreciated the cool water on my skin. After about an hour of swimming, I thought I’d work on my tan, what little there was of it. I lay on one of the pool loungers beside the pool and put my headphones in.

I took off my bikini top and closed my eyes, my head clearing of any previous thoughts. I began to fool myself that I was alone and soon found my hands tracing my stomach and legs sensually. I didn’t even give it a second thought, I was so used to it just being Madge, Amber and I that I really did feel alone. My clit throbbed gently and I slowly tended to it with my right hand, circling and massaging with my fingers. As the pressure built I rubbed faster and faster, my mind completely gone with the build up of pleasure and imminent release of electricity about to shudder through my system.

I arched my back just as the tip of the orgasm hit and suddenly I felt another pair of fingers slide into my pussy, I kept rubbing, not wanting the orgasm to end, but a hand ripped mine away and I felt a powerful wet mass take over. My body shook and I rocked my hips back and forth, letting this person take over my orgasm completely. I moaned aloud and squirmed in the pool lounger, spreading my legs to either side of it and grinding my pussy harder into the tongue that was massaging my clit.

The orgasm lasted a lot longer than my usual masturbation induced ones, and I lay back on the lounger again, out of breath and trembling. I opened my eyes to find, unsurprisingly, Mr. Wells kneeling beside the lounger, smiling devilishly at me. My pussy was throbbing again at the sight of him. He looked so handsome sitting there in his business suit, I couldn’t help but ache for him.

‘Why, hello.’ I said in my best seductive tone.

‘Having fun?’ He spoke to me for the first time and my heart fluttered. I suddenly felt very inadequate. He was very cultured and I imagined he had exquisite taste in finer things, so why of all people had he chosen me to do this with? I couldn’t even pretend to have as much power and sophistication as him. I was just a silly horny virgin that was best friends with his daughter. But then, maybe that was just it. I tried to stay composed in his presence.

‘Could be having more.’ I replied, thinking I was very witty, until he ran his hand from my lubricated cunt to my bare left nipple and began squeezing and massaging it. I fell to pieces, closing my eyes and biting my lip, moaning for more. So much for my composure.

‘Mrs. Wells told me to look after you.’ Oh you bastard, I thought. He was giving me forbidden pleasure while talking about his wife and reminding me of how guilty I am. ‘I’m going to let you make the choice of how much fun you want to have.’ He informed me, ‘you can leave it at this, I’ll go back to my office and you don’t have to worry about me again.’ I looked cautiously at him, and he plucked his fingers from my nipple, allowing me to function again. ‘Or you could meet me in my office and I can sort something out so that I’m here more often. And we can play more often.’

He got up and walked back into the house without another word. I was speechless. How could he do this to me?! I’m just a girl! How am I supposed to make a decision like this? I loved my best friend, I loved her mother, I didn’t want to break up their family. But I’d already been touched by him, wasn’t it too late?.. I’d already climaxed with his fingers inside me. I was already yenimahalle escort his little whore. I thought about the swelling in his pants and how it longed for me. I thought of how he looked at me like I was the only woman left on earth and he needed me badly, but also indifferent to me, like I was just a toy. He was also willing to move back home for me, so we could ‘play’..

I hadn’t finished my thought when I felt myself get up, put my bikini top back on and go inside. His office was down the hall, all I had to do was walk down. I paused between the hall and the staircase and forced myself up the latter. I was dry but I toweled off again, got dressed into a summer dress and put on a little make up. I smiled at my reflection, trying to force out the terrible thoughts and take it one step at a time. I headed downstairs, aimed for the kitchen and I thought I’d beaten the demon, when suddenly I found myself turning down the hall.

Don’t do it, don’t do it, I told myself over and over, but my feet didn’t stop. I was almost numb when I turned the handle and stepped inside, shutting the door behind me. I stopped in the middle of the room and looked at the man sitting behind the big mahogany office desk. He was leaned back into his office chair and had his large penis out of his pants, and was stroking it slowly, staring at me.

Any numbness I felt dissolved immediately at this sight. I felt panging in my chest, standing there, watching him, drinking in the sight of his cock. It looked so inviting, my pussy ached for it, I needed it any way I could get it.

He beckoned me with his finger and I walked over compliantly. My hands were holding each other behind my back like a schoolgirl in trouble at the principal’s office. I stood beside him and he swiveled his chair so he was facing me, continuing his slow stroking.

He was a very masterful person, I sensed it every time I’d met him, it had intimidated me before, but now I ached for him to tell me what to do, how to please him. He had pleasured me this morning and last night only on his terms, because he wanted to, he wanted to watch me squirm.

I waited for instruction, but he only eyed me up and down, avoiding my eyes, making me feel like an object. He continued stroking himself and I wanted to reach out, take it in my hands and give him the same pleasure he’d given me. But I knew somehow that he wanted me to wait.

He finally looked up at my face and caught me staring at his long hard cock. ‘Kneel.’ He said, simply.

I kneeled before him and shuffled forward until I was in between his legs. He tilted his head curiously, looking at me and caressed my cheek with his hand. My face was within inches of his huge cock and I wanted it, so badly I could almost taste it.

‘Have you done this before?’ He asked.

‘No.’ I replied. I’d seen guys running around with their dicks out at parties before but I’d never actually touched one, let alone put my mouth on one. I felt a little unprepared, but I wanted to please him, I wanted to do whatever it took.

His cock was so enormous compared to my tiny mouth. In general he was a lot bigger than me. I was 5’5″ and he was at least 6’3″. I had always been petite, but my body had curved outward more at the hips and breasts in the time that I’d been friends with Amber, I was now a 10C.

I placed my small hands on his muscular thighs and gently ran them up. He was hot. I wasn’t sure if it was the heat or the events of the day that got him so steamed up. Just the touch of his bare skin made my heart beat faster and my pussy wish to be grinding on his cock.

I looked up into his eyes and never ankara zenci escort lost contact as I licked his cockhead softly, not purposely teasing, just trying to get a taste for it and some confidence before taking the whole thing. I continued looking up at him while he took the back of my head and forcibly lowered my mouth down onto his shaft. I gagged and teared up, spat and groaned, but he continued and my gaze never left his.

Each time the end of his cock reached the back of my throat I gagged, and he would cringe with pleasure. Eventually I began trying to swallow it instead of rejecting it. This pleased him even more, ‘ohh my good girl’ he purred at me every time I took it down without a fight.

Hearing his praises encouraged me even more and soon he took his hands away from my head and folded them behind his neck, lulling his head back and closing his eyes. I couldn’t look into his eyes anymore, so I concentrated on the glorious cock that I was swallowing over and over again. I licked, massaged, teased and swallowed many times over. I started tasting a salty, gooey substance at the end of his cock and thought he had cum, until he readied me for the real thing.

‘Almost there, yeah, that’s it, fuck yeah,’ he groaned at me, and I was unsure of what to do.

‘You gonna swallow it for me, uughh, like a good girl?’ He asked, his voice growing more and more tense as I continued to suck vigorously.

‘Mmmhmm’ I replied with a mouthful of cock.

Suddenly there was a huge burst of hot creamy cum spurting down the back of my throat and in my mouth. I did my best to swallow it, but there was another eruption, then another and another. My mouth was bombarded with jizz and I swallowed as much as I could, but by the end of his orgasm I had his seed overflowing down my chin, dripping onto my chest.

‘Look at you.’ He said, almost lovingly, kissing me on the forehead. He grabbed a box of tissues and wiped the excess cum off his dick, then handed me the box. I cleaned my chin and chest of cum, throwing the used tissues in the waste basket, stood up and was about to wipe the tear streaks of mascara off my cheek when I heard the door open.

Quick as a flash, Mr. Wells had his cock underneath the desk and was looking at the person sadly. He surprisingly raised a hand and started rubbing my back. I was too shocked to do anything, we were caught, I was sprung finishing off my best friend’s dad, oh God. I merely held the tissue to my face in shame, not moving, not even wiping the make up any more.

‘What is it David?’ Madge asked, her voice sounding concerned.

‘Poor girl, her cat’s died, she was just in here asking for a ride home.’ He said sympathetically.

I almost screamed aloud and kissed him for his ingenious excuse. Instead I began the fake sniffles, and looked up at Madge.

‘Oh sweetie, are you okay?’ She began walking over to give me a hug when I put my hand out to stop her, worried she might see the cum I might have missed drying on my face and neck.

‘I-it’s okay Madge, I-I’ll just go h-home,’ I tried my best to convincingly blow my nose.

‘Oh honey, I hope you’re alright, I’m sure your kitty’s in a better place now.’ She smiled then looked at Mr. Wells, ‘babe, I’ve got friends from church over, could you drop Dolly off? Is that okay with you Doll?’

I nodded solemnly and he gave his ‘of course’. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and re-apply make up. I almost danced the entire time, excited to have the opportunity to be alone with Mr. Wells, finally. I was ready with all my stuff in a few minutes, saying my goodbyes to Amber who looked like she was about to cry over Leo’s death, too. I told her I’d call her and kissed her goodbye.

The decoy was perfect, my eyes were puffy from gagging on all that cock and everyone assumed I had been crying. Mr. Wells was already in the car when I jumped in the passenger’s seat. I decided not to tell him that my parents were out of town until we got to my house.

To be continued.

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