Bad Vibe: Domination Ch. 02

Group Sex

This story is actually an ALTERNATE version of “Bad Vibe: Domination Ch 01”. This starts at the same time as BV Domination Chapter 1, but the actions of the characters are completely different. In this chapter we see that Ch 01 was a very bad dream that Amy had. Think of Domination Ch 01 as an alternate universe. Like the alternate Universe in Star Trek, where Spock has a Van Dyke, and in ST Deep Space Major Kira wears that sexy sexy skin tight leather outfit and is so evil. This story on the other hand is more in line with the previous chapters of Bad Vibe.

For those of you who really liked Domination Ch 01, I am working on a story called “Bad Wife.” look for it. In that story I will continue where Domination Ch 01 left off — in the alternate/nightmare universe.

This story is a fictional fantasy and should NOT be read by anyone who is under 18 years of age or who is offended by frank language, (“Oh no!”) sexual situations, (“No, you wouldn’t”) fetish, (“I’m going to faint!”) and even incest (“Not that! Help!!”) and other foul and disgusting trash.


“Mom, Mom! Wake up, wake up!”

“Huh? Whaaaaa. Oh god, I had a terrible dream honey.”

“I know, you were thrashing around on the bed, moaning and even trying to scream. I’ve never seen anything like that.”

“Give me a minute Craig.”

Amy got up and ran to the bathroom and slammed the door shut. Craig could hear her in throwing up for a long long time. Then he heard her flush and the shower started.

He was really worried, she had tangled up the sheets and the spot where she had been sleeping was soaking with sweat.

He got up and changed the bedding, taking the sweat soaked sheets to the laundry room. He then busied himself in the kitchen, stacking the dishes from last night in the dishwasher and generally tidying up.

He sensed that his Mom wanted to be alone for a while. When he got back upstairs his Mother was stepping out of the bathroom wearing her terry robe. She looked pale and distressed.

“What’s the matter Mom, dinner not agree with you? I knew we should have had Mexican, that sports bar, we went to, Shotguns, I think sometimes they don’t really keep things sanitary.”

“No, nothing like that, I just had a bad dream, a real bad one, the Night-Mare took me on a heck of a ride and I wish I had never gone to sleep. I’m still frightened”

“Maybe if you talked about it ….”

“It was bad, Well, it started good, we had some fantastic sex next door in their basement, in that dungeon you told me about, but there were hidden video cameras. When she got back Nancy had video of us making love in their dungeon, she threatened to expose me, us, it could have meant prosecution, or me losing my Real Estate license. I had to become her sex slave and she was brainwashing me. It was horrible.”

“Oh Mom, I guess we better be very careful about our, uh, our situation.”

“Our lovemaking. I don’t seriously think anyone would put us in jail, you’re not a minor and I doubt anyone in the state licensing board would care, but it would be very embarrassing and a lot of people would go to another Real Estate Company rather than use ours.”

The hugged, but Amy wasn’t in the mood for sex, or even smooching so they went to breakfast, they both had cereal and kept their thoughts to themselves.

Craig was wondering about the DVDs he had copied to his lap-top, if anything like the blackmail that Amy had dreamed about were to happen, he had the perfect counter. He decided not to tell her about them.

Amy left for a few hours to do some last minute shopping. She asked Craig to not go over next door, they would go over after she came back to check things over and bring in the mail.

Amy wore some jeans and a blouse under a sweater with her long winter coat over everything else. She had some things she wanted to get, clothes for Craig and some lingerie for herself. While she was gone Craig wrapped the gifts that he had for her, at least the ones that hadn’t been wrapped at the store.

Then he did some laundry, both the things that he had brought back from his dorm room at the university, anything her could find of hers, as well as the bedding. He made a call to his father, talking to him and exchanging greetings with his Dad’s new wife and his half sister and step sister.

He thought about divorce and how that of his parents sucked, but had to admit that both his parents seemed happier. He also had to admit that he would never have gotten to make love to his Mother, or Alice, and probably not Maude either, if they hadn’t split up. Being a young man that counted for a lot.

Amy got back and they had lunch then picked up the mail and let themselves into the house next door. Amy seemed spaced out and went from room to room still able to remember the nightmare she had last night. (See Bad Vibe: Domination Ch 01.)

Amy snooped around looking for hidden cameras. The dream seemed very real. She did find a closet in the dungeon, but it was full of shelves filled with various mundane things. There altyazılı porno was not enough room to close the door with her inside. The furniture in the dungeon was pretty much as Craig and Alice had, separately, described it.

Everything seemed normal and she left Craig to lock up. She went home and into her bedroom to wrap up some of the purchases she made that morning. Craig got home later and went searching for her, she seemed unusually subdued and quiet, he was worried and wanted to make sure she was all right.

She was sitting on the middle of her bed with a pile of wrapped packages stacked near the door, ready to take down to the tree. She wore her terry robe and was sitting cross legged.

When Craig stuck his head through the door she had a hand inside the robe slowly rolling a nipple between her fingers.

“Can I come in?” He had a huge grin on his face.

“Mmmm I was hoping you would show up soon.”

Amy pulled her robe open as she lay back on the bed. Craig was totally entranced by the sight of his mother laying back in the middle of the bed, her legs spread with knees slightly bent, the lapels of the robe open and exposing her breasts and rock hard nipples.

With her head propped up Amy could see down her body and watched her son place himself at the foot of the bed staring at her open pussy and up her tummy to her breasts and then up to look in her eyes.

“You’re the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“I’m glad you think so honey, you make me feel like it. Now why don’t you do a little strip tease for your old Mom?”

Craig blushed but started to swing his hips back and forth, gently shuffling his feet as the slowly unbuttoned his shirt. He had a nervous smile on his face, he felt a little silly but didn’t want to disappoint his Mom. He had certainly done far more embarrassing things with Maude.

Amy had to give him credit, he made a decent try at doing a slow classic style strip tease. After his shirt was unbuttoned he would turn and show one shoulder, the slip it back up.

Then show the other, finally dropping down his back when he was facing away from her, turning around he had his hands in front of him as if covering up his breasts.

He kicked his boots off and made a show of pulling off his socks as if had long stockings, putting his foot up on the chair she had in front of her make-up table.

When it came time to drop his jeans he again dropped then facing away, letting them drop past his bottom a little at a time then pulling them up. Finally clad only in his boxers he repeated the sequence with them and naked turned, his rampant cock bouncing with every movement.

Approaching the bed he crawled toward Amy, right between her legs he lowered his face to nuzzle into her soaking pussy.

Soon the only sounds were the panting of Amy and the squishing sounds his fingers made as they fucked into and out of her pussy. He lapped with his tongue, exploring her entire slit and then began a slow flicking or her clit.

His fingers, lubed and slippery from her pussy traced their way down, sliding up and down a few times to tease her, then pushed against her pucker. Amy gave a little sigh and he pushed into her.

He had barely got his single finger into her when she gasped and tensed her legs, lifting her bottom off the bed. She held that taught position for what seemed to Craig as a long time, he kept suction on her clit as she pulled his head into her. She kept a groaning keening sound the entire time.

Finally she dropped her bottom and lower back onto the bed and relaxed her grip on his head. He gave one last flick of his tongue to her clit, resulting in a full body shudder from Amy, then eased his finger out of her.

He lay for a long time, his head resting against her inner thigh before getting up and washing his finger. He left her juices on his face, he loved the smell of her.

When Craig came back into the bedroom Amy was under the covers and she held them open for him to slide in beside her. She reached for his erection as soon as he was in bed with her.

They lay on their sides facing each other and began kissing. Amy held onto his cock and slid her leg over his hip, and guided his cock into her.

He couldn’t get his cock into her as deep as some other positions but he loved the close togetherness of the position, kissing her, nibbling on each other looking into her eyes as she slowly flexed her hips, sliding him in an out slowly, driving him crazy.

“I love you darling, more than you know.”

“I love you too Mom, I can’t stop thinking about you.”

A tear slid down her cheek.

“Why are you sad Mom.”

“You’re going back to school soon. Meeting other women, girls, I’ll miss you.”

“I can transfer.”

“No, you need to stay at Ames. It has to be, I’ll always be here for you, but you need to find someone your own age.”

“I’ll stay faithful to you forever.”

“No, that can’t be, lets just enjoy each other when we can, that’s all we can do honey.”

“You’re mobil porno right, but I will always love you.”

“And I you.”

The thrusts were becoming harder, more frequent, he could see her face starting to tense up, the faraway look in her eyes as she concentrated, he felt it in himself, the tight pleasure, the feeling of almost being ‘there’.

He noticed that his Mom had one hand pinching a breast, the other on her clit.


She came, he felt her tighten around him in pulses, he felt the muscles along her spine tense, he slid his hand to her bottom, felt the flex in those muscles as she pushed against him, trying to take as much of him into her as she could.

He felt the pulses of his cum shooting into her, burying his head into her neck he flooded into her wetness and held onto her and sank and sank and sank into her, her soft bed, her soft dampness, her heart her dream her sleep, her, sank into her, sleep, sleep.

He woke as she got up, he didn’t know how much later, he watched her go into the bathroom and then as she came out and got dressed again. She left and said she had some things to do at the office and to be home before supper.

Craig made some phone calls and went out later in the afternoon to meet some friends from High School, both those that went to different Colleges or Universities as well the ones that stayed home and were working.

He was very interested in the local 4-year college, Woodston College. He had been thinking of transferring so that he could stay home with his mother, although he knew that she would be against it, she wanted him to meet new people and experience new opportunities. Specifically to meet new girls.

He finished making the rounds and catching up with his old friends and started heading home. By the time he pulled into the garage the sun was just about setting. As he came into the house Amy was there waiting and threw her arms around him.

“Hey Mom, you seem in a better mood.” He was grabbing her bottom through the long dress was wearing now, and was about to lay a sexy mouth to mouth kiss on his own mother. She turned her head away just in time.

“Craig honey, guess who’s here!”

He practically jumped away from her and went around the corner to the living room. Alice and Sherry were there. Sherry on the couch and Alice in the love-seat.

Sherry was the assistant slash receptionist slash file clerk in the Real-estate office that Alice and Amy owned. She was the only employee that was left after they had to let the other two agents go earlier in the year due to the bad economy. She was about 7 or 8 years older than Amy in her early 50’s.

Craig always liked Sherry. When he was little the school bus would drop him off at the office and if Amy was busy Sherry would look after him. She even had an extra office chair for him to sit at her desk beside her with.

He once told her that he wanted to marry her when he grew up. Of course he also told Alice and even his Mom the same thing back then.

Sherry didn’t really look her years, even though she left her once-black hair untouched. It was now streaked with grey but still kept in the same jaw length hairdo that she had when he was little.

He automatically checked her out, estimating that she had about a C cup breast and was still fairly thin, which looked good on her nearly six foot height. She could look Craig in the eye when they stood facing each other. Or a little better when she had on her signature medium high heels.

“Craig, aren’t you going to say hello to our guests?”

“Oh, hi you two. Sherry it has been a year or so since I talked to you. Still looking as pretty as I remember.”

“Craig, you are a charmer, and don’t think I have forgotten your proposal.” She quipped back with a smile.

“Craig, I thought you asked me to marry you.” Alice said with a mock pout.

“I’m not sure who I asked first.” He laughed.

“No, actually you asked me first. At least a year before you started flirting with these two floozies.” Amy said as she brought mugs of hot coffee in from the kitchen.

“I’ve always thought that you two were very well matched, and it seems he decided to stay with you. I guess Alice and I will have to go looking elsewhere for a husband.”

They all laughed, but Craig blushed as he wondered if Sherry knew what he and his mother had been doing. Surely Alice wouldn’t have told her?

He went and sat next to Sherry in the love-seat, the slight contact as their hips touched when he sat down actually sent a chill through him. He smiled to himself as he wondered about Sherry’s sex life.

The four of them chatted and laughed as the evening passed. Alice and Sherry had come in separate cars but at the same time, Amy having called each of them to see if they wanted to spend a quiet evening and informal meal.

The plan also included exchanging the traditional inconsequential or gag gifts that the office members had been doing for years.

Craig on the other sex izle hand had produced some beautiful silk scarves, dyed in various subtle and beautiful colors for the three women. He had got them from a small shop near the University that had them on sale. Amy served her home made tomato soup and they all enjoyed themselves.

As the evening wore down Alice was the first to leave, she cornered Craig under the plastic mistletoe and gave him a fairly chaste kiss on the lips before leaving. The other two ladies both laughed and Sherry even commented that he would be happy when it was her turn.

His Mom was cleaning up in the kitchen when Sherry stood under the mistletoe and crooked her finger at Craig. He walked over casually and was a little surprised when she looped her new scarf over his head and pulled him close.

He automatically slid his arms around the older woman. Sherry looked him in the eyes and whispered to him.

“You’ve been flirting with me all evening young man, don’t you know it’s impolite to get a girl all hot and bothered that way without giving her some sort of consolation prize?”

With the scarf dangling around his neck she took his head and both hands and pulled him in to a long and sensual kiss. Craig’s hands both slid from their polite position on her back, down to her bottom. He cupped her butt cheeks and squeezed, pulling her into him.

He had become instantly erect, his cock pushing up diagonally in his underwear and as their hips pushed together Sherry could easily feel it pushing against her mound.

She had always loved her height, it put her groin and about the same level as most men, and in these situations she could feel their arousal directly against her mons and not against her tummy as most most women of shorter stature would.

She ground herself against him as her tongue pushed into his mouth. She had always been bisexual, taking pleasure from men and women, but lately mostly with women. Something about this young man, his new found confidence or just the idea of his youth, remembering him as a toddler and now seeing him in a sexual light, was extremely erotic. She half wished that something more could come of it, but knew that this kiss was all they could share.

And they shared that kiss for a long time. Craig began to caress her bottom and was starting to slide his hand up her side, sure that she would let him cup her breasts, or at least a little side breast, when his mother came out of the kitchen.

She saw the two in an obviously deep sexual kiss and was surprised, then jealous then finally accepting that this was just a consequence of the fun and flirty night the four of them had gone through.

“All right you two, time to break it up, unless Sherry wants to take Craig home?” She threw in a half laugh at the last part.

“Oh I would, but then I wouldn’t be able to let him go,” she shot back as she released Craig and he her.

Craig just stood there sheepishly, knowing that if he turned around his mom could see how aroused the kiss had made him.

“Well I better get to bed, Sherry it’s been really nice. Mom, good night.” And he practically ran upstairs without turning around.

“God he’s got a fine butt,” Sherry commented.

“I know.” Amy answered without thinking.

The two of them looked at each other and laughed.

“I saw him giving yours a good going over,” Amy said.

“I don’t know if I’m glad or mad you came back when you did.”

“I thought you were more interested in women.”

“No, I go both ways, probably why I never married. It’s just that the last few years it’s been women, that’s who was available, and I had that thing going on with Simone for a long time.”

“I believe that’s the first time you’ve ever said her name, I wondered who the secret person that made you so happy, and so sad, was.”

“Yup, she was her.”

“Does, or did, her husband know?”

“No, don’t think he did, I felt funny that time I went to the bank to re-finance my house and he was the one that handled it. I kept wondering.”

“He always seems like a nice guy.”

“He is, that’s what Simone always said. I guess that’s why she called it quits with me, just felt guilty.”

“Do you love her?”

“No, not really, it was fun, I liked her a lot, still do. No regrets, well just one, we could never spend the night together, I would like to have actually ‘slept’ with her, you know, actual sleep, not just sex.”

“I know, it’s another level of intimacy isn’t it.”

“I’m grateful that you never seemed to judge me, I know I didn’t keep some of my affairs over the years very discreet.”

“You kept it out of the work place. That’s what counts.”

“You never worried, or at least acted like you were worried that I would come on to you?”

“No, the same as with Keith when he worked there, I never worried about him, or any other guy, I suppose I would have handled it the same when a guy came on to me.”

“No horror or disgust?”

“No actually I think I would have been more tempted, or at least curious, than when guys did.”

“You were getting propositioned a lot weren’t you, husbands selling or buying houses, people in town on the chamber, service clubs you were in, Keith, Don, whoever else worked there over the years.”

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