Bait and Switch

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The nice thing about working from home is that, depending on what you do, you have time to do other things. Got to like that flex time.

My girlfriend, who was 46, had a full time office job and was up and gone early.

It was Thursday. I rolled out of bed later. Grabbed some orange juice and worked on my office stuff.

I needed to finish painting the laundry room at our house at some point. And fix the one cabinet in there that was not attached correctly to the wall. Apparently hitting the stud with the screw was optional for the person that installed those.

About 10am, I get a text from my girlfriend Laura.

“Hey, do you have time to run out this afternoon?” She asked.

I reply, “Maybe. What do you need?”

“Could you go to the art store and get me six of their extra large shipping boxes for my artwork frames?” She texted.

I knew which place she was referring to. It was a good 35 minute drive.

“Can’t we get them Sunday?” I asked.

“They are closed on Sundays.” She texted back.

“I don’t know, I have the laundry room to finish up still. How late are they open?” I said.

“Only until 3 today.” She said.

I let out a sigh. “Ok, well I need to shower. Let me know if we need any stuff at the grocery store. I can stop there on the way back.”

“Ok, thanks a bunch. I’ll make it up to you. :-)” She texted.

“Ha. Yea. I’ve heard that before.” I replied.

“Let me know when you leave.” She said

“Ok” I said.

So into the shower I went. It was nice having a big walk in shower. I could do yoga in there practically. I washed up, rubbed some conditioner in my hair and let it sit for a few minutes.

While I waited and let the water hit my back, and lathered up my cock. I started to stroke it slow, letting my mind wander. It slowly grew hard in my hand, full of suds. I felt like jacking off, but she did say she would make it up to me. We shall see.

I turned my attention to rinsing off my hair conditioner and soap. I dried off and put my lycra/spandex guy shorts on and my jeans. It was a nice day out. Probably around 80. I picked out a casual shirt, and grabbed my belt and socks from the walk in closet.

Brushed my teeth and got my hair dried off.

Into the home office I went, sat and checked some emails. Got my shoes on.

I pulled up the online maps to check the route over to the art store. I don’t usually drive down that way ever myself. I knew the major landmarks though.

As luck would have it, the route was right by the big sport fishing super. Excellent. Can’t pass up a stop there.

It was going on noon. I texted Laura. “I’ll be heading out in about 15 minutes. Just the boxes there?”

She replied, “Yes. And we do need potatoes, milk, broccoli, and a bag of flour. If you want to grab those on the way home.”

“What kind of potatoes?” I asked.

“The smaller red ones will be güvenilir bahis fine.” She said.

“Ok, is that it then?” I asked.

“Yes.” She said.

I finished up what I was doing. Wrote down directions. Grabbed the GPS just in case. And headed out the door. It was about 12:20 now.

“I’m on the road.” I texted Laura.

“Ok. Have fun. Drive safe.” She replied.

Perfect day as far as temperatures. They had finally moderated from the triple digits of summer. I hate the when the heat gets like that.

I got on the highway and headed south. First stop was going to be the outdoor sport and fishing store, since I was going by it first. Whenever we are down there I stop, or at least try to. If Laura is driving though, she will sometimes shoot down my plan to browse the merchandise there.

It must be sale day or something. I pull into the large parking lot. Lots of cars for a Thursday. I cruise by the boats along the one lane. Finding a spot not too far from the entrance.

Work crews are out working on landscaping stuff all around. It’s about 1pm now. Plenty of time to browse.

I walk in, say “hello” to the greeter, and grab a sale sheet. I page through it, then put it back on the stack.

The boats were on display off to the right. So I wandered over there. I walked up onto a small pontoon boat and sat down in the drivers seat. I looked out onto the sales floor at the rest of the boats. Some of them were crazy expensive.

I walk back down and wander the boating accessories section. I needed to get a drop hitch, for my truck, but didn’t have the exact measurement yet. So I just looked at what they had. Fair selection. I took out my phone and snapped a few pics of ones I suspected might work.

Then I wandered over to the fishing reel display cases. Ridiculous amount of reels. Every configuration you can think of. Too many.

I start cruising some of the lure aisles. Trying to locate the one good color combo I lost last year.

Grabbing one and looking at it. Different manufacturer. Close, but not quite it.

I continue on down the aisle. I glanced up, and said “hi” to a woman standing toward the end of the aisle, carrying a child’s life jacket.

I was about to walk by, but stopped, looked at her again.

Now recognizing her, I smiled and said, “Well heyyy there. How are you?”

I gave her a hug.

It was Pam. She was a woman my girlfriend Laura and I had enjoyed a threesome with early in the summer. We had gotten in contact with her through a swingers website. She was single as far as I knew at the time.

She was very pretty. Long brown hair, slightly curled. Beautiful “D” cups. She looked great in the tight jeans she was wearing. Her button shirt, unbuttoned enough to cleavage tease.

“I’m good. What brings you out and about today? Going on a fishing trip?” Pam asked.

“No. No. Laura wanted me to head down to türkçe bahis an art supply store down the way. She wants me to get some shipping boxes for her.” I replied.

“No she doesn’t.” Pam said bluntly.

I said, “Huh, what do you mean?”

Pam said, “She sent you this way figuring you would stop here. She wants me to give you a nice blowjob in your truck.”

I stood there dumbfounded looking at her. Not knowing what to say.

“Seriously. She set it up.” Pam said.

I laughed. I said, “What. Oh man..hang on, I have to send a text.”

“Did you send a sexy brunette over to the fishing store to blow me?” I texted Laura.

“Oh your at the fishing store?? Well gosh, that sounds like an offer you shouldn’t turn down. ;-)” She texted back.

I shook my head and laughed again.

“Wow, you got me on that one. That’s a surprise indeed.” I said to Pam.

“I’d be silly to turn that down.” I said, smiling at her. “Did you need to buy anything else besides the vest?

Pam said, “Oh no, it was just a prop to walk around with.” She walked back to the rack and hung it up.

Those tight jeans on her looked fine as hell. She was about 155 pounds maybe. Bit shorter than me.

I asked her, “Have you seen the big fish tank in back?”

She said, “Yes.”

So we stood there in the middle aisle of the store. I paused to look around.

Then I said, “Well, shall we go out to my truck then?”

“Yes, let’s.” She replied.

Pam works as a nurse at the local veterans hospital. Watching her get up into my truck, I thought, “Geez, if only all nurses were this hot.”

I walked around to the driver’s side and got in. We decided to drive around the lot a bit to see if there was a better spot to park.

We drove to some back parking areas at the movie theaters next door, but she said there were probably security cams.

Slowly we drove around, back to the fishing store parking lot, deciding on a spot facing the main road. I put my sun shade in place.

My truck had dark tinting on the side and back windows, not limo tint, but dark enough. A police car drove by the front of my truck and he kind of glanced back over his shoulder at me. I wondered if the fishing store security called in a suspicious truck roaming the lot.

I flipped up the center console, so it was out of the way. Thank goodness for bench seats. I eased my seat back a bit.

Pam got on her knees and moved over to me.

Her beautiful tits pushing the fabric of the thin blouse she had on. No bra!

I said, “Show me those nice tits.”

She unbuttoned her blouse and eagerly took them into my mouth sucking each one. So nice. So sexy.

I reached up to her neck and pulled her down to kiss me. Our tongues intertwined in a passionate dance. She was a fantastic kisser. My hand was on her ass, massaging it. We continued kissing for a few minutes.

I reached down güvenilir bahis siteleri and undid my pants, as they were getting rather tight now. I pushed them and my shorts down.

Pam laid down on her stomach and proceeded to swallow my now hard cock. Holy crap what a fucking turn on, watching this gorgeous woman blow me.

“Ohhhh that feels so damn good.” I told her.

She sucked on the tip of my hard cock strongly. Then took as much of the throbbing erection as she could and stroked it with her mouth.

“Oh fuck.” I said.

I told her to stop for a minute, and bent over and kissed her for a while. Long enough to reduce the excitement level a bit.

Trying to hold on to my senses, I reached down and rubbed her jeans covered ass with my right hand.

I glanced out the right passenger window, seeing workers doing the landscape stuff not more than a hundred feet away or so.

There was a high rise hotel to my left. Any voyeurs in the rooms were getting a good show if they had binoculars with them.

My fingers moved to Pam’s crotch. I began massaging her pussy through her jeans.

She was enjoying my attention as her work continued on my shaft. She was breathing harder and harder as I rhythmically stroked her crotch. Her suction power increased.

She was so turned on, I knew she was going to cum. It was then she sucked my cock like her life depended on it. Hard suction. I tried to hold back. I couldn’t. My cum shot out into her throat burst after burst, as I continued stroking her as she moved against my fingers.

All I could utter was, “Ahhhooooooohhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhfuuuuuck.”

She swallowed all my warm cum, draining my balls completely. She squeezed along my shaft to get the last bit, as she sucked the head of my now super sensitive cock.

She moved back to the passenger side. I had some bottled water I gave her, as I calmed down.

I pulled up my short and pants and did them up.

Leaning over to her, I took her neck and pulled her to the center and kissed her for a minute.

“Thank you.” I said.

“You can thank Laura.” She said smiling.

We sat for a few minutes. Then I drove over to where I was parked before. She was parked nearer the front of the store. I walked her to her SUV.

I gave her a long hug.

She said, “Glad you enjoyed your mid day surprise.”

I kissed Pam, and then walked back into the fishing store with a smile.

I texted my girlfriend Laura, “Holy crap that was a good surprise!”

She replied, “Glad it worked out. Oh, you can skip the art store by the way.”

“I never knew you were so sly.” I said.

“Women like to play too you know. 😉 I had a good hunch you would be stopping there today.” She replied.

“You realize you are going to fuck me good tonight and tell me all the dirty details.” Laura said.

“I better get energy bars while I am at the grocery then.” I said.

“Whatever you need darling.” She said.

And with that, I finished browsing the fishing store. I passed by the baits and laughed.

“I definitely got hooked today,” I thought to myself.

Glad I took the bait.

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