Bar and After

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I was sitting at the bar waiting for my girlfriend to arrive. The barman was chatting me up, as he usually did, but I wasn’t playing. I was looking forward to going out to the all-girls club later. I was wearing my little flared skirt and a tight top that showed off my body. I wanted the girls to like me and perhaps come on to me – I was in that sort of mood.

The bar was pretty crowded and suddenly there was a guy in front of me, ordering drinks for him and his mates. As he was ordering, I felt his hand move onto my knee. I was surprised and was about to hit him away when I looked at him and saw his face. He was very cute! All of my thoughts suddenly changed direction – especially when his hand quite insistently pushed my knees apart. I had bare legs and the feeling of his warm hand on my legs was getting to me. There were so many people around us that I’m sure no-one could see.

Just at that moment, my cell phone rang. I reached into my bag and took it out, looking into the guy’s eyes as his hand slowly slipped up the outside of my leg. It was my girlfriend on the phone and she told me she couldn’t make it that night. I told her that I was not too worried and I decided to tell her exactly what was happening. I’m sure the guy could hear me as he continued to advance his hand along my naked thigh. I told my friend that there was this guy doing this to me and I told her it felt good.

She giggled and said, “Are you enjoying it?”

I grinned at the guy and he began to slip his hand under my little skirt. When I told my friend, she moaned at me.

“Oh wow. You lucky bitch!”

“I’m going to let him touch me soon!” I giggled, making sure he could hear me.

His hand made the bold step across from the outside of my leg to the inside of my thigh. I knew the soft skin there would make him as hard as a rock.

“I want to feel his hard cock against my leg,” I murmured to my girlfriend.

The guy nodded, moving so that his body was pressing against my leg. He slowly adjusted his position until I could feel his rock hard erection pushing against me. It felt long and thick. I told my girlfriend how it felt.

“Go on,” she urged, “Touch it!”

I slowly took my hand off the bar and ran it along my leg until I brushed against his hard cock. He took the chance to push up even further under my skirt and his hand soon touched my panties. I knew they were wet. His smile was so cute!

“I’m gushing juices!” I cried to my girlfriend and she moaned. “He’s so hard I want to take it out and suck it!”

“Why don’t you do that?” she suggested.

“No – I can’t do that here – it’s much too crowded.”

“You’ve licked my pussy in a crowded bar before,” she giggled.

“Yes, but…” I hesitated, as güvenilir bahis his hand pressed inwards against my wet pussy. “His fingers are pressing into my pussy.”

I knew he could hear me as his face was now very close to mine. This guy knew when he’d conquered a girl. His thumb began to press against my clit and I moaned into the cell phone.

“What the hell is he doing now?” my girlfriend asked.

“Caressing my clit like an expert,” I whispered, smiling encouragement at him.

His cock seemed to become even harder as he slowly pulled at the thin material of my panties and lifted them to one side. I groaned into the phone.

“He hasn’t….?” she asked, giggling.

“He’s just about to – aaaahhhhh!” I groaned as he slowly slid one finger between my pussy lips and into my wet pussy.

I suddenly thought about the drinks this guy had ordered for his mates, but then I noticed that they were all sitting with drinks at a table away from the bar and grinning at us. I wondered whether this was a dare, or whether it had just happened on impulse. Soon I didn’t care at all, as his synchronized gentle stroking of my clit and pussy took me closer and closer to a delicious orgasm.

“I think he’s gonna make me cum!” I whispered quite loudly into my phone. I noticed the barman look at me with a smirk.

“Noooooo!” she cried, not believing me.

“Ooooooooo no!, Aaaaaah” I cried softly. “Yes, he is. Uhhhhh, Uhhhh, Uhhhhh!” I groaned.

“You are a tramp, you know,” my girlfriend giggled. “You just let a complete stranger make you cum!”

“And now I’m gonna let him take me back to the hotel and stick that huge cock inside my pussy,” I whispered again loudly enough so he could here.

His cocked jerked wildly against my leg as he slowly pulled his fingers out from underneath my skirt. He leaned towards the ear against which I was holding the phone.

“Now give me your panties,” he ordered.

“Did he really say what I think he said?” she asked, excitedly.

“Yes. He’s just asked me to take off my panties. Do you think he means right here?”

“It sounded like it!” she giggled, and he nodded.

‘I’m gonna go now, darling,” I cooed at my girlfriend. “I’ll fill you in on the rest later. Byeee.”

She just had time to cry “Bye” before I clicked off the phone and put it away.

Quite befuddled after my big orgasm that I had to keep quiet, I struggled to sit up properly. I slowly slid my hands up under my skirt along the outside of my legs. I wasn’t going to spread my legs to show anyone my pussy. I slowly grabbed at the edge of my little panties and with a lot of careful wriggling, slipped them off my butt and down my thighs. It was less easy to pull them off my lower türkçe bahis legs, but he helped me and soon had his ‘trophy’.

“Come on!” I urged him, “Let’s go now!”

I pulled on his hand and we struggled through the mass of people. Just as we passed his mates, he threw them my panties and grinned. They all cheered, probably very jealous.

As we walked to my car, his hand slipped under my skirt again and he caressed my butt. It felt so good. I wanted him to take me right then. We did manage to get into my car and before he could start anything in such a busy car park, I drove off the short distance to my apartment.

As we entered the building, he just steered me to the lift and we got inside. Immediately his hands lifted my skirt as he turned me to bend over in front of him.

“Don’t say anything,” he ordered, “Just enjoy!”

I heard the rasp of his zip and then felt the delicious pleasure of his rock hard cock pushing against my pussy, then sliding straight into me in a single deep thrust.

“Ngggggghhhhh!” I groaned as his cock filled me up.

He started to thrust slowly in and out of my pussy, generating incredible feelings.

Then the lift stopped. It was at my floor and we quickly disengaged. There was no-one around, so he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the stairwell. He shut the door, pushed me over the rail and thrust his cock back inside me. I have to admit that it was delicious to hear my own cries echoing down the stairwell as he pushed into me with obvious pleasure. After a few minutes, he sat on the top stair and pulled me down to sit on his massive cock. I felt speared as it drove right up into me. Wow!! what a lovely feeling. I rode him for a while, gently, with long slow thrusts deep into me.

He then pushed me off and dragged me back into the corridor. He walked along a little, then pushed me up to sit on a window sill. It was a perfect height and soon his cock was back inside me again, this time thrusting quite vigorously. I was in ecstasy, and it seemed so was he. I leaned back a little too far and we both heard the window glass crack. He pulled his cock out and dragged me on again, giggling like a child.

“Which is your room?” he suddenly asked, quite desperately.

Luckily, we were now outside my room, so I indicated the door behind him. I got out my key and we were inside in moments. Now he undressed rapidly indicating that I should do the same. His cock did look magnificent, and his body was athletic and slim. I hoped he liked what he could see as I undressed.

He was impatient and sat me down on the shelf for suitcases. Again it was exactly the right height for him to drive his cock deep inside my pussy. I held my legs as wide as I could, I wanted him güvenilir bahis siteleri as far into me as he could get. He just seemed inexhaustible and his cock seemed to get harder and harder as he thrust into me insistently.

After I’d screamed out three huge orgasms, we heard the people in the next room banging on the wall shouting for us to be quiet – it was now 1 am. He didn’t stop though – he just kept ramming that hard cock into me until I’d screamed even louder as my fourth orgasm exploded all over me. Then he came – in a huge yell, he unloaded a mass of hot cum into my pussy until he was swimming inside me.

There was quiet for a while as we both recovered from our efforts. He kept his only slightly deflated cock inside me all the time, gently pressing against my clit with his muscular body. I started to get aroused again and then I felt his cock beginning to get hard again. He picked me up like I weighed nothing and threw me onto the bed. His lovely cock left me and I felt empty. But then a flood of his cum started to pour down my crack onto the bed.

He went to the fridge and rummaged about until he’d found what he wanted. It was a large beer bottle, and the ice cube tray. I didn’t question what he was going to do as I was so incredibly horny. And so was he – his big cock was sticking out like a flagpole. However, when I felt him press the top of the beer bottle against my pussy lips, I began to wonder. The edges of the bottle top actually hurt my pussy and I stopped him. He grinned, ripped off the bottle top with his teeth and drank the beer quickly. He slowly pushed the cold beer bottle into my pussy until I felt the larger part of the bottle trying to open my pussy. He then took the one of ice cubes and rubbed it gently on my clit. It almost felt like steam was rising as the cold water trickled down my crack. Together with the cold beer bottle, it felt wierd but quite nice. I lifted my legs as I felt him pushing harder on the bottle, and then my pussy opened up and it slipped quite a way inside.

The ice cube had now melted and he leant towards me. His warm tongue sent a jolt of pleasure through me as he began to lick my clit gently. The beer bottle was pushed in and out of my pussy so the neck of the bottle was just inside me, and then almost the whole thing. It really began to get me going – yet again! And his tongue was doing wonders to my clit, sending shock waves around my body. I wanted to cum and cum and cum, but again I wanted to hold back to make it even better.

My cries of pleasure were obviously keeping our room neighbours awake, but I was too far gone to care. He licked me into another screaming orgasm, almost immediately followed by another as the beer bottle worked inside my pussy.

When I’d calmed down, I realised he was not close to me. I opened my eyes to see him getting dressed and tucking that huge erect cock inside his trousers.

“Sorry, got to go. The wife’s expecting me home!” he said as he rushed out of the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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