Bar Room Dancer


My business meeting had run late. I was to meet Susan an hour ago. She had talked me into letting her come along to my most recent company convention. For years I had gone alone, as most of the men in the company had done. But this year she insisted on seeing just what went on at these conventions. So, reluctantly I agreed. We had an early dinner together because I was to meet with the CEO of the business that evening. I assumed it would be a short meeting so I told Susan just to go ahead to the bar and wait for me there. It was now two hours later and the meeting was just ending. I wondered if Susan was still waiting for me or if she had given up and gone back to the room. As I entered the bar I looked around to see if I could spot her. There weren’t a lot of people in the bar, but it was quite dim and hard to see. I saw two couples sitting at a table in the corner. Then I noticed a table near the center of the bar. There were four men and a woman seated there. It was Susan. I started towards the table and then suddenly stopped. Still hidden in the darkness I watched for a while. Susan had a tendency to become quite flirtatious after a few glasses of wine. By the looks of her, she had more than a few. Although she would flirt when drinking, she never let it go the distance. Knowing this I decided to be a spectator and see what all would happen. I went to the front desk and had them call the bar and give Susan a message that I would be about another hour or so. I figured that would give me plenty of time to see just how bold she would be with her new friends. The bartender gave Susan the message and she nodded. I think the men overheard what she was told because they poked one another then smiled as they looked at my wife. She took another sip of wine just as one of the men stood and asked her dance. Setting her glass down, she nodded acceptance and was soon out on the dance floor. It was a slow song so they danced close together. At first he just had his arms around her waist and she had hers on his shoulders. As the song progressed he became a little bolder. He moved his one arm around her and pulled her closer. She responded by sliding her arms up around his neck. I was becoming aroused watching my wife dance slow and close to this strange man. His buddies were also enjoying the action. Anadolu Yakası Escort They high fived each other and laughed. I think they had arranged for the slow song to be played. I moved a table closer so I could see the dance floor more clearly. He now had one hand slid down on her ass and the other around her back. They were as close as they could get now. I saw him pull Susan tight to him as the song continued. I knew her was pressing his cock against her as they danced. She must have felt it because she laughed and blushed. But she didn’t back away. For some reason this aroused me even more. My wife was allowing this strange man to rub his hard cock against her. I now was intrigued as to how far this would go. The song ended and they returned to the table. One of the men poured Susan some more wine. They were really trying their best to get her inhibitions down. I was hoping they would succeed to some degree. Although I was still certain she would not let it get out of control. She glanced my way but I was sure she didn’t recognize me in the darkness. One of them men motioned for the other to lean in. He began whispering something to them. I couldn’t hear what it was, but they all listened intently. Then I looked at Susan. She too was leaning in and it spread her top open so that almost all of her tits were visible to the men at the table. A little lower and her nipples would have popped out. So that was the plan. Very clever I thought to myself. None of the men looked at the man who was talking. All of their eyes were clearly on my wife’s tits. They all laughed and then leaned back. One of the men slid his arm around Susan’s neck. His hand dangled down the other side dangerously close to her left tit. She noticed it but didn’t seem to care. I guess he thought that was the go ahead to be bolder. Soon the tips of his fingers were resting on the top of her tit. She just looked down and smiled. I could feel my cock growing larger in my pants. Another slow song came on and Susan headed back to the dance floor with a different man. As they began to dance he winked at his friends at the table. Once he got his hands around Susan he began to raise her skirt slowly so his buddies had a better view of her long sexy legs. I wasn’t sure if she knew what Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan was happening or not. Either way she did nothing to stop him. The other men ogled her as the song continued. They whispered to each other and then laughed. I wonder what other plans they had for my wife. Just then I looked at the dancers. My wife’s skirt was raised high enough in the back to see her ass and the little whisper of thong that was hiding in her crack. Now my cock was ready to rip a hole in my pants. I was so aroused at what I was seeing that I felt helpless to stop it. They returned to the table and she drank some more wine. Each sip brought more smiles to her new friends. Once again they leaned in and began talking. And once again Susan’s tits dangled in front of them. This time I noticed a slight glimpse of her left nipple. She seemed not to care at all. I know the men didn’t. They were all eyes once again. This time they had a hungrier look to them. I think their drinking was making them much bolder as well. Still I could bring myself to approach them and put a stop to it. Soon they all burst out in loud laughter. Susan shook her head no, although it wasn’t a very convincing shake. Then one of the men threw a fifty dollar bill on the table. I wondered what the hell was going on now. “Were they bidding on my wife?” She laughed again and once more shook her head no. Then another man added fifty more dollars to the pot. I had no idea what they were attempting to buy. Then I saw Susan nod her head and scoop up the money. “What had she agreed to?” She slid her hands under her skirt and squirmed a bit. Then her hands slid out from under her skirt and down to her ankles. I watched as she worked her red thong over her heels. Then she held it in the air and threw it on the table. The men cheered and reached for it as if it were some kind of prize. I think I felt a little pre-cum squeeze from my cock. I was enjoying the fact that my wife was now sitting with these men without her panties on. I wondered what their next move would be. As Susan and another new partner got up to dance, the rest of the men made their way to the side of the bar. They all sat up and watched as my wife and her friend danced slowly around the floor. Once again his hands slid Escort Anadolu Yakası behind her and gently raised her skirt. I think she knew what was going on yet she didn’t attempt to stop him. Soon her bare ass was visible to all in the bar. The two couples had left. It was now just me, the bartender and Susan’s entourage. Once he had her skirt up over her ass, he pulled her close and began to rub himself against her. The front of her skirt was still down but I knew she had to feel his cock against her pussy. And I was sure he had a hard on because I sure had one and I was just watching. As the music played on I saw him move one hand around to the side of her and gently tug on her skirt. He was trying to raise it above her pussy in the front. I began to stand but then my arousal made me sit back down. I was helpless to stop him from exposing my wife’s pussy. Just then her hand brushed his down. I knew she wouldn’t let things go too far. The music ended and instead of going back to the table, they went to the bar. He hoisted Susan up onto one of the stools. When she crossed her legs, her skirt slid back to expose her ass cheek. She had incredible legs and with the ambient light of the bar they looked even more sexy than normal. This fact wasn’t lost on her new friends either. They were getting another eyeful, compliments of my wife. Susan sipped another glass of wine. I knew she had to be getting light headed. She was not used to drinking that much. As she set her glass down she uncrossed her legs and reached across the bar for a napkin to wipe her lips. Her skirt was now about half way down her thighs. Her legs still looked very sexy. Especially to a bunch of guys who had been drinking all evening. I wanted to reach into my pants and play with myself. I was so aroused watching my wife entertain these strange men. Two of the men stood beside her chair while another sat on the stool next to her. The fourth had moved in front of her and had one of his legs now between her knees. I see what their plan was now in moving to the bar stools. He pressed a little closer and her skirt slid farther up her thighs. Her legs were now parted enough for him to have one leg almost pressing almost against her pussy. I know she had to feel this yet she didn’t move or offer any resistance. She looked down and smiled. My cock jumped in my pants knowing that she was allowing him to approach her that way. Her head was nodding and she was smiling as the men continued making passes at her. They now had her seated sideways on the stool. She was no longer facing the bar. The man who had his leg between my wife’s knees slid one hand onto her leg.

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