Bare Paw Ranch Ch. 01

Amazing Woman

This story is a repost that I have been told has to go in the illustrated category. I wanted it in Erotic coupling but the 2nd and 3rd chapters have illustrations important to the story I believe.

Hope you all enjoy this story written by a tradesman rather than a scholar. To say I’m a little rough around the collar would be kind. This is all a work of fiction and none of the characters are taken from real life. The geographical points do exist but there is no such place as Bare Paw Ranch. No one in this story is under the age of eighteen or implied that they might be. Thanks again

Chapter One

I’m an engineer from a prestigious school in Colorado working in Kansas City for a major concrete supplier. I was raised in South Dakota on a farm. I worked in the main office with another alumnus engineer to design and solve structural problems. We had an assistant, a draftsman, only our draftsman was a girl six years younger than me, called Delores Ellen, DE (pronounced Dee) actually used the initials for her name and signed everything with that as her first name, but without using the periods. She was a very good-looking woman, more girl next door than model. She had a business degree from a small college in Kansas where she had played basketball on a tuition scholarship. She had taken drafting classes as her minor and later took some advanced classes.

I started dating DE and we were enjoyed each other’s company on many nights. DE was five feet ten inches and had dark blonde hair that she usually kept in a ponytail. Her body was incredible; about one hundred thirty-five pounds and legs that went on forever. She would be classified as a hard body but everything felt perfect when you cuddled up with her naked body. Typical guy, I was always trying to talk her into going bra-less and of course to wear thongs or just go commando. DE preferred to wear sports bras (36C) and lady’s boxer briefs. She preferred to lounge around her house or my apartment in a sweatshirt and sweatpants. I of course tried to talk her into modeling the suit she was born in.

DE and I got married the following year and lived at the farm which her and she sister KC (Katherine Claudia) owned. They had lost their father overseas in the army ten years or so earlier, and then lost their mother to cancer last year. KC was still attending a small college in Wichita but came home on weekends and stayed with us in the very large old farm house. DE and KC’s only relative was an Uncle Joe, who lived in Colorado. I met him at the small wedding we had at DE’s farm. He was a nice guy, in his seventies or so. He walked DE down the aisle at the wedding.

Like DE and KC, my sister, Kim, who is thirty-four years old (two years older than me), and I had lost our parents. We lost our parents in a small airplane crash. We were able to keep the farm our parents owned. Actually we leased out six hundred and forty acres with the water rights that went with it. We kept the eighty acres with the house and lived off the lease. The land was prime farming land and the eighty with the home was like a retreat with a small four-acre pond on it and some trees and waste ground that I grew up hunting and fishing on.

DE and KC were like Kim and me in that they wanted to keep the land if they could. I told them what we did with our farm. I was able to show them how to lease three hundred and twenty acres with water. They were able to separate the forty acres their house was on.

A couple of weeks after we were married, DE got a phone call from the Sheriff in Hinsdale County, Colorado. Joe’s truck had been discovered in the buoy lines at the marina at Blue Mesa Reservoir; the Sheriff of Gunnison County had retrieved it from the water the day before. The Sheriff of Hinsdale County was at Joe’s home and had found her phone number there. He said he had the difficult job of telling her that they found Joe’s body in the truck when they pulled it from the water.

DE and KC were Joe’s only relatives. He had all his paper work together and he was going to be cremated. All he asked was that the girls spread his ashes on his property. The urn with his ashes would be sent to the girls in Kansas. DE received a call from the woman who was handling Joe’s estate. DE asked me to talk to her, and she informed me that Uncle Joe had a ranch by Lake City, Colorado which he had left to DE and KC. She wanted to meet with them there, show them the property and see if they wanted to sell it or what. I told her we would make plans and let her know when we might travel to see it. There were also some other things in thewill to go over, too. I wondered what that would be all about.

“DE, we need to schedule with KC a time to go to Colorado to have the will read.”

Later, I heard her talking to her sister on the phone. KC had told her she could arrange to be gone Friday through Monday if that helped. We decided to leave on Thursday night and drive to Denver. I was so used to being grup escort around the two women, that we never even gave it a thought about getting separate rooms for the night. KC like DE usually slept in warm-ups, on the weekends. I would sleep in gym shorts and no top. I had an interesting thought about DE and KC sleeping naked with me; the way DE and I slept when it was just the two of us. KC was the mirror image of her sister except that she was four years younger. I had a feeling she might be a lot wilder.

We would head out early on Friday morning and meet Kelly, the lawyer handling the reading and execution of the will. We were scheduled to meet her in Gunnison at twelve for lunch and go to her office after that. The only thing we knew about the ranch and Uncle Joe, was that the ranch was called Bear Paw.

We met Kelly at the local restaurant there on time. She was a blonde woman about forty or so. She was tall like DE and KC, and athletic looking. Kelly looked to be incredibly tanned, making her very sexy. You could tell she was very outgoing and confident. You got the feeling that she was a very competent person as soon as you met her. I really liked her. She had known Uncle Joe personally. I gathered, as we talked, that she even knew him intimately. I was thinking how lucky Uncle Joe was, for she was probably twenty to thirty years younger than he.

At her office, she had the papers on her desk all ready for DE and KC to sign. DE was reading the last page where they sign the Deed of Trust, she pointed out there was a misspelling. In the legal description, there was all the section, range, etc, and at the very end it said AKA Bare Paw Ranch. “I believe there is a misspelling on the last page here, it says ‘B-A-R-E’ shouldn’t that be ‘B-E-A-R’?”

“You didn’t know that Joe’s ranch is a nudist retreat?”

DE was shaking her head from side to side. “I had no idea. KC, have you ever heard anything about it?”

KC was shaking her head as she replied. “No, this is news to me also. I did not know Uncle Joe even had a ranch. He always came to visit us in Kansas, I thought he lived in Gunnison and was an engineer there.”

“I thought the same. I know our parents borrowed money from him sometimes rather than from the bank. It was all done legally and paid back, as far as I know from some of the old records I have read over.” DE added.

“I’m sorry I did not tell you about the ranch before this. The ranch is now DE and KC’s and it is free and clear. You can do anything you want with it. However your uncle asked that you keep it for one year before selling it. It isn’t a condition of your inheritance though, so you can sell it or do anything with it. It is a guest ranch and has a list of clientele. It has all the working equipment of a regular ranch. It is six hundred and forty acres in a box canyon ten miles outside of Lake City in Hinsdale County. There are twenty-three horses, one hundred and forty-seven cows, and one goat living on the ranch that are currently yours. The last thing I must go over is the transfer of your late uncle’s bank account to you with a receipt showing that all taxes and fees including mine, have been taken out. After everything is done and handled there is a total balance in the bank checking and savings accounts of $2,786,903.39.”

“REALLY!” DE and KC both exclaimed. After DE and KC both gathered their composure back, Kelly continued settling Joe’s estate.

“There is a couple who live on the ranch and take care of it. Their names are Jack and Stacy Jones. Your uncle asks that you keep them on for one year. They live in the smaller house and your uncle’s things are still in the larger house. There is a separate facility called ‘The Lodge’ that has eight rooms, with a bathroom in each room where guests stay. I was planning on us all going there after this meeting so that you can see the ranch and stay in the Lodge. Jack and Stacy will be expecting us. I was hoping you would spend Saturday and Sunday on the ranch.”

“We don’t have to be naked, do we?” KC asked.

“No, you can keep your drawers on,” Kelly said with a laugh. “The ranch is only a nudist retreat from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. It is clothing optional the rest of the time.”

“One last thing, if you don’t want to go to the ranch and even see it. I will offer you the appraised value for it right now and write a check to you for the sum of $19,589,000. The only thing I ask is that you allow me one week before cashing the check.”

“You have that kind of money?” I asked with a look of shock on my face I am sure.

“I have a very wealthy father and a large trust account that I live on.”

“KC, I don’t know about you, but I would really like to see this place,” DE said.

“Me too, sis,” KC instantly interjected.

“Kelly, may I ask a personal question?” I asked.

“You want to know if I have been there when it is a nudist ranch,” Kelly said. “Normally, eskort bayan istanbul I would ignore your question, but it seems that I did not tell you all up front that it was a nudist retreat. I spent the summer there. I actually spent the summer with Joe. I have only known Joe for a year and a half. My girlfriend took me to the ranch the year before. I loved it there and I met Joe. I fell in love with him and we probably would have gotten married. I would have signed a prenuptial agreement if we had. I love the ranch and would love to see it kept like it is.”

“We had no idea you were that close to Joe,” DE replied.

“Joe’s death has been very hard on me. Your uncle’s death is being investigated. Joe did like to drink, and it was believed that he might have been drinking and crashed at the marina. The Sheriff told me that they have new information that another gal’s husband may have thought Joe was having an affair with her. There is no proof he was and I know he wasn’t because he was usually with me, but you need to know this.”

As Kelly was talking to DE and KC, I was having a daydream. Damn, I was wishing it was summer. I would love to see my wife walking around naked in front of others. I would love to see Kelly and KC naked also. I was sitting there thinking about that tan on Kelly. She has gorgeous skin, and I wondered what she looks like naked.

I moved to the restroom while the others were talking, hopefully not embarrassing myself with my erect cock. I relieved the problem there before returning to the meeting.

As I walked back into the office I heard Kelly. “If you have room, I would like to ride to the ranch with you. That way you won’t get lost, and I can bring my pickup back here.”

“We have plenty of room and you can be our tour guide as we travel to the ranch.”

“Kelly, where have you been staying?” DE wanted to know.

“I have been staying at Joe’s house. All my stuff is there. I will move it out next week if that is okay.”

“You will do no such thing. We will stay in the Lodge. I personally would love for you to stay at the ranch as long as you want. I hope to entice you into watching over the place. If we come to visit, we will let you know when and with enough time to have things organized. I doubt we will be there in the summer ever but KC might,” DE said with a wicked giggle.

We turned left and crossed a bridge. “Is that Blue Mesa Reservoir?” KC asked.

“Yes it is. Down Highway 50 about seven miles on the left is the marina. The marina is also only really open at the same as the ranch is, though they sometimes have a person there on weekends a couple of weeks before and after the holidays,” Kelly replied.

It was nice that she was with us. She knew the names of points of interest, usually the name of the owner of the property we were passing by. We went through Lake City and turned right about four miles south of it. The country was beautiful, reminding me a lot of Buffalo, Wyoming where Kim and I owned eighty acres. My father had purchased it when land was reasonable there and he liked to hunt there. It had a two-bedroom cabin on it.

After turning a few more times we came to a steel gate crossing the road. “Pull up to the box there beside the road. Enter the numbers 9981 on the key pad.” Kelly said as I pulled up to the gate box and keyed in the numbers she gave me.

I saw the gate slide back instantly letting us drive on through. I looked in my mirror and saw the gate close as we drove on up the road. The first house was on the right of the road after we went around a curve and was out of sight of the gate.

“This house is where Jack and Stacy live.” It was a nice log house with attached garage with a log barn across the driveway from it. This looked like a very nice location with a very peaceful setting. It looked like an area that Terry Redlin might paint.

We continued around two more curves and came into an clearing with a nice meadow and a large log barn. I noticed that there was a small lake, maybe four to six acres, off to the side of it. Behind the log barn which had nice corrals around it, was the large log lodge with decks all around it. I pulled down by the lodge into a small parking lot. Kelly had confirmed that this was the lodge. I wondered where Joe’s house was. Even though it was early fall in the mountains, it was beautiful with all the leaves changing colors from green to a golden hue and some orange. Colorado’s rugged mountains can be a very picturesque place in late September, one of the best times of year, as it truly is ‘Colorful Colorado’ and all the bugs are gone for the year. It can be freezing this time of year as well.

Two people came walking out towards us as we pulled to a stop. We all got out and moved up to the deck where Kelly introduced us to Jack and Stacy. I am sure they were really worried about what we were going to do with the ranch.

“Hi Jack and Stacy, I know you are worried about oral escort us new comers and how we will run the ranch. KC and I talked it over as we traveled to Colorado, then we met with Kelly and she told us of Uncle Joe’s wishes. We want to keep everything just the same for the next year if we can. We will give you the numbers to our cell phones and want you to call us with any problems. Kelly has told us how you both have taken care of this place and treat it like it was your own. Kelly has offered to buy it from us. After one year we will decide about this if that is your recommendation. With that said can we move inside and let’s talk about things?”

We moved into the large living room and on to a dining room with a large table in it. Everyone found seats at the table and DE continued to talk to Jack.

“I guess what I am trying to say, is that from what we understand, everything works well now my father used to say, if it works, don’t try and fix it. Now with that said, we do ask that you make us a list of things you need and ideas of where we can best get them. The last item we want to offer you is a fifteen percent raise because we know we are going to be adding more responsibility to you both, but let us know if we are expecting too much. If so let us know, and we will work with you. We need you and we want you to know we expect to compensate you accordingly. Does that seem reasonable?”

“I think that is very gracious of you. Joe let us keep our horses out in the corrals and barn with your horses. I hope that is still all right. We also have two women that help during the summer in the lodge, and another man and wife that help me with the cattle and horses and the guests. I hope we can keep them.”

“Not a problem, I think we can consider that as a perk with your job. Where do they all live, and what about the wages? We need to pay them enough so that they enjoy working here. You have to handle this for us ,and keep them happy. If you want to, you might also have some people you trust to be available in case someone has to leave or if we need more help.”

“The couple lives on the next ranch. It is like one hundred acres. They are in their late forties and are a nice-looking couple. The two women are sisters and have a small house they rent in Lake City. They are in their early thirties, they both are of Spanish descent, but we have copies of their citizenship.”

“I take it, that all of you work in the summertime naked on the ranch. Does that cause any problems, if so, how do we fix them?”

“We have not really had any problems. I probably ought to tell you that a lot of the guests come here so that they can work on a ranch when they have time off. They like working outside naked and this gives them a chance to follow their dreams without it costing them a fortune. That being said, sixty percent of our guests are women. Joe allowed single women to come here, but he required a single man to bring his partner. I think that is why we have more female guests than male. Kelly came the for first time two years ago with her girlfriend. Kelly stayed and her girlfriend still comes back. What about Joe’s house?”

“We understand that Kelly has been living there with Joe,” DE said. “Kelly will still live there and she is the only one reporting back to us other than you. I am sure you both know that she thinks you do a very good job with the ranch. I am still working on how we should compensate her and keep her around here”

I was watching Kelly as DE and Jack chatted. She was a very sexy woman. I also watched Stacy as the others talked. Stacy was a redhead about five feet eight with the prettiest green eyes you ever saw. God I hope DE decides to come back during the summer, there were a lot of prime women here that I would love to see unclad. Oh well, I would probably make a fool out of myself if we did. I mean, it would be rather embarrassing if I was naked and my dick was erect all the time

“Jack, you will be in charge of the help and have to decide what you pay them. I can have an accountant take care of writing the checks and keeping the paper work straight. From what I have seen of the ranch so far I am impressed with it. Now I understand there are guests and they pay to come here. What do we bring in during the summer and what costs do we have, just ballpark, nothing I’m holding you to?”

Jack had a scratch pad in front of him as he showed DE the approximate figures. “The guests staying at the ranch in the Lodge each pay two hundred dollars a day. We have some that are day campers, and they pay one hundred dollars a day. The eight rooms are usually full all summer with one or two people per room. There are like ninety-six days that we have guests, if you figure that times twelve people per night. Gross is $230,400 for guests staying over. We average having about twenty-five day campers a day. That is another $230,000. We then will have about twelve colts born and one hundred twenty calves. That brings in another $180,000. That makes about $650,000 we take in and about $300,000 goes to wages. The ranch probably spends another $300,000 on supplies and upkeep. Thus you will maybe see a profit of $50,000 per year. Not really very profitable for you, and the possibility to lose more is there.”

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