Barrack Room Betty – Chapter Ten


Chapter Ten – Sea Daddies and Sea MommiesSeaman Michael Nyland graduated from Recruit School in March 1974 and was immediately posted to HMS Raleigh to commence training as a Writer; a sailor specialising in pay, personnel matters and administration.He was glad to see the back of HMS Chelmsford; Spike and the three other Leading Recruits had passed out at the end of January and had posted off to other establishments to undertake their category courses. Jimmy Lovejoy, Jean Burgess and Billy Marron caught the train to Chelmsford every Friday to catch up with their ‘girlfriends’, Polly, Doris and Mary.Mike spent every weekend dressed as Michele, staying at the dodgy lodgings just down from Pink Pussycats where Michele became a regular. She never took the same bloke home twice and most nights she didn’t even bother to hook up. When she did, she made sure that the admirer knew it was a one night stand and not to expect a repeat performance. Michele’s experiences with Bill and Jason Jones had put her off long term relationships.Polly, Doris, and Mary also posted to HMS Raleigh to undertake their Officer Steward’s and Cook courses. Michele had drifted away from her protégés and they no longer needed her as they had learned all they could from her about crossdressing. Their boyfriends now visited them in Plymouth, which had a large underground gay and transgender scene with numerous bars and nightclubs.Michele noticed that quite a few of the logistic branch sailors were gay and suspected that a few might also be into crossdressing. A disturbing consequence of her on and off romance with Jason Jones was that she had been made aware of rumours going around that she and some of her shipmates had been, and may still be, Barrack Room Bettys. She suspected that Jason had leaked the rumour to get back at her.Whilst at HMS Raleigh Mike worked hard at his studies and only took Michele out of the closet when the urge became irresistible. Then she would find a cheap boarding house or hotel near a tranny friendly venue and find some punter to bring home to give her a thorough fucking and then immediately leave. She didn’t bother socialising with Polly, Doris or Mary.Mike graduated top of his class and his mom and dad came to the graduation parade and were glad to see that their son had given away ‘that silly crossdressing nonsense’.“See son, I told you the Navy would make a man out you,” Mike’s father lectured him over a pint at the wet canteen.“If only you knew dad,” Mike smiled back.Mike glanced down at his pint and noticed a tiny ring of nailpolish in the cuticle of one of his fingernails where he hadn’t quite got the nailpolish remover. He smiled to himself and then smiled at his dad.Mike’s dad was proud of him and also proud of his son’s forthcoming draft to the Navy’s Flagship.HMS Ark Royal was the biggest ship in the Navy with a complement of 2700 officers and sailors and 39 embarked aircraft. It was a rabbit warrant of steel passageways, compartments and galleries. When Mike drafted on board he was impressed with the vessel’s sheer size and the number of personnel on board. As a mere Able Seaman ‘scribe’ he felt quite insignificant amongst those who drove the ship, manned its weapons, operated the machinery and flew and maintained the aircraft.He worked in the Personnel Office down on four deck where he sat behind a desk handling files. The office was quite claustrophobic, with four painted steel bulkheads, rows of filing cabinets and three desks manned by Writers headed by the ‘Perso’ or Personnel Officer, CPO Rod Latham.When he was posting in another AB Writer, who had been detailed off to be Mike’s ‘sea daddy’ until he settled in, led Mike around the ship. Mike had to take his post-in chit to various offices and stations around the ship, he met his DO, a doddering old Lieutenant who was one of the ‘Pussers’, Supply Officers, on board.“This is officer’s country up here aft on two deck, you only ever come here if you’re ordered to ok?” Bob Bently, his sea daddy, explained.They went to the Naval Police or Joss-man’s office where a Petty Officer signed and stamped his post-in chit.“You’re not that Barrack Room Betty I’ve heard about are you?” the PO asked.Mike shook his head and looked away.“What’s that about?” Bob asked.“Just some bullshit story that some arsehole started,” Mike explained.They went to the Regulating Office where Bob explained how the watch and station bill worked.“See we’re day hands; we don’t keep watches like the stokers and dip-dabs. But we have collateral duties. See here, you’re Two Charlie PO’s messman for breakfast and dinner.”“What does that mean?” Mike asked.“Well there are a couple of PO’s messes because there are so many of them but you go to 2C PO’s café and serve breakfast and dinner to the Petty Officers. They get table service see.”“And after dinner my time’s my own?” Mike enquired.“Unless they do something stupid like calling action stations which they do sometimes during exercises. See here is your action station, the after damage control section base,” Bob pointed to the station bill.“You’ll get the hang of it, don’t worry,” Bob said.And Mike did, after being on board for three months he knew the ship pretty well and had adapted to the ship’s routines. Ark Royal was old, busy and noisy; aircraft took off and landed at all hours and there were endless pipes over the ship’s main broadcast. Being so large, she didn’t move around that much but in heavier sea states she tended to roll and Mike had a touch of mal de mer until he got his sea legs.What was frustrating was working in the office deep in the bowels of the ship. Whenever he could, Mike went up to the GDP Gun Direction Platform which was a deck high up on the island to watch the planes take off and land. Or he went up onto Ankara escort the three deck starboard after ladder bay where he could get fresh air and was one of the few places on the ‘uppers’ where junior rates could smoke on an aircraft carrier. The holy-stoned, oak planked quarterdeck was officers country so he couldn’t go there and the focsle was the senior rates upper deck recreation area but it was noisy during flying stations as the catapults were above it.Mike had seen Doc Holliday behind the servery of the main galley and he also caught up with Brian Perkins in the ladder bay one day while he was having a smoke.“So there’s three of us Betty’s on board,” Polly said, sitting on a bollard smoking.“Yeah, I saw Doc in the main galley. Are you two still, you know?” Mike asked, arching a brow.“Yeah back in Pompey,” sailor’s slang for Portsmouth.“We meet up with Jimmy and Billy when their ship is alongside. They’re both in HMS Leander and she usually escorts us; so you know, most of the time we’re in port at the same time.”“Mary’s in Blake so we don’t see her much.”“So you’re still all together then?” Mike asked.“Well yeah, but did you know that Spike’s on board?” Polly went on.“And worse. He’s in the Bosuns Party and guess who is I/C of the Bosuns Party?”Mike blanched.“Yeah, Petty Officer Knocker White,” Polly flicked his butt into the spitkid.Mike shuddered.“Well there’s over two over thousand officers and sailors on board the Ark so I’m not likely to run into them am I. And if so, so what?” Mike replied.“Be careful Michele, it’s a big ship and there’s lots of secrets on board and lots of compartments where things happen that don’t accord with Admiralty Regulations,” Polly whispered.Mike had heard that there were illegal activities happening in some of the Ark’s less frequented spaces. There was gambling on uckers and mah-jongg, mojo parties with illegal spirits, there were pornographic movie nights, there was talk that some of the homosexuals on board met for trysts and that some them offered fellatio to so-called straight sailors.Ark Royal was a floating city filled with testosterone infused young men with all sorts of needs and desires.“Don’t call me Michele. I’m Mike! Michele only comes out ashore,” he answered.“Besides who could get their girly gear into these fucking two by three foot lockers. I can hardly get all me kit in there as it is.”“Just be careful Michele, err Mike. Like I said it’s a big ship,” Polly turned and headed back towards the ladder leading down to wardroom where he worked.Mike put Polly’s counsel down to bitterness because Mike had stopped stepping with his old Betty gang and had become a loner. But still, Polly’s warning sent a chill down Mike’s back.He looked out at the calm seas; he watched HMS Leander and the other escorts dancing around screening the carrier while he smoked another cigarette.“Bollocks!” he said and went over to the hatch leading down to 3 deck, then down the next ladder to 4 deck and the personnel office.One other strange occurrence happened that day, whilst Mike was busy working on various files CPO Rod Latham walked behind him, stopped and massaged his neck.“I hear you were quite the Barrack Room Betty back at Chelmsford,” he whispered in Mike’s ear and then moved on as if nothing had happened.Four weeks later and nothing went terribly wrong for Mike.Ark Royal had sailed with her escorts for a two-week shakedown prior to deploying to the Med and then down into Asia. Everyone on board was excited about the forthcoming deployment but not looking forward to the workup required beforehand.There had been a few training sessions and drills leading into the more complex action stations exercises and one afternoon Mike was required to close up at the after damage control section base.“Ok we are going to practice responding to a damage control incident. The scenario is we have been hit aft and we need to make a damage assessment. So you lads pair up and rove the after compartments looking for damage and report in ok?” the Chief Stoker in charge of the section base explained.The DC teams paired up but there was an odd number. The Chief looked down at his clipboard.“Nyland, prove!” Mike raised his hand.“You get over here with me as the incident board marker, you take Nyland’s place,” he said to the spare hand.Mike was happy to be left in the section base drawing on the incident board, which was a big schematic of the whole after section of the ship laid out on it like a map in both plan and elevation.The exercise had been running for about twenty minutes when a sound powered telephone rang on the section base I/C desk. He picked it up and listened looking intently at AB Nyland.“And there’s ten quid in it for me, no questions asked?” he said into the phone.He listened for a beat then hung up.“Nyland, get over here,” the Chief growled.Mike went over to where the CPO was now standing pondering the incident board.“Ok I’ve had a report of battle damage in Six Quebec Delta Alpha. I need you to investigate,” the Chief said, his face red.Mike looked at the incident board and furrowed his brow.“But Chief, that’s a compartment, within two other compartments and is down on six deck below the waterline. Surely the DC rovers would have found an entry point above it. It says here the compartment is an old store and no longer used anyway so if it floods so what?” Mike had become quite adept at his job.The Chief clipped him around the ear.“Just do what you’re fucking well told will you! I don’t make up the stupid exercise scenarios, I just respond to them.”Mike knew that answering back would be fruitless so he grabbed his anti-flash gear and leak-stopping bag and headed off, closing and dogging all the doors and hatches behind him because the ship Balgat escort bayan was at Damage Control state Zulu. It took him a while to find Six Quebec Delta Alpha compartment because he had to pass through a maze of other compartments to get there.He tried to look through the small reinforced spyglass set into the door but the shield was down inside the compartment. He undogged the door to the compartment and stepped inside dogging the door behind him with all eight clips. The lights were off and he used his torch to find the light switch and flicked it up.What he saw nearly stopped his heart.“Fuck!” he gasped, hardly able to breathe.Along one bulkhead of the compartment was a long cupboard from deck to deckhead. It was broken down into sections like wardrobes. There was a mess table with four seats around it and an ashtray in the middle and a small refrigerator in one corner. Three pussers bunks had been lashed together in the middle of the room making one big bed. The bed was covered in counterpanes bearing the blue and white fouled anchor found on all navy issue bedding.But what was more perplexing was that one of the wardrobe doors had been left open displaying what was obviously a Wrens uniform. On one bulkhead was a small sink with a mirror above it, not the polished stainless steel found in the heads and bathrooms on board, but a proper glass mirror that had been illegally fitted. The sink was set into a makeshift bench that was currently full of cosmetics. On the bed lay a brunette wig, black satin panties and bra, and a pair of sheer stockings. A pair of black high-heels was poised under the bed.“Fuck this!” Mike yelped and tried to undog the door but someone had fastened the dogs down hard with a pry bar.Then he heard the ominous sound of the door locking. Being a former storeroom the door had a fitted lock like those fitted to the magazines, armoury, wine store, and other compartments containing important and valuable ship’s stores.“Fuck!” he cried and kicked at the door.He kicked it for a while but nothing happened; then he got the idea to open the shield and look out the spyglass.When he did he was horrified to see the eyes of AB gunner Spike Jason Jones looking in at him grinning.“Fuck you Spike!” he yelled but he knew he wouldn’t be heard through the heavy steel door.Then the sound powered phone rangMike snatched it off the bulkhead.“Chief! Chief! I’m in Six Quebec Delta Alpha and I need help!” he yelled into the phone.Then he heard laughter on the other end.“Hello Senior Wren Writer Michele Nyland,” Mike shuddered at Spike’s evil tone.“You know what to do don’t you Barrack Room Betty. So get started. If you don’t we are going to leave you down here, isolate the power, lighting and the air conditioning and leave you to rot. But not before I find Polly and Doris and throw them in there with you.”“Get cracking, you’ve got forty minutes to get ready!” the phone slammed down into its bracket at the other end.Mike searched vainly for any means of communication and found none other than the sound powered phone on the bulkhead, and that did not have a selector switch, it was hard wired to the phone outside.Mike had no choice. He shucked out of his number eights and sat at the sink and started putting on makeup.It was the strangest thing in the world, being at sea in a navy ship transforming from a sailor to a Wren.Michele had done this so many times that she did it without thinking. Applying foundation and powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. She rouged her cheeks and applied lipstick. She put on the wig, adjusted it and brushed it out. She sat on the bed and slipped into the suspender belt and slid the cool, sheer stockings up her legs and fastened them.Stepping into the panties she shivered at the luxurious feel of slinky satin sliding up her stockinged legs. She put on the brassiere, the cups pre-filled with foam to give them shape. She pulled on the white long-sleeved blouse, buttoned it and then stepped into the navy blue skirt. The familiar feel of the silk lining gliding up her legs sent shudders of pleasure through her. She hadn’t dressed for so long that she had forgotten how much she loved it.She fastened her skirt at her waist, tucked in the blouse and tied her tie. She buckled the black high heels and checked herself as best she could in the mirror. She sprayed herself with perfume and brushed her hair again.She would be lying to herself if she didn’t admit that she felt feminine, sexy, and aroused now that she was dressed. Her knickers were already wet at the front.“What the fuck! It’s not like I haven’t done this before,” she said resignedly.She sat on the bed and fumbled in her eights pockets and found her cigarettes and lighter and lit up, her legs crossed, swinging one foot lazily as she relished being dressed once again as a Wren. She patiently painted nailpolish on her fingernails.Five minutes later the door opened and Jason Jones stepped into the compartment.“Hello darling, long time no see,” Spike grinned, unbuttoning his shirt.“I know we didn’t part well Jason but I never thought it would come to this,” Michele’s voice had subconsciously taken on a falsetto.“Well let’s say we’re having a fuck for old time’s sake,” Spike grinned.He was naked, his erection poking out in front him strong and proud. He was lubricating it from a tube of KY jelly.Michele climbed onto the bed and got on all fours, wriggling her bottom seductively.“Well come on then let’s get it over with,” she whimpered.Spike climbed on the bed behind her and raised her skirt.Michele shivered with trepidation and lust. Yes lust, she hadn’t had sex for ages and now that she was dressed she was aroused.Spike pulled the gusset of panties aside exposing her tight bud; Escort Batıkent Michele reached around and took hold of his penis and guided it to her sphincter. Spike slid his glans into her and Michele pushed back, impaling herself on his hard cock.“Oh yes,” she moaned.“Oh god,” Spike groaned and gripped her hips and slowly began to fuck her.Michele rocked her hips and wriggled her buttocks, encouraging him.“You’re still my girl,” Jason moaned.“I’m not your girl; but you are still a great fuck,” Michele replied and ground her soft buttocks into his groin.Just then the door opened and in walked Petty Officer Knocker White.“I fucking might have guessed,” Michele sighed resignedly.When he walked over, dropped his trousers and offered Michele his cock she opened her mouth and sucked eagerly at the appendage. The obvious reason being to get him off as soon as possible but she admitted to herself that she quite liked the idea of being spit roastedKnocker was careful not make Michele choke or gag; he could feel her lips close around the shaft of his cock and her tongue flutter against his glans. So long as she capitulated, he didn’t want her to choke and try to spit him out. He humped Michele’s face slowly back and forth letting his climax slowly build.Michele’s movements were contributing to Jason’s pleasure as he enjoyed the feel of her soft satin-encased buttocks pushing back against him.Michele felt Jason withdraw, and then slowly thrust into her again; as he grasped the side panels of her panties and began to fuck her harder, his cock slamming in and out of her tight passage. Jason got into a steady rhythm pounding in and out of Michele’s back passage and she felt small waves of pleasure emitting from deep inside her anus. She felt her own cock thicken in the front of her satin panties.Jason pulled at the waistband on the sides of Michele’s knickers as he fucked her, thrusting back and forth against her, he was intentionally stimulating her, knowing from previous experience what excited his ex-girlfriend. Her panty crotch rubbed back and forth across her penis and Michele let out an animal groan from deep within her throat.Knocker watched his accomplice fuck the sexy Wren. He had pulled his cock form her mouth when he had felt the onset of his orgasm so could prolong his pleasure. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to contain himself much longer when he realised the bitch was not only letting his shipmate fuck her; she was enjoying it!He lifted Michele’s face to his erect penis and without any encouragement; she engulfed it in her mouth, her lips sucking at the shaft and her tongue feathering along the sensitive glans. He would be coming soon he realised; and he held Michele’s head by the ears and began to fuck her face.The sailors and sexy young Wren got into rhythm; their thrusts orchestrated with Jason pounding himself in and out of Michele’s soft sexy bottom and Knocker plunging his cock in and out Michele’s pretty face. Michele rocked on her hands and knees in time with their thrusts. She was enjoying it; and her own cock pulsed inside her panties as rings of pleasure travelled out from her anus.Michele felt her panties tear as Jason pulled her buttocks back hard against his groin; he pushed forward with all his might forcing every last inch of his cock deep inside her. Michele pushed back against him as she felt streams of hot semen fill her rectum. At the same time Knocker groaned and his cock pulsed in her mouth ejaculating a flood of jism that she swallowed as best she could.Some of Knocker’s spend dribbled past her lipsticked lips and ran down her chin and she could feel some Jason’s issue seep past her ravaged sphincter and run down her thighs and soak into her stockings. Michele’s own orgasm rocked her and she ejaculated; flooding her panties with hot semen.Michele moaned around Knocker’s phallus as it squirted the last of his load in her mouth; Jason and Knocker both gasped and groaned as they emptied themselves inside the transvestite Wren impaled between them. Jason could feel Michele’s anal muscles spasm and her sphincter contract, milking him of his seed; whilst Knocker felt her lips slither and slide up and down his shaft while her tongue slathered at his glans extracting every last drop of his spend.Eventually all three of them began to descend from the pinnacle of their orgasms. Knocker recovered first and pulled his cock out of Michele’s mouth and rubbed it over her face in a gesture of humiliation. A few droplets of sperm mixed with Michele’s makeup, her face now a mess of lipstick, rouge and mascara. A long gobbet of semen was drying on her cheek. The humiliating gesture was not lost on Michele but she still greedily lapped at the slowly deflating member.Knocker pulled himself away from Michele, stood up and began to pull up his trousers.Jason pulled his cock from Michele’s anus with an audible plop. Semen ran in a rivulet from Michele’s anus down her thigh and soaked in dark welt of her stocking. Jason wiped his cock on the remains of her ripped panties and then pushed Michele facedown on the bed.Michele lay on the bed panting, recovering from the throes of her orgasm but a little disgusted with herself still the same. She had not only capitulated to Spike and Knocker’s demands; she had reluctantly enjoyed it. She could justify to herself that she had no choice but submit to them; but deep down she had to admit that at a sub-conscience level that she had loved being ravaged. The evidence was right there in the gusset of her knickers!She got slowly to her knees when she heard the door open again. She looked up and was amazed to see Chief Writer Rod Latham step over the combing and enter the compartment. She made a calculated decision.“Chief! Chief! Oh thank god you’re here to save me!” Michele implored.Rod Latham stopped just inside the compartment and took in the spectacle before him; then he strode purposefully over to the bed.“So boys, have you loosened up this Barrack Room Betty for me?” he smiled as he opened his flies and took out his thickening cock.To Be Continued.

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