Barry and Diane, Encounter No. 03

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Slipping out of bed quietly I made my way across the room to the bathroom where we had six beers iced down in the sink. The opener made a satisfying “clink” as I opened one of the Coronas and slipped a lime wedge into the neck. Savoring the ice cold beer, I took a big pull from the bottle. I relaxed on the edge of the counter for a moment and watched you. I watched as you took deep, even breaths, your nipples firm under the cool breeze from the air conditioner unit. You look absolutely beautiful laying there, your hair splayed out on the pillow beneath your head, your naked body woven around the sheet, and your lovely leg canted forward where I had been laying under it just moments before. I take another pull on the bottle and feel my cock start to harden again. I can’t help it getting hard as I look at you. You stir a lust in me that had been long dormant, but not anymore.

I take my cock in my hand and stroke it a few times, enjoying the feeling of my hardon in my hand. Walking güvenilir bahis back over to the bed I sit down gently so as not to wake you. I brush your hair back from your eyes and marvel at how soft it is. Your eyes open and you look up at me and smile. Your smile melts my heart. I think to myself how lucky I am and how I would rather be right here, right now than any other place on earth. You sit up and I offer you a pull of the bottle. You take it from my hand and drink down a long swallow. Setting it on the nightstand you pull my head toward yours and kiss me, long, hard, and deep. I can taste the cold beer lingering in your mouth. My tongue dances with yours, first in your mouth and then in mine. Sparks shoot thru me every time you plunge your tongue into my mouth. My cock is hard and throbbing now, ready to part your lips again. I start to say something but you shush me, putting you finger across my lips.

“Hush baby,” you whisper, “I am going to make you feel as good as you türkçe bahis make me feel now.”

Diane gazed into my eyes for a moment and then put her arms around me and turned her head slightly, parting her lips and pulling my mouth against hers. Diane kissed me wetly, her tongue dancing about with mine. My cock jumped at the contact.

Pulling away from our kiss I wiggle myself below you, pulling you over onto your back. I take your ankles in my hands and rest them on my shoulders, allowing me to slide right up next to your pussy. Leaning forward, I position the head of my throbbing cock on your slit. Inching forward, I press the head of my dick into you, slowly, making sure you feel every vein and every rib that comprises my lust for you. I push deeper and deeper into you until I feel my balls touch your lips. I am encased in you; my aching cock nestled comfortably in your pussy. I feel your muscles contract around my dick, griping me, trying to pull me in deeper. Slowly I pull güvenilir bahis siteleri out from you, inch by inch until I have nearly left your folds. Then I push back in a little more firmly and a little faster this time, setting up a rhythm.

I make love to you in long, even strokes, my balls slapping at your ass at the bottom of each. I watch as you gasp with each stroke, you mouth open and closed as you feel your orgasm start to build. I hold out until I feel you start to contract around me. As your orgasm washes over you I feel your pussy grab me as I try and pull out, increasing my pleasure until I can’t stand it anymore and I shoot my hot sperm deep into you. I cry out as with each thrust now I shoot another load of hot cum into your pussy. When I can’t take anymore I collapse on top of you, enjoying the feeling of your legs wrapping around me, holding me tight against you. I kiss your ear and nibble at you lobe as I try and catch my breath. I feel your heart racing against my chest as I allow my spent cock to slowly slip out of you. Propping myself up on my elbows I look into your eyes and kiss you, deep, long, and wet. “I love you Diane,” I whisper as I slide down next to you, pulling your body tight against mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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