Bathroom Buddies

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I’m a research assistant for a big company. I work long hours, and some times, long nights in the public library. On this one night, the place was pretty quiet. There were just a few people scattered here and there. I’d spent the better part of the evening looking up documents and taking notes. It was around 9:30 and I decided that I’d done enough work for one day. I was going to go to the bathroom, put my stuff away, and hit the subway home. I got up from my chair and headed to bathroom unzipping my pants one the way. I so was preoccupied with the thought of the train being on schedule, that I didn’t bother to knock on the door. I just pushed it open, and barged in.

Damn! The first thing I saw, was this beautiful blonde, with long tan legs, that looked as smooth as melted butter. I took me a minute or two to notice the dark haired man that was positioned between her legs, rubbing his large hands up and down her thighs, but she was indeed the first thing I noted.

They both looked at me as if nothing were wrong or out of place. The blonde smiled, reaching over, and grabbing me by the collar of my shirt, and kissed me. The man smiled, and pulled the blonde’s shirt up over her head, tossing it on the counter where she sat spread-eagled.

“My wife is beautiful, no?” he said in a thick Italian voice.

I stood silent afraid to move or answer his question. He lowered his face to her neck and began to kiss her, while his hands cupped the beautiful melon sized tits that were now bare and free.

She released the hold on my shirt and placed her hands in her husband’s thick hair. I managed to step back toward the door. Intending to make my leave, even though my dick was rock hard.

“Don’t leave! poker oyna Stay. Enjoy,” he said, standing straight, and placing his hands on her outer thighs.

His right hand dipped beneath the little skirt she was wearing and disappeared. By the soft moans, and the gyrating of her hips, I knew his fingers were buried in her hole. He used his left hand to push the tiny skirt up farther on her hips, giving me a full view of her beautiful golden pussy as his fingers reappeared and disappeared again inside of her.

The urge to piss went away and my cock got harder, and it throbbed in my pants. I no longer had any thought about the train or my things or that the library was going to close soon. My cock was bouncing up and down, trapped by the thickness of my jeans, and the decreasing space in them. I pushed my hand down hard on my shaft and held it there for a moment or two, not believing what I was seeing, and praying that my cock didn’t blow its load into my pants.

The husband withdrew his fingers from her honey pot and placed them at her lips. She sucked his fingers into her mouth, moving her tongue through each finger, gliding her tongue against the web of each of his fingers.

His other hand shot out and he grabbed me this time, and placed me where he had been standing between his wife’s legs. Her gold covered pussy was wet and pink with excitement. She pulled me closer to her and kissed me hard, allowing me to taste her juices from her husband’s fingers with my tongue.

His hand touched my shoulder roughly, pushing me lower to the floor. My cock strained to be free and touched by this beautiful woman. Now, I was face-to-face with her pussy, and I could smell her delicious scent. I looked back at her canlı poker oyna husband who was standing directly behind me. He nodded his head and he motioned with his hand toward her pussy.

“Eat my friend, be full,” he said with a shit eating grin on his face.

I looked back at the wonderful feast in front of my eyes and decided to go for it. I rested my arms on her thighs and spread her delicious pussy lips apart with my fingers and began to eat her.

I felt something heavy and large on by back between my stretched shoulder blades. I didn’t need to look back to know what it was. I looked up at the woman to see her husband’s big hands squeezing her melons from behind me. I felt the hard roughness of his cock through the thin material of his slacks as he thrust his hard cock up and down on the back of my neck.

She moaned loudly and came on my tongue and lips. Her clit bounced, and contracted, tightening and releasing as I licked at the juices that flowed from her honey hole. I licked off all her excuse juices and crawled out of the way when I heard her husband unzip his pants. He motioned me to stay close by, placing my hands on his wife’s tits. I watched as his thick cock, that must have been 10 inches long and 4 in circumference bobbed out of his pants.

He pushed his thick club up into her tiny hole, and I watched it disappear and reappear time and time again, as I prayed that I wouldn’t loose my load just yet. My heart was begging for a split second to be in his place, but her moans of pleasure were more than I could take.

The movement of his body with hers was like a theatrical dance. I pressed a hand hard to my aching cock, afraid to take it out for fear he would think I was being internet casino perverted in front of his wife, and that he’d decide to beat me up and leave me for dead there in the library bathroom where the janitor would later find my mangled body.

I rubbed my hand over my cock through my jeans, praying that they would finish or let me go, so that I could go somewhere and beat out all the excitement that was built up in my pants. I wanted my cock buried inside of her slit, the way his was. I wanted to bend her over, and stuff my cock into her little bitty hole.

Those thoughts were my undoing. I knew it was coming, and I couldn’t do a damn thing about it, but let it happen. I made a deep low groan, making both their heads turn my way, as my cum pumped out of my cock, and down the leg of my pants. They smiled at me, knowing what I had done, from the look on their faces. The husband pulled out his big Italian sausage, and pumped his load onto his wife’s gold patch. It was too late for me to do anything about my situation, so I pressed my hand around my jean covered cock, and jerked the remaining cum out of my cock.

Feeling it run down my leg added another level of pleasure to the whole scenario. The husband jerked the last few drops of cum from his cock and tucked it back in his pants, as his wife climbed down from the counter, and stepped into the stall to clean up.

He put his arm around my shoulder and laughed.

“She loves to play game,” he said, as he showed me to the door.

My cum was drying on leg and I could feel it ripping the hairs as I walked back to the table. I gathered my things, and headed for the subway, throwing a quick glance behind my shoulder.

By the time I got home, all the cum was dry, and my leg was crusted with thick white lines of dried cum. I stripped off my clothes and examined the stains on the inside leg of my jeans. I laughed to myself and thought that it had been the best night of research I’d ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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