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You’ve had a hard day at work, and you’re looking forward to just getting home and relaxing. You walk in the door and find a double row of lit candles on the hardwood floor, leading in a trail towards the back of the house. Wondering what’s going on, you look a little closer and see a note lying right at the start. My handwriting, short and simple – there’s a bath already drawn for you, just go in and relax.

You walk slowly to the bathroom, stripping as you go. The soft light and faint hint of incense in the air already helping you to relax. You reach the bathroom to find it lit with even more candles; a golden glow filling the steamy air. Our large tub is full of water glistening with bath-oil, and a glass of wine sitting beside your favorite spot. You smile to yourself at my preparations as you ease yourself into the hot bath.

A few sips of wine and some quiet music later, you find yourself leaning back with your eyes closed, perfectly relaxed and enjoying the end of the day. You hear my quietly enter behind you, soft movements as I kneel behind you. I whisper to you, telling you to keep your eyes closed and just enjoy yourself. At this I start to slowly massage your shoulders and neck, my firm hands easing away the last of the day’s tensions as I rub more of the bath oil into your skin. I can see your smile as you settle back a little more, your head resting on the side of the tub as my fingers continue to work.

Several minutes later I gently gather your hair into my hands, leaning your head forward just enough to wet it all down. I then take a bit of your favorite shampoo into my hands, working it into a lather as I slowly and softly wash your hair. The sweet smell in the air as I massage your scalp all the way to the tips of your hair. I can feel you relaxing even more poker oyna as you enjoy the attention. Finally, I take the nozzle from the side and slowly rinse your hair clean.

I whisper to you again, telling you just to keep quiet and I’ll keep doing all the work. You then hear me ease my way into the tub. You keep your eyes closed and listen to the sounds of me moving about slowly, then you jump slightly as you feel the rough surface of a sponge touching the shoulders I was so recently rubbing. I let you relax even more as I slowly wash you, cleaning your skin softly with the sponge as the hot water runs across your lovely body. Your constant smile and occasional soft moans let me know I’m spoiling you the right way.

Then I lift you lightly to the edge of the tub, leaning you back onto some conveniently placed towels and a large pillow, with your legs still down in the warm water. Your body steams in the slightly cooler air as you raise your head to look at me questioningly. I just smile and tell you I’m still working, and to keep resting. You lean back with your eyes half-closed as you watch me; pulling a warm washcloth from the tub and a small shaving brush and cup. You smile as you realize what I have planned now.

I start with your legs, letting you stretch back and get comfortable as I use the brush to spread the warm foam along their wonderful tanned length. Then slowly, carefully shaving them for you,; the touch of the razor and my hands gentle as I work my way down, rinsing as I go. Once they’re nice and smooth I take another moment to softly rub oil into the skin, massaging the muscles of your calves and thighs the way I did your shoulders and back.

Then I ease you a little closer, your lower legs back in the water as I spread them just a little. You feel canlı poker oyna the warm brush higher now, tickling slightly as I slowly and carefully spread the foam around your crotch. You moan slightly at the touch – all this attention has you relaxed and feeling so well, and you know what’s coming next. I make sure you’re well covered with the soap before I start shaving again. Taking my time, being very gentle with the razor as I expose all the wonderful, smooth silky skin around your pussy. You can feel my breath and see the concentration in my eyes as I lean close, making sure I get every bit. The touch of my fingers as I adjust your lips, making sure I don’t nick you. All the attention down there is getting you even hotter – I can already see the hint of your juices as I finish. Finally I’m finished shaving you, the bare smooth pussy as lovely as always as I gently rinse it clean with the sponge, the rough surface teasing you even more.

But I’m not done spoiling you for the night my sweet. Now I lean forward, my breath closer to you as your legs move apart further to let me in. My tongue reaches out as I hear your soft moan of “yes…”, brushing lightly along the already-swollen lips as I lick up and down. Mmmmmm, I always love your taste, and love knowing that I can get you this way. I move a little closer, exploring all along the outer edges as I softly kiss and lick the skin I’ve just shaven. I can already feel your hips moving slightly, wanting more.

Then I move a little lower, my tongue out straight at the base of your slit as I start to run it, ever so slowly, along the slit straight up the middle, just inside. Teasing you so well as I can taste and feel you getting hotter. Moving higher, until your already-firm clit is right beneath the tip, then softly, lightly internet casino flicking it back and forth, over and over as I hear you gasp again. A little firmer, a little deeper the next time. Long strokes as I feel your passion rising, my tongue moving all along as you get wetter.

My head closer now, my lips taking your own into my mouth as I suck gently, nibbling slightly with covered teeth as my tongue still teases your clit. My mouth covering your pussy as I enjoy the feeling of pleasing you, feeling you react as I lick, suck and touch each special place I know so well. Your hands reaching down to grasp my hair, helping to pull my head close as you grind your crotch into my hungry mouth.

Now a finger, sliding just inside you; I feel your hole grasping at me as I tease and tickle that sweet spot just a little ways inside. At the same time my tongue and lips working a little faster and harder, knowing by your moans how hot you are now. Sucking. Nibbling. Teasing. Drinking you in like a man possessed as I work over your clit and your swollen, hungry lips.

Two fingers now, working just right, pumping and rubbing as you moan louder. My tongue back and forth, over and over. My mouth sucking in and out. Your juices and my saliva mixing as I draw you in. Faster. Harder. Knowing how close you are, your own hands rubbing your breasts as your climax approaches.

Finally, at last, you’re there. Cumming wonderfully, the feeling so good as my mouth keeps working at you. Still teasing inside and out of my favorite pussy as I feel your whole body shake, hear you gasp, and your thighs clench so wonderfully about my head. I love making you cum this way, knowing how much pleasure I’ve given you.

I keep my mouth working as I feel you start to come down, my own movements easing with yours. I hear you moan once more, contentedly, as you slide into the tub again. I softly kiss you as I lean your head back on the pillow; and tell you to enjoy the rest of your bath, enjoying the smile on your face as I steal from the room…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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