BBC takes advantage of couple in Vegas!


BBC takes advantage of couple in Vegas!This story happened to me (us) at the end of June in Las Vegas. I am nervous and a little on edge. I was told by a friend to write it out and submit it to this site and another one like it. He feels that others on this site may have gone through something similar and would be able to give advice and feedback over what to do about all of the surreal events. My name is Mitch and my wife’s name is Megan. We are from Ohio and have been married for 5 years . We have 2 boys ages 4 and 2 and our currently working on a 3rd c***d.. We are high school sweethearts. We went to college together and were married a year after both of us getting degrees. Megan is beautiful. She is 27 years old. She is a 5’8 blonde with a beautiful smile and personality. My buddies all say she is the spitting image of Sara Walsh (The ESPN sportscaster). I am not a bad looking guy. I am 28, blonde, husky but not fat, blue eyes. We just went to Las Vegas last weekend to celebrate our 5th anniversary and that is where the incident happened. We left the k**s with my parents and decided to re-energize our marriage by cutting loose in Vegas. We stayed at a strip resort and were having a great time Tuesday through Thursday gambling. We saw the show Absinthe. We drank daily and made love nightly. We lived dangerously (for us), Smoking Marijuana for the first time since it is legal there. It was all kind of invigorating cutting loose in Vegas. We also spent every day laying out at the pool where we met a couple named Rob and Judy. They were another white couple from the Midwest. They were 10 years older than us but really outgoing and a lot of fun. We went to dinner with them on Thursday night and developed a friendship. On Friday at the pool, Rob confided in me that he and his wife were swingers and asked if Megan and I would be interested. I quickly responded no way. Megan is very conservative and outside of a blow job she gave to a guy before she met me when she was 14, she has never been with anyone but me. I am the same way, totally faithful, and we would never do this. Rob was totally understanding and apologized and for me all was forgiven. I was however curious about what swingers did and how his wife and he stayed together while being with others. He was very forthcoming in describing their lifestyle and what they did. The more he described the more I was intrigued by how different they were from me and Megan. I still knew that it was not for us and decided not to say anything to Megan about my conversation with Rob. We went to dinner with them again that night. To my surprise, Judy brought it up jokingly. She told Megan what Rob had asked me and laughed at how quickly I shot him down. Megan’s seemed confused and asked “What is swinging?” When Judy described it she laughed and said she was in Vegas to cut loose but no way in hell would either of us be with someone else. I agreed and so did Rob and Judy and it actually became a relaxed topic of curious conversation. As the night went on, Rob mentioned that a very large Swing club was in Vegas and that they were going Saturday night. He mentioned that lots of couples go and watch without swinging. He mentioned that there were private as well as public places where people had sex. He said you can watch others without participating and it would be very laid back if we wanted to go. We said we would let them know but probably would pass. On Saturday at the pool Megan and I discussed it. We agreed that we were their to live a little so both of us came to the conclusion that it might be fun to see what this place was like. Our concern was that Rob and Judy would interpret our acceptance of their invitation as we might still be open to swinging, so when they came down to the pool we explained clearly that we were not and accepted their invite. They were totally cool and said they understood and no pressure so we agreed. That night we started out with a little roulette and drinks having fun before we headed out to the club. We were a little nervous going in. There were other clubs and a gay bar in the same complex. We actually drank shots at the gay bar (The swing trabzon escort club did not serve alcohol) before going next door to the swing club. I was a little irritated when we got there because Rob failed to tell me that it cost $70 to get in, but we were already there so I had to pay it. Once inside we realized the place was huge. It was 1:30 a.m. So I figured it would be kind of deserted but I was wrong. There were a lot of people there. What shocked me more was the number of single guys. I was expecting couples only. Rob failed to mention the single guy part. The club was 2 stories with a ton of rooms. There was an area downstairs that was couples only. The four of us just walked from room to room watching others have sex. I have to admit. Megan and I were amazed at how out in the open it was. I asked her if she was OK and she said “I am OK, it is kind of fun to watch but no way in hell we were sleeping with other people.” I joked and said once she had a taste of me she could never do better. We were starting to relax and enjoy the show when I noticed 2 things. A couple of black guys were following us from room to room. I figured out they were interested in Megan and it kind of bugged me, but they kept reasonable distance so it was okay. I soon put it out of my mind because here were a lot of people having sex and I was getting horny watching all this. I asked Megan if we went to the private couples area, would she be willing to do it if we were alone. She said it might be fun but she was very nervous. I suggested we go back to the gay bar and have a couple more shots of liquid courage then see how we felt. She agreed so we told Rob and Judy what we were thinking and headed back out. On our way to the bar, Rob said that he had something better than shots if we wanted to try it and handed me 2 pills. I told him “I don’t know” we were not d**g people and very seldomly drank. He assured me it would not only relax us but enhance the experience. We were hesitant but had enjoyed smoking Marijuana a few nights earlier so we agreed and took the pills. We did not feel anything at first but Rob said give it a few minutes and we should not drink anymore. Megan insisted on another double shot to get in the mood. So I told her to go for it but I decided not to. We paid for the shots and the four of us headed back to the club. As we entered I started feeling really good, really relaxed, really happy. I began noticing how hot Megan looked in her denim skirt and high heels. I was so lucky and I wanted to make love to her. I was ready to goto the couples area but Rob and Judy said they wanted to have sex with each other upstairs in the area open for others to watch. I asked Megan what she wanted to do. That is when I noticed how messed up she was. Her eyes were glazed over and she was just staring back at me with no response. So I took her by the hand and we followed Rob and Judy upstairs to watch them. That was when I noticed the one of the black men from earlier was following us again. He was kind of ugly in my opinion. He had a weird smile on his face, His teeth were a little crooked. He had a slight pot belly. He also had graying hair and his afro was not well kept. I highly doubt he had much success with women and he gave me the creeps to be honest. I gave him a stern look of disgust and disapproval that clearly pissed him off as we made negative eye contact. When we got upstairs I positioned myself between him and Megan to send him a message to back up a little. We continued to follow Rob and Judy to a room that had 2 couples having sex in it. It was very Dark but had a caged off room inside of it with a bed and neon light. The couples were having sex on that bed and we stood outside the cage and watched them. Several single guys were standing in the room with their cocks out jerking off while watching. Rob began feeling Judy up next to us. I began looking at them and lost track of my surroundings for a second. When I returned focus to Megan and the situation I noticed the same Black guy who was following us up the stairs was stroking Megan’s hair as he stood on her side stroking his cock. She was oblivious escort trabzon to it all. So I pulled her close to me so he would not have access. I kissed and caressed her to send him the message that she was mine, but he continued to just stand there and stroke himself seemingly more turned on. Megan was also turned on by my touch but was so out of it from the pill she took that she just moaned and did not reciprocate my touch. Rob and Judy began to leave the room and went across the hall to a room that had six mini rooms in it for sex. Each of the rooms had a chain to allow people to watch but not enter. Rob said that he and Judy were going to go into one and we should too. Before I could respond Judy said clearly it was not to swing but for us to watch them. I was turned on so I agreed and in we went. Once inside, they laid some towels on the bed and began making out. There was a little bench next to the bed so I sat Megan down and we watched them. Right outside the chain was the black guy again stroking himself. He kept making soft noises and saying yeezzz. It was a deep accent so I could tell he was not from America. Watching Rob and Judy had me hot so I began taking liberties with Megan. She moaned and never tried to stop me so I began fingering her under her skirt. I guess it was all so erotic I kind of lost my senses and decided to fuck her. So I stood her up, took her to the next room over, up and bent her over the edge of the bed. So that my back and ass would block the black guy and others outside of the room from seeing her. They only had a view of my ass as I began to make love to her from behind. I think I put up the chain behind us but I don’t for sure remember. I made love to her for a few minutes as she just stayed bent over moaning. It was incredible but I became lightheaded from the d**g or something so I stopped to catch my breath. I sat down on a bench next to the bed looked down at the floor and took a breather. When I looked up I was stunned. The pot belly ugly black guy had stepped inside the chain and had his dick clad in a condom. He was behind Megan stroking the condom covered cock and looked right at me. It was all slow motion. I was still dizzy. I started to stand up when he said “It teez ok?” pointing at her pussy. I thought about saying no but just froze, before I knew it he was lined up and in. He began going in and out. I noticed how wet she was and that she was not stopping him. But then I realized she was so messed up she either thought it was me or a dream or something. She should have known it wasn’t me. His cock was similar in length to mine but much thicker and it had an upward curve. I was thinking in the back of my mind to stop things but I just watched in amazement. He was enjoying it so much. I was still dizzy so I leaned on the bed by Megan to steady myself then I noticed something. She was out of it but in ecstasy at the same time. He was still sliding in and out and she was moaning. I can’t explain it but I sat there and did nothing. I was a little jealous yet hypnotized and dizzy by it all. I sat surprised and frozen watching him take long deep strikes in and out when suddenly he pulled out and removed the condom. He looked at me and asked it again “It teez ok?” I just sat there frozen again. He just smiled and said “It teez okay.” nodding his head at me. No longer asking but stating his intention. He slipped inside her bare. I have no idea why I did nothing but sit there. Megan was moaning louder than before now and I could hear her cumming. I knew that moan and body quiver so well. But there was something more intense about this moan and I could tell she was cumming in a much longer more pronounced and intense way. I was mesmerized and couldn’t move. He plunged in and out over and over saying “ahhhhh yeeezzzz”. He then rolled her on her back and adjusted their bodies where his ass and balls were directly in front of me, I was amazed how huge this guy’s nutsack was. It was almost grotesque, kind of like a horses. His left nut hung lower than his right and they were soaked with Megan’s juices. I mumled in a low voice stop. I don’t think he heard me. trabzon escort bayan He slowly reinserted his veiny, bare, charcoal colored cock deep into her and now began kissing her deeply. I move a litttle to the right and I was shocked to see that she began kissing him back and palming his ass cheeks pulling him in. About then I noticed Rob had come in and sat next to me. He had been asking me was I okay with this. I never answered him. I just sat and watched in awe. He then told the guy he should stop. By that point in time the guy was pounding away and deep tongue kissing Megan. He looked over briefly at Rob, smiled, then looked back at Megan and began kissing her again and increasing his pace. I mumbled in a low voice asking him to stop kissing her. He continued and she in her lost haze returned his kiss vigorusly. His thrusts became longer and more irregular. I sensed he might be getting ready to cum. I looked at Rob who sensed it too. Rob must have also sensed my fear because he tapped the guys back and suggested more sternly that he stop. As he was doing that I caught a full view of Megan’s face. Her eyes appeared tu be slightly open and looking down at him inside of her open. My glimpse was so quick I could not tell for sure. The guy ignored Rob’s request to stop and began thrusting deper and more erratically with each thrust he’d repeat “Teez OK, Teez OK, Teez OK, Teez OK, Teez OK” like it was a chamt, a mantra or some kind of drumbeat. He kept repeating it with each thrust for over a minute until he buried himself as deep as deep as he could and began moaning out loud “ahh yezzz beetch” as he went back to Megan’s face locking lips with her as he convulsed slowly coming to a stop. They just laid there and he and Megan french kissed deeply for about a minute as she made moaning noises. Rob put his hand on the guys shoulder again and the guy stopped kissing Megan and slowly let his cock plop out of her pussy. He then pulled up his pants making eye contact with me smiling as he zipped them up. He turned and walked out with Rob following after him. Megan remained legs open spread out. I got close to her pussy to see if the guy had cum. The odor was strong and a huge, thick, yellowish white glob began to ooze out of her pussy and down her ass crack. There was so much and it was like banana pudding as opposed to my cum which is more runny and looks like skim milk. I woke out of my hypnotized daze at that point. What had I let happen? Adrenaline kicked in. I pulled up my pants. I helped her to her feet picked up her panties. I helped her dress and then led her outside. There was a man sitting at a desk in front of the club outside. He could tell I was upset. He asked if we were okay. I said I just need a cab. He blinked a flash light and 5 seconds later a cab pulled up. We sat in the back and Megan cuddled with me moaning but half out of it with a look of content on her face. We got back to the hotel, stumbled to our room and passed out. The next day when we woke up, she had no recollection of what happened other than going out to the club and getting high. She asked me what happened and I told her I was super foggy on it all too. She was concerned we had sex with Rob and Judy and that I was not telling her all that happened. I swore to her that we did not have sex with Rob and Judy (which is the truth)but I left out the other things that happened. I went to Rob and Judy’s room on Sunday and asked him what happened with the guy and what I should do. He said the guy left in an older black car and would not answer any of Rob’s questions. He said he had no idea who he was. I figured that was that and I’d never see him again. I was to blame and there was nothing I could do about this guy at this point. Rob then suggested that I submit the story to this site and another site. He said someone who read erotica may have experienced the same and could give me advice. I didn’t want to do that, but I feel like I can’t trust anyone I know with the truth and I am too afraid to tell Megan the truth. So I am writing this. I am sick to my stomach. My greatest concern is that she could be pregnant. I made love to her Tuesday through Friday of that week but some random foreign black guy took her on Saturday and I did nothing. What if she is pregnant? It was almost 2 weeks ago and her period should start next Monday at the latest by her clock. What do I do?

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