Be Careful What You Hope For Ch. 06

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A month had passed since my first encounter with Bob and I couldn’t get my mind off of him. After an amazing night of sex in his house, we adjourned to his dock on a creek behind his house to enjoy some champagne. We celebrated me, as he put it. I certainly was up for that. I had just had the best few hours of my life. We slugged down a couple bottles of bubbly and talked a lot. We didn’t know much about each other before the night began but seemed to immediately bond. I really didn’t want the night to end but I knew it had to. We walked back up to his house and I gathered my things. I thanked him again for treating me to such a wonderful evening. And then I left. The entire drive home was full of thoughts of delight, amazement, and extended curiosity. I couldn’t help but wonder how much further we could go. If it was that amazing for our “awkward first time”, how amazing could it get if we got more and more comfortable with each other. I could only hope that I’d have the opportunity to find out.

Bob had mentioned that he was about to do some traveling for the next couple weeks and that he’d be hard to reach. I had a busy stretch ahead of me at my job and we just settled on touching base in a few weeks. I told him I’d leave it up to him to call me when he was back home. Boy did time seem to creep by. Work kept me pretty busy and all but I was full of anticipation for the next time I’d see him. The crazy thing is, I wasn’t at all interested in him romantically. But, I was in love with his cock and the way that he used it. He was a friggin’ maestro in the sack. He knew just what to do and just when to do it. And I couldn’t wait to ride that roller coaster again.

Finally, the day came that my phone rang and it was him. I answered eagerly only to find out that he was not back home yet. His trip had taken a detour, something about a great deal on an ad-on itinerary. He asked what I was doing that weekend and as I had nothing going on in hopes of being with him, he invited me to come meet him. He just said to pack a light bag and head to the airport and a ticket would be waiting for me. I couldn’t believe it. I asked him where he was and he said it was a surprise and I’d find out at the airport. The next 36 hours until I had to be at the airport drug by. But, I did do my best to tidy up my body and tried to refrain from jerking off too much in anticipation.

Friday afternoon came, and as work ended I hopped in the car and headed to the airport. I went to the ticket counter as instructed illegal bahis and learned that I was flying to the Bahamas. HOW CRAZY! I had never been there before. It was a quick flight of two and a half hours. I walked off the plane to find a person holding a sign with my name on it. I went up to him and he said that he’d be taking me to my final destination. I was completely blown away… this seemed straight out of a movie or something. But for some reason, I never felt nervous. I just went along with it.

The car ride was 15-20 minutes through non-touristy Bahama. We ended up in what seemed like a residential neighborhood. It was nearly dark so it was hard to tell where I was going. But finally the car pulled into a driveway of a rather large house. The driver grabbed my bag and led me to the door. Bob opened the door as we approached and he looked so happy that I was there. He gave me a big hug and welcomed me to his “home away from home.”

I couldn’t help but just blurt out, “who the fuck are you?”, when I started to look around his home in the Bahamas. He just laughed and said that he’d been fortunate in some of the business decisions that he’d made in his life.

“No kidding. This place is amazing.” I said. It was obvious that I was standing in a man’s home. There were no signs of a female presence there whatsoever. And, I don’t mean that in a messy, bachelor kind of way. The place was very neat, simple, and classy.

“What can I get you to drink?” Bob asked.

“I’d love a Cuba Libre.” I said just testing his drink knowledge.

“Coming right up… and help your self to the box on the coffee table.” he said as he headed into what I guessed was the kitchen.

I sat down on a very beautiful leather couch and took a deep breath of island air. The windows were open and I could hear the ocean gently crashing nearby. I reached over and opened a very cool hand made wood box. To my delight it hosted a small pipe and a few small bags of amazing looking bud. I examined them and chose the one I thought would be cool to try. I lit up a small hit not knowing the potency of this weed and inhaled not only the smoke from the pipe but a familiar breath of anticipation. Bob came back into the room with a perfectly mad rum and coke with a wedge of lime and sat down next to me.

“I hope this isn’t too stiff.” Bob said.

“Is there such a thing?” I said gently moving my hand to his crotch.

Bob laughed. “I was a bit nervous about inviting you here. We really illegal bahis siteleri don’t know each other all that well. Our only time together was one night a month ago. But that was such a special night that I wanted to thank you with a weekend away.”

“I’m amazed to be here.” I said. “I’ve loved thinking about our night together and about being with you again. You really blew me away. I didn’t know sensations like that were possible.”

“I’m so glad that you had a good time. I really don’t consider myself that kind of a sexual master. I just really care for the men that I’m with and treat them with the attention that I hope to receive.”

Bob then continued to talk nervously. I wasn’t really sure why he was nervous. It seemed kind of a first date kind of nervous but I decided to calm his nerves right away. I moved right through his rambling to the floor between his knees. I reached up and unbuttoned his shorts and he slowly unfinished whatever sentence he was in the middle of. I pulled out his cock which was just a smidgen more firm than flaccid. I admired it once again and took a moment to relish in Bob’s presence.

I gently stroked his cock with one hand while I packed him a bowl of that righteous weed with the other. I handed him the bowl and a lighter and said, “Just sit back and enjoy sir. I’ve been waiting for this moment for too long.”

I then tugged on his shorts and he raised his butt a little so I could get them off. He took a pull off the bowl and laid his head back into the couch. I slowly stroked his cock with my right hand while gently rubbing his belly and chest with my left. I leaned my mouth in and began to lick his balls… just massaging them around and over. His moans were as if he’d been waiting for this too. I snuck my tongue under his sack and reached for his taint. He squirmed a bit in joy.

Over the many days prior, I had wondered what it would be like to taste his pucker again. I was weary of the obvious concerns to a un-experienced person. I kind of did that test sniff… like you’d do to a chick before licking her snatch. I honestly was surprised at how clean he smelled. I figured that there was no time like the present to explore this new skill. So I wriggled my tongue slow down his taint… painfully slow. So slow that I could feel his wonderment at if I was going to do it or not. Finally, I answered his question. I gently grazed his hole, just wanting to tease at first. By this point his cock was rock hard in my hand. I continued canlı bahis siteleri to stroke him as I worked more on his asshole. I worked in small circles getting bigger and then back to small focusing on the center of his hole without even the slightest bit of penetration. After I could tell that he was beyond any more teasing, I began to lap at his hole making sure to leave behind plenty of saliva. Every third or forth cross, I gently began to dart my tongue in a bit. This was driving him crazy. I also would take some longer strokes with my tongue from his hole up to his balls again.

After a little while of this, I wanted more. I wanted to taste his cock. I could feel his pre-cum on my hand that was stroking him and I wanted to have that in my mouth. I slowly worked back up to his balls and lower shaft. I began to lick slowly up his shaft, teasing with the notion of reaching his cock head but not getting that far. Bob was absolutely a mess at this point. I could tell that he was ready to explode. I grabbed his sack in my left hand with my thumb and fore finger acting as a sack ring, separating his nuts from his body, hoping to slow down his explosion. With long warm breath, I slowly moved my mouth over his cock head. I initially took in as much as I comfortably could knowing that I wanted to just hold his cock in my mouth for a few moments and feel his warmth. I could actually feel his pulse on my tongue as I wrapped it around the underside of his shaft.

I began to suck gently and work my mouth up ad down his cock. I felt his scrotum battling my hand in hopes of releasing his seed. He wanted too and I wanted it. I continued to work long slow strokes, never removing his cock from my mouth. As I held his sack, I began to tickle his balls that were straining against his skin. I felt his cock swell even more in my mouth and begin to throb. I knew it was coming and I knew it would be huge. I sped up my work on his cock and slowly released his balls to do their magic. I worked hard to take his cock as far as I could down my throat on each stroke but when I could tell that he was about to explode I created a reservoir in my mouth to collect his load. He then gently grabbed my head to let me know that it was time. I furiously worked his cock with my tongue and it came. The most amazing rush of cum I could have ever imagined. Burst after burst of hot semen blasted from his cock into my mouth and throat. I swallowed what I could but some escaped from the sides of my mouth.

Bob sat there in a daze. His cock had slowly begun to soften in my mouth. I licked it clean and continued to rub his belly and chest while I did. I then reached behind me and took a decent tug off of my half melted drink.

“It’s perfectly stiff, thanks!”

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