Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 02

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“I’m not done yet.” Tammy words roused my curiosity as we made our way back to our table from the V.I.P. room. It had been an incredible moment we shared in there but soon she was laughing and giggling with Hope who had decided to sit with us. It seemed that whatever magic had passed between us was over; I just wished I knew that their giggles weren’t at my expense. We stayed for a couple of more hours. I even bought two more V.I.P. dances from Hope thinking that maybe we could recapture that spark. However, Tammy declined to join us and Hope was on her best behavior. It’s not that the dances were unmemorable, it was that I was hoping for lightning to strike twice.

We got back in her car for the short ride home. Nothing was said as she drove, both of us lost in our thoughts. When we got back to her empty house, she said “I’m not tired yet. Do you want to soak in the hot tub for a while?” I thought that sounded like fun so I went out back to take the cover off and turn the tub on. When I turned around, Tammy was standing there in what can only be described as a very skimpy, very sexy bikini, holding two drinks. I sipped my drink as I watched her climb into the tub. “Why don’t you go put your suit on and keep me company?” she suggested.

Hurrying upstairs, I managed to fit myself into my thankfully baggy swim trunks. After waiting a few moments so that my enthusiasm wouldn’t be so obvious, I walked back downstairs and outside to join my friend. The first thing that I noticed was that all the lights except for the tub itself had been turned off. The second thing I noticed was that Tammy was not alone. The pretty blonde dancer from the club, Hope was standing beside the tub canlı bahis şirketleri whispering to Tammy.” You two planned this!” I stammered. Yes, yours truly is as sharp as a bowling ball sometimes.

Tammy rolled her eyes at my obvious remarks and then said, “I invited Hope to join us for a dip in the hot tub. Dancing is hard on the muscles and there’s nothing like a good, hot soak after a long night.” At this point I was especially glad for the darkness and my baggy suit. I clambered into the tub and waited for Hope to join us.

Hope smiled and said,” Well I don’t have a suit with me but I guess that’s not a real problem.” She pulled her tight t shirt off and slid her shorts to the ground. I watched her perfect body climb into the tub. The dim lights couldn’t hide how truly hot she was. She took the seat on the other side of Tammy, much to my disappointment.

Tammy smiled and said to her. “We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable being the only one nude in here.” With that statement I saw Tammy’s bikini top fly through the air, followed soon after by her bottoms. She then turned her gaze on me. Remember the bowling ball? It took me a few seconds but my shorts joined the ladies clothes on the patio. When I turned back to look at them, the ladies were locked in a very hot, passionate kiss. I knew that one of Tammy’s fantasies was to be with another woman and it sure looked like she was going to get her wish. I leaned back to watch as the kiss grew deeper and their hands began exploring each other’s body.

Hope clearly knew what she was doing as her hands explored Tammy’s breasts, toying with her nipples and then moving below the water. I could see Tammy’s canlı kaçak iddaa body tense even as she returned the kiss. Their wet bodies were clasped together in a truly erotic display. Hope knew what she wanted and I could see her hand between Tammy’s legs working back and forth. She gently forced Tammy to stand and then sit on the side of the hot tub. With a hand on each knee, Hope slowly spread Tammy’s legs apart. Smiling, She knelt between my best friends legs and slowly began kissing her way up Tammy’s tanned thighs. Looking over at me, Tammy gestured for me to join her even as she wrapped her fingers in Hope’s long blond hair.

I moved to the side of the tub ,joining Tammy with my arm around her waist, my hand on her bare hip. She looked over at me and then leaned in for a kiss. So for the second time that night I found myself kissing my best friend. Then also for the second time that night, I felt her hand on my very hard cock, only this time nothing was between us. We stayed like that for several minutes, reveling in the sensations of each others body. Then Tammy began to shudder as Hope’s tongue elicited the desired result.

Tammy lay back on the deck as the sexy blonde dancer kissed her way up her belly , pausing briefly to bite gently on her nipples before engaging in a passionate kiss. Hope then straddled my friend’s head and offered her first taste of a woman. I watched as Tammy hesitantly began to lick the smooth shaven pussy above her. She started slowly but with a few encouraging moans from Hope, she began to thrust her tongue deeper and deeper. I watched as Tammy proceeded to lick Hope to a rather loud orgasm. I found myself hoping the neighbors didn’t canlı kaçak bahis sleep with the windows open. All thoughts of that soon disappeared as both these sexy ladies decided that I had been patient enough.

Both of them reached for my cock and began stroking me. Hope then leaned over and whispered in Tammy’s ear. Tammy blushed and looked up at me. “What did she say? ” I asked. Darting a glance at a nodding Hope, Tammy didn’t say a word. Instead, she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. Hope made approving noises as she stroked Tammy’s hair and caressed her body. I enjoyed the sensations of a wet , warm mouth engulfing me.

Hope looked at me and said.” I told her to let me see if she was as good at sucking cock as she was at licking pussy. It looks like she has a very talented mouth.” I was not going to argue with that. Hope leaned forward to whisper again. This time, Tammy shook her head no, which was an interesting sensation as her mouth was still full of me. Hope whispered again and almost regretfully Tammy removed her mouth from my cock.

Looking up into my eyes she whispered , ” I want you to come in my mouth.” I looked at her carefully to see if she was serious and saw the lust in her eyes. Hope moved in beside her and pulled Tammy’s long hair away from her face. I watched my friend’s eyes as her mouth slid up and down on my .cock. Hope reached down and slid her hands between Tammy’s legs to caress her obviously wet pussy. Tammy moaned causing me to fill her mouth with cum. Her cheeks bulging, Tammy turned to her lady lover who bent down to receive a special kiss. I saw my cum dribble down my friends cheek as she shared me in a kiss. Hope took Tammy’s offering greedily and swallowed it down. She then licked Tammy’s face clean and returned to kissing her.

Tammy broke the kiss and looked over at me. “Get ready for round two buddy , because we aren’t done yet!” she exclaimed.

To be continued…

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