Beach Party Passion

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It was a sweltering Saturday in July. A bronze Dodge Challenger raced down Highway 35 just off the east coast of Texas. Kelly Jones was just a little late for the company picnic at Rockport Beach. His girlfriend sat beside him in sunglasses and her long brown hair pulled into a braid. Miranda, she was called, from a strict Adventist Church family up north. Reserved and organized, quiet and shy, she was the perfect compliment to Kelly’s boisterous nature.

“It is 35 through here.” She simply pointed out. Shouting over the rushing wind going by the convertible.

“Those are just suggestions in Texas, babygirl.” He shook his head.

“What do they suggest when there’s a cop behind you?” She asked.

Kelly did glance in his rear view mirror, then smiled at Miranda “Ah, good one. You’re learning, babygirl.”

Kelly often teased that she had no sense of fun and that was why fate brought them together. Miranda would retort that his finances were a mess and he was lucky she was an accountant.

The turn was finally coming up, but Kelly barely slowed down to veer into the park road. Then he spun the Challenger around the next turn and into the beach parking lot and slammed it into the nearest empty space. Miranda held tight to the windshield support, and kept herself from flying forward when he stopped. She turned and glared at him through her sunglasses.

“Why do you drive like that? You’re going to kill me.” She said very seriously.

Kelly gave his boyish smile that nearly reached his slightly graying temples. “I would rather die than hurt you, babygirl.” and he leaned in and stole a quick kiss like a bandit.

To say Kelly was a rogue would be like saying Shakespeare was an OK writer. But he charmed his way into Miranda’s life and now owned her heart. She was straight laced and demure but he had saw something in her and wanted it, and what Kelly wants he usually gets.

“Will I even know anyone at this party?” She sounded irritated as she got out of the car with her beach bag.

“You know Jim and Chad.” He came around and offered his hand to her.

Miranda stood in a white and blue striped bathing ensemble that had a wrap around skirt and sheer white material at her belly. Kelly had bought it for her at her protest at the Achat outlet. She had never worn a two piece outfit in her life and she felt so revealed, even with the skirt covering her butt. Kelly had embraced her though right in the store and had kissed her deeply until she blushed. ‘Never be ashamed of your body,’ he had said ‘I’m certainly not.’ He always made her feel sexy, especially in those times when she didn’t.

Miranda took his hand. “You know I dated one of them.” she reminded him.

“I know.” Kelly was nonchalant. “It’s how I found out about you.” He said warmly as they walked to the office beach party.

Miranda talked to a few of Kelly’s co-workers and was polite. The smell of grilling burgers and dogs though was smacking her right in the face. She had been a vegetarian since birth because of her religious upbringing but found later that meat made her sick, even fish gave her tummy problems. She quietly excused herself and laid down on her beach blanket that she had placed upwind. She tried to read an expense report from her bag until Kelly’s broad shouldered form cast a shadow across her.

“Come on, let’s go swim.” he smiled as always.

Wearing baggy red trunks he took the papers with one hand and reached for her other.

“I need to get that done.” She protested.

“No. you need to come play. It’s the weekend” Only Kelly could sound insistent about pleasure and Miranda knew to give up.

He pulled her to her feet and she was nearly as tall as him. She unfastened and dropped the skirt, revealing the skimpy bikini bottom. A blue waistband with a white crotch, that she thought barely covered anything. Miranda was thick, but in all the places that Kelly liked them thick. He pulled her along towards the gently crashing surf. The moment he reached the water he just had to swoop down and cupping his hand, splash his large chested girlfriend.

“You Bastard.” She said, but she was smiling and kicked water up at him.

Other couples and families were in the water, mostly playing in the shallows. Miranda went chasing after Kelly who just laughed escort mecidiyeköy as she jiggled towards him. He let her catch him but he also let her weight collide into him, so that he wrapped his arms around her as he fell backwards and she landed on top of him in the still knee deep water. The look of shock on her face was priceless to him as they fell together like a chopped down tree.

“YOU!” She said with wet hair and lashes now, but her fury was fake and Kelly kissed her deeply.

“Stop, not here.” Miranda softly protested. “There’s kids.”

Kelly laughed at her. “You don’t think their parents kiss?”

Miranda looked around, a few people looked at them but most were ignoring them. So she hesitantly kissed him back. Kelly the prankster roughly rolled them over but never broke the kiss. Miranda started thrashing under him until he let her up. Both their heads were under water but he wasn’t going to let her drown.

“Sometimes you’re MEAN!” She scolded him as she wiped the water from her face as they both sat in the surf now.

“Ah, babygirl, I was playing.” Kelly scooted closer along side of her. “I was playing” He repeated and turned her chin towards him to softly kiss her. “You know Daddy loves you.”

Even though they were only five years apart Kelly’s pet name for her was “babygirl” and Miranda called him “Daddy” ever since one night he insisted she do so or he wouldn’t let her cum. He had her up on the heat register in her apartment with his mouth on her throat and two fingers deep inside her. She was so near the edge and just waiting for him to push her off, when suddenly he stopped and leaned his mouth up to her ear.

“Say, please daddy.” He whispered.

She shook her head, refusing. “Just make me cum…” She said with urgency.

“Say, please Daddy” He emphasized it as the important word.

“I can’t.” she whined and wouldn’t meet his gaze.

But he lifted her chin to meet her eyes. “It’s just us, babygirl,” He said seriously, “Even in the most crowded street, it’s Daddy and babygirl.” He said sincerely. “Just us.”

His eyes could look into her soul when he wanted them to, and he wasn’t asking much, she decided.

The words came out quietly, “Please, Daddy. Make me cum?” She asked like he wanted.

Kelly smiled and made her cum many times that night.

Miranda got up and waded slowly towards deeper water without responding to his admittance of love. She could play too and right now, she wanted to be chased. With chin down, she looked over her soft round shoulder at him with “come get me” eyes. Kelly knew the game and popped to his feet with a smile and began the pursuit.

Miranda started to run as best as she could through the deepening water and the incoming waves. Kelly had dove forward the moment he felt the resistance was too much and by swimming he was actually catching her. Miranda looked back and gave a loud squeal and giggle as his hand nearly brushed her leg. She dove in as a last ditch effort to get away, but that was never the goal anyway.

Kelly dove under to get a leg and pulled her to him. Miranda yelled as she was captured, but was soon laughing as he came up and she was in his arms. The water was at their shoulders and Kelly held her tight to him.

“I got you, babygirl.” He said with mock fierceness.

“Really? Maybe I got you.” Miranda said playfully and wrapped her legs around him, making him hold them both up. She dangled her arms around his shoulders and kissed him.

Kelly pressed his tongue to her ruby lips until she opened up for him. The moment she did he hungrily snaked his tongue inside and tilted his head for a deeper kiss. Miranda grabbed his head and held him to her as she tasted him. She purred in his arms and he growled in her mouth as their tongues danced. Under the water, his hands roamed her round ass. He squeezed it hard and then let his fingers slide at the crack and finally under and along her cloth covered lips.

Miranda broke the kiss, her mouth in an “O” of surprise. “Daddy…” she whispered in shock and her eyes darted around.

Kelly chuckled and kissed her nose. “Nobody can see, babygirl.” but to make her comfortable he walked out further with her legs still wrapped around him, until the water was just at their necks.

Miranda istanbul eskort wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again. Soft sweet kisses, over and over. Kelly ran his fingers under her again, grazing along the pussy lips under the bikini bottom. Her intake of breath told him he was in the right spot. Miranda hugged him tight and he could feel her hardened nipples pushed into his chest. Exciting her excited him. He loved to tease her and play with her and he adored the way she would quietly cum. His babygirl was raised that sex was dirty. Kelly was teaching her that it is when it’s done right.

Kelly’s fingers slide inside the crotch this time and rubbed right on her little pussy.

Miranda broke the kiss again with an intake of breath but this time giggled with her forehead against his. “Daddy…”, she purred.

“You love it, don’t you, babygirl?” And he pushed his head into her neck as his fingers rubbed her hole.

Miranda held his head to her throat. She could feel his teeth scrape her flesh then his lips would smooth over that. She tried to quietly moan but lost that battle when a finger slipped inside her.

“Shh, hush, babygirl.” he admonished, but he was grinning as he went back to work.

Underwater Miranda’s hips were moving as he played with her pussy. The material was pushed to the side and Kelly slid a second finger into her. Miranda threw her mouth over his to muffle her own moan. Since she was clinging to him, Kelly brought his other hand up to heft and hold her heavy tit, massaging the soft flesh and catching the hard nipple in the “V” of his fingers. He pressed into her chest and rolled his palm in a big circle.

Miranda had double D’s and when she asked him point blank on one of their first dates if that was all he wanted, Kelly looked her up and down hungrily and said “No, the rest HAS to come with it.” Kelly was always bold, always cocky, she thought. She didn’t like him at first, but when he was with her, she felt like she always had his full attention, his eyes were only on her, that breaks through a girls defenses.

“Pull out my cock”

That brought Miranda slamming back to the real world and she looked around nervously. “We’re at a beach. There’s kids here.” She said through clenched teeth even though nobody was within hearing distance.

“It’s just you and me, babygirl. All of them are far away. I already got three fingers inside you, or didn’t you notice.” he said teasingly on that last part.

Miranda blushed. “I’ve never done anything like this.” She confessed.

Kelly stared into her eyes. “I know. That’s why I want it.” he put simply.

Miranda bit her lower lip. “What if we get caught?” she said nervously.

“What do you do when you see people having a private moment?”

“I…I would stay away.” She answered honestly.

Kelly nodded and kissed her with a hand behind her head. “Now take out my cock, babygirl.”

Miranda reached down in between them slowly. Kelly could see the nervousness all over her face, but she was doing it anyway. She was still biting her lip but she reached in his trunks and pulled up his already stiff member. Miranda stood on her own feet and began stroking him under the water. She pushed the trunks down his hips to get better access. Kelly kissed her lips, her cheek, and moved to her favorite place, her throat. Miranda laid her head back and gave him all. He nibbled her as she jerked his throbbing cock beneath the waves. His hand pushed at her bikini bottom.

“Just take it off” He urged.

“I’ll lose it.” She protested with a grin.

“Then hold it to the side.” Kelly picked her up again.

“What are you doing?” She said nervously, but she still held the material to the side.

Kelly held his cock and slid it along her lips until she groaned. Miranda looked in his eyes. She saw how he hungered for her. She knew she was his world right now. She pulled the bikini bottoms even further out of the way and gave a nervous nod and a silent “Yes”. Kelly plunged in as best he could. Miranda gasped at the invasion. Although the water was wet, it didn’t lubricate. Kelly worked hard under the surface to nestle just part of his dick inside of her. But once it was they clung to each other. One hand was under her big ass and the other taksim escort held her to him. Miranda was wrapped around her lover, her chin on his shoulder and her lips by his ear.

“Slow, Daddy, slow” She whispered in his ear.

“Does it hurt, babygirl?”

“I’m OK, just go slow, Daddy.” She could feel his cock pulse inside her and she squeezed it and hugged her pussy around it.

“Just you and me, babygirl.” He reminded her and started walking slowly.

Impaled on his hard rod, each foot step was a little shudder, a little jolt. Miranda moved her hips and tried to grind on his cock. She looked up to the shore behind them and they all seemed far far away. She closed her eyes dreamily and rode her man. It was just them, tightly embraced, until they were one, connected as a man and women were meant to be. Kelly nuzzled into her neck and she sighed into his ear. He pushed into her with just short little strokes.

“Take me deeper, Daddy?” She requested.

“Any deeper and we’ll be over our head.”

She leaned back and smiled at him sweetly. “I didn’t mean the water, Daddy.”

Kelly gave a sly grin. “Lift your knees as best you can, babygirl.”

With her hands locked behind his neck and his hands holding her ass, Miranda had her knees up to his chest. Kelly could get all his cock inside and his balls mashed to her butthole. Still it was short strokes because the water would wash her juices away, but Kelly fucked her. He drove his cock home every time. Miranda was purring with her head barely out of the water. She felt all of him inside her, every inch of him was hers. Quietly she moaned. His cock slide in and out. It rubbed her upper wall and moved against her “G” spot. It was a wonderful slow build. Her toes were curling and her back wanted to arch. Her lover moved his hands up and lifted her a little from the water.

“Oh, My Daddy, my Daddy” she sang his praises quietly.

Kelly leaned forward and kissed between her boobs. “Get all you need, babygirl.” He told her.

He could feel her clenching, Her pussy gripped his tool. “babygirl” was cumming, quietly like she does. He would get her to scream one day, but not today. Today she was perfect, a purring kitten in his arms. Her bottom ground against him beneath the surface, working his cock as deep as it would possibly go. He put a thumb to her clit and rubbed and Miranda arched so much her head nearly went under water, but she came again with just a quiet intake of breath. Slowly she relaxed and Kelly pulled her up to him. She wrapped one arm around his neck and kissed him deeply, breathlessly.

Kelly put himself between her and the shore, and he began to FUCK her, moving her up and down as best he could. She moaned into his mouth. He wanted to cum in her and she wanted his cum. It hurt a little, and she would pay later from the friction, but she didn’t care at this point. She wrapped her fingers in his hair and put her forehead to his.

“Get it, Daddy. Take your girl. Take all you want.” she whispered desperately.

“Just you, babygirl. Its all I want.” He growled.

His cock pistoned now in and out of her. They tried not to bob in the water, but they were fucking under the surface. His hands gripped her thick hips and he used them to move her up and down on his curved tool. She could feel it, he was close. His cock was like iron and his breathing was fast. She could feel that cock swell. Kelly’s lips were in a snarl, so instead of kissing him she put her lips straight to his ear.

“Cum” was all she pleaded in her soft cry.

He exploded inside of her. He fought the urge to yell, to scream, to roar his triumph, but his back seethed and his cock still pumped inside her. He held her as if the world was ending. Gently she smoothed the back of his head and clung to him. She kissed his ear. She said nothing. He said nothing. It was just them, and nothing needed to be said.

They came slowly out of the water hand in hand, smiling at each other, walking towards their group from the office. Jim stood at the front of the group on a dune with binoculars around his neck, and Kelly excused himself to talk to his friend.

He gave Jim that wry smile of his and then pulled up beside him so no one else could here. “I hope you liked it.” Kelly accused, flicking at the binoculars. “But honestly, you should have never let her go. There is a sweet tigress behind that kitten purr. But maybe,” He paused “you were never man enough to take care of her anyway.” He patted Jim on the chest and loudly said, “See ya, pal.” And he walked over to his lady.

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