Bear of My Dreams

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by DarqueBear and his Cuddle Cub

I had seen him on my hikes often enough, but today I had actually forgotten to even watch for him. That is, until I came around a rock and found myself face to face with him; the most awesome creature in the North American woods, an adult male grizzly bear.

He gave a startled snort and I was close enough to feel his hot breath on my face. The next moment, he reared up onto his hind legs and let loose of a tremendous roar. As I stood frozen by the sight and power of this amazing creature, I could not help but notice the beauty it possessed. I needed him to know that I meant him no harm, so I reached up and touched his chest; knowing that this move could well be my last. With my hand just touching his fur, I could feel the raw power and vibration of his roar move through my body.

Almost immediately his roaring stopped short, and was replaced by a curious gaze. I closed my eyes and could feel his breathing begin to slow and to calm. As I opened my eyes I could see his thick fur had turned more to thick hair of a mans body. It took me a moment to realize that I was no-longer looking into the face of a grizzly bear. Standing in front of me was no longer an actual bear, but a bear made human. Dark hair covered his head and most of his face was hidden behind a full thick beard. His barrel chest and big round belly were covered with a scattering of the same dark brown hair. His thick cock lied limply on of set of large low hanging balls, all of which was surrounded my thick brown hair. Thick thighs and muscled calves completed the image, both covered in the same scattering of hair as the chest and belly.

It slowly dawns on me that my hand is running through the chest hair of this bear of a man. I look up into his face, but am suddenly hit by a feeling of dizziness and I fall back to the ground. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the bear (now back in it’s animal form) pulling itself up off of the ground and walking unsteadily on all fours, as it rounds the rock and out of my sight.

Once the dizziness is gone, I get up and head back for the cabin. I run through the events of the last few minutes, finally convincing myself that it was just the heat and that I had fainted and imagined it all.

The daily walks continued, as did the daily sightings of the grizzly bear. Almost always from a distance, but I could tell now that he was actually watching me too. We would stop and watch each other for a few minutes and then move on to continue with our days.

On one of my walks some months later, I was caught in a sudden storm. The rain was coming down hard and cold. It was quickly chilling me to the bone. I picked up my pace and worked my way through the rain, stumbling over roots recently exposed by the rain. Tripping over one, I find myself face down in the mud. As I push myself up, I hear a muffled noise in the distance; the sound of someone or something in distress. I couldn’t ignore it, not in this storm.

I leave the path and begin to slowly work my way down the side of the hill, listening for the sound again to know that I am headed in the right direction. When I hear it again, I realize that it is just up ahead of me. I try looking through the rain, and can see the silhouette of the something moving at ground level, about 30 bahis siteleri feet away. The closer I get, I realize that it is the grizzly bear. I knew that it was capable of killing me with one swipe of a paw, but I couldn’t just leave it there. Besides, I was hoping that he was not too distressed and might possibly recognize me and know that I would not hurt him.

I made some noise as I approached, so that I would not startle him. He looks up at me and lets out a roar that was so full of pain that it pulled at my heart. When I got close enough to see him clearly, I found that he had a paw caught in a bear trap. I was outraged. Hunters knew they were not allowed in this part of the woods and that the traps were illegal. He was straining against the chain and using his front paws to try to remove the trap at any cost. I had to do something before he made the wound worse.

I reached out and put my hand gently on top of his head. As soon as I came in contact with him, I was hit by another spell of dizziness. I was able to prevent myself from falling this time; that is until my vision cleared and I saw what lay on the ground before me. It was the man again. The look on his face was one of pain, recognition and hope all at once. The pain in his eyes made me remember why I was there in the first place. I looked down at the leg that was caught in the trap. Without all the fur, the wound looked bad, but mostly just bloody.

I knelt down and took the trap in my hands. Pulling with all of my strength, I was able to open it enough for him to pull his leg free. Once free, he was almost instantly on his feet. Standing unsteadily on his hurt let, he looked at me, and for the first time, I realized that he was still in his manly form and we were not touching. I stood and walked toward him slowly, one arm out stretched toward him to show I meant no harm. As my hand came into contact with his arm, he let out a whimper and collapsed into my arms. His weight dragged me down with him, but I was able to use my body to keep him from hitting the ground. I sat there holding and rocking him, trying to comfort him. After a few minutes, he began to stir in my arms. He wiggled around enough to be able to look me in the face, and smiled.

I put one of his arms over my shoulder and helped him to his feet. We began the long slow walk back to my cabin. I loved the feeling of his weight against me, the feeling of his moving with me. My arm around his waist; moving to his back and slowly moving around front to touch his belly. The size of him was almost making me weak in the knees.

Thankfully, the cabin was coming slowly into view. I was not looking forward to having to let go of him, but I did not want to drop him either. As we reached the cabin, me still holding him the best I could, I leaned back against the door to push it open. The big heavy door opened slowly and gave me the additional support I needed to get him inside. I took him into the living room and sat him on the floor in front of the fireplace. I reached back and grabbed for the fleecy throw that I kept on the couch and wrapped it around his shoulders. I could feel him shivering from the cold. As much as I hated to, I left him sitting there long enough to get a fire going in the fireplace. With all the kindling and firewood I had collected over canlı bahis siteleri the past few weeks, I was able to get a roaring fire going in no time.

I returned to the bear of a man I had left shivering on the floor. The first thing I needed to do was to get the wounded taken care of. I moved around to his legs and took the ankle of the hurt leg gently into my hand and pulled the leg towards me. I tore strips of cloth from my t-shirt. Still damp from the rain, I used them to clean the wound. My touch was soft and caring, as I could sense his apprehension and unease at having someone tend to him like this.

Once cleaned and bandaged, I knew that the next thing I needed to do was to get him warmed up. I take my clothes off and snuggle in behind him, knowing that I will need to use the heat from my body to help warm him. My arms circled around his waist rubbing his belly and then up and down his front from his chest down to his waist. He leaned back into me and made a low growling noise in his throat. It was both a little scary and a little exciting. I was beginning to wonder what it would be like to have his hands on me too.

I think that I have always worshipped these big, hairy, strong, but gentle grizzly bear types of men. My feelings for them have at times been overwhelming, but I’ve never quite had the confidence to approach one and start as simple as a conversation. After years of worshipping them from afar; these gods that walk among us; I made up my mind that I was ready to let one of these bears feel the love that I have saved for just for him.

I let loose of him long enough to lay him back on the floor. I sat next to him, looking at and admiring his magnificent naked form. The way the fire light played off of each individual hair, almost making them look like fire themselves. Propped on one arm, I used my other have to explore his face and upper body. My eyes wonder on to other places; his cock lying limply on his balls, the foreskin covering the entire head.

My desire to touch it and suck on it beginning to overwhelm me, I put my face down against his chest, my hand on his side slowly rubbing his body moving ever closer to where I wanted to be. I move my head so that it is resting on his furry belly. I run my hand down his leg just brushing his cock with my hairy arms, looking up into his eyes to see if my advances were welcome. What I find are his eyes closed and slight smile on his face. It’s then that I hear that low growling of pleasure in his throat again. I reach for his manhood and lightly take it in my hand. Holding it and gently pulling on it, the sound in his throat getting louder.

I lean forward and touch my lips to the soft warm flesh, licking gently on the over hanging foreskin. As I take the head of his cock into my mouth, I can feel him stir beneath me. My mouth works its way down the now hardening flesh. The beat of my heart beginning to race just knowing that his reaction is being caused by what I’m doing to him. His hard wet cock slips from my lips, and I get to finally realize what I have always wanted from a man, what I have always wanted to experience. Making a man feel so good and loved, that I could get this reaction out of him.

I looked back up to his bearded face; he was smiling and groaning at every touch that I made. canlı bahis I pulled myself up between his legs, on top of his large strong body, kissing his neck and lips. Our bellies touching so that we were feeling each others warmth, my dangling cock meeting his for the first time.

Kissing my way down his neck and across his hairy chest, my lips find his nipples. I nibble on them, suck on them and play with them with my tongue. Each one of the actions bringing another low growl in his throat. His body squirms slightly beneath me, as I continue to kiss my way down his chest and belly. My tongue finally finds his belly button and plays with that part of him too.

My kisses move me down to his thick thighs. I spread his legs and lift them on to my shoulders. I use my lips and tongue to work my way down his furry taint to the hairy ass. My tongue takes several quick licks at his hair covered hole. He tightened his ass and the growls grew deeper. I lick back up his taint and take his fuzzy balls into my mouth, one at a time and role them around on my tongue.

I move back into a sitting position, and with my cock resting on his belly I could feel his hard cock pulsing under my ass and knew I had to satisfy this growing desire. The feeling of his cock head against my virgin hole sent a chill up my spin and a tingling sensation all over my skin. I began gently pushing past the initial pressure and released a long soft moan as it slides inside. With my hands still on that bear of a chest, I start to ride the cock by gently bouncing on the cock that is now deep in my ass. As the bouncing increases in speed and thrust, I would swear that I heard a true animal growl from the man below me. The moans and growls continue to increase in intensity. The pressure in my groin becomes almost too much and I could tell by the look on the bear mans face, that things were coming to a climax for him too. I could feel his huge manly hands take me by the waist, lifting me up and bringing me down on the hard cock that he has up my ass.

I could tell that he was close to reaching climax. Something about as his breath had become faster and harder. As he came closer to his roaring climax, I could have sworn that I felt his hair growing thicker and thicker with every thrust, and his hands felt stronger. They seemed to change back for a moment into his wild bear claws, and as he reached his orgasm, his claws dug into my back sending us both screaming fit of pure pleasure.

As his hot load filled my virgin hole, mine was covering his hairy chest and belly. I collapsed onto his chest, exhausted from the sex. My head is rest in his chest, and I can hear his labored breathing in my ear. I felt his arms encircle me and pull me in tighter to his chest. Then I felt his lips and the fur of his mustache and beard on my forehead.

He rolled us over, so that I was the one on the bottom. His hands were flat on the floor on either side of my chest. He lowered himself toward me and pressed his lips against mine. He worked his tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately, while grinding his crotch into mine; both of us getting hard again from the contact.

He pulled his lips from mine and smiled. He then crawled off of me and took me into his arms, lifting me into the air and pulling me into his chest. He turned toward the bedroom and carried me in to the bed. After lying me down gently on the bed, he crawled in and straddled me; this time lowering himself onto my hard cock.

And this is how I met the Bear of my dreams . . .

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