Beautiful Black Dress

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Adam thought he would see her again, but it didn’t happen at all. From the start of the first period to the end of the sixth, school became more of a chore to sit through now that the breakup was finalized. Adam hoped that Natasha would understand as soon as he confessed, but all she ever gave him was a frown and a cold shoulder. Now, he knew that she tried to avoid him as much as possible. She even turned the other way around when the two of them spotted each other in one of the halls. She disappeared among the rush of teenagers making their way to their next class. Once school was finally over, Adam gave up. He surrendered to the fact that she lost interest in their relationship.

On his way out of campus, Adam’s friends asked him about it. They had seen a few posts on social media regarding the status of Adam’s relationship. The eighteen-year-old student just wanted to forget about everything. He just shrugged it off in front of his friends and told them that he wanted to be alone for a little while. They respected his decision and let him walk alone on the sidewalk while they moved on to other things for the rest of the day. Luckily, they didn’t seem to know anything about Adam’s secret obsession, which provided a welcome relief. He didn’t want any of them to know anything about what he would do behind closed doors.

Adam spent the next fifteen minutes walking alone toward his house. The heartbreak that he had to endure remained unbreakable. He had lost his own girlfriend because he told the truth. Now, he wished that he didn’t say anything. He wished that he would keep his hobby a secret so that Natasha would stay loyal to him. But then again, he now knew how she had lost the attraction. She would never stay with a young man who liked to dress the same way as her. He regretted losing her, even if he did manage to prevent a suppression of his true feelings at the time. He wondered if every other girl attending the same school would feel the same way about him and his clandestine lifestyle. Now, he doubted if he would every find one that would let him be himself.

A calm and cool afternoon had settled in the suburban city of Cerritos. Late autumn in Southern California provided a refreshing sea breeze that kept temperatures from going over eighty degrees Fahrenheit. This seemed like the perfect time to listen to some classical music. Adam brought out his headphones and plugged it into his smartphone. He started playing Franz Schubert’s Ninth Symphony at mid-volume. Timeless music such as this one helped him unwind and forget any troubles that he had to deal with. He let out a deep sigh as both music and nature kept him from experiencing complete mental misery, even if it would only last for several minutes.

He reached his house and turned off his music. He was about to unlock the front door until he spotted something lying on the floor in the corner. It looked like someone had dropped off a present for someone in the household. His parents had already left to spend their three-day vacation in New Zealand, so it could have been for either of them. He picked up the box, which had been made like a Christmas present complete with a red ribbon and gold-colored wrapping paper. A small card had been implanted on the surface. It read that this present was sent by a man named Henry.

Adam instantly knew who it must have been. Henry was the name of Natasha’s father. Adam felt certain of it, seeing as how he knew Henry well when he was still with her. The two men got along fine, and it didn’t bother Natasha at all. Now, Adam had to wonder if Henry had sent this present before or after Natasha had told him the truth. That is, if she ever told him about it.

Adam wasted no time as he stepped inside the house and brought the present along with him. He went upstairs and set his backpack aside as he sat down at his desk. He opened the present and was almost stunned what he had found. He pulled it right out of the box and raised it up for a closer look.

Henry had just sent him a black dress made specifically for a woman. It had a sleeveless top and a skirt that could have ended at the knees. At this point, Adam would have done nothing but question Henry’s motives. But he didn’t. Instead, he used the mirror hanging on his closet door and brought the black dress closer to his front. He stood up straight and examined it up close. The dress looked to have been the same size as his entire body.

He didn’t waste any time. He took off all of his clothes and put on the dress very carefully. After making certain that it fit, he returned to the mirror. The sight of him wearing something so beautiful made him smile. It was a regular black dress, nothing fancy or exclusive. But it did enough to keep him content with this new discovery. It fit him perfectly. The sleeveless top and the skirt that ended at his knees completed his sudden transformation. It made him feel like a completely different person. He was not the illegal bahis usual Adam. He was a young woman whose indestructible pride spoke volumes.

He let out a long womanly sigh. He loved this new look. But then, his smile disappeared. He started to wonder why someone like Henry would send him something that he knew that he would enjoy wearing. The thought of it almost weak in the knees. Now that Natasha had found out about it, Henry could have had some secret agenda or something of that sort.

Then, the doorbell rang. Adam almost gasped. He had to act fast. He took off the dress and set it on the bed before putting his regular clothes back on. He didn’t have time to put on his socks, so he just went downstairs without them. He opened the front door halfway, and held his breath for a moment. He didn’t expect to see Natasha’s father on the front porch.

At the age of forty-two, Henry was a handsome African-American man. As a single father, he would have had the power to make women swoon and prepare for a marriage waiting to happen. He was built with a tall stature and an overall clean appearance.

He smiled at Adam and, with his mesmerizing baritone voice, asked, “So do you like my present?”

The younger white man almost had trouble speaking for a brief second. “Yes…I really do.”

Henry chuckled. “Good. If you don’t mind, I’d like to see you in it.”


“Oh, yes. I really do.”

Adam smiled. “Come on in and I’ll show you.”

Henry stepped inside. Adam showed him the living room and told him to wait here. He ran up the stairs and returned to his bedroom. He took another look at the black dress before putting it on. He wanted to be absolutely certain that it appeared clean and newly purchased. He took off his own clothes yet again, but he decided not to do it in a hurry. He remained calm as he put on the dress without his underwear. Once more, the feel of such ordinary but beautiful apparel helped reinvigorate his veiled personality.

Before he could even leave the room, he turned around and found Henry standing at the open entryway. The young man gave a little nervous laugh.

Henry eyed him from top to bottom. “Now I know that I prefer to see you this way.”

Adam couldn’t help but show off his new look. He made sure that Henry saw everything by spinning around 360 degrees like a ballerina on his bare feet. He had no shame in showing his hairless legs, his bright peach skin, and his overall short and slender figure. “Thank you, Henry. I really like what I’m wearing.”

Henry’s little smile helped ease Adam’s suspicions. The older man stepped closer. “It seems that Natasha made the right choice.”

“She did?”

“Oh, yeah. She made the right choice in making you single again.”

Henry was now just a few inches in front of Adam, who couldn’t help but feel vulnerable with such a towering figure.

Henry took a sniff of Adam’s short brown hair. “I’m really lucky to have found someone like you.”

Adam almost shivered. His more feminine side began to reemerge from its hiding place. The dress made him feel like a young woman waiting to be touched by her new companion. And it actually came true as soon as Henry grabbed his hand and gave it a kiss.

“You can’t deny that you’re a beautiful human being.”

Adam’s eyes were wide open, his mouth left agape from such an astonishing experience. Henry stood so close to him that he instantly forgot about the heartbreak that he had to endure when Natasha chose to break up with him. Henry had worked wonders with his self-esteem just by looking straight at him with a flirtatious glance.

The younger man whispered, “I don’t know if I’m terrified or excited.”

Henry chuckled. “I think you know which one it is.”

Adam couldn’t suppress his true feelings. He stood on his tiptoes and gave Henry a kiss. He didn’t stop, as the warmth and thickness of Henry’s lips made him want more of the absolute truth. Henry wrapped his arms around Adam and pulled him closer to his body. Their embrace was official. Adam had never been hugged and kissed by another man, and yet it didn’t exactly surprise him. This new direction toward a new relationship was the one thing that he yearned for.

He moaned like a young woman as the kisses grew longer and harder. As soon as the two men stopped, Adam rested his head on Henry’s shoulder. He began to feel like a damsel in distress who had been rescued in time for the dramatic finale. He let out a long sigh. He felt like the woman that Henry had been searching for. And it didn’t cause any hiccups in his current state of mind.

He whispered, “I can’t believe this is happening.”

Henry caressed Adam’s hair with slow and steady fingers. “You’re so adorable. You’ve got the right stuff.”

Adam suddenly wanted something. He knew what it was, but this would be the first time that he ever wanted it. Henry’s tight embrace helped in broadening illegal bahis siteleri his appetite for affection.

He looked up into Henry’s eyes and said, “Let me see how much of a hunk you are.”

Henry’s smile never faded as he let go of Adam and took off his shirt before tossing them to the side. Adam could do nothing but look on in amazement. Henry’s chest and abs remained sturdy, unaffected by unhealthy nutrition. He touched them with his hands. The warm and smooth surface, as well as the dark chocolate color, was perfect. Adam couldn’t deny the awe-inspiring exterior that Henry had made for himself.

Adam began to shiver with exhilaration. “I’m yours.”

Henry unzipped his pants. “This night just got a whole lot better.”

As soon as he took off his pants and boxer shorts, Adam kept his eyes on the huge erection between Henry’s legs. He had never seen a big black dick before, and this was the perfect time for a brief observation before closing in on his intended target. Adam got down on his knees and moaned like an excited woman. He licked his lips with glee.

Henry looked down at his new prey. “Come and get it.”

Adam had to be in the right mood in order to have a big dick in his mouth. He acted shy and gave Henry a more seductively feminine gaze than before. “Oh, it’s so beautiful.”

He grabbed Henry’s cock with one hand and kissed the tip. Then, he gave it a lick. Holding a hard cock in his hand didn’t faze him at all. He opened his mouth wide and inserted the first half of the cock deep inside. He now had another man’s dick inside his mouth. He didn’t want to stop. He wanted more of it. His craving was unstoppable.

Henry remarked, “Oh, you got it. Take that dick and like it.”

Adam didn’t have to struggle. He shoved Henry’s cock further inside his mouth. Suddenly, Henry grabbed hold of Adam’s head to keep a good balance for both of them. Adam stayed standing on his knees as Henry pushed his hips toward him and kept a rhythmic slow motion to keep him from saying a word. Adam had to grab Henry’s thighs. The deep insertion in his mouth was amazing. He could feel the tip of the black cock reaching down his throat. At one time, he almost couldn’t breathe for a brief second, but luckily, he didn’t panic. He knew what Henry was doing, and he couldn’t make any negative comments so far.

Henry’s hips began to pick up speed. “My cock must taste really good.”

All Adam could do was moan in a more girly manner. The black dress he wore felt so right when interacting with his ex-girlfriend’s father in the most unexpected way imaginable. The accelerating rhythms almost gave Adam a little concern when Henry’s grip on his head grew tighter. But he had to trust Henry. Now that he revealed his secret lifestyle, he could show no fear when his life was currently taking on a completely different direction.

Henry kept thrusting his cock deep within Adam’s mouth. Adam began to feel a little dizzy from his head moving back and forth. He knew what would happen when it all came to a halt. He prepared himself for the inevitable splash that would transpire inside him. The tip of the cock kept striking the back of his mouth, so much so that it might grow sore from such a repetitive yet engrossing assault.

Henry growled. “Oh, it’s coming.”

Adam waited for it. Henry’s fast-moving hips didn’t stop. The reckless insertion in his mouth didn’t stop. The transition from student to slut couldn’t have been more electrifying.

And then, it finally happened. Henry gradually slowed down and kept a tight grip on Adam’s head. Adam could feel the first few spurts making their marks in his throat. More and more of it kept gushing in. In just a few seconds, Adam’s mouth was flooded with Henry’s thick milk. Adam didn’t want any of it to spill out. He began to swallow fractions of them. And once Henry stopped moving and kept his satisfied dick inside the young man’s mouth, the latter managed to consume all of it. He imagined himself as a woman who just wanted to please her significant other. He made sure that none of the hot cum left his mouth. Even as Henry pulled out of him, he swallowed all of it in less than a minute.

Adam had to take deep breaths. He wiped away the small residue on his lips with his fingers. Thankfully, none of it ever landed on the black dress. He let out a girly sigh to show his positive attitude.

He smiled at Henry. “It was warm and thick. I liked it.”

He noticed that the erection between Henry’s legs didn’t grow smaller. It stayed the same.

Henry brought him up from his knees. “It doesn’t end here. I know that you want more.”

Adam giggled like a girl. “You’re so right about that.”

Henry started to gaze at the younger man’s queen-sized bed. Without saying anything, the naked black man grabbed Adam and brought him down on the bed. Adam lay alongside him as they repeated their passionate embrace. Their long wet kisses canlı bahis siteleri lacked tedium, which brought a more fortunate future lying in wait.

Henry lay flat on his back, his big dick still standing upright. Adam look away from it.

Henry whispered, “Show me what you got.”

Adam didn’t hesitate. He kneeled right on top of Henry’s hips while still wearing the dress. Since he didn’t wear any underwear at the moment, he raised up his skirt and lowered himself on top of the cock. The tip touched his hole. He almost trembled at the touch. He looked down at Henry, who also anticipated his direct involvement. He never looked away.

As soon as he lowered himself further down, he gasped. The enormous cock slid through his lower crevice without any interruptions. It was now deep inside him once again, but this time, it struck a weak spot from within. Adam almost yelped. He began to shiver at the odd sensation that formed inside him. His moans grew tense. He didn’t let go of his femininity.

With a girly tone of voice, he tried to stay calm as he said, “Oh, I can’t believe it. It’s fucking amazing!”

He began to move his hips up and down. The cock slid in and out. It constantly struck Adam’s weak spot at a slow and steady speed. He took deep breaths as the unfamiliarity of the situation became extremely obvious. He didn’t stop moving his hips up and down. He wanted the cock to stay inside him. He moaned like a girl. He looked down at a smiling Henry with his own flirtatious glance. He had to do everything to please both him and his new companion.

“I love your cock. It’s so big! Oh, I love it!”

Henry grabbed hold of Adam’s legs. “Yeah, I like you more when you’re a girl.”

“I’m glad. I get to have your cock.”

Adam gained a little acceleration. The cock within him began to fulfill his hunger for both flesh and affection. Henry started to push his hips upward as proper momentum. This, in turn, gave Adam the opportunity to experience a little more adrenaline required for this performance. The reworking of his mental and physical state continued on.

Both men quickened their movements. Henry’s cock did wonders to Adam’s tight passage. Adam’s moans grew louder. Henry’s growling grew more ominous. With both figures colliding with each other, nothing else mattered.

Adam cried out, “Oh, it feels so good! I can’t get enough of your big dick!”

Henry chuckled. “Yes, take it like a girl.”

As the prey, it was right for Adam to be such a feminine figure. He wanted to have a girly voice. He wanted to be taken by another man. And thanks to Henry, he didn’t have to wait for Natasha’s approval. It just appeared as though good luck always stood by his side.

“Oh, fuck! I don’t want to stop!”

Adam kept moving his hips while Henry did the same with his own. The climax would soon make an appearance. He couldn’t stop moaning like a girl. He had become a completely different person at the perfect time.

Henry grabbed him by the waist and forced him to stop. He pushed him deeper onto the cock as the long-awaited eruption now took effect. Adam gasped. He could only imagine the creamy cum flooding his canal. He could feel some of it spilling out of him even with the big dick still inside him. He breathed a sigh of relief. He closed his eyes for a moment. There was nothing but positivity roaming around in his head.

Henry kept his cock deep inside his new toy. “I’m gonna have such a good time whenever I’m with you.”

Adam smiled. He brought his clenched fists up to his chest as though he was a naughty young woman begging to be punished. “Oh, I’m all yours.”

* * *

Even as the afternoon ended, with the sun making its temporary departure from Cerritos, the fun still didn’t stop. The sun started to set and Adam, still wearing the beautiful black dress, found himself still in his bedroom being dominated by his favorite companion. He bent down and kept a firm grip on the edge of his desk. Henry, from behind, continued to be his true self as he thrust his cock deep into Adam’s tight ass once more. He kept his hands on Adam’s waist as both hips and buttocks collided with each other, creating a loud smacking sound that was a joy to listen to.

Adam could feel the milky contents dripping down his legs. Henry had been fucking him for so long that his thick cum eventually kept spilling out of the expanded hole. Adam didn’t stop moaning, and he didn’t stop acting like a young woman. He accepted his behavior as something that was no longer a secret. With Henry’s positive reception, Adam had already forgotten his relationship with Natasha. He now preferred her father. He didn’t have to feel ashamed for his lifestyle.

Henry’s powerful thrusts ceased. Adam could feel even more semen flooding his passage. Henry could might as well fill him up with as much juice as possible. He brought the young man up and held him tight in his arms. Adam turned his head and gave the older man a kiss. With so much cum in his system, he viewed it as confirmation of their changed relationship. Henry held him tighter as they stood in silence.

Adam whispered, “I’m gonna enjoy being with you.”

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