Beautiful Journey Ch. 01

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It was raining heavily as I drove my new Scorpio ( Indian s.u.v) on the deserted road. I was on my way from Mount Abu to Udaipur after a business meeting.

The sky was dark; the clouds had covered the sun and turned the day into the night. I was cruising at a steady speed enjoying the beautiful scenery and my Scorpio.

As I reached one of the villages en route I realized that I had no cigarettes left. I slowed down a bit and tried to locate a cigarette vendor. Soon I located a small shop near the road side. It was still raining heavily.

I got down and rushed to the shop and bought myself a pack of cigarettes. As I was about to leave the shop I saw a familiar figure at a distance. Yes, it wasn’t a mistake I recognized the figure. It was Mrs. Sapna Sharma.

She lived a few blocks from my house with her in laws and we knew each other through some common family friends. Her husband worked in the merchant navy and was away, mostly on the ship. She was a teacher in this village and commuted daily to and from Udaipur.

We met quite often during festivals and marriages. She was a few years elder to me. I was 25 and she was 32 and so I never had any wrong intentions about her and neither did I look at her that way.

Although I was a silent admirer of her beauty and never missed any chance to talk to her and be with her. In fact I enjoyed her company. She was a frank lady and she also liked my company. We had even shared some adult jokes via SMS but never face to face.

As I walked towards her she looked at me in a surprise and asked me what I was doing in that village. I told her my reason of being there and asked her the reason of her being there. She was standing there waiting for the bus. I asked her to join me if it was not a problem with her. She accepted it readily, as my Scorpio was a much better option than the bus.

We rushed towards my Scorpio which was not to far. Once inside we were relieved. I turned the key and felt the 2.4 liter turbo charged engine roar underneath. The sound and power of the engine has a hypnotic effect on me. I often feel a high whenever I am behind the steering wheel of my vehicle.

Once we crossed the village I felt the urge to smoke. I asked her hesitantly whether she would mind my smoking. She gave a naughty smile and said I was a grown up man now. As she said it she stroked her wet hair, sending sensations down my spine.

I lit the cigarette and took a deep puff. I exhaled the thick smoke and saw from the corner of my eyes that she was staring me. I was kind of embarrassed as this was the first time I was smoking in front of her.

I kept on smoking and we started to chat. She said she had no objection from my smoking as her hubby also smoked and that she often felt the taste of cigarette when her hubby kissed her after smoking.

WHAT? Did she say her hubby kissed her? I was not expecting her to say such a thing in such a casual manner as we never had such type of discussions earlier. I asked her to repeat what she had just said. She said she felt the taste casino şirketleri when ever their tongues met.

Now this was too much for me to digest. Did she intend to start some hot conversation? I was not so sure so I just smiled in return and kept on smoking.

She now started to talk about my personal life. She enquired whether or not I had a girl friend and what were my plans for marriage and so on. I told her I had no gal friend and that I was not ready for marriage as yet. Although I was going steady for more than six months now and besides I had a few affairs here and there.

She gave me yet another stunner. She told me that a guy of my age without a girl friend and not ready for marriage was most probably a gay if not some of his vital organs are malfunctioning.

I couldn’t stop my smile and replied that neither I had any tendencies nor any of my vital organs was malfunctioning. She laughed in return.

I was busy driving and she was fiddling with my cell phone. Suddenly she started to read the jokes that were inbox. Now let me tell you, you can’t expect decent jokes in a guy’s cell phone.

She read them all and I could clearly make out that she blushed as the jokes were outright dirty. She then looked at me and taunted on the jokes in my cell phone saying that I had a nice choice, now it was my turn to blush.

The ice was broken and she informed that she too had such jokes in her cell phone and she was comfortable with such things and also her husband shared such things with her.

It didn’t take long for the conversation to divert to hot movies and porn. She told her husband was very fond of such movies and whenever he was in town they watched porn movies every day.

The image I had of her was just the contrary. I never expected her to be watching porn and sharing dirty jokes Anyway, I asked her preferences in porn, whether she liked hard core of soft core. She said she liked to warm up by soft porn and then proceed to the hardcore stuff.

Since our conversation had crossed the barriers I asked her what she liked most in porn. She said she liked everything specially oral and lesbian. I was shocked to hear that she liked lesbian scenes. I got bolder and asked her was she into some lesbian relation and whether she did oral with her hubby.

She didn’t answer about the lesbian thing but shifted the topic and told me that her hubby disapproved of both the things and said it was dirty and perverted.

All the time, I was the one to ask her and now it was her turn. She said enough about me and now you tell me about yourself. I told her about my choice and my sexual encounters in brief. She said this was too brief and that she wanted to know more details.

I don’t know where this whole thing was leading us. I lit yet another cigarette and took a deep puff and started my stories. Although unmarried, yet I had enough of sex in my life. I also told her about my girl friend and that she had similar taste of porn as of hers.

I told her about my best sex experiences with all the minute details. casino firmaları She was listening very carefully. I knew that the atmosphere in the car had heated up. I was having a hard on and was dead sure even she was in the same state.

She then asked me what kind of girl or woman I preferred in bed and what would I like her to do. I gave her an honest reply and told whatever I liked and also that all the things were performed by my current girlfriend.

She was amazed as I told her that my girlfriend loved oral, both performing and being performed upon.

I told her that I was deprived of sex and so was my girlfriend just because of the fact that I lived in a joint family and she lived in a girl’s hostel and hence space was a big problem for us. Mostly it was either in the movie hall or on the rear seat of my car.

She looked at me thinking something and told me that she could be of some help to me if I wanted, as her in laws were out of station for a month or so and till they returned she was all alone at home. I couldn’t stop the expression of bliss on my face as it was a boon for me and my girlfriend. I told her that I would do anything for her in return, just anything in return.

She confirmed twice about what I had just told her and asked me whether I was so sure of what I had said and whether I would keep my words. I told her that I was a man of words and would keep my promise for sure. I asked her what favor she wanted from me, was it some kind of gift, or was it a treat in a good hotel or what.

She kept mum for some time and I took a drag from my cigarette. She kept on thinking for a while and said she wanted to see my cock.. Man, what a shock it was. Although we were chatting sex for more than an hour now but this was out right obscenity on her part.

I threw my cigarette and looked at her; she blushed and reminded me of my promise. It was almost dusk time and the road was deserted. It was not safe to stop the car and take any risk so I kept on moving. Udaipur was still 3 hour’s drive.

Slowing down the speed I gathered all my courage and looked at her, now with a new confidence. She was wearing a sky blue sari with a matching low cut blouse. She had shoulder length hair tied in a pony tail. She was stunning without even a hint of make up. I looked at her heavy breast and her flat stomach and the sari clad thighs.

I told her that it was fine with me but she had to make a start and show me her breastsng and then I would return the favor. She hesitated a bit but slowly slid her sari and her blouse clad boobs were visible. I couldn’t move my eyes from her gorgeous boobs.

I asked her to remove her blouse completely to which she told me that removing would be a bit cumbersome and it would be better if I could feel them instead of seeing them. I kept my left hand on her blouse and she guided it inside.

I couldn’t see her expressions as I was driving but I was sure she had closed her eyes and was enjoying my sensual touch. She even moaned a bit and stretched her right hand and kept it güvenilir casino on my crotch slightly pressing the already stiff cock.

She slowly unzipped my pants and my tool sprang from within. She slightly stroked it and asked me whether she could suck me. I said certainly not but it was unsafe to stop the car and was too difficult to suck while driving.

She kept on stroking it gently, I asked her to pull up her sari and show me the hidden treasure since she had already seen mine.”

She pushed herself up and pulled up her sari exposing her milky thighs. I stroked her thighs. She fell back on the seat and enjoyed it. I pushed my hands further and touched her panties slightly. I could feel the heat and wetness therein. I didn’t enter my hands inside her panties but I kept on playing from outside.

She waited for a while then suddenly pulled her panties down and pushed my hands hard and started to masturbate with my hands. She was furiously moving her hands and my hands.

Her orgasm had already built up from our hot discussions and soon she was climaxing in waves. Her whole body was shivering and my hand was crushed in between her thighs. I was hot as hell so I took her hand and made her grip my cock. She started to stroke hard and it wasn’t much before I shot my load in her hands.

As I got over my climax I took a deep breadth and looked at the whole scene. There she was sitting half nude with her panties pulled down to her knees. Her hands were filled with my semen and my pants were all covered with my semen as well.

Soon we both came to our senses but it was too late, we had crossed the barrier and now there was no point in crying over the spilt milk. I slowed down the speed and we both quietly adjusted our clothes and sat as if nothing has ever happened.

I lit yet another cigarette and took a deep puff and looked at her. She was not looking at me but was staring on the opposite side lost in thoughts.

I asked her was she okay and she looked at me with tears in her eyes. I was kind of puzzled and asked her the reason. She told me that I was younger to her and that she had spoiled me.

I told her it was okay with me as far as we both enjoyed and it was done purely for fun and bodily desires and nothing else. I also told her that I would love to do it again.

I could see her eyes sparkle. She asked me whether I would mind staying the whole night with her. I had absolutely no objections as I had already informed my home that I would be late by one day.

We both waited in anticipation to reach our destination. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. We reached her place at about eight thirty in the night. She had a nice and spacious house and she was all alone there for a month.

She asked me to freshen up while she had her shower in the other bathroom. I took a nice warm shower and came out relaxed draped in towel only. I sat on her bed and turned on the TV.

Couple of minutes later she came to the room wearing a flimsy night gown which revealed more and covered less.

I told her that I wanted to see her strip off completely. She slowly slid her gown and there she was stark nude.

I couldn’t help my towel from becoming a tent.

Rest in the next part of the story………kindly wait.

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