Beauty Ch. 02

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I’m sorry the next chapter took so long – college, coursework and life in general endeavoured to distract me forever, but I really want to carry on this story. This is a lot more raunchier, and I hope you enjoy it. Hopefully my next chapter won’t take so long. Enjoy!


Beauty Chapter 2

In the taxi, I am almost business-like but I still cannot keep my hands off her. They simply wander; her shoulders, collarbone, ears…I must find it all. It’s all for myself. I do not spare a thought for the driver who drives slowly through the dark streets of London – he will run up a monstrous bill, jerking off, watching us. But I do not care; it will be worth it in the end.

My lips are tender and nip at the smooth pale skin of her neck with a bit of tongue that she seems to like. Her pulse trips over my tongue as she places her hands round my neat waist, stroking softly with her fingernails, sending shivers all over my body.

“Beauty.” I gasp.

She groans in response and raises her hand, placing it on my chest, rubbing up against me.

“Wait, wait. We need to establish some rules first, some guidelines – ”

Beauty shushes me, clumsily kissing me as if she was kissing someone for the first time. She raises herself and straddles my lap in the taxi, making me lean back as she becomes more dominant in her kisses. She caresses my lips with renewed passion, and her long fingers play with my soft oak-coloured hair whilst her free hand plays rubs my nipples through the purple silk. She seems to suck the air out of my lungs and I feel dizzy. I must stop; must make boundaries, now, before this got too messy. When did she get so bold? Gently, I broke away from her with reluctance.

“You are not my girlfriend.” She stares back. “I just think you’re amazing – amazing looking…an amazing personality. I want you, but I don’t know how this ‘discovery’ stuff you’re talking about will work out.”

She stays quiet; staring back at me with those emeralds, with such intensity for so long I get scared that she hates me. The erotic energy between us doesn’t completely fall away, but I can’t help but feel I’m going up to some strange new level of intimacy, even though I’ve only known this woman for a few hours.

“Just fuck me, alright and we’ll figure it out. Please, I want you so much right now.” Before güvenilir bahis I have a chance to protest Beauty returns to sucking on my earlobes and touching me. My body is surrendering as she brings me in for another kiss, exploring my hot mouth with her tongue, and begins to grab at my chest for buttons to undo, of course only to find none. Frustrated, she growls in my mouth, biting my lip and begins to work at my zipper. This was all going too fast for me and I pulled away again.

“Whoa, ok? Just…just, slow it down for me. We are in a taxi. I don’t know your second name. Hell, I don’t even know if Beauty is your real name – “

As in cinematic perfection we arrive at my place in South Kensington. It’s a flat, not amazingly big but comfortable and stylish.

“That’ll be 22.50, love.” Grunts the taxi-man. I note his heavy breathing and grin a little. We must have put on quite a show. I come up behind him and wrap my arms around his chest. His breath hitches and I almost burst out laughing, but I wanted to manipulate him a little more.

“Aw, are you are all hard-up and no way to release yourself?” whispering into his ear, I look down at his lap to spot a large bulge. I must have drunk too much wine for I did something completely unlike me: I extended my own hand down and began to trace his member through his jeans. He’s wearing this brown corduroy bowler hat and khakis, and isn’t that ugly for a man aged around forty. He’s well built with black stubble and a crooked nose, as if he had seen a thing or two during his lifetime.

When I began to touch him he got very excited. This must be his ultimate porn dream, having to driving drunken customers and bad tippers all day: two sexy women going at it in his taxi, before inviting him for an awesome threesome to grin about for the next year or so. For now I just felt his prick with my fingers, nestling my nose into the crook of his neck. I feel Beauty’s eyes burn into my back and she begins to kiss my neck again, stroking my bum, and I could feel my already wet cunt outdoing itself. If she carries on with this I’ll ruin my dress. I moan into his ear. He must be going slowly mad.

“Lady, if you’re just teasing I’m charging you double!” He chuckles.

I start squeezing his balls through his khakis, using my rolling them between my forefinger and thumb. In response he lets out a long groan türkçe bahis that has me bursting with laughter. I am such a cocktease with men, but I like this one so I dip my hand briefly beneath his pants and gave him a quick pumping that leaves him gasping (and without orgasm) before snapping it out and paying him 50% tip. He stares after me, devastated that his dream doesn’t come to fruition. Beauty and I take the elevator to the flat, laughing heartily.

We enter the elevator and Beauty takes my hand. After her performance in the taxi I regard her with more suspicion. I must have been mad to think she was being shy. I had to wonder to myself how much of it all, with the kissing and the rubbing, was an act. Who was this person? She looked at me with coy eyes, whilst my eyes take in detail of each glorious curve. I tear my eyes away only to push the ’12’ button on the elevator.

“You know, we never finished the conversation.” Beauty says.

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” she coos, “You never told me about how you planned to acquire your…?”

“Lover? Hmm, well, first and foremost I have to choose a lover.”

“And what would this lover look like?”

I was beginning to feel nervous, but I kept my composure and used one dainty index finger to pull her towards me with her chin. Long light brown eyelashes flashed in my direction. “Well, you see right now I have a very nice candidate. I see…”

Without warning I place a sweet kiss on her small nose and I beamed as her nose wrinkled.

“I see an almost perfect nose, and…”

I lick her ears like I’m tucking into a delicacy, caressing the shell of her ears to hear her whimper “Oh yes, oh yes, yes…”

“I find sexy ears…” I take a taste of her neck… “a long, smooth neck…” I suck on fingers, watching her blush… “Slim, smooth fingers – with clipped nails I must add. You must be well prepared!” She laughed and I use the opportunity to swoop down and run my tongue down the valley between her smallish breasts, stroking her pert butt, nipping and kissing her collarbone although I avoid her nipples. She begs please… “And she has curves to die for.”

I stroke her short layered auburn hair. My voice comes down to a whisper “She is stunning and very mysterious. She’s also intelligent but I don’t know who is, and until I do, until rules are made, I mustn’t sleep güvenilir bahis siteleri with her.”

Beauty bites back. Without warning she shoves me against the wall of the elevator, crowding me instantly. “Oh, you are cruel. You think you can do all of that to me and get away with it? Think again.”

In a flash her hands are on my black lace panties, gently squeezing and rubbing against my outer lips, re-awakening the throbbing bud underneath. She stares into eyes, unblinking; there’s no escape.

“Please stop…”

My protestations grow futile as my body begins to respond to the stimulation as my hips twist greet her, aching for a real touch from those fingers of hers.

“Oh, you really want it, don’t you Marissa? You really want –”she flicks my clit through the lace. I whimper. “- me! Go on, tell me you want it, tell me you want me and I’ll tell you everything!”

But I’m not taken in so easily. My own hand is soon wondering into her silk panties. I don’t care to tease. I use my index finger to draw moisture from her hot liquid centre and run light circles around her throbbing clit. Her eyes burn jade green and she presses her hands into my pussy. I get a real touch at long last.

We moan together and our foreheads touch – our eyes burn into each other, our resolve setting in, moving into a kind of competition – who will come first? Beauty’s uses two of her fingers to probe inside my wetness, curling them inwards to stroke the soft velvet inside me, all the while using her thumb to tease my clit. My technique is slightly different, aiming for the rest of her body with my lips, kissing her collarbone, her ears, biting her nipples through her top, even though she squirms to get away from me as it tickles her, awakening her whole body to the pleasure of mostly clitoral pleasure as I keep a gentle, yet relentless pace on her clit with my lucky right hand.

I hear Beauty’s breathing getting heavier, and her whimpers turning into louder moans, as if she was gasping for air. She was getting close to the edge, but was still being competitive, and scrambled for my G-spot. Every time her fingers grazed my innermost point of pleasure it sent shivers down my spine and my eyes seeing stars. Oh, fuck, it felt so good. I responded quickly with my final tactic and placed my left hand under top to tease those smooth nipples further.

I was beginning to feel contractions in her pussy as Beauty began to lose: “Oh, oh god, fuck you, fuck you, Marissa, I’m gonna…ohh, I’m gonna lose, I’m gonna cum…”


“You gotta be kidding me.”

…to be continued

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