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I have written 9 chapters about my sexual exploits after my retirement at 65. Anyone that has read them will know that I had a wild sexual past which I gave up to marry and raise a family. This chapter is another story from my younger days as a free spirit in the late sixties early seventies of swinging London, long before I married and settled down.


In the weeks that following the loss of my virginity with Mr Farrow, who was to become my new boss, I had spread my wings. I had continued to have office dalliances with him after hours and things were working out nicely on the job front. The work was easy and I had plenty of time to plan and execute a full social life. I had experienced a few one night stands and I now considered myself as sexually mature because I had fumbled about a bit with a few guys I had met in pubs, or had bent over a desk for Mr Farrow to take me doggy style after hours in the office.

It was at this time that a new staff member, Suzanne started with the company. She was incredibly beautiful, with a slim figure, long flowing golden blonde hair that tumbled in waves across her petite shoulders. She also had the deepest pair of blue eyes that constantly begged others to sleep with her. I watched as the men of all ages became tongue tied and awkward in her presence or stood drooling as she passed them. She seemed to glide across a room rather than wiggle in the way that the rest of us young girls tried to do. She also eschewed the normal “short skirt, tits obvious” mode of dress that we all prescribed to.

Instead Suzanne dressed in flowing dresses made of the lightest fabric. Like me, she never wore a bra and her nipples could often be seen protruding and making little bumps in the front of her top. I recall her wearing a cheese cloth shirt that was so tight, hardly anything was left to the imagination. The older women, what few there were working in those days, did not approve. The men, whilst publicly disapproving, secretly enjoyed the pure sight of her in the way one might admire a striking artwork.

I rushed to emulate her mode of dress whenever I wasn’t at work. Long flowing skirts, tight cheese cloth shirts and the money saved on underwear, well, that could be spent on partying! As time went by, I began to spend a lot of time with Suzanne during our after work visits to the pub. I discovered that we had a lot in common in our likes and dislikes, particularly in music. We were chatting one Friday evening in the local and she quite suddenly invited me to a party the following night. I readily agreed and we arranged to meet at the party. She gave me the address, which was a house in Notting Hill.

Notting Hill London was, in those days, nothing like it is now and certainly nothing like it appears in the film of the same name. The street where the party was had clearly been prosperous at one time with large houses lining either side. At that moment in time, most had been converted to flats and were populated by a very mixed bag of individuals and families. Music drifted from a number of open windows making it seem as though there was a party in every dwelling, and indeed there probably was.

I eventually found the address I had been given and wandered up the short front path. The main door was up a few steps and I noticed that the door was open. A large, round faced guy was sitting on the doorstep and looked up at me as I approached.

‘Hi’, I said with maybe a bit too much enthusiasm, ‘I was told there was a party here; I am a friend of Suzanne’s’. He made no sign that he recognised the name, but nevertheless motioned for me to go inside.

Immediately on entering, the sweet smell of what I now know to be marijuana hit me and the music took on a deeper tone. I walked to the first door and peered in. The room was filled with a fog of smoke and an impossibly large number of people were sitting on various bits escort bayan ataköy of worn out furniture, gently nodding to the beat, or engaged in heavy petting. I tried to find out where Suzanne was, but nobody seemed to know her, or weren’t able to process the information in some way. By now the drinks I had brought were beginning to way heavy, so I went in search of somewhere to put them.

When I found it, the large kitchen was also full of people. I decided that these ones had arrived more recently than the lounge dwellers as they still seemed to be in possession of a number of faculties. I grabbed a beer (cheap and plentiful) and smiled at a couple who were leaning against a wall in a corner of the room. I enquired after Suzanne and the girl knew who I was referring to. ‘Oh yeah, she is probably upstairs with Justin in his room. It is the first door on the right off the first landing’. I thanked them and made my way up the stairs. Every wall had been painted with a mixture of graffiti, various political statements and some surprisingly skilled art. I realised that this must be one of the squats that I had heard about in the news.

The bedroom door was ajar when I got there, but I decided to knock anyway. The door opened slightly more in response to my knocks and a voice called ‘Hi!’ I entered the room which was in almost total darkness except for the streetlights shining in through an elegant bay window. Two figures sat in the middle of the bed, one unmistakably the hippie form of Suzanne, the other a young man of about the same age, sporting long black hair and an equally black, but sparse beard. He was thin and looked strikingly like the images I had seen of Jesus. They were sharing a joint. The Jesus lookalike, who had been holding his breath to get the maximum hit from the spliff, exhaled and invited me to sit on the bed with them.

As I sat, I became aware that Suzanne was dressed in one of her ubiquitous cheesecloth shirts which was fully unbuttoned and draped over her breasts. “Jesus” appeared to be completely unclothed, his modestly hidden by a ruff of bedsheet which was pulled up between his legs. Suzanne’s modestly was similarly protected, but neither seemed bothered at my intrusion. Horrified at my gaffe, I quickly started apologising and began to back out of the room. Both of them laughed and assured me in drawling tones that it was ‘cool babe’ and I was once again invited onto the bed.

We sat and talked for a while and I discovered that the Jesus look alike was actually Justin, the self-styled leader of the squatters. They told me that the occupation was a peaceful protest at the Capitalist system as the house was owned, but not lived in, by a rich dude who had made a fortune by some kind of exploitation. At some point during the conversation the joint was offered to me and I took a deep drag as I had seen the others do, taking the smoke deep into my lungs. The coughing fit that followed my inhalation was so violent I felt as though my lungs would land inside out in my lap. The others collapsed in fits of laughter, only stopping when they saw how embarrassed I was.

It must have really shown as their attitude changed instantly. Suzanne knelt up, modesty forgotten and encouraged me to lie down between them. I was glad of this because, at that moment, my head felt as though it was floating about like a child’s balloon in the wind. As I settled back, they both moved in close alongside me, rubbing my upper arms in sympathy. Not much was said for a while as they passed the joint between them and over the top of me. Eventually Suzanne spoke.

‘I told you she was beautiful didn’t I?’

Justin nodded talking another lungful of the exotic herb and surveying me with thickly glazed eyes. I have always been a sucker for flattery and I reached up to take the joint next time it was passed. I took care to take only a small amount in bayrampasa escort this time and was rewarded with a warm floating sensation. Sudden noises took on a pronounced presence and I was aware of my own heart beating.

‘Come on Babe, make yourself more comfortable, and loose those clothes’. It was Justin’s voice, but Suzanne’s hands that started to unbutton my shirt. One by one the tightly closed buttons were released causing my shirt to gap all down the front. Justin turned on his side and propped himself up on his elbow to watch. The music echoed in my head as the room slowly came in and out of focus. I willingly rolled to one side, and then raised my lower half from the bed to allow her to unzip and remove my skirt. I laid naked between them and let my eyes follow the long redundant ceiling light on its journey around the room.

It was the oddest feeling I had ever experienced. My reactions were certainly dulled, but every sound and smell became somehow exaggerated and larger than life. I felt Suzanne reach across me and watched idly as she ran her hand over Justin’s hairless chest. I looked down and saw with detached fascination that his cock was soft and laid across his thigh. Reaching further, Suzanne took a grip on Justin’s forearm and pulled it across, laying it to rest on my ribcage, just below my breasts.

I closed my eyes settled back to enjoy the feeling. Slowly Justin started to describe small circles around my breasts before finally lightly running his fingertips over them and over my nipples which immediately stood to attention. Another hand joined the first and I realised that it was Suzanne’s. Together they caressed and teased my upper body and breasts before simultaneously running down my stomach as if by some silent command. Entwined, the fingers began to probe and explore, pushing and nudging their way between my legs. As I drifted through a half dream, I opened my legs and allowed them to invade my most intimate of places.

I continued to drift along at total peace, allowing my body to enjoy the stimulation it was receiving. I watched in total fascination as these two naked bodies explored my own. I was exposed to them in every way possible. This was the first time I had registered that all senses are used during sex. The sight of their bodies, Suzanne’s naked breasts with hard nipples, Justin’s taught male figure well defined and his cock, now also hard, pulsing with his heartbeat. The feel of their fingers and the occasional touch of lips on my body and the unmistakable scent of sexual arousal, all heightened to the maximum by my total relaxation.

Suzanne moved across me and took Justin’s cock in her hand. She began to slowly stroke it, letting me see how magnificent it was. Justin moved to a sitting position and then to kneel between my legs. Suzanne continued to stroke him and guide him towards my pussy. I have never wanted anything so much in my life as I wanted him inside me. Slowly and carefully, her hand guided him until his cock head was touching the entrance of my vagina. I tried to push down to accept him into me, but he withdrew, savouring the feeling of himself in my entrance.

Now kneeling beside me, Suzanne used one hand on Justin’s cock and the other to tease my right nipple. She continued to stroke him up and down my wet slit for what seemed a lifetime. I looked at her natural beauty, the large natural breasts, light pink nipples, hard and protruding, slender arms leading to perfect shoulders and her long wavy blonde hair hanging down over me, its colour contrasting with the hair which sprouted under her arms and over her pussy.

As I watched two of the world’s most beautiful people, his cock began to nudge inside my slick wet pussy. Suzanne continued to guide his cock, allowing him to enter me for only a short distance, then a little more at each slow and deliberate thrust. As he started escort bayan avcılar to push harder into me, Suzanne moved her hand and laid it flat on my mons. Her index finger ran over my clit, teasing it in time with each thrust, heightening my arousal to impossible levels.

His strokes came regular and hard now, each thrusting me and trapping Suzanne’s hand momentarily before withdrawing and preparing to thrust again. I felt my orgasm begin to build deep within me and was only dimly aware of the door opening and another perfect Jesus like figure entering. Suzanne recognised him immediately. ‘Hi Nick’, she chirped, ‘Come and meet Jacqui’.

‘Hi Jacqui’ he replied, surveying my exposed naked body, ‘It looks like you and my little brother are getting on famously’. All I could manage was muffled nonsense in reply. It didn’t seem to matter as Nick continued to study every inch of me. ‘I wish I had seen you first’ he said, ‘but then again, there is plenty of time’.

I watched enthralled and excited as my orgasm began to take hold as Nick removed the tight tee shirt he was wearing, and began to undo the laced up fly of his skin tight jeans. As be wiggled then down, his cock was gradually revealed. Hard and previously trapped by denim, it sprang forward. I studied it from the tip to the base and followed the line of dark pubic hair up over his navel and the defined slim body which now stood naked before me.

Within seconds, I orgasmed in a frenzied thrash of muffled gasps and squeals. Justin rode me like a bucking bronco maintaining his position, thrusting harder. As my inner muscles contracted, they made a tight fit around the length of Justin’s penis. Sealed as they were with my lubricating juices, Justin’s sudden withdrawal made an audible slurp. He quickly moved to the side of me and in two strokes began to cum in huge globs all over my tingling titties. Suzanne moved to the end and grabbed Nicks cock, guiding him as she had his brother, right towards my waiting, wet open twat. Nick did not wait, but thrust his full hardness into me and immediately began to fuck me in long hard thrusts.

Suzanne moved to lay alongside me, lifting my head into the crook of her arm and then holding me like a child as Nick continued with his merciless fucking. She tightened her grip of me as Nick’s face began to contort, signalling his readiness to ejaculate. I had been expecting him to pull out as his brother had done, but instead he rammed his cock into my cunt simultaneously shooting spurt after spurt of his spunk deep into my womb. Suzanne kissed me on the cheek as he finally withdrew his cock limp and spent. Without a word, he walked out of the room without bothering to dress.

I lay stunned for a while before I found any words. ‘How rude’ I giggled.

‘Take no notice, that is not what Nick is really like, it is probably the drink and atmosphere that made him behave like that.’

‘You don’t mind them fucking me then?’

‘Why should I?’ Suzanne looked at me with a puzzled expression.

‘Well, some people are a bit funny about who their boyfriend shags.’

‘Oh, no neither of them are my boyfriend Jacqui, we are quite open here, nobody is exclusively screwing anyone else. In fact, all the girls have been on the receiving end of those two at one time or another.’

I sat silent, trying to take it all in. So this was the free love I had heard about. It wasn’t made up to vilify the young at all, it really did exist.

Suzanne reached out and took my hand. ‘Come on, I will show you’.

We didn’t bother to dress, but walked naked hand in hand down the staircase and back into the lounge next to the kitchen. The music was still playing. I watched as she moved around the room with a mixture of grace, elegance and mystery that, years later, I was reminded of by the lyrics of the song “Year of the Cat” by Al Stewart.

As if to underline her point, she crouched in front of a young man who was sitting in an armchair smoking and nodding his head in time with the music. She turned and smiled at me as she opened his fly and drew out his cock. I knew than that my life had once again moved on and would never be the same.

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