Being Wrong in the Bath Tub


The knock on the bathroom door signaled that I was wrong.

“I’m in the bath tub but come in if you want.”

The door opened slowly and after a bit of hesitation he walked in. His eyes immediately widened at seeing me naked in the bath tub. I had purposely used a lot of bubble bath solution so nothing was exposed but that didn’t stop him from staring at the foamy white mounds covering my breasts.

“I didn’t think you were serious.” He bashfully said.

“I didn’t think you were bold enough to take me up on the offer to join me.” I replied. It was so much fun to tease him. He acted innocent but I suspected that I just had to crack open that shell to get at different side of him.

It was cute seeing him in this position. He was just standing there admiring me. His blushing cheeks were obvious even from where I was sitting. I don’t think he knew what to do next. This is probably the first time he’s been in this setting. I know from our many conversations that he’s dated ladies before. But I’m not a dainty lady waiting to be rescued. I’m a vixen going after what I want.

I had my eyes on him around the office for a short while now. We took breaks from work to hang out over lunches and I got to learn his personality. It was so easy to flirt and tease him. It was even easier to get him over to my house for a dinner together. In public he presented himself as well mannered but I coerced some more naughty conversations out of him in private. The evening was nice, the food was good, the comments were playful and I felt his shell was ready to crack so I decided to test it. I said I needed a bath after a long day at work so he could either join me or let himself out.

I’m pleasantly surprised to see him standing in my bathroom. I’m going to have so much fun with him tonight and he doesn’t even know what he’s in for. This reminded me of something from a poem “Step into my parlor said the spider to the fly.” I honestly thought I pushed it too far. It took a while to get the tub filled with water and mixed to a nice hot but not scalding temperature. Even after undressing and getting into it, I still didn’t hear any footsteps coming up the stairs to signal that he’d join me. I thought I moved too fast and he had left after dinner.

Sitting in the tub it was easy to raise one knee as a casual gesture. It broke through the bubbles like a little mountain raising from the sea. His eyes instantly moved to see the action and watch the foam travel down my thigh back into the tub. I slide my hand up my thigh, over my knee, then down to my ankle pretending to clean it. He couldn’t look away.

“You’ll need to take your clothes off to join me.” I said.

He looked startled as the spell was broken and quickly returned my eye contact.

“But, uhh…” he started to reply.

“But what? I’ll see you naked? That’s obvious when taking a bath together. I’m already naked.” To emphasize the point, I used my hands to cup my breasts and raise them up. The bubbles couldn’t cover all of them given their size but at least my nipples were still obscured.

“Or are you embarrassed to be striping in front of me? That’s your fault for taking too long to get here. Last one in is the loser and has to put on a show for the other.” I had him stuck and he knew it. He didn’t come all this way to walk out on me now so he had no other option than to get undressed with me watching.

He reached up to unbutton the collar of his polo shirt then tentatively grabbed the bottom sides of it. I could see him take a small breath to compose himself before taking action. It wasn’t a graceful movement when he pulled it over his head because it bunched up and got caught at one point, but I liked it. It showed me how uncomfortable he is around girls. I’m not dealing with some guy who thinks he’s a gift to all women. No, this scenario seems like new territory for him. And I’m the one who gets to decide what we do next.

I liked what I saw with him standing topless before me. It was obvious he is a skinny guy. Around the office his shirts were always baggy and his arms looked lanky. But now I could see that even though he was skinny he was also lean. His shoulders and biceps had a bit of definition to them along with his chest. He had a little bit of chest hair but it was easy to make out some muscle tone for his pecs. I would say it was his abs that I liked the most by that point. They weren’t popping out like washboard abs from a guy on a fitness magazine but he had very little fat so I could clearly see their lines and count them. I was pleasantly surprised with this package hiding under those loose clothes. Girls may overlook this lanky guy at the bars but there is more hidden to this one than it appears.

I smiled to show my appreciation then placed my hand on my shoulder and slowly moved it down over a breast. This cleared off the bubbles and gave him a clear view of it. I paused to pinch the nipple before moving my hand to cup it and squeeze.

“Keep going” I instructed him.

The grin on his face showed me that he liked watching me play with my boob and was beginning to be more comfortable with this. He kicked off his shoes, released the belt buckle, unzipped his slacks, Kayseri Escort then dropped them to the floor. The movement was practical, there wasn’t any entertainment to it. I’ll have to scold him about doing a poor strip show later. Right now my attention was on those dark boxer briefs that were left. Or more accurately, I was focused on what was contained within them. The black color of the material hid a lot of detail but it was still obvious that what was inside was very substantial. I teased him once before about a big bulge around the office. But now I was getting to see it without any trousers to hide behind. His dick was tucked down his left leg. The shape it created through the material made it easy to tell what part was the thigh and what part was the shaft. But it was so long that it reached to the bottom of the boxer briefs. Unfortunately I couldn’t see it peeking out but there was an opening along the bottom seam because the head of his cock was big enough to cause a gap. If I had a lower viewpoint I’d be able to stare straight up at it.

This is going to be fun playing with all that tonight. I move my hand from my breast to my pussy and gently rub it. I exaggerate the movements of my elbow so he can guess at what I’m doing since the bubbles still cover everything below water level.

“You’re supposed to be giving me a show,” I complain “so take them off slowly.”

“A show huh? Okay then.” He said as he hooks his thumbs into the band of his boxer briefs. He pulls them down only an inch on the left side, then on the right, then left again, thrusting his hip side to side and pausing after each action.

“You silly goofball. You’re not a Chippendale dancer so don’t expect an applause after each movement.”

Accepting that his audience didn’t expect a grand performance, he stopped pausing and continued the reveal at a faster pace. As his underwear got lower I saw the base of his cock first since it was hanging down. I was pleased to see that it was a good size thickness. I couldn’t wait to see all of it. However in the moment, it seemed comical because it felt like it took forever. He kept pushing down his boxer briefs an inch at a time but his cock kept going revealing another inch. Where did that thing end? I got my answer suddenly when his underwear slipped out of his hands and dropped the rest of the way to the floor.

“Whoa.” Escaped my lips.

That was a damn good cock. It didn’t look thick, I’d say its girth was slightly on the better side of average. But it was long. It looked like it reached halfway down his thigh. It hung down swaying a little bit so he wasn’t fully hard yet. I guess my roving hand playing with my breast and pussy were enough of a tease to start getting him turned on. How did such a skinny guy have a cock that big? I chuckled because perhaps that was the answer, maybe he was so skinny because all the meat went to hang between his legs.

“Umm, how will I fit?” He asked.

“How indeed?” I wondered aloud.

“Perhaps if you slid forward I could sit behind you?” He suggested.

Oh! He was talking about fitting in this small tub with me. My mind was already jumping ahead pondering how that large dick will fit in me.

“Sit here and put your legs on either side of me.” I suggested as I moved forward.

He pulled off his socks, stepped forward putting one foot in the tub, then squatted as he held the sides so he could lower himself down with both legs spread out. Once he was seated behind me I slid back against him. Lots of guys have said my best feature is my ass. It’s large and round with the right amount of jiggle if I exaggerate my steps. I’ve caught him staring at it many times when I glanced back while walking in front of him. And now it was pressed up against his cock.

“While you are back there, make yourself useful and wash my shoulders.” I told him as I reached for the bottle of body wash.

I wiggled my butt against him as I twisted around to squirt some lotion onto his hands. I could feel that dick against my left butt cheek. It felt chubby, not soft but still on its way to getting hard. He reached up and started massaging my shoulders. “Ahhh.” It actually felt good as he worked his fingers into my muscles. His digits were pushing into the knots and releasing my tension. “Lower.” His hands maneuvered between my shoulder blades. He used his thumbs to press straight in then ground down and followed the line along my spine. I’ll have to have to get a massage another time because this felt good to calm me down. But right now I wanted to get worked up. “To the sides.” He promptly followed directions and after running his hands to the bottom of my back he angled them to my sides and caressed his way back up. His fingers felt good along the side of my stomach before he moved them up over my ribs. I didn’t fault him for cheating them forward a little bit more so he could get a quick feel of some side boob. I had to suppress a little giggle as he reached a ticklish armpit spot but thankfully he quickly passed it and finished with a strong squeeze of my shoulder muscles.

“Don’t neglect the front.” I reminded him.

Those fingers began their journey down my back Kayseri Escort Bayan again. They followed my spine with haste this time as I’m sure they were eager to reach a new destination. After repeating their path to the small of my back then, around my side, they reached new the territory of my stomach. They circled around my tummy and belly button more than a few times. I don’t know if he was hesitating because he was unsure that he had free reign to explore or if he was trying to heighten my anticipation. I was about to give him another command when I felt his hands change direction. “Mmmm.” Finally I felt his fingers bump against the bottom swell of my breasts. They pushed them up and were soon cupping what they could of my boobs. I could feel his cock jerk in excitement. Originally my ass had trapped it between his left thigh and my cheek but that twitch moved it a bit. It wasn’t yet freely stranding straight up but was now at an awkward angle. He didn’t seem to mind since his hands never left their new found treasure. He squeezed them, massaged them, rolled his fingers into them, he was captivated by them. He caused me to gasp when he pinched them unexpectedly. He is definitely a boob guy. I should have worn a shirt showing cleavage to tease him at the office instead of all those times I shook my ass at him.

I’m sure he would have worshiped them forever but I wasn’t in the mood to wait. I grabbed one of his wrists to pull it down. His hand fought against leaving that wonderland so it took a bit of pressure to move his arm towards my stomach. The resistance stopped by the time his hand was back on my belly as he resigned himself to only having one breast to play with. But I had a better use of those fingers in mind and kept pushing his wrist further south. Once he realized the new destination was below the waterline his hand was a willing participant and I didn’t have to drag it down anymore. His fingers were now eager to move between my legs and sought out my pussy. Their first contact with my slit was a bit rough but it still released a little jolt of pleasure from being touched. “Ohhh yes.” His technique softened now that he reached this underwater cave and began to gently explore the outside opening. His digits caressed the folds of my lips before prying them open to search for the clit. Rubbing the little nub had me squirming which shook my ass against his dick still bunched up between us. I was being more vocal with moans as he got me worked up. And I could sense him getting more excited as blood pumped into that long cock. As the shaft became engorged it seemed like it was tunneling between my ass cheek and his hip. It’s steely strength was winning out against my big booty and was pushing flesh out of its way. Feeling it straighten out while pressed between us was a unique sensation for me. His rod finally freed itself from our fleshy prison when it twitched with full hardness and stood straight up. It was now cradled between my ass cheeks aiming towards the ceiling.

This gave me an instant desire to have my hands busy too. I put them on the sides of the tub and lifted myself up a bit. Now with room to maneuver I began twerking my ass on that cock. Usually my voluptuous butt smothers the cock of my previous boyfriends but his lengthy tower turned this effort into a hotdogging action. I heard a groan from him so I knew he enjoyed it. But I wasn’t doing this for his benefit, I was doing it to change positions. After a few bounces I raised up higher then reached between my legs to grab his cock. I pulled it away from his belly button and aimed it towards the far end of the tub while telling him to slide down. It actually took some force to hold that dick down as his muscle fought to return to an upright position. He grunted in discomfort but still complied by scooting his body lower and almost lying in the tub. I descended until I was sitting on his stomach with my legs spread wide before I released that beast. It unleashed its anger by springing back to hit my pussy with a loud thwack. “Ow! Fuck.” The pain was pleasurable knowing what caused it but anything slapping my pussy would cause a cry in response.

I closed my legs and looked at the monstrosity trapped between my thighs. Despite him being below me, it was so long that it protruded above my legs like a monolith on display. This rock hard object was impressive. It looked like I had my own penis. If I was a guy the amount sticking up would have been acceptable but I was blown away knowing there was more of it underneath me. Finally I had something for my hands to play with. I let got of the sides of the tub and wrapped one hand around the exposed cock. I misjudged his thickness earlier as I struggled to get my fingertips to touch. I squeezed the shaft then let go to admire it again. It really was a damn good cock. Even the mushroom head was pronounced and larger than the shaft. I gingerly run a finger along the coronal ridge and can feel him squirm under me from how sensitive it is. I wrap my hand back around it and give it a pump. The soapy bubble bath solution makes it easy to slide between our flesh. Thankfully the bubbles have started to dissipate in the tub so I could enjoy my view of it Escort Kayseri standing proud. I slowly stroked this obelisk up and down admiring the stoney core and stretchy skin surrounding it. I use my other hand to play with the large crown. I pinch it and watch the discoloration under the pressure of my fingers while the blood turns the adjacent area an angry reddish-purple.

“Hey,” I’m scolded, “don’t be mean to it.”

I defend myself, “Oh come on, these things were built to take a pounding.”

“Yes but the head has a lot of nerves. So stop pinching it.”

“You don’t like the feeling of being squeezed in something tight?” I tease.

“Of course I do, but that should be from a woman’s pus…ahhh!” I cut off his sentence by trying to crush his shaft with my hand. I didn’t think it would be that noticeable since I couldn’t compete with that steel core.

“Mmpfh, fuck you’ve got a great grip.” He complimented me.

“Oh you like that huh?”

“Hell yeah. Usually a girl isn’t so rough with it.”

“Well if you want something tight, then let’s get to it.”

My hands go back to the sides of the tub to lift me up again. I squeeze my legs together and bounce a little to give that cock a thigh job. That long shaft feels wonderful running against my pussy. I raise up higher to release it and hear a wet slap as his dick springs back to rest against his stomach.

“I can’t hold myself up and aim it at the same time. Care to lend a hand?”

I look down between my legs waiting for him to hold it up so I can spear myself with it. It doesn’t look so bad from this high up. But knowing how big it is has me dripping wet with anticipation and it’s not just from the bath water. Once he has it straight I lower a little until I feel that fat head pushing against my lips. I circle my hips a bit trying to work that tip between them. After I feel them parted by his crown I drop an inch more. It obviously resists going into my cave because geometry says that large mushroom top shouldn’t fit inside this smaller opening. Stubborn determination will win over physics though because I’m not going to give up until I get this massive cock inside me. I bounce a bit trying to get his size to stretch out my entrance. I can feel my muscles protesting at the intruder. I ease up on my arms to put more pressure on him. I’m barely holding myself up from the sides of the tub with most of my weight pressing down on that point. With gravity assisting me that spongy head gets compressed enough to start entering. I wanted to raise my arms up in triumph but the sudden thought of how long that cock was caused me to tense up. I chuckled at the image of dropping unrestrained onto that spear and poking my lung out. The pause helped my muscles adjust to this new visitor and it felt better now since the shaft wasn’t as big as the glans.

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how tight you are.” I hear him exclaim.

I might have misjudged his girth at the start of his little strip show but there was no way he could have known about me.

“It usually takes a bit of effort,” I brag. “But not this much. My exes weren’t as endowed as you are.”

I become slightly comfortable with the size now that he stretched me out. Slowly I descend and enjoy the sensation of that large head burrowing its way into my pussy. I stop when I feel halfway full and reverse so I can savor the feeling. I do this a few times slowly before I pick up the pace. Lightly bouncing on just the top few inches I hear him moan in appreciation below me. Ready for more, I use a slow approach until I find out where the end of his dick is. Spoiler alert, I found my limit first. After what seemed like a very long descent into my love cave, I felt him bump against my cervix. The discomfort made me retreat up an inch before returning to that point. I gingerly try to hold my position over him with his cock nudging against my back wall. I open my legs wider to look down. It’s been long enough that only a few bubbles remain in the tub so there is nothing hiding my view of it. What surprised me was that I could see it. There was still a little more of it left outside of me. I try to get the last bit of that cock in but the harder I push down the more pain I feel pushing up. It seems like physics wins out in the end since I just can’t force it any further.

“Damn that’s a big cock. I can’t believe how much you are filling me up.” I exclaim.

I go slow with my strokes up and down that long dick. I enjoy feeling it’s length as it travels in and out of me. The pleasure of having so much meat pushing against every inch of my pussy is building up. I’ve had ex-boyfriends who believed in a fast and furious style, and it certainly has it’s benefits, but this slow and steady tempo will most definitely win the race today. Even inside me I can tell where the ridge of that large mushroom head is as it rubs the walls of my vagina. I feel my nerves celebrate this internal massage. My thighs start to burn as the squatting movements take their toll. My arms are getting weak holding the sides of the tub as I continue bouncing. But it is worth it. The feeling of being stuffed with such a long sausage is putting me over the edge. My muscles are on fire protesting at the nonstop exercise. I can’t sit on him to rest because his length. I’m constantly reminded of that as it bumps against my cervix. The sense of fullness, the aching muscles, and the uncomfortable bumps all combine to cause an orgasm of unusual sensations.

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