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It was the first Sunday in Belize, and the other guys had decided to go over to the mainland for the day, to go explore some Mayan ruins. I wasn’t so interested, and decided to spend my day in the village, going through shops and generally walking around. Anna bid us farewell, closing and locking the door behind us as we left. I was barely halfway to town when I realized that I had left my wallet behind at the suite.

I opened the door, seeing that Anna’s room was open, but the doors down the long corridor to the lounge were closed. I opened them and walked into my room, yet I could not see my wallet anywhere, stymied, I walked out of my room and turned left, to look in the lounge.

I stopped dead when I look on the balcony. Anna was lying on a lounge chair, her raven-black hair hanging at her shoulders, as the chair was in a sitting rather than a lying position. Her long, shapely legs were pulled towards her chest, hanging over the arms over the chair as she spread her legs. Her natural C cup breasts were moving slightly as Anna settled. She had deposited her clothes on the deck by the foot of her chair. A black demi-bra and thong, red skirt and tank top all lay cluttered in a pile. She was lying back as much as she could, her left arm bent as she took her nipples between her thumb and fingers, while her right hand was between her spread legs, lightly fluttering over her pussy lips and teasing her clit. She smiled, and reached out for to a table that was by her left elbow. Upon it was a large flesh colour double ended dildo, a shorter yet wider silicone dildo which had balls attached to a flat base, and a bottle of lube.

I leaned against the counter watching carefully as she put a little bit of lube on her hand, and then start stroking and playing at her pussy and clit, while with the other hand she took the big double ended dildo. She slowly rubbed the head of the dildo over the lips and clit, then pushed it in slowly, pulling it all the way out with a popping sound on each stroke. Then she’d guide the head back in with both hands, pushing the dildo all the way in, pulling it all the way out. Anna started moving her arm faster and faster, no longer pulling it all the way out. She started bucking, moving her hips to meet the thrusting toy. I started getting hard, grabbing and touching my cock through my shorts. Anna was moaning, pulling at her nipples with every stroke as her right hand moved quicker, in and out. I undid poker oyna my fly, pulled out my now hard cock and started stroking it, matching the pace of my jacking off to the speed of her thrusts. Suddenly, she stopped thrusting, her legs closed quickly trapping her hand as Anna’s head went back and she muffled a sharp moan by biting her lip. I had closed my eyes as I too was cumming, and when I opened them, Anna was standing before me in the doorway, weight on her left foot, arms crossed over her perfect breasts.

She then asked if I had masturbated when thinking about her before, and I replied that I had. Cocking her head to one side, she asked what my favourite fantasy of her was. After I told her, she bid me to pick up her stuff and follow her into her room. After a second’s hesitation, I ran to grab the clothes and toys, bundling them in my arms.

Once I got to her room, Anna locked the door, and bid me go into her bags and pick out the outfit that would best suit my fantasy. I chose a pair of heels, Red D’Orsay 4 inch stiletto heels with a really long pointed toe, a red lacy thong and push up bra set, and a black tank top with spaghetti straps. Meanwhile, I was standing there naked, my cock was starting to firm up again. Noticing this, Anna said it was time to act out my fantasy.

And so I lay down on the bed while she came up crawling on hands and knees from below me, and took my half flaccid cock into her hands. Stroking it quickly with her right hand, she looked over my cock into y eyes while her left hand ran up and down my leg, stomach, thigh and balls. With her skilled hands, it didn’t take very long at all for me to get harder than I was before, and a bit bigger.

Anna moved up, and slowly took my cock into her mouth. Her tongue was moving about; on the in stroke it would flick over the bottom of my penis while on the outstroke it flitted over the head. She was looking me deep in the eyes, and s I came close to cumming she stopped, smiled and stood up.

I rolled off the bed and indicated for her to lie down, with her ass near the end and her feet spread apart. Her stiletto heels were touching the bed, the shoes rising at a sharp angle. I came up from between her legs. Lifting one leg, kissing my way from the toe all the up the foot, inside the left leg to the knee, which I placed over my right shoulder. I then took her right foot, kissed and licked my way up from the toe of the shoe all the way up her canlı poker oyna lower leg to her thigh, which I placed on my left shoulder. I was hard, but I wanted to touch my cock so I stroked it a couple times.

I then started kissing my way up the inside of her right leg, from the knee to the thigh, all the way up to where her thong was covering her pussy. I could see, smell and feel the wetness that was already soaking through the thong

I pulled off her thong, lifting it over my head and taking it off, accidentally knocking off her left shoe. I moved back, and put it back on, then kissed my way up the leg all the way to her pussy. My hands were on the outside of her legs, stroking them from underneath and on the outside, lightly fluttering my fingers over her thighs. I put my hands under her ass, and look into her eyes as I kiss and lightly flick my tongue over her pussy lips .She was already very wet, and I start to lick and flick my tongue all over her pussy lips, slowly probing inside with just the tip, flicking the walls of her pussy.

I pulled her pussy into my face as she arches her back, pulling and twisting at her nipples with her fingers and nails, moaning as my nose flutters back and forth quickly over her clit. She arched her back and flopped, trying to angle her pussy more into my mouth her heels dig into my shoulder blades, turning me on even further as the jolt makes my tongue go farther in, flicking all over before I pull my mouth away, and move my head all over, making my tongue change angles as it flicks the inside of her lips.

Grinning, I sit back. She’s very wet and it’s gleaming on my face in the light from the window move up farther and place a hand either side of her torso, holding myself above her. She is still wearing her bra and tank top, and her legs are over my shoulders. Her left leg is bent, digging its heel into my back, while her right leg is extended, and I can just see the red in my peripheral vision with my left eye I grin, and lean down and kiss her on the neck and shoulder as I reach down, and with her supporting herself on her elbows, pulls off her tank top, throwing it far from the bed

We’re kissing madly, out lips separated by our tongues, then we are kissing each others neck her left hand goes down to her pussy, alternating between stroking my cock and rubbing my cock against her pussy lips, and her right hand is running up and down my back, nails leaving red marks. My left hand is on her breast, playing her with nipple through her bra as my right reaches around and undoes the clasp With a smile, I lean back, untangle her arms for a second and remove her bra; throwing it the opposite way of the tank top put my head to her left breast, taking the left nipple in my mouth. My other hand is on her breast, flicking and twisting it I’m sucking on her nipple, twisting it, sucking hard then soft, licking the tip with my tongue, then I switch to the other breast, my right hand goes to her left breast while my left hand moves up and down her back.

Her head is thrown back, and she’s moaning and sighing, rubbing the shaft of my cock against her pussy lips her nipples are getting big, and hard like little diamonds that press into my chest. I pay the same attention to her right breast as I did to her left, and then she pushes my head away, brings it close to hers, kisses my right neck cheek and ear, whispering that she wants me to fuck her hard.

I move my arm so that her left leg moves s from my shoulder to around my waist while the right leg is still extended over my shoulder. She pushes my crotch back, and takes my cock, rubbing the head against her pussy lips before pulling on it, and slowly pushing my cock into her pussy

I start thrusting, all the way in and all the way out as she has one hand on my back, and one on her clit. My right hand is on her left breast while my left hand is on her shoulder, helping me to thrust harder and deeper into her, the heel digging into my back and the occasional flash of red spur me on, and I plunge harder and deeper, as If I’m trying to split her apart. She’s throwing her head back, and my head is now bowed forward as I try to put as much into my thrusts as I can.

She starts bucking and thrusting against me, her breasts slapping together and going and swinging in circles, in opposite directions as we thrust together. Suddenly she screams and stops dead still just as we hit together on a thrust, throwing me off balance and right into her. Her nails dig into my back as she is reduced to moans; incoherent mumbling and saying fuck over and over again. Her pussy squeezes tight as she goes in to the first of a series of multiple orgasms, and I cum as well as I fall forward on top her, my left hand grabbing a breast while I fall between them, my head coming to rest on the pillow next to her, where I start to kiss her neck and shoulder. I move her right leg from my shoulder, admiring the damn sexy shoe, placing it around my waist.

We just rest, and she looks at me, grins, and asks.. Want to fuck again?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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