Ben is Taught about Discipline Ch. 02

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I was a naïve first year English University student back in 1973 who’d been put in bondage and disciplined by an older, ex-cop fellow student.

It turned into a regular Friday evening date, with Bill greeting me each time in his white tropical police uniform, cuffing my wrists and leading me upstairs to the back bedroom where my discipline fantasies came true. On our third time together, he made a change; he got me to take off all my clothes before beginning the rest of our routine. I was surprised and delighted; I loved being totally naked while I was cuffed, tied and gagged.

He gave me thirty strokes as before and once the punishment over, he rubbed my ass cheeks with the antiseptic cream again and “accidentally” touched my dick, resulting in another stream of cum spilling out of my super-excited teenage cock.

I returned week after week, even as I began to wonder about his obsessively rigid schedule. Why was I always naked but he never took off a single item of clothing, not even his tie? Why the exact same number of cane strokes every time, and why was I hurried out of his house so quickly once we’d finished? Why didn’t he touch me or embrace me before or after, other than to rub my ass and “accidentally” brush my genitals? I wondered; if it weren’t for my “accidental” orgasms, would this even count as sex?

But with no other outlet on the horizon for a randy teenager these sessions remained the highlight of my week and I continued to turn up every time.

But then things changed! We’d finished up and I was being shown out when, as I stepped into the street, I bumped into a very large man who was about to knock on the door. He was a good six inches taller than me, and probably fifty pounds heavier, with striking green eyes, a prominent nose, dark hair, and a full beard. He looked to be about thirty, ten years older than me and five years younger than Bill.

When I mumbled an apology for my clumsiness, he just grinned knowingly at me and started speaking to Bill.

“Hey mate, I lost your phone number, but since I was so close, I thought I’d see if you wanted to come out to the pub. But if you and your young man are headed out somewhere, I won’t hold you up. Just give your number and I’ll ring you tomorrow instead.”

“Oh no Gary, Ben’s on his way back up to the University. He’s in my history seminar and we’ve been doing some home work together. We’re finished now.”

I mumbled my goodbyes to Bill and turned to leave, but before I could take a step Gary had put a heavy hand on my shoulder and held onto me, stopping me in my tracks.

“Well, I’m sure he doesn’t have to run off right this minute. He looks like a smart young man, and I’d love to hear what it was you two were studying. Come and have a pint with us Ben before you bugger off home, OK?”

His hand remained on my shoulder all the way down the street, and once in the pub he pointed me and Bill to a quiet corner while he went for the drinks. My ass was throbbing from Bill’s handiwork and I winced when I sat down, which Gary seemed to notice from where he was standing. I blushed when I saw him grin and exchange a knowing glance with Bill. What did he know about Bill and therefore about me?

When he came back with the beers he told me that the two of them had been in the colonial police together and that he was about to take a new security job soon in a Middle Eastern kingdom. I sat quietly, trying not to wriggle around too much on my bruised backside while not being too obvious about the fact that I found him very sexy.

I failed miserably, since it wasn’t too long before Bill turned to me and said I’d better stop mooning at Gary or everyone in the pub would notice. I was so shocked that he would reveal my homosexuality so carelessly to a stranger that I sat in mortified silence, then stumbled to my feet and ran out of the pub, certain of never seeing Gary again.

After spending the week obsessing about that night and thinking how stupid I must have looked, I turned up at Bill’s as usual to find that everything was just the same as usual; I was cuffed and gagged, tied down and given his regular number of strokes with the cane. But then, instead of rubbing the antiseptic cream into my backside he left me tied to the table and disappeared down the stairs. A long silence followed before I got the shock of my life; I heard footsteps coming back up stairs, but it was Gary who entered the room. He laughed when he saw the look on my face and said,

“I’m not that frightening, am I? You look like you lost a pound and found an ugly penny.”

I wasn’t frightened, but I was humiliated! Bill had let this virtual stranger see me tied up and gagged with a bum marked black and blue. When he kaçak iddaa picked up the jar of antiseptic cream, I was sure Bill had decided to make a fool of me. However, it quickly became obvious that wasn’t the case; after rubbing the cream gently into my ass cheeks Gary continued to massage me with his firm hands straying further up my back, rubbing and kneading my muscles.

I lay quietly, not daring to even wriggle, in a state of blissful acceptance; so relaxed that I didn’t even worry when I felt his index finger circling my asshole. That was still virgin territory for me; I’d never even had my own finger up there and certainly Bill had never touched it. I held my breath, tense but eager for him to explore.

But he was just teasing and soon his hand moved away, only to go down and grab hold of the stiff dick hanging between my legs. I gasped with shock; after all, Bill had never played with my cock, only “accidentally” touched it. This was totally different; Gary was actively getting me off; he spat in his palm and closed his fist over my cock, jerking on it and pulling my foreskin up and down.

If he had any idea of trying to play with it or of keeping me on the edge for any length of time, the answer came instantly; my teenage hormones took over control and my cum gushed out almost immediately.

After that orgasmic shock, I felt dazed and exhausted. I didn’t move, even after he untied me, and just stayed draped over the desk, grinning up at him and thanking him over and over again. I only snapped out of it when he slapped me on my sore bum and told me to go clean up.

I came down the stairs a few minutes later to find the two of them waiting for me, and Bill started to explain what was going on. He said his only interest was in bondage and corporal punishment, and nothing else. He could see I was a hot-blooded young man who needed to explore other avenues and since he liked me he didn’t want me to get into trouble. So when he’d seen how attracted I’d been to Gary he’d thought it was a good way of killing two birds with one stone.

I’d learn a lot of new things from Gary, and he would have some fun on his last weekend before heading off to his new job in the Middle East, where having sex with a man would get him fired at best and executed at worst! He knew it was all a big surprise, but this weekend was the only chance for the two of us to get together, since Gary was leaving the country at the end of the following week.

I was understandably confused and hesitant, but when I looked over at Gary, I didn’t need any more convincing. I’d thrown caution to the winds that first night with Bill and it had changed my life, so this time I didn’t hesitate. I had no idea what I was letting myself but I said yes and a few minutes later I sat in Gary’s rental car while he gave me one last chance to back out of the adventure and be dropped off back at college.

“Boys your age often act first and think later, so if you’re not sure about this, tell me now and I’ll understand. But if you do come with me, I promise you a bloody good time.”

He needn’t have worried; I was madly attracted to him and was eagerly looking forward to a night with him. Neither of us said another word for the twenty minutes it took to drive out into the country and arrive at an old farm house.

“We’re here, this is it. An old friend of mine’s been letting me stay in his basement for the past month while I’ve been back in England.”

We entered by the back door and descended the backstairs to a basement flat, which consisted of a small bed/sitting room, kitchen and bathroom. There was very little furniture in the main room, just an old couch, an equally ancient armchair, a small chest of drawers, and a double bed, the sight of which made me nervous. He must have sensed my excitement since he immediately got in my face and spoke in a deliberate tone.

“Listen Ben, if you want to have a really good time tonight, just do what I tell you, OK?

That was just fine by me since my dreams were coming true. A hot older man had taken charge and real sex was oh, so close! I nodded back at him with a stupid grin on my face.

“I don’t beating guys like Bill does, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let you fool around and waste our time. Be a good boy, don’t argue, don’t whine and don’t complain, all right?”

I nodded like a bobble-head doll, desperate to show how obedient I intended to be and breathed a sigh of relief when I heard him say,

“We’re going to have a good night, I know. Start by taking your shirt off and turning your back.”

After I’d almost torn the buttons off in my haste, he cuffed my wrists together behind my back, then stood with his long arms around me, holding kaçak bahis me tight.

“I know you love bondage, but that’s not why I keeping you cuffed. Boys your age have one thing only on your mind, and that’s your own dick. I’m keeping your hands away from it so you can concentrate on mine, not yours. Get down on your knees and we’ll get started.”

He pushed his trousers and underwear down to his knees and plopped down into the armchair, exposing a nice-looking regular sized dick. He was such a big guy that I’d been worrying that his dick would be too much for me to handle! So it was comforting that the first hard dick I’d ever been this close to looked so similar to mine.

“Hey, stop staring and start working. Move in closer.”

I lurched forward, desperate to get my first-ever taste of cock and groaned audibly in frustration when kept me at bay by placing his hand on my forehead.

“Hold on now and take it nice and slow. Start by licking my balls.”

He took his hand away and allowed me to lean forward. I put out my tongue to lick his salty, sweaty balls, then kissed them and took them in my mouth one by one, before I was allowed to move up and take his stiff cock in my mouth. I could hardly believe it, I was actually sucking cock and enjoying the scent and taste of a man.

Being new to all this meant I was tentative and unsure, which he recognized and so he let me work at my own speed for a while. But once it looked like I was getting the hang of it he began to use my ears as handles to jerk my head forward and backward, before forcing his dick further back and eventually triggering my gag reflex.

I was coughing and retching, but he held on tight, forcing himself further and further back, until it felt like I was throwing up pints of phlegm and saliva. He kept insisting and before long I somehow learnt to breathe, swallow and suck all at the same time, which encouraged him to loosen his grip on my ears and let me work at my own rhythm.

I kept on sucking him for a long time until I suddenly heard “Fuck! Yes! Fuck!” and a moment later he pulled out and sprayed big gobs of cum all over my face. He sat back with his eyes closed, muttering to himself, leaving his cum slithering down my face, as I stared up at him with my best puppy-dog look, hoping he’d take pity on me and let me jerk off. But no dice; he just grinned at me while he pulled up his pants.

“Damn it, you’re a fast learner, you’re going to be a good cock sucker. Fuck, I didn’t mean to cum that quick. Which means we’ll have to wait for round two. Go lie down on the bed while I get a beer.”

He sat in the armchair drinking his beer while I lay on the bed, feeling unbelievably horny as I relived my first-ever blow job in my mind. Since my cock was out of reach of my cuffed hands and imprisoned behind my jeans, I turned over onto my stomach and tried to rub myself on the mattress. But he saw me and barked at me!

“Behave yourself, you silly little twerp. Remember what I said about your cock? You won’t be getting off till much later tonight. In the meantime, I’d better do something to stop you fidgeting.”

Two minutes later he was back sitting in his armchair looking at me lying on my back with my wrists still cuffed behind me but with my ankles tied apart to the footboard of the bed with some old silk ties he’d found in the chest of drawers.

“There, that’s better. Oh, and just so you know, we’re going to be here for the night; I’m not driving back along those country roads in the dark. You OK with that?”

I certainly was; all I ever did on weekends was study, so spending the night like this with him sounded almost too good to be true.

“I’m glad we see eye to eye. Now, stay quiet while I finish my beer.”

I followed orders, and after half an hour or so, he got up and untied my ankles and pulled off my jeans.

I blushed as my eyes followed his and saw what he was looking at; my newly exposed cock which was sticking up at a forty-five-degree angle. He grabbed hold of it and bounced it up and down in his palm, pretending to weigh it.

“Not a bad one, Ben, but like I said, mine’s the only one that matters tonight and since it’s ready again now, I want you down on your knees facing the bed.”

When he came back from the bathroom with a jar of Vaseline in his hand, I realised what was coming. I might have been innocent, but I wasn’t totally naïve; the exciting yet frightening possibility of him fucking me had been in the back of my mind all night.

He took his own trousers and underwear off and knelt behind me. I told myself to keep calm, but I couldn’t help jerking forward nervously when he touched me. Ignoring my panicky movements, he pressed down on illegal bahis my back and pushed me forward until my head and upper chest rested on the edge of the mattress.

He let me alone for a minute or two, waiting and watching for me to calm down before rubbing his finger up and down the crack of my ass. I gasped at his touch and sensing my excitement, he stopped for a moment and leant over to whisper in my ear.

“OK, take a deep breath. It’s only one finger to begin with, and I’ll go real slow. I know this is your first time, so just relax or this’ll hurt more than it should. You ready, baby?”

The evening had come to this; the cock I’d sucked half an hour ago was now going up my ass. Gary was teaching me about gay sex and I was eager to learn. I had no idea what being fucked was going to feel like, but I knew Gary was my best chance of enjoying this first time.

I raised my head up from the edge of the saggy old mattress, mumbled “Yes, please, Gary”, and immediately felt his fingers returning to my backside. But this time they were greasy with Vaseline and they not only circled my asshole but gently began pushing in and out.

I’d never put even a finger up there myself, so it felt really shocking at first, though it didn’t take long for me to like the feeling. When he saw I was comfortable with one finger, he added a second, and when I still didn’t complain, he pushed in a third. I tried to stay relaxed and not move a muscle while he twirled them around inside me, but I couldn’t help jerking forward in shock when his fingers touched what he later told me was my prostate. That was almost too much; I’d never felt anything like it before.

He soon shocked me in another way by keeping his fingers inside me while using his other hand to pinch and twist my nipples. I yelped with surprise, but quickly found the wonderful mix of pain and pleasure overcoming my senses. It was just as well my hands were cuffed behind me or I would have tried to jerk myself off right then and there.

He kept on working tits and asshole, until I was reduced to a blubbering mess, moaning loudly and writhing around in a sexed-up fog. He saw his chance and pulled his fingers out of my ass, then moved in close and replaced them with the tip of his cock. It felt much bigger than his fingers, but thanks to all the stretching and lubricating he’d done, the first couple of inches went in easily enough.

This was it, I was getting fucked I was kneeling on the floor, naked and handcuffed, with another man’s dick up my ass! That thought sent my mind into a whirl of emotions and my body reacted by tensing up. My sphincter muscles clamped down on him like a vise, and everything stopped.

Aware that this was my first time, he just held steady and kept his cock where it was while watching and waiting for a sign from me. When he felt me relax just a little, he pulled and twisted my nipples so hard that I forgot about my arse; enabling him to push inexorably forward into me.

He stayed still again for a few moments so I could get used to him before moving again. I lost all sense of time as his dick kept pummeling me, fucking faster and faster, pulling out completely and plunging back in. Eventually the combination of tit and ass work hurt so good that I was right to the edge of cumming. But he beat me to it; I heard a loud, triumphant grunt in my ear and a moment later he pulled his cock out and sprayed my ass and back with cum, before returning it, still hard, to its now rightful place up my ass.

When his breathing returned to normal, he put his hand down between my legs and felt my desperately hard cock.

“Well, I suppose I’d better do something about this, you randy little devil, or you’ll be tossing and turning all night and I won’t get a wink of sleep. Hop up on the bed so I can give you a hand.”

I scrambled up onto the mattress and lay back, still naked and still handcuffed while the man whose cock I’d sucked and who’d fucked me, began to gently wank my dick. Almost instantaneously my excited nineteen-year old cock burst out with a barrage of cum shots all over my chest and stomach. He snorted with laughter.

“Bloody hell, I figured you were ready, but that was ridiculous, you randy bugger. It’s got really late, I’m knackered, and you look worn out. Get some sleep and I’ll see you in the morning, kiddo.”

He took the cuffs off and threw a blanket over us, then turned out the light, plunging the room into total darkness, As I turned over onto my side I felt his big body behind me and his arm thrown over me. He murmured goodnight and to judge from his heavy breathing, fell asleep almost instantly.

But I lay awake for a long time, feeling the soreness in my tits and my ass and reliving the events of the night in my mind. Eventually though, tiredness overcame me and I drifted off to sleep dreaming about the hot man lying next to me and looking forward to the next day.

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