Best Jewish Friend’s Sister

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It was my senior year studying at a prestigious East Coast college. I’d done well academically by studying mathematics and computer science and combined with my excellent summer internship experiences I found myself a hot commodity on the job market. Wall Street especially was looking for people like me with the skills to perfect their online trading systems. So for the last couple of months of school I’d been able to let up a little and enjoy the remaining fleeting moments of my undergraduate existence. My dating life up to that point had been almost non-existent – it’s not that I was a virgin or anything, just that I hadn’t had the time to go chasing skirts.

My roommate Josh, was a nerdy Jewish guy from NYC. We got on really well. He was funny, smart and considerate. We looked out for each other and I consider him one of my very best friends in the world. He’d had much more success than I with the girls as a never-ending procession of eligible Jewish girls were being paraded in front of him, like selections at a buffet, by female relatives up in the city. So I got to appreciate the typical Jewish girl look – smaller, curvy with nice tits, deep brown eyes, and generally bubbly and fun.

It was at that time that Josh’s older sister, Eliana, came to visit. She was looking for a good grad school to study law. She was 26 compared to my 21, taller, with just the right amount of womanly curves in the right places. Her face was a perfect oval, with freckles and deep brown eyes. She wore her deep black lustrous hair back in a head band. Simply put she was a knock-out and much more mature and alluring than any of the girl’s I’d bedded to date. Poor Josh had to give up his bed and take the futon in the living room. But he didn’t seem to mind.

During the week that she was visiting campus, Josh, ever the dutiful poker oyna brother, showed her around and introduced her to specific professors and contacts that he’d developed over the past four years. For her part, Eliana interviewed with the Dean of the Law School, attended a few classes, and met some of the current grad students in the department. Towards the end of the week, Josh confided in me that he just couldn’t take any more time off and had to get back to his books and begged me to play host to his sister for the remainder of her visit. Being ever the good friend and not minding at all about having more time with his sister I gladly said I would help out.

What Eliana wanted to do next was sample the nightlife the school and the city had to offer. Since I was 21 there was no trouble getting into clubs and bars, so I made a list of the hottest, quirkiest, funnest places I could think off and that evening we hopped from one place to the next. Jazz clubs, dance clubs, spoken-word poetry meets, stand-up, improv – you name it, we did it. As the night progressed Eliana can progressively more drunk and by the end of the evening I had to prop her up to just get her in the door of our apartment.

I tried to sober her up with some black coffee but while I was brewing it, Eliana had managed to head into the wrong bedroom, mine, take off much of her clothing and snuggle under the covers. I didn’t know what to do. Josh would kill me if he found her in my bed. So I nudged her awake with the acrid smell of the coffee and brought her back to the land of the living.

I could see the tops of her sizable breasts as she propped herself up against the head board. She was a tempting naked vision in my bed.

“You know what I need John?” she said to me.

“A cup of coffee, the hair of the dog, Tylenol?” I canlı poker oyna replied.

“None of that. I need a good stiff Goy cock in my pussy. You don’t happen to have one of those do you?” she said as her hand snaked out from under the covers towards the growing bulge in my pants. Finally, her small hand found my cock head and started twisting it through the layers of fabric.

“You know what? I do have one of those. But your brother would kill me if we did anything.” I relied

“Don’t worry about my brother. He’ll be fine with it. He knows I’m into you. He knows what I really want.” She slurred her words slightly. “I want a Goy cock filling up my fertile pussy with good strong sperm. He knows I want to have a strong healthy baby and not have to worry about all the genetic crap that I carry.” she said taking my hand and bringing it under the covers rubbing my fingers up and down the front of her underwear on top of her pussy. “You up for the job?”

Now I wasn’t exactly sober either and my clouded judgement and little head just got me thinking about bedding this beautiful creature and not about any consequences. So without saying anything I took of my clothes and got under the covers. We started kissing and I reached down for Eliana’s underwear and slipped off the delicate lacy covering to reveal a hairless pussy with thick dark labia swollen with blood and a large clit.

“Don’t worry John, I’m all ready. Get that thick cock inside of me.” she said. So I reared up my throbbing cock and pushed it deep into her pussy. It slid like a warm knife into butter.

“God you feel so good, so wet, so tight.” I said as I kissed her again and looked into her eyes as we moved passionately against each other.

“That’s because I’m ovulating John” she said. “You’re going to give me a baby. internet casino I want your sperm deep in my pussy. Deeper. Yes. Deeper. Right there.”

The feeling was incredible and just when I hit the spot she was talking about deep in her pussy, she convulsed with a giant orgasm that rippled down my cock, milking it for the life-giving sperm she so wanted. I roared “Here is comes.” and forced my cock deeper and higher into her pussy while emptying my balls into her with spurt after spurt of pent up semen.

We cuddled up exhausted and fell quickly to sleep. The next morning I woke up to find Eliana already on top of my morning wood, grinding her clit against the curve of my penis. I was in heaven. There was no time to think about the consequences as she drove me to another earth-shattering orgasm emptying my balls into her womb for a second time in as many hours.

“I own your Goy cock now John. You can’t have it back. I think I’m a-“dick”-ted.” she said with a laugh.

“Well I own your hot Jewish pussy, so don’t think you’re getting away either. Are you serious about ovulating right now, could I get you pregnant?” I said.

“Yep, right now that hot cum that you shot all the way up my pussy is looking for my egg. Does that scare you?” she said.

“No. I just didn’t think I’d be a dad so young. But I’m up giving you a few more doses of sperm just to make sure I’ve planted a baby in you.” I replied.

“Hoping you’d say that.” said Eliana, “I got two more days in town and I’m not going to let you out of this bed until you’ve knocked me up good and proper.”

Our wedding was just after graduation. Josh was my “shomer” or best man, and he was not at all upset that I was marrying his sister. After all he said “When Eliana wants something nothing stands in her way.” The proof was in the very slight curve to her usually flat stomach. Eliana was already carrying our twin babies.

I often wonder if Eliana was really that drunk that night she went into the wrong bed “by accident”. The truth is I think I know the answer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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