Best Laid Plans – Part 2 – Chapter 8


It was nearly 6:00 when Ted and Pam decided to go inside and get dressed for dinner. They weren’t sure what Bill’s plans were, but they had been told to expect him to cook steaks. Bill had said they would be eating together. Ted and Pam were just coming inside when Bill came out of his bedroom wearing a big smile and an outrageous Hawaiian shirt.“Hey there, ole son,” he said to Ted. “You and the pretty lady had a good afternoon?”“You bet,” Ted told him. “We were just coming in to change for dinner, but I don’t think I’ve got anything to compete with your shirt.”“Ain’t it a beaut?” he said with a laugh. “Sorta matches my eyes.” He laughed a little louder and asked Ted to help him pick out some wine. Pam waved and retreated to the bedroom.Bill showed Ted where the wine was stored and instructed him to select a white and a red. “The women will probably want to sip some wine, but I’ll stick to scotch. What about you?”Ted told Bill that he would probably have a glass of red wine and then give him a hand with the scotch, which Ted had already noted was an excellent single malt. Ted made the picks and brought them back into the kitchen, where Bill had started preparing the steaks.Bill looked at Ted, saying, “So, have you and that long-legged beauty been enjoyin’ yourselves?”“I’ve always taken advantage of a situation when it rolled my way,” Ted replied. “And I can assure you that it has rolled in my direction since before we even got here.”“The pilot on the plane reported to me that he thought the two of you had enjoyed your flight down here. I don’t suppose that he mentioned there is a camera in the passenger compartment so that the pilots can keep an eye on things in the back when they don’t have an attendant on board.” Bill grinned and said, “They are hoping you’ll see that she takes her dress off on the return flight.”They both laughed. Ted told Bill it would be a cold day in Hell before he mentioned any of that information to Pam but assured him that he would see what he could arrange on the return trip as a way of thanks. Ted poured a glass of white wine, and one of red told Bill I’d see him shortly and went to the bedroom to get dressed.Ted found Pam in the bathroom. She was coming out of the shower and wrapped up in a towel. Ted held out the glass of white wine to her and said, “I thought you might like to have a glass of wine while you get dressed.”She accepted the wine, took a sip, and made an appreciative facial expression to indicate bursa escort that the wine was good. Then, she took a second sip and said, “Maybe I’d like a quickie before I get dressed.”Ted put his glass out toward hers in a toast and answered, “That is something we have never had and never will have. Sex with you is like this wine. It needs to be savored.”“That’s very sweet,” Pam said, leaning over to kiss him. She took another sip of wine and said, “I’m thinking that maybe I’ll pour it over your cock and savor them both simultaneously. How does that sound?”Ted laughed and said, “I thought by now you’d be all sexed out. You’ve had more orgasms in the past two days than in the past two months.”Pam loosened the towel and let it drop to the floor. “You are dead on about that, but I’m planning on a lot more before we get home. And I may drop down on my knees and give you a BJ in front of Bill if I catch you eyeballing Jeanie.” Pam turned to the large mirror by the sink and set her glass down. She put her hands on the countertop and leaned over to give him a clear view of her bare butt. “Maybe I’ll just let you get all worked up looking at her body and then bring you in here and let you take out your lust on me,” she said as she looked back over her shoulder.“I don’t need to see anyone to get my lust worked up for you, babe.”  Ted stepped up behind her and put his arms around her, taking a breast in each hand. He kissed the back of her neck and lightly ran his fingers over her nipples. “There has never been a second that I wasn’t ready to make love to you. Not since I first met you. I’ve always been ready and eager.”Pam stood in front of Ted, watching his hands on her breasts in the mirror. Pam leaned her head back on his shoulder, still looking into the mirror, and said, “I want you to fuck me again tonight. I don’t want you to make love to me. I want you to fuck me until I’m sore. I want you to fuck my mouth, my pussy, and my ass. I want you to take me any way you want.” Still watching in the mirror, Pam took his hand away from her breast and moved it between her legs. Spreading her legs apart, she put his hand over her pussy and said, “Feel how wet I am right now.”Ted watched Pam close her eyes as he slipped a finger inside her and moved it around slowly. He felt her nipple getting hard under his hand as she shuddered when he put his wet finger on her clit and rubbed it. Pam half opened her eyes, and he watched as she got a dreamy smile.“I bursa escort bayan like watching you touch me in the mirror. I feel like this is a porn movie, and we are the stars,” Pam said. “I think tonight I want you to fuck me right here in front of this mirror unless you’d like to skip dinner and just have me instead.”“That sounds like the perfect menu to me,” he whispered in her ear.Pam took his hand and pulled it away from between her legs. She turned to him and put the finger that had been in her in his mouth. “Do I taste like a main course or dessert?” you asked.“You always taste like dessert, precious, the best dessert I ever tasted.”Pam wrapped her arms around his neck and gave Ted a long, slow kiss. She dropped her hand down between his legs and felt his erection. Giving it a squeeze, she said, “I’ll be thinking about this every second until we get back in this room after dinner.” She squeezed it and added, “Would you like to see what I’m going to wear for dinner?”“Absolutely,” Ted responded. “Am I going to be underdressed in slacks and polo?”“Not at all,” she called back over her shoulder. Pam quickly ran out of the bathroom. Ted heard her call from the bedroom, “Why don’t you take a quick shower while I get dressed?”“Roger that,” Ted called back to her.He was just out of the shower and drying his hair when he heard Pam say, “How’s this?”He looked up and saw Pam in a long, mid-calf black dress. It was simple and perfect on her body. Straps on the shoulders worked down to show a fair amount of cleavage. She turned slowly to let Ted get the complete view. He saw that the back was cut low and accentuated her ass very nicely. Pam turned and, facing Ted, said, “Before you ask, I’m not wearing any panties, and I believe that you can tell I’m not wearing a bra.”“Show me,” Ted insisted.Pam picked up the bottom of the dress and lifted it up so he could see that she was completely naked under the dress. “I’m hoping you’ll have an opportunity to put your hands under this dress tonight.”“The important thing is that I know what’s not under the dress and that you can feel yourself nakedness. You have repeatedly proven to me that being around others without lingerie makes you a little crazy. And that’s the way I like you,” he said.Pam took a few steps to reach him, dropped down on her knees, and sucked his soft cock into her mouth. She sucked it hard and slowly let it slide out of her mouth. “Is this the kind of crazy that you escort bursa want me? If it is, baby, I’m already there.” Without taking her eyes from his, Pam once again sucked all of it into her mouth and slowly let it slide out, saying, “That’s what drives me crazy.” Quickly she stood up and turned to walk out of the bathroom, stopped at the door, looked back at him, and said, “You should hurry up. My glass is empty, and I need a refill.”Within ten minutes, Ted had applied the cologne that he knew would tickle Pam’s nose, dressed, and was ready to go out to meet Jeanie and Bill. As he reached for the door, Pam put her hand directly over his package and said, “Remember, you are going to be tumbling in the bed with me tonight, so don’t get any ideas about Bill’s bimbo.” She took his hand and slipped something into it, saying, “And when you get your glass refilled, you might want to take this little blue pill. I’m planning on getting laid tonight and want to ensure you can keep up with me.”Ted stood back and let her walk out first, if for no other reason than to give her butt a quick feel. Pam turned and said, “Thank you. I hope there’s more of that to come.” They found Bill at the outside bar, ready to put steaks on the grill. Pam hugged him and asked if he had taken a nap.“Nap – Hell,” He said, “If you think I’m going into a bedroom with a dish like Jeanie and taking a nap, you just don’t know old Bill.” He looked over at Ted and said, “Give this sweet thing a refill, ole son. You may have to get her liquored up to get her to bed. I sure don’t have any more room in my bed.”Pam laughed and told Bill, “He prefers me sober. He says that I moan louder when I’m not drinking.”Bill was obviously a little surprised by her remark, but he enjoyed it and got a big laugh. “Well then, he and I will ensure you don’t over-imbibe.”They were refilling glasses and talking about the wine when Jeanie entered the door.She walked directly to Bill, kissed him, then turned to Pam and told her how much she liked the black dress. “I love these long dresses when the weather is this nice. I think they are so comfortable, and Bill thinks they’re very sexy,” she said.“Now that’s the god’s truth, right there,” Bill said to her. “Now, missy, tell that young man what you’d like to drink, and he’ll fix you up. I’ve got to start cookin’ these steaks ‘cause I’m gettin’ downright hungry.”Obviously, there wasn’t a pair of panties or bras between the two women. It was apparent from Jeanie’s dress that she was well endowed, and she was letting Bill see it all. Ted thought he noticed a little snarl on Pam’s lips as she watched Jeanie give Bill another kiss before moving to sit at the patio table.

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