Best Vacation Ever Ch. 01

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Getting Lucky in London

I had never been anywhere outside of America. Oh sure, I have been across the border to Mexico a few times, but I was never very far from sweet old Arizona. When our high school graduation came around, many of my anonymous relatives sent me money, and one even sent me a gift of airline miles. My first thought was “What the hell am I going to do with this?” My then-girlfriend suggested that I take a trip to Europe.

That May, I boarded a 757 going from Newark to Gatwick. I decided to spend a little extra and I bought a first-class ticket with a window. I had to check my only bag because it was too big to fit in the overhead. That meant that I had nothing to do for 13 hours as we crossed the Atlantic since all of my stuff was stored below the cabin. Because it was an overnight flight, I decided to take a little nap. I awakened to the sounds of moaning.

I opened my eyes and saw a blond head bobbing up and disappearing behind the seat in front of me. Each time the head dipped behind the seat, I heard a female voice trying to moan as quiet as possible. Her hands grabbed the headrest as she faced towards me. A twisted array of emotions washed over her face, ranging from torture to euphoria. She flung her head back as her fragile frame quivered. The man sucked her all over with gusto, trying to keep her propped up on his lap at the same time. Didn’t anyone else notice this? I quickly glanced around only to see the curtains drawn and every other first-class passenger asleep. I turned back towards the woman; her eyes stared right back into mine.

I panicked and froze in my seat. She had lovely blue eyes. Everything around her face seemed to compliment them. Her light eyebrows and eyelashes made her appear almost angelic in the dark cabin. Instead of anger, she wore a look of lust when she caught me staring. I wanted to turn away and allow them their privacy, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I could not help but look dumbly into her bobbing gaze as she quickened her thrusting. By now she was in a frenzy, pumping into the lucky stiff sitting under her. What came next surprised me. She stopped thrusting completely and had a very loud, very fake, orgasm. A few passengers pulled back their curtains to see where the noise was coming from.

“Okay, babe, zip up,” She commanded. “I’m going to go powder my nose.” She dismounted, grabbed a bag in the empty seat next to her, and walked away, buttoning up her white blouse and pulling her skirt back down as she did so. I almost caught a glance of what was inside the blouse but the darkness of the cabin foiled me. My head turned to look back out the window. From here, I could see the emerald greenness of Ireland underneath.

I nearly jumped in my seat when her partner ahead of me reclined his seat back into me. I could hear him snore, something closer to a heavy breathing as he fell asleep. I got the feeling that this would be the last time I would get any kind of a decent sleep.

A minute later, Blue Eyes emerged from the closet-sized lavatory. When she sat next to me, I immediately tried to hide the tenting in my pants. We said nothing to each other for a while. I was too afraid to look at her, so I watched the ground pass by below. Then I felt her hand in my lap. Before I could stop her, she grabbed my bulge.

“My name is Adriana,” she said slowly and quietly. Her hand stayed wrapped around my manhood, tempting me to impale her with it. “And yours?”

I was so surprised to hear her American accent, I lost my train of thought and I stuttered for the right words. “Ethan,” I finally managed to speak. “Won’t your friend be angry if he sees this?” I nodded to the sleeping beauty one row ahead of me while looking at her hand.

“He’s not my friend exactly… let’s call him my… sponsor.” She said this while simultaneously holding up his wallet. “You see, it pays to fly nowadays.” She added with an impish grin.

“Not when you consider the food” I retorted, “So what brings you to Europe?”

“Judging by the size of this wallet, a shopping spree!” She fondled the wallet to find several credit cards and a wad of British pounds and Euros. “How about yourself?”

“I’m taking a tour of Europe. This is my first time traveling internationally,” I added. At that moment, the pilot made the announcement that we were descending into Gatwick and asked for passengers to return to their seats.

“Guess that’s my cue,” Adriana said. Before she got up, she twisted the head of my cock and stroked the shaft once. “I hope you get to use it before you return home.” She winked at me and returned to her seat at the poker oyna very front of the first class cabin.

When the plane landed, I saw that Adriana was the first one off the plane. Loverboy was still looking for his wallet when I passed by him. I don’t know if he ever figured out what really happened. The way I figured it, after he canceled his credit cards, he’d have lost about the same amount as he would with a decently priced call girl. Buyer beware.

The airport itself didn’t impress me much. It reminded me of an abandoned hospital. Its only saving grace was the knowledge that Adriana was somewhere inside. I didn’t see her in line at customs. The customs official was a thin, pale, wiry guy. He did his job and asked the questions. It was the same routine as back home. Purpose of visit? Pleasure. Did I bring any flora or fauna? No. How long will I be staying? A few days. Welcome to London, here’s your passport.

I saw her when I had to pick up my bag at the luggage terminal. She wore dark sunglasses and a bright red wool jacket. She seemed nervous. She glanced around as the luggage passed her by on the conveyor belt. I guess she thought that she’d run into her ‘sponsor’ again and things might get ugly. Before that could happen, she picked up a black back and took off quickly.

As she ran off, I noticed that we had the same type of bag, a common, over-sized backpack. She even had the same luggage tags as I did. While I struggled to comprehend the fact that she just lifted my bag in front of my very eyes, she made her escape. I gave chase but she disappeared the moment she left the terminal. Dammit. My camera, my laptop, my clothes (just what was she going to do with my clothes anyway?), she even took my damn credit card! I had just arrived and already my whole vacation was ruined! What a rookie mistake.

I heard furious yelling from behind me. Two airport officials escorted Adriana’s client through the terminal, looking for her. He continued to rage on about how he’d have to explain to his company that he lost their credit cards. Not wanting to be recognized and associated with her, I turned my head and left the terminal. He gave me a great idea though. Before I left, he complained that he’d have to track down each place where she had some sort of electronic transaction and have to cancel it. I could do the same thing, but just follow her by checking my online credit statements… And report it stolen when I caught up to her. I’d have to do everything on the cheap, though. I had no money.

I managed to sneak onto a bus and ride it to Heathrow, out of the suburbs and into the city. The scenery quickly changed. Rows of small townhouses subtly turned into flats. Everything went from green and pretty, to gray and dingy. The sign “To Let” was everywhere. I got off at Heathrow and followed a sign that said “Underground”. For a guy down on his luck, I was lucky enough to find a five-pound note lying in the gutter. With this, I bought the cheapest ticket I could and rode the “Tube”.

By the time I got off at Piccadilly Circus, the morning sky had cleared itself of clouds and brought with it the warmth of the sun. I was going to need it if I were to survive the night. I briefly thought about mugging some poor fool, but I quickly dismissed the idea. The last thing I needed was a stint in one of Her Majesty’s fair prisons.

I turned to Plan B, which was to find a crowded bar and pray I look attractive enough to take advantage of some drunk totty. But the nightlife didn’t start for a few more hours, so I wandered the open-air market of Piccadilly Circus. Londoners walked briskly by while the tourists meandered and pointed at interesting things. They were so easy to spot. Usually oddly dressed, they carried some kind of camera. The families liked to feed the engorged pigeons that congregated in the open spaces. Since they liked to visit the more popular spots, I followed a large flock of them. We came across a giant Roman market and wandered inside. The smells tempted me to join the ranks of beggars and thieves, but I would have to settle for eating something somebody left behind before the pigeons got to it first. I managed to grab a half-eaten muffin and wandered off to find some amusement.

On the other end of the market I found a large group of people crowded around something. An entertainer stood at the center of the encircled mass. She had with her bowling pins, tambourines, and a large padded mat. For the most part, she looked like a harlequin, minus the funny hat and shoes. She entertained the audience with juggling tricks and gymnastic feats. The crowd ooed and awed in turn. canlı poker oyna Her act carried on for a good half hour. At the end of her performance, she passed around a hat asking for donations. Some people started to move away. I was left holding the hat.

“Great show. I only wish I had money to give you. Somebody stole everything from me, you see.” I said to her when she came to collect.

“Sorry to hear about your troubles. Hey, will you help me with my stuff? I had some difficulty getting my trunk on the tube” Her American accent startled me. Another American? Small world.

“Sure. Where’re you heading?” I said as if I knew anything about this foreign land. “Have you ever heard of Kensington?”

“I think I passed it by on my way over. I’m Ethan, by the way.” I learned that her name was Nadine We carried her trunk to the street and waited for the bus. While we waited, she talked about how she came here to study theater and how her juggling act was just a way to get some spare change. I told her of my troubles and she took pity on me.

“Why don’t you stay at my place?” she asked.

Sensing that this may be my only chance for a decent place to stay, I played hard to get at first.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to be a bother…”

“Nonsense. Think of it as my way of saying thanks for you helping me out.” The bus arrived. It was a stereotypical red double-decker. I soon lost my bearings as we sped off through the numerous twisted streets of London. Driving on this side of the pond seemed reckless and speedy at best, so I was better off with mass transit. Funny street signs and weird directions paved on the street whizzed by. After 20 minutes, we arrived at her stop and offloaded her trunk. She led me through a maze of side streets and soon we arrived at a flat above a business. It was tricky maneuvering the trunk through a narrow stairwell, but we finally managed to make it inside her flat.

I was surprised to find it so empty. Aside from a bed, there wasn’t much else other than a kitchen, bathroom and a computer on a table.

“I’m not in here most of the time, so I don’t really bother to furnish the place.”

“It’s so… so green.” I remarked after noticing the color of the walls. As it turned out, each room had its own mood. The kitchen was a powder blue and the bathroom was yellow. Of the few pieces of furniture present, they seemed to match with each other as well as with the room.

“Yeah, I figured that since the color doesn’t take up space… and since my roommate lets me do what I want with the place…” She trailed off.

“Oh yeah, that’s the other thing. My roommate sleeps in the only bedroom, so I hope you don’t mind sharing my bed,” Nadine quickly added.

“I knew things were a little different in Europe but never this much.”

“She won’t be back until late tonight. Have you had anything to eat?” Nadine asked me. I could see a caring look had come into her eyes. I knew I wanted someone to take pity on me.

“Not really,” I replied wearily.

“Why don’t you go lie down and when you wake up, I’ll have a surprise ready for you.” She smiled warmly and disappeared into the kitchen.

I wanted to go check and see if my credit card had been used recently, but the bed looked very welcoming. I took off my shirt and let my head sink into the pillow on the bed. I hadn’t changed my clothes or slept decently in a long time. And for the moment, this bed seemed the only place where I could take refuge. I closed my eyes and my view turned to blackness.

I slept for the rest of the afternoon but I didn’t see the sun go down. I felt Nadine crawl into the bed beside me. Her movements, as gently as she tried, woke me.

“I promised that I’d have a surprise for you when you woke, but I’m afraid I don’t have much culinary talent.”

When she said this, she slid her leg over my waist, wrapping me up between her calf and thigh. I noticed a can of chocolate syrup and a jar of peanut butter on the end table nearby. Nadine had already changed out of her clothes into nothingness. Before I could tell her that all of this really wasn’t necessary, I felt a warm and moist sensation envelop me. She had slid down my body and consumed my manhood with her mouth. I couldn’t stop myself from growing inside her. I felt her tongue tickle and play with the head. Her teeth gently greeted the shaft and the incisors massaged the skin when her head bobbed up and down. She reached for the peanut butter and spread a dollop over the moistened skin with her finger. She began to lick it off with her tongue, slowly relishing each repetition. I grabbed internet casino her fingers and began to skim off the excess peanut butter with my teeth.

When she had finished devouring the peanut butter, Nadine worked the shaft with her free hand. Not wanting her to feel neglected, I dipped my finger into the peanut butter and drew an arrow on my stomach pointing towards my neck. When she looked up, she got the idea and followed the peanut butter trail with her tongue, looking up at me all the while. When she reached my neck, I sat up and pushed her onto her back. I reached for the chocolate syrup and began to pour it over her pubic bone. It ran like a chocolate river into the valley between her legs. I decided to return her favor. I lapped from her, while she squealed in delight. Her hands grasped the back of my head and pushed me further inside her. I managed to clean her from the inside out. I stayed in so long that she began to shiver uncontrollably.

“What should I do to her next?” I thought to myself. I saw how her neck cried out for attention, so I sprinkled some syrup onto the point where her neck met her shoulder. I nibbled on the skin, and worked my way up to her ear. Nadine couldn’t control herself. She gasped when I worked her earlobe. Her left hand guided my cock into her. It slid in easily thanks to the chocolate syrup-natural juice mixture I left behind. Each time I pumped into her, she recoiled with euphoria.

When I quickened the motion, she smiled and quivered again. She grasped the small of my back and dug her nails in. I could see her nipples standing erect when I pulled away from her neck. With one of my fingers drenched in peanut butter, I caressed her nipples back to their subdued states. I then began a feast on her left side. Nadine didn’t mind being suckled at all. In fact, she encouraged it. She cupped her right breast and offered it to me. I accepted without hesitation and played with her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger. After I had cleaned her bosom with my mouth, I noticed another neglected part of her: her mouth.

As my lips neared hers, she became overwhelmingly eager. The instant our lips made contact, her tongue shot into my mouth. I could feel her exploring this uncharted cavity. Her tongue slowly moved up and down mine. I tried to pull back, but she bit on my tongue instead. Leading me by this outstretched muscle, she squirmed her way out from underneath me and guided me to turn over. She released me and my head fell back into the soft cradle of a pillow. With her sitting on top of me, she gently started to rock back and forth. Nadine leaned over me and grabbed my hands. I let them be outstretched and looked into her eyes. She smiled back as gravity made her breasts appear ever larger. The rocking quickened and we erupted together. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes as she savored the sensation. Her hands squeezed mine and I followed suit.

When Nadine tired, she stretched out her legs and led her head rest on my chest. She was too tired to move. I didn’t want to wake her so I stayed inside of her. I couldn’t even bring my cock to stand at ease. I held the small of her back with my left hand and caressed the rest of her back with my free hand. I noticed how the sky had begun to lighten on one end. With that in mind, I drifted back into dreamland.

Amazingly, Nadine woke before I did. She was already dressed before I remembered what happed.

“What time is it?” I asked, still groggy from my slumber.

“Late enough. I’ve got work to do. And you have to track your baggage.”

I knew the happy times were over for now. Nadine was gracious enough to let me use her laptop to check my online credit card statement. I discovered my card had been used the night before at a café in Paris. I explained the situation to Nadine and she offered to help me in my travels.

“Here. Take it. It’s 40 quid. This should get you started.” I stared at the money in disbelief. It was her earnings from her street performance yesterday.

“Will it be enough to buy a ticket to Paris?” I pondered.

“No need. Take my Eurail pass. It expires tomorrow, so it won’t do me much good anymore.”

“I don’t know how to thank you.” I was practically in a state of shock. I couldn’t believe my fortune.

“You already did.” She said with a sinister grin.

“At least give me your email address. I want to at least stay in touch with you. You’re the only person I know in Europe.”

I promised to write to her and send her updates on my adventure. With that, we were off to the train depot. We managed one last kiss, which soon turned into a raunchy display on the station platform. The fact that the train was leaving was the only reason why we separated. I watched her diminishing form as long as I could while the train sped away. The gray of the city soon turned to green.

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