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This was fun! Let’s watch a movie and have a sleepover, she said as we finished cleaning up the kitchen which was a mess from our cookie baking marathon. Sounds good! Got any pornos? I joked. We both giggled hysterically as we mimicked the motions of blowjobs and sex. We were home on break from our first year in college and hadn’t seen each other since the summer. We popped in the movie and munched on popcorn, distracted by talking about the boys we liked in school.

Beth was my best friend since kindergarten. We were both blonde and developed much earlier than the other girls in school. We bought our first bras together, got our periods together, tried smoking together…both of us were virgins and held firm to the unrealistic belief that we would stay that way until we married.

After the movie we moved to her bedroom to paint each other’s finger and toenails. As she finished up the bright red polish on my toes, she reached out to touch my leg and commented on how smooth my skin was. The unexpectedly pleasant sensation of her warm hand gave me goose bumps. She noticed and looked up at me with a little smile. Want to trade backrubs, she asked? Sure, I replied, happy to have something else to concentrate on. Take off your tank top, she said.

I complied and laid belly down on her bed, tugging down my shorts which had ridden up my ass a little. All I have is baby oil, is that ok? Yeah, I said, we can shower afterwards casino şirketleri if it gets too messy. She climbed onto the bed, kneeled by my side and squirted the oil onto my back. I closed my eyes as she started to stroke my back and exhaled a contented sigh. You like that, she asked? Feels so good, I whispered. She continued to rub, long slow strokes up and down my back. I felt the bed bounce as she moved to kneel at my head as she rubbed my shoulders. I opened my eyes and found myself staring straight at her naked pussy. I was startled, but couldn’t help but stare at her pink lips and sprinkling of soft blonde hairs. When did you take off your pajamas? I asked. She just giggled and continued to rub my shoulders and back. Every time she reached her body over mine to get to my lower back, I could smell the scent of her and was shocked to feel myself get tingly. Hold still, she said as I started to squirm. I’m done with your back, she said. Want me to rub some on your legs? Sure, I said as I anticipated her warm hands stroking my legs.

Have you ever thought about kissing a girl, she asked? I wasn’t sure how to answer that so I just said, I don’t know. Have you? Sometimes, she answered. I just wonder what it would feel like. I started to ask if she thought it would be weird, but never got to finish my sentence as I felt her rubbing the baby oil into my inner thighs. I gasped. Feel good, she asked? All I could do was nod. casino firmalari How about this? she asked as she slowly stroked her way from my thighs up to my belly. Yes, I managed to say. And this? she asked as she moved up to my tits and flicked my nipples to attention. I moaned loudly, overcome with the sensation. She leaned down so her tits rubbed and squished against mine and lightly dropped a kiss on my mouth. My eyes flew open and stared into hers. I tentatively lifted my head and took her bottom lip between my teeth. It was her turn to close her eyes and moan and I inhaled her sweet breath. She reached out her tongue and licked it along my upper lip. I grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her firmly down to my waiting, open mouth. We stayed that way for a while, experimenting with our lips and tongues, both of us squirming now. She lifted off of me and trailed kisses down my tits and belly.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I’ve never really thought about having sex with a girl, but here I was crazy with desire wanting her to touch and lick every inch of me. She dragged my shorts down my legs and I kicked them off onto the floor. She brought her lips to mine again and reached down to rub my dripping pussy lips and clit. I was squirming so uncontrollably that I nearly dumped her off of me. Easy, she whispered as she dipped a finger inside and held it there for a moment. I moaned into her mouth as she güvenilir casino started to move her finger in and out, rubbing my juices all over. She slowly moved down and took my nipple into her mouth. My back arched uncontrollably as she nibbled and sucked each one while still fucking my pussy with her fingers.

Open your eyes, she said. I stared as she licked my wetness off of her finger. My pussy was aching from her touch and I replaced her fingers with my own. Kiss me, I said and she leaned down and let me lick my juices off of her lips. She moved down between my legs and watched me fuck myself, sometimes adding her own fingers to mine. Suddenly, I felt her take one of my pussy lips into her mouth. Yes! I moaned as she moved to the other side. She spread my dripping lips with her fingers and licked long, slow strokes over my clit. My head whipped back and forth as I cried out from the pleasure. She reached up to cover my mouth with her hand and said be’ll wake up my parents! I covered my mouth with my hands and tried to keep quiet as she continued to lick and suck and dip her tongue into my pussy until I felt that familiar tingling deep inside. Mmmmm…yesssss….I’m going to cum! I yelled behind my hands. She pushed her tongue farther into my slippery pussy and my entire body tensed. I reached down to hold her head as I forced my pulsing pussy harder against her mouth.

After, I lay there exhausted, trying to catch my breath. I felt her climb back up my sweating, quivering body, her nipples dragging against my skin. She dipped her head once more to let me lick my cum from her lips and tongue, then fell back on the bed. Too tired to speak, we both drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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