Bi-sex Trio Surprise Ch. 02

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Doesn’t champagne have a wonderful effect on you? To me, it brings a heady rush to the mind and the imagination that is far more pleasant and coherent than ‘standard’ alcoholic drinks. It also supplies confidence in abundance which can accelerate the fulfilment of any fantasy, no matter how nasty. It is the ‘turbo’ accelerant of depravity fulfilment!

Some of the fantasies that Paul had written over time to me about were of quite an average or common theme and included his desire to suck cock, receive oral from two mouths and to taste another man’s cum from his wife Jill’s mouth and pussy. I am always willing to assist.

However, the more recent correspondence were the late-at-night e-mails which were rather darker and braver. These included such deeper, more hidden depths of his imagination such as giving his wife double-penetration, male-ass tonguing and cleaning his wife’s ass juices from another man’s jizz soaked cock. Again, I am always willing to assist and champagne is the perfect fuel to ignite such passions, enabling fantasies to become a reality. With three horny players and plenty of champagne in the house, the limits were likely to be surpassed.

A break in proceedings had been casually filled by cleaning up a little, drinking champagne and chatting and laughing like old friends; all naked and very relaxed on the huge bed that the three of us lay on in the warmth. Sometime had passed and we had chatted about the most hidden of fantasies, many of which I believe may never have been aired if we had not all ‘clicked’ so comfortably mentally and physically. I mean, who would quite openly tell their wife, after a little prompting, that he had long wanted to lick another man’s cock clean of his beloved wife’s love juices? Whose wife would then reply so positively with a kiss and the word’s “No problem, honey” as she had her nipples stroked by a male guest next to her and stroked her husbands cock into life? Jill was one hell of a woman and Paul knew how lucky he was. I was just happy to be so lucky and be invited to join in the fun.

Jill was kissing Paul as I gently nibbled and licked at her left breast. My cock was aching, partly from my last huge orgasm, partly from fucking Paul’s throat and partly from being so erect for so long. I was lying on my right side and again my cock muscle was flexing to nudge my pumped tip against the smoothness of Jill’s left buttock, teasingly slipping into her ass crack and back out as we writhed into increasingly passionate throes. Jill was in the middle of two men and loved the attention that the four hands, two mouths and two cocks were supplying. She spilt her champagne glass onto the bed as she reached for my cock with her left-hand; her right-hand already filled with the hot meat of her husband. I had my right-hand under the small of her back which lifted her pussy and asshole up to a more accessible position for my left and Paul’s right-hand to service, with my central fingers filling the crack of her ass and parting her cheeks from below. Our mouths were filled with Jill’s nipples or tongue as she swapped either to keep us men happy, or herself satisfied, or both and it felt so good to watch her slender hands wanking us in preparation for the total fantasy fulfilment that was about to ensue.

Her inner thighs were smooth and it seemed as though her entire body was completely hairless. My eyes could not get enough of her, lying on the bed with her jutting hips and dressed only in heels; moaning güvenilir bahis in pleasure as the heat of two rampant men generated the attention she deserved. All of this fuelled by champagne, the scent of sex and the sight of male and female sexual organs that we all could choose to use in any way that we wanted.

I could feel Paul’s right-hand stroking his wife’s juices down to her asshole, which I naturally assisted in spreading with my right-hand around her. The sloppiness of her sex was increased as we worked and her body which was open to be enjoyed. My index fingertip popped into her ass and Paul continued to work the juices around and onto my well positioned digit. She moved downwards slightly, further onto my rigid finger and Paul rewarded her by concentrating his efforts onto her enraged clit as she began to buck and gyrate with increasing inhibition. My finger was engulfed up to my knuckle and to almost off, for around a minute of regular intensity which was interrupted only slightly by my insertion of a second probing finger into her rear warmth. The tight petals of her pussy had now opened expectantly and her clit was swollen to maximise the spread of her erogenous availability. Jill’s efforts to maintain a regular hand rhythm on our frustrated members was waning increasingly as our attention overcame her. She was now engulfed with passion.

Paul rose up and offered his tool to Jill’s mouth as I kissed her, his tip nudging between our lips as I opened my eyes. Jill smiled at me as we licked the very welcome and uninvited hot addition to our oral play. Paul’s solid shaft felt so good as he pumped it’s length between me and his wife, our lips attempting contact with each other as the salty warmth sought an inclusion to our game. I moved down his length to his balls, the action of which succeeded in his helmet finding the inner cheek of his wife as I continued to double-finger fuck her ass. I licked and gently sucked at her husband’s shaven ball sack, the taste of him further raising the blood pressure in my own pole. Jill’s left cheek expanded and hollowed as the cock fucked her mouth and she moaned enthusiastically as she began to play with her clit; an area left absent as a result of her husbands new position. I was licking rivulets of Jill’s saliva as they dribbled slowly down Paul’s cock, further wetting him and touching the nerves on her scarlet lips as my tongue ran up his pumping shaft to her mouth.

Jill was getting closer to orgasm when Paul withdrew completely, leaving Jill and I frustratingly lapping at fresh air momentarily. He had to take his wife and entered her pussy with ease in the missionary position. My fingers were deep in her ass as he did so and I could feel the fullness of his cock slide against them through the smooth, thin skin of her inner walls. My fingers lovingly probed her ass and further heightened both her and her husbands’ pleasure as I massaged his length as he fucked her. Jill had let go of my cock now and her left-hand was gripping my side, her talon-like nails digging my flesh as if it was me that was fucking her.

I could take no more. I rolled them both over as I slipped my fingers out from her ass. Jill was straddling her husband now, her stiletto heels jutting upwards towards me on the inside of Paul’s inner thighs and her long hair rained down to sway in his face as she pinned his hands as if in surrender to her on the bed. I positioned myself behind them both, bringing my heavily ass-oiled fingers türkçe bahis to my mouth in search of further lubrication so my tool could find the heat of her insides more readily. The scent and sight of her gloriously small, firm ass and the smell and taste of her juices on my fingers was as intoxicating as the champagne and I involuntarily closed my eyes as I slid the two warmest fingers into my mouth to taste her.

I swallowed her gift which coated my throat and replaced the fluidity of the surface of my fingers with a fresh batch of my own saliva before reaching down to smother the tip of my throbbing meat, buckling under the sensitivity of the area. A repeat of the motion had my face filled with the sweet smell of her ass juice and my cock glistening in anxiety, ready to be engorged by her forbidden passage.

My open left-hand was holding both my sex partners still in place. I quite dominantly pressed the small of her back as my right-hand guided my tip to the puckering and shiny pinkness of her asshole. As my helmet made contact, I slid my left-hand down and around to open her cheeks to assist.

I gently nudged inside. “Oh!” she cried as I did so. Her ring was twitching on me and I did well to stay still as her ass mouthed excitedly on my shaft, sucking me inside her slightly. The muscular barrier of her insides was yet to be passed and I waited for what seemed like eternity for her to back onto me a little as she got used to the two men inside her. My rampancy was maintained by me positioning my inner thighs against the steel coldness of her 5″ stiletto heels that dug their way into me, acting as a restraint to my eagerness to thrust into her before she would allow me.

My tip slipped through, into the tightness of her slippery tube. I could feel her husbands cock against mine below me now, separated by the thinnest, smoothest and most slippery of barriers. I retracted slightly and spat further lube accurately onto my cock before teasing the juices around with my right-hand and gripping her right hip.

She came as I pulled her onto us; the double penetration bringing a brief relief to her wanting. We, however, had only just begun. As she was cumming, her cries of pleasure and pain spurred our rhythm and depth, our meat pounding both her holes in unison as we took her for our own gratification. I moved up slightly, making sure she had nowhere to go if it got too much for her, allowing me much deeper up into her ass, right up to the hilt. Jill moved down as I did so, as if sensing the nastiness of my intent with an unspoken reply of defiance.

My balls fell on his with every stroke. Both our shafts sliding in and out of his wife who was now enjoying wave upon wave of orgasmic delight. The increasing glistening of her smooth skin emphasised her effort and the beautiful punishment that we gave to her body which she deserved so much for sharing herself with another man in front of her groom. I was fucking his wife up her gorgeous tight ass and he was going to lick me clean as soon as we could take no more.

She came the deepest at the fifth orgasm, one which I had magnified by slapping her ass so hard as I fucked her the hardest I could. “OH, stop!” she cried “Please stop! I can’t take any more!”

We stopped almost completely as much as we did not want to. I pulled out of her. My cock was smothered in ass juice, saliva and pussy juice and looked gloriously erect. Her rosy ass cheeks tried to close her gaping, vacated hole güvenilir bahis siteleri as I did so, but without much success as I bent down to taste us with my tongue rimming her sex. “Oooh! Ah! Fuck!” she giggled as I did so.

I moved up the bed towards them, Jill still impaled on Paul’s pole and I offered my fragrantly juice-streaked cock to their faces. It was the perfect stimulant as Jill dragged me lower towards Paul and forced me into his face. He could smell and taste his wife’s ass on my cock and she loved that. “Suck it, baby. Taste my ass on your friends cock! You dirty bastard! Suck it!”

Paul needed no encouragement whatsoever and proceeded to lick and suck the length of my shaft, the whiteness of his wife’s ass juice coating his lips and collecting beautifully around the corners of his mouth. I thought I was going to cum over the nastiness of it all as she rode him again, but the champagne trip brought much nastier thoughts.

I pulled away, hoping Jill had recovered already.

“I have to cum up your ass!” I demanded. The lack of verbal response was supported by her reaching behind to pull her own ass cheeks apart totally obediently and submissively.

Her gaping hole awaited and I slid my newly saliva-coated cock straight up her to lie against her husband once more. I was close already and the sensation of his wife’s fullness finished Paul off as he grabbed at his wife’s hips and fucked her as violently as my mirrored efforts from behind would allow. This double selfish attack was just what Jill wanted and she came again. She was cumming so much; she was almost crying; sobbing for forgiveness and respite from our impatience. We could not.

My cock twitched against his and released its first jet of jizz inside her: I almost barked in orgasm as I did so. I gripped at her shoulder with my right-hand as my left dragged at her left buttock apart so I could fill her even deeper. I spunked my warm mess deep inside her as I heard her husband yelp beneath us.

“Fuck! I’m cumming!” shouted Paul. His balls rubbed against mine as we shared our love for his beautiful wife. Her steel spiked shoes jutted and gnarled at the skin on my legs as we filled her throbbing holes with our mess.

Now, I knew that Paul had waited for this opportunity for a long time: another man’s mess freshly sown inside his beautiful wife. Only in the really dark corners of his imagination must he have dared to think that the copious amount of spunk that had been generated would be up his wife’s previously virginal ass. Darker still must have been his desire that she would request that he should lick her out.

Jill said nothing as she reached her right-hand at full stretch behind her to hold me still. She kissed Paul beneath her as she pulled forward and my semi-erect cock flopped out of her, striping a thin strand of jizz from her asshole to my tip and across her husbands’ puffy length. The first time he knew of her intent is when she stopped kissing him and span round to sit on his face.

“Open your mouth, baby. I have a mess here that needs cleaning up!” she sang softly.

Positioned over his face on her right knee and supporting herself with her left-foot on the bed so she could watch, she aimed her loaded, clenched holes over his face. The inevitable had already started. It was too much for her gaping holes to hold and the now natural unclenched muscles of her pussy and ass ached so much when she tried. The cocktail of spunk from her ass and pussy was gloriously and tantalisingly beginning their trail downwards from her insides. Both trails entwining to slowly spiral and drop into her husbands open mouth.

“Lick it all up, baby.” she whispered. “Lick me nice and clean.”

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