Big Bear: Continued

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This is a continuation of the Big Bear Weekend story. Parts of this story are true and parts are not. I’m not going to say which are fact.

It was late morning by the time the effects of the wine and the grass had diminished enough to allow me to reach consciousness. Laying draped part way across me, Jean was still asleep. Her face was nuzzled into the crook of my neck and I could feel the firmness of her beautiful titties as they pressed into my ribcage. She held my thigh tightly between her thighs and every once in a while she would grind her pussy against my leg. I let my hand drift down her back and absently stroked at the top of her butt crack. She moaned softly in her sleep. Then I carefully worked my hand lower so that my thumb could stroke and probe at her delicious Blond ass. She moaned and ground her pussy against me even more intently.

Off to one side, I could see Jeff and Corrine engaged in a slow and sensual fuck. The heater had been left on all night, so the cabin was warm enough that, like us, they had uncovered themselves during the night.

Their naked coupling was taking place right in front of me, not more than 4 feet away. Corrine was looking in my direction as her husband gently moved in and out of her. She smiled warmly and closed her eyes sensuously. I could see the hard points of her nipples as her little titties jiggled seductively with their rhythm. Jeff had an intense look on his face as he slowly buried and then withdrew his long snake in and out.

Jean stirred and moaned, I sensed her breathing pattern changing and just kept stroking along her spine. I felt her stretch a little and then clamp her pussy against my thigh even more firmly. She raised her head and kissed me. It was a warm and wet kiss, tasting slightly of the sangria and grass we had consumed the night before. She stuffed her hot tongue deep into my throat and whispered good morning. Then she became aware of our hosts. She raised herself up onto her elbows, her tits firmly pressing against my chest and watched them. Every once in a while she would clinch her thighs together and grind her pussy harder against me.

Suddenly Corrine and Jeff changed gears. What had been a soft sensuous fuck quickly became a wild animal rutting. Jeff was pounding his meat into his wife and his breathing came in ragged grunts as he crammed his cock into her willing cunt. Then it was over. With one last grunt, they both nearly shouted that they were cumming and then they were still. Only the sound of them gasping for air disturbed the morning quiet. Jean let out a soft moan as her body spasmed against me. She had silently shared their fuck. Jeff and Corrine looked over at us and smiled.

Jean watched as Jeff pulled his nearly flaccid cock from his wife’s love box. A long trail of cum connected their genitals for a few seconds and then it broke as he pulled away. Corrine stayed on her back, absently rubbing the smeared cum into the skin of her flat belly. Without any attempt to pretend modesty, Jeff walked into the kitchen area and started making coffee. Corrine rolled onto her side so she was facing us and she and Jean made up the agenda for the day.

After showers we had a leisurely brunch, since it was already after 11 o’clock. Then the girls made a picnic lunch and we headed out for a hike.

It was very warm, so Jean was wearing a very short pair of cut-off jeans. They were so short that the front pockets had been cut off and the line of the rear followed the line of the rear pockets. The tan orbs of her fabulous ass were fully uncovered as the inseam pressed into her cuntlips. On top güvenilir bahis she wore a thin white cotton halter-top. It was very small and much of the under side of her tits were uncovered. It was also very tight and it was very easy to see not only the shadow of her nipples and areola, but also the texture of the skin. The effect really was of someone having painted a white halter onto her golden skin.

Corrine dressed similarly. Except she wore a bathing suit top and very short Khaki shorts. Her long tapered legs looked as good as any models as she climbed into the Jeep. I noticed one of her pussy lips escape the fabric as she arranged herself on the front seat and turned to talk to us.

After a short drive we turned onto a dirt road and followed it for about a half-hour until it came to a clearing. The road ended there and there were no other vehicles around. Jeff and Corrine said that there was a beautiful waterfall and pond just an easy hike away so we all set out. Jeff led and I trailed the two ladies. I was pretending to be gallant by bringing up the rear, but really I was just looking at their fine asses as they walked along ahead of me. Jean knew what I was doing and invitingly shook her ass at me a few times.

After what seemed like a long trek, we rounded a corner and came upon the waterfall. We were all sweating and even panting after the final section which was about a 50% grade and lasted a couple of hundred yards. At the base of the falls was a shallow pond of crystal clear water. The sun was directly on the rocks and the water and Jean announced that the water wasn’t cold at all. Much to my surprise, she was right.

Jeff and Corrine were already stripping as they explained that the water was always warm in the late afternoon on sunny days. In just a few seconds, all four of us were naked and splashing in the shallow water. Jean and Corrine suddenly attached Jeff. First they splashed him and then they started climbing on him, trying to knock him off his feet. The depth only brought the water to mid-thigh so there was no hiding what was going on. I began swelling to full erection as I watched my friend and my sexy wife frolicking with abandon. It was great watching the tanned bodies glistening in the sun, their tits bouncing and jiggling as they played. Jeff’s cock was hard too and suddenly Jean grabbed at it as he grabbed one of her tits. Then Corrine did the old “bend over” behind Jeff and Jean quickly launched herself onto him, her legs straddling his hips as they fell over his wife.

Later, we realized we didn’t have any towels. We just lay out on the sun-baked rocks and let ourselves dry naturally. As I was lying on my back, listening to the birds and watching a white contrail streak across the cloudless sky, I was thinking of my wife so openly flirting with Jeff. I smiled to myself as I realized that my cock was growing again as I thought of the scene. Then I was suddenly surprised when my beautiful Blond slut engulfed my cock in her mouth. In no time at all, he came to full attention as she worked him up and down her throat. I reached down and held her head onto my cock and began to pump my hips in time with her ministrations.

Just as my seed began to boil and I could feel my balls contracting, a gruff voice commanded us to get dressed and leave. I opened my eyes to see a Forest Service Ranger standing above us on a rock. As we retrieved our clothes and dressed, the ranger climbed down to our level. He was pretty cool. As he watched my Jean dress, obviously impressed, he explained that there was a group of Girl Scouts just a quarter mile away and türkçe bahis heading for an overnight at the falls. After we dressed we headed back to the Jeep. My balls ached and a drop or two of pre-cum dampened the front of my cut-offs as we headed down the trail toward lunch. We passed the scouts just a few hundred yards away from the pond. Their leader was a beautiful Japanese girl and I know her smile was a knowing one as she eyed us as we passed. The girls were of high school age and I wished they had stumbled upon us without warning from the ranger.

We ate our picnic lunch and then headed back to the cabin.

When we got there, we realized that the water in the tub was at a perfect temperature for lounging in the warm afternoon. There was just a pleasant chill in it. We broke out more wine and smoke and all of us stripped to climbed in. Corrine immediately remembered something and went into the cabin for a minute. I watched her ass, loving the glimpse of her pussy as she walked. Between the three of us, Jean was the last one in and made no effort to cover herself this time. I watched the petals of her pussy as she climbed over the edge. The opening of her womanness opened and winked at Jeff as she stood on the bench with one foot and on the deck with the other. He made no effort to hide that he was watching and even made of show of stroking his cock a little.

“You nasty little slut.” I said. “Why do you have to tease him like that?”

“”Who says I’m just teasing?” She smiled at me over the rim of her glass, Sex seemed to fire out of her big eyes as she looked into my eyes. Her tongue traced the edge of the glass.

“We do need to show how much we appreciate being invited for the weekend, don’t we?”

My cock stiffened immediately. She sat down next to Jeff and put her arm around his shoulder. One of his hands immediately went to her breast and the other went between her legs. I saw her nipples stiffen as he began a full open-mouthed French kiss. She moaned as she put down her glass and reached for his cock.

“So, Jeff, how can she show you how much we appreciate being your guest this weekend?” I asked.

He hoisted himself out of the tub and sat on the deck with his legs spread and his feet in the water. “Oh, you don’t have to show your appreciation, but a blow job would sure feel good right now.” He said, as he stroked at her shining hair.

She changed positions so she was on her knees between his legs. I saw her take another drink and then she reached into the ice bucked and got a couple of chunks of crushed ice and put them into her mouth. Then she lowered her face to his cock. Jeff’s eyes slowly closed and he had to let himself lay all the way back down onto the deck. My sexy Blond slut wife practically devoured his long skinny cock. I could see her little hands, one was cupping his bloated balls and the other was working a manicured finger into his asshole. She was so into the vacuum job that she was no longer kneeling; instead she was nearly climbing out of the tub herself, striving for the best angle of attack. Her ass and cunt were out of the water and I watched her two holes as they reacted to the erotic sensations his cock was giving her mouth and throat. I could hear her moaning as he began to gyrate his hips. His breath was coming in short grunting snorts and his ass was pounding on the deck as he fucked her face for all his worth.

“Oh, you cock sucking bitch!” He shouted. “Suck me baby, suck me good. I’m gonna paint your tonsils baby, I’m gonna give you so much cum you’re not gonna need to eat dinner…”

I watched her little hand güvenilir bahis siteleri as it kneaded his ballsac. The diamond of her wedding rings sparkled in the afternoon sunlight. During this time, his nasty monologue. I was barely aware that Corrine had joined us. She leaned her hand on my shoulder as she joined us in the tub. When I looked at her, she was focused on Jean’s winking holes. She set down her glass and moved up behind my wife. Within seconds, she had her tongue and nose buried in the beautiful dripping gash between my wife’s legs. I watched as Corrine began to devour Jean from behind. My rapidly stroking hand was making the water erupt between my legs. I could feel the seed once again boiling and churning inside of me. Without hesitation or warning I moved behind Corrine, behind her inviting ass and drove my raging cock deep into her cunt. Her hole was hot and tight and I held her slim hips to get into the same rhythm as the other three. It was only seconds before Jeff began bellowing, Jean and Corrine began moaning and groaning and I totally lost control in a frenzy of lust and a blast of seed. I held on for dear life until the energy seemed to sapped out of the blazing end of my cock. I had to sit down. I watched a large gob of my cum slowly ooze out of Corrine just before she sat down and Jean collapsed on top of Jeff. His wilting cock was trapped between the golden orbs of my wife’s perfect breasts.

We drank and relaxed for a while before the buzzer on the oven called us all into the cabin. We decided that since we had been naked all afternoon, there was no reason to dress for dinner. It was great fun working around the ladies with their beautiful bodies on full display. Both Jeff and I had stiff wood leading our way as we moved around the cabin.

At one time Jean was bending over to get something off a lower shelf as Jeff walked by. His slimy cock rubbed against her ass and she looked up and smiled. Once again she wiggled that smooth ass at him in an inviting way. “Are you looking for something or are you just waiting for me to help you?” Jeff asked her, easily resting his hands on her hips.

Without standing up, Jean moved back toward him. “I don’t know, wait just a few minutes and maybe I’ll figure it out.” She answered. I saw his cock slip all the way into her soaking and ready pussy.

“Alright you two, get your asses over here and sit down.” Corrine said. “I didn’t sweat over this hot stove so we could end up with cold dinner.”

Jeff and Jean stood up together and marched in lock step to the table. Then Jeff sat down; my wife still impaled on his cock. They ate dinner like that, Jeff often smearing some food or sauce on my wife’s inviting nipples only to noisily lick it off.

When we were done with dinner, Jean got off of Jeff’s cock; a string of cum snapped from his cum hole and stuck to her leg. While Corrine was washing dinner dishes I came up behind her and helped by supporting her jiggling tits. She appreciated my help and I appreciated the warm crack in which I nestled my throbbing cock.

We spent the rest of the night talking, drinking and toking. One of the last things I remembered before the great blur, as an exciting view of my wife 69ing with Jeff. He was on his back and she was on her knees, straddling his head. Her beautiful breasts hung down, with her thumb-sized nipples almost touching his belly. She had his skinny cock all the way down her mouth and her head bobbed up and down frantically. Jeff licked and sucked at her ass and pussy. The sounds of their grunts and moans filled the room.

“Fuck man, what a slut she is!” Jeff said. His eyes were popping out of his head, as he became aware that his wife was swallowing my sausage at the same moment. I could feel the head of my cock as it banged against the back of her throat.

“Yeah, I fucking know…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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