Bike Ride

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After my recent heart attack I have been dieting and getting some exercise. I have been riding a road bike in the local area 3 or 4 times a week. Here in Southern California they are building houses on every hill available. This gives me a great place to build up my cardio vascular strength without riding all day long. I tackled a hillside community near my house around 6 months ago and have worked my way to the top. I took it easy by just riding just the lower portion, then adding more and more till I ride to the top a couple of times each day that I ride. Over the past year I have gotten to know, or at least recognize many of the people that are out exercising. The other day, a Saturday, I noticed one woman in particular, a blond with shoulder length hair, about 5ft 6in tall, with a really lovely round ass and a passable set of tits. She walked from her side street on to the main hill and whipped out her cell phone and called someone. I rode past her and was interested, cause most people out for exercise don’t talk on a cell phone while they are at it. My oxygen starved brain didn’t have much energy available to think about it while riding the hills and I pretty well forgot about it till I was resting while coasting down the hill and noticed her standing on a bushy side path that leads off the main hill to a small park with picnic tables a swing set and half basketball court. The main entrance to the park was above the park and you could drive a car up to the park if you had a key to the post that locks out the casual entrant. She was standing well below the park it’s self and was still on the phone. I noticed that her free hand was in the waistband of her sweat pants and it looked like she was feeling her pussy. That sent my mind spinning and I thought about it several times during the week, but didn’t expect to see anything again.

Much to my surprise and delight I noticed her standing on the same path with her hand in her sweatpants as I rode up the hill the next Saturday morning. I rode past her without letting on that I saw her and turned into the main entrance to the small park. I got off my bike and quietly took off my helmet, gloves, and shoes. I then padded down the path coming silently up behind the woman. I heard her say, “Oh, God. Yes, eat my pussy you bastard.” Her hand was moving quickly up and down in her sweatpants and she was rocking her hips in rhythm. When I was close behind her I reached one hand bahçelievler escort around her and put it over her mouth and held her hand in her sweatpants with the other hand. She screamed into my hand, but it was nearly completely muffled by my hand. I put my mouth next to her ear and said, “Just relax, or I will take this cell phone to your husband and let him hit redial after I tell him what I heard. Now, are you going to cooperate, or do I take the cell phone?” I felt her relax in my arms and could hear the guy squawking in the cell phone.

She said, “No. Everything is okay. Just that damn guy riding his bike.”

I whispered, “Good girl in her ear.” Then I pulled her hand out of her sweatpants and brought it up to my mouth. I could smell her cum as I licked her fingers and sucked them into my mouth. I held her fingers in my mouth and slid my hand under the waistband of her sweats and into her panties. She was hot and wet as my fingers slid up and down her clit as she moaned into the phone. I had taken my hand off of her mouth and was squeezing her breasts through her sweatshirt and bra. Soon she was cumming like a freight train on my fingers as I pushed my hard dick into her plump ass. As her orgasm subsided, I pulled my fingers from her pussy and slid them across her lips. Her tongue snaked out and she licked her cum from my fingers with relish.

I heard her say, “No. No. Everything is okay; I just came really hard that’s all. Yes, I want to suck your dick. You know I love that.”

I whispered in her other ear, “Come with me. I want to eat your pussy,” as I led her up the path towards the picnic benches. I pulled her sweats down around her ankles and struggled to get them off over her tennis shoes. When I had them off, she demurely covered her panty-covered pussy with one hand while she held the cell phone to her ear with the other. I put her sweats on the cold concrete bench and pushed her down onto it when she said. “No. Don’t put me on hold now. God damn you. You asshole. Don’t leave me like this.”

“Does he leave you like this often?” I asked

“Yes,” she moaned, “when ever he gets a work call, or when his secretary comes in.”

I said, “It is not nice to leave a lady all hot and bothered when she is about to cum, now is it?”

I pushed her onto her back and put my mouth on her pink panty-covered crotch and sucked her pussy lips into my balgat escort mouth. I sucked on her like this till she started to buck against my face and moan. Then I pulled her panties aside and licked her open lips and slid my tongue deep into her while my nose pressed against her clit. I licked around in there for a little bit before I moved my lips up to her clit and slipped a single finger into the back of her pussy. She moaned loudly and came on my face. I stood up and pulled my spandex riding shorts down to my ankles and stepped out of them allowing my dick to bob freely above her. She looked it with large round eyes and said, “No. Don’t fuck me. I don’t know you. You can’t just fuck me.” I knelt in front of the bench and pulled her pussy onto my dick with one long slow motion.

She gasped and said, “Don’t do this. You are raping me. Please don’t rape me.”

I slowly pulled my dick out of her and said, “Okay. If you don’t want this you are free to go.”

She pulled me back into her and said, “Oh God. Don’t stop now. Fuck me and rape me all you want. I want you to really fuck me hard. Rape me. Rape me, please.”

Her cell phone rang and she looked at me questioningly. I said, “If it is him, direct me on how you want me to fuck you by telling him what you want. Understand?”

She nodded as an evil grin spread across her pretty face, so I wiped the finger that had been buried in her pussy across her lips and she sucked on it. She looked at the cell phone before answering it and said, “Yes. Fuck me really hard.” I slammed into her like a jackhammer.

She said, “Rape me you bastard. Just take me and fuck me like crazy. Cum in my pussy and on my tits and in my mouth.” I continued to hammer away at her with my dick.

She groaned as I hammered her then said, “I want you to fuck me doggy style. Yes slam it into my pussy from the back.” I pulled out of her and stood up pulling her up with her free hand. I laid her on her belly on the table and slipped into her from the back.

Whimpering, she said, into the cell phone, “Yes you bastard. Spank my pussy with your balls. Really use my cunt. Fuck me without mercy.” I slammed into her pussy with a vengeances and was glad for my riding cause it gave me plenty of strength in my legs to hammer her from the back, bus she was pushing back against me and I knew that I would not be able to last much longer.

I slapped batıkent escort her round ass with my bare hand and she moaned into the phone saying, “Yes. Spank me while you rape me you bastard.”

I said, “Baby I am about to cum.”

She shrieked, “Yes, cum in my cunt you bastard. Give me your baby juice deep in my burning pussy.” I unloaded into her and she moaned and sobbed as I pumped a couple of week’s worth of cum into her cunt. She pushed back against me to get as much dick into her flaming cunt as possible as the last drops of cum oozed out of my flagging cock.

I walked around and sat with my dick near her face. I reached out and took the phone from her hand and said. “Hey pal. I just fucked the hell out of your girlfriend. You had better make some sort of excuse to get off work and come over to the little park by her house and eat her pussy with my load of cum in it.”

The voice at the other end of the line said, “What? Who the hell is this?”

I pushed my cock closer to her mouth and she pulled herself up over it and licked her cum off the head of it before plunging it all into her mouth. I said, “Yes. I am the guy that just fucked your girlfriend silly. She is down on my cock now sucking our cum off of it as we speak. Get your ass over her now. She wants you to eat her hot pussy right now.”

I held the phone next to her bobbing head and she took her mouth off my dick long enough to say, “Bill come over her right away. I really need you to eat me now. I have to have your mouth on my cunt right away.”

I pulled the phone from her hand and said, “Well, Bill. Get your ass over here or she won’t be your girlfriend any more.” I hung up and tossed the phone onto the grass and pulled her head down onto my dick and fucked her face like mad before I came another load into her mouth.

I picked up her sweatpants and helped her into them before putting my spandex shorts back on. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her tasting my cum in her mouth. She ground her tits against my chest and held me tight. “Will he come?” I asked.

She shrugged and said, “I don’t really know. It turns him on to know that my husband has just fucked me when we talk on the phone, but I am not sure that he will drop everything and cove over here to fuck me now.”

I said, “Well, I hope he comes over here and eats a load of my cum out of your sweet pussy.

I said, “Are you going to be okay?”

She nodded and said, “Yes. I am going to be fine. My name is Doris. Will I see you here next Saturday?”

I hugged her and said, “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

When I got back on my bike I headed down the hill towards home. I figure I had done enough riding for one morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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