Biker Momma

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Hello, my name is Brad, I was an apartment dweller until management decided to sell the property, so I had to move back home with mom, but she was glad to have me back. Pops died a while ago, he was never in good health and I guess his body was just plum worn out.

Back in my twenties, I started to look at Mom through the eyes of a man, not just her son, I started to see her as Gail, a good looking woman, rather than Mom. Yeah I fancied her and her good looks and we did some pretty neat things together like going to musicals, plays and movies, and we always went out to dinner together. Mom had started to notice my interest inin her and she liked the attention I gave her back then.

Now sixteen years later I am back at mom’s and she is looking hotter than ever, and I have even more of an interest in being intimate with her. I loved her as a mother but now my thoughts of her are more of an attraction to an older, very good looking woman and not just my mother.

She stands 5′ 10″ with long flowing black hair with touches of grey, 44D bosoms, with shapely hips and a soft lusciously curved ass. She looks great for her 57 years and I could be very happy being with her.

Most of the time Mom dresses very business-like, a nice skirt and blouse with low pumps in black patent and her glasses on a chain. Ah, but when she dresses in a black skirt, white blouse with a ruffled V neck and spectator style heels, which are black patent at the toes and heels and white leather between, I start to want to be more than just her son.

Being in her mid-fifties mom wears glasses for reading, the half-glasses style in silver or gold in either the half-moon or half-square style and they always hang from a well made beaded neck chain. Along with charcoal sketching, Beading is one of Mom’s hobbies.

Mom knew I borrowed her glasses from time to time when the print was a bit too small for me to read, but I did not know she knew that I did more than just read with her glasses. Seeing mom wearing her half-glasses with a V-necked blouse and mid-thigh skirt was a real turn on for me. I would start getting hard just looking at her with her glasses on. I had no idea she knew what was going on with her son and her glasses and that she had no trouble with her thirty-six-year-old son having a fetish for her various pairs of half-glasses.

I work as a stock-broker and lately it was getting to be a real drag, I lost two damn good commissions and someone was looking to have my head on the chopping block. I knew I would never sell them stock again. My boss tried to explain, but his words fell on deaf ears. These things happen but lately it seemed to be a lot more often than usual and some of the big bosses were not pleased with my work.

When I got home, mom saw I was upset and asked me what was wrong. I told her about the lost commissions and how some of the higher-ups wanted my ass in a vise, my head too.

Mom comes to me looking hot with a beaker of Harveys Bristol Creme. I like that she has her half-glasses partway down her nose and how the light from the tiffany lamp is seen in them and the beaded neck chain softly moving on her neck as she walks towards me.

“Here sweetie, maybe this will help you feel better. I think you are burned out at work. Even a few months ago I noticed you were happier a while ago. getting burned out at work. Even a few months ago I noticed you were Tell me, why did you give up the idea of being a motorcycle wrencher? I know you thought about it last year and I’m wondering why you gave it up?”

“I don’t know. I just thought that making money was more important. But now I’d rather work on locomotives or lay track for the railroad than work as a broker. I just want to enjoy life and ride my Harley. Speaking of which, I was thinking of getting another one.”

“Not one of those rice burner crotch rockets I hope?”

Mom’s referring to those Japanese bikes where the rider is slouched over the gas tank behind the handlebars as they scream down the road, so loud as to make one’s ears bleed.

“No Mom, not a crotch rocket. A Harley Sportster, I saw one a few days ago. Its an XL 1200 that looks like it rolled off the ‘Happy Days’ set. No fiberglass cowlings and no shrouds, just all motorcycle.”

“So, if you bought a new bike, could I ride with you?”

“You mean you’d, want, to ride with me?”

“Well yes, I mean if you’d like me to.”

“Mom, I would love for you to ride with me, that’s a great idea.”

My mind went from 1st gear to 5th in two seconds flat trying to figure out how this could possibly get us in the sack.

“I would like that very much Brad, and I think we could get a lot closer out on the road, taking road trips, riding all day, then stopping for a great meal poker oyna and getting a nice room for the night.”

She did not say rooms, did she?

“I’d like that too, Mom.”

“Oh Brad, we can have a great time riding together. I could be your ‘Biker Momma,’ no one needs to know that I am really your mother, all they need to know is that your riding with a hot looking older woman.”

“Well yeah Mom, besides a lot of bikers like an older woman anyway.”

“Yeah, when we’re out on the road you can use your maiden name and I’ll just call you Gail.”

“Good idea.”

“Now Brad, I know that you have been looking at me in a sexual way and frankly I like that. Do you know how much it means to an older woman when a guy twenty years younger has an interest in her, that he wants her? It makes her feel young again, and quite frankly a little horny. So I am looking forward to spending some quality time together on you and your bike.”

Hmmm, did she just say what I think she said, or was that a simple slip of the tongue?

Mom left to go play Bingo with her friends and I was at the house doing a lot of thinking. Damn I feel good. Mom knows I want her and she loves the idea, and she wants to be my biker momma, that is so hot.

The next day I go back to the Harley dealership and the bike is still there. Since I have a motorcycle endorsement I’m able to take her out for a ride. The price is fair as it is an oldie and the engine is in pretty good condition. I took her out and a salesman went with me. He got pissed that I rolled on the throttle and blew past him at a good hundred miles an hour but I was going to know what that bike could do before I bought it. The salesman cooled off when I plunked down some cash. I bought some goggles and gloves and a half helmet and got the same for mom. Then I hit the road back to the house.

Mom was not home when I pulled into the driveway. She had gone to the store as we are low on groceries. But when she got home she was so excited about the bike, she wanted to go for a ride right then. Well of course I helped her get the food into the fridge and cupboards first.

“Okay Gail, I know a nice place we can go for a ride.”

“Ooh, using my first name already, eh? Well I guess I better get into the Biker Momma role, huh?”

So she put on the helmet, goggles, and gloves I bought her, then got on the bike behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist as we rolled out of the driveway, up the street to Ninth and headed north on Route 275 up through Tampa and I loved the way it felt as she held on to me, with her arms around me and her large lovely breasts pressed into my back.

I figured I would gas up and head south over the Sunshine Skyway bridge back up to St. Petersburg, a ride that would be a hundred miles or more.

It was dusk when we pulled into the Olive Garden on Route 19 in Pinellas Park. Mom was as giddy as a schoolgirl on her first date. She totally loved the ride and I totally loved being with her.

“So you’re taking your Biker Momma to dinner?”

“I sure am. I want to show off my new babe.”

We had a cozy spot in a booth in the back corner and talked about the ride, mom loved it, and I could see the happiness and excitement that sparkled in her eyes.

The waitress came over and asked if we wanted some wine and Gail said she would have a glass. The waitress came back with some breadsticks and our salads and that gave us some more time to look over the menu.

Mom asked, “Do you want to borrow my glasses Brad? Here sit next to me.”

I am sitting next to her, thigh to thigh, as she leans over pressing her large breasts against my arm as she offers me her gold half-round style glasses with the beaded chain.

“Put them on and read the menu, get whatever you want, I know you wanted to take me out but this one is on me for taking me for a ride.”

I had the beaded chain over the back of my neck and the glasses halfway down my nose reading the menu when mom reached down between us and gave my cock a real good squeeze. She smiled and looked very pleased that I was already hard.

“Damn, that thing is bigger than I expected. I’m glad that my glasses and I make you so hard, and I like the feel of your cock.”

“Do you like it when I rub it like this?” she asked as she squeezed my cock again.

“Oh yeah, reading this menu could take quite a while.”

“You know, I can make this last a long time, making sure that your huge cock stays hard while you read that menu,” she said with a grin. “Stay here next to me for a while and I’ll show my appreciation.”

I ordered the five cheese ziti, two meatballs, and one sausage and Gail had re-arranged things so the sausage has the meatballs on both sides, no canlı poker oyna need to guess what she was thinking about and I could only imagine what she could be thinking about doing later.

She ordered the eggplant parmesan and ziti and we both had a fantastic meal.

“Brad can we go for another ride when we leave here, like maybe over the skyway bridge again?”

I could not believe it! I have a hot Momma that loves riding.

“Yeah, of course, we can. You really liked the ride huh?”

“Oh yes, I loved it very much, and I’d love to show you how much. Just wait till we get back to the house. And Brad?”

“Yes Mom.”

“I really like it that my half-glasses do things for you, those and my patent black heels too, We are going to start having some great times together.”

We have a great dinner and Mom teases me a bit with her talking.

“You know Brad, I always wanted to start a scrapbook and I think you could like that.”

Now in my mind, that is what a bunch of women do together, not really a guy thing. “I don’t know about that, seems like a woman thing to do.”

“It depends on the pictures Brad, with my background of lighting and photography, the million combinations of half-glasses sitting on a man’s cock or on top of a hi-heel worn by a cock. Make a nice scrapbook and for a few giggles leave in on the coffee table, hell of an ice breaker, huh Brad? You know my friend Janice, Right? She might be over, look through the book and see a man’s cock with beads wrapped around it whose ends are to a pair of gold half-square style glasses, sitting on top of a heel with a man’s dick inside it”.

“Yeah Gail, you don’t see that every day.”

“This could take months”.

“Wow, Mom, I could not be happier.”

She just grinned. “I’m going to love our new life together Brad.”

With that we finished our Tiramisu and Gail paid the check as I left a generous tip for our waitress and then we headed out to the bike, leathered up and rolled on to 54th Ave North and grabbed Rt. 275 South. I had a few bucks and a pocket full of quarters for the toll booth, as we rode over the bridge with the sparkling moonlit water on both sides, there was a romantic feeling in the air and Mom hugged me a little tighter as we started down the other side.

On the south side of the bridge in Manatee county, there are fishing piers off the hi-ways with park benches as well. I slowed down and took the road to the piers.

“What do you have in mind Brad?”

“Since you seem to love the water so much I thought we could just sit by the water and hold each other for a while and enjoy the view.”

“You are so romantic Brad! This is great.”

We sat there for a while wrapped in each other’s arms sitting on the park bench looking at the moonlit water.

“Brad, want to see my blossoms with my half-glasses sitting on them?”

“Well yes, of course Gaile.”

“Lick it and suck my nipples, Gaile will like that.”

Gaile had her gold half-round glasses and I have an idea.

“Let me see these glasses Gaile.”

She looks up at me as she takes them off. I drag them over her now hard red nipples and she begins to breathe heavy. I start to run her beaded chain alongside her nipple and she is doing a lot of oohing.

“Brad, what are you doing to your biker Momma?” She asks in a Mae West voice.

“Ya like it?”

Moans and oohing.

“Just wait till we get back to the house Gaile.”

“Oh, what do you have in mind?”

“You’ll find out Gaile.”

“Gaile, do we have any munchies at the house?”

“I know of one thing you’ll enjoy Brad.”

I was buttoned up but I just have to squeeze those blossoms again. I walk over to her, looking her in the eye I put my hands up under her sweater. “Oh these are so beautiful.”

“We are going to have a good time back at the house, Brad.”

So we are roaring off north on route 275 toward the Skyways bridge. In my mind the word ‘Skyway’ can be the word to get things going. Gaile’s idea of a scrapbook is a great one and I am sure we will have a good time making it up.

“Oh you will baby, you will, as soon as I can get you home and into bed.”

With that we straightened ourselves up and headed out. We rode out and gassed up at the Hess station and headed north back to St. Petersburg.

When we got home and into the house mom headed for her room and I crashed on the sofa.

“Oh no Brad, don’t get comfy there, you’ll be staying the night with me, in my bed” she said as she headed down the hall to her bedroom.

I had no trouble with that at all. We were both a bit ‘wired’ due to the great evening we had, so I laid there while Mom went to the bedroom and changed into a little see-thru internet casino nightie with a lacy black silk bra and matching panties with patent black pumps with bows. She also has on a pair of gold half-square style glasses at the end of a dainty beaded eyeglass chain that swayed as she walked. As she came back I noticed she had something behind her.

“I have something for you Brad. Please close your eyes.”

I did as I was told, as she sat down next to me.

“Okay you can open them now.” She had several biker mags with her ‘Rider,’ ‘Biker,’ ‘Chopper,’ and ‘Dixie Biker Illustrated’ Full throttle, just to name a few.

‘Holy Smokes! My Biker Momma really, is, into riding.’ “Wow, where did you get all those biker mags, Mom?”

“Well, I have always been fascinated with motorcycles, especially the big loud ones. Your father and I had talked about getting one and going places but he was always working and then there was health.”

“But then you moved back and now I have the opportuntity to make my biker fantasies come true and I want to share my interest in motorcycles with you.”

We sit on the sofa looking at the magazines and figuring what ride to take next. I liked how she moved her sexy legs, with her patent black heels reflecting the soft light and causing her gold half-square glasses to sparkle. I guess that after our biking trip my cock knew what it wanted as it stood up in my jeans.

Well of course Mom saw the tent in my jeans and smiled at me. My cock was like a guy on a bike showing off at a red light, revving up the engine to get a girls attention.

She reaches over and opened a drawer of the lamp table at the end of the sofa and takes out another pair of her glasses, they are the silver half-moon style with the beaded neck chain. She has a pretty good idea of what she wants to do with me, and them.

“Brad, bring that wicker chair over here and sit down across from me will you?” I did as I was told.

“Wait! Before you sit down, take off your jeans.”

She looked so excited, she licked her lips as I lowered my jeans and my rock hard cock sprang into view at full mast.

I am sitting in the wicker chair and Mom starts rubbing her silver half-moons up my leg and caressing my balls and rubbing them over the top of my cock, at the same time she wrapped the beads of the neck chain around my balls and squeezed gently. Then she turned back to the lamp table and pulled a bottle of flavored lube out of the drawer.

I never knew Mom was into such things.’

She put some on her palm and began to rub it on my cock slowly jerking me off as she kept rubbing the silver half-moons on my cock as well. As she slowly pumped my cock with one hand she took the beaded neck chain from around my balls and wrapped it around my lube glistened cock as she slid off the sofa with her face inches from my throbbing love stick. She smiled at me and licked the head of my cock before taking the full length of it in her mouth, all the way to my balls, and licked the back of it with her tongue as she slowly slid it out of her mouth to lick the head with her tongue again. As she started to suck my cock she looked up at me through her gold half-square glasses. There was something about the soft glow of light on her glasses as they perched on the end of her nose with her lips wrapped around my cock that forced that love sauce to boil and once under pressure I blew my load of love sauce down the throat of my biker momma.

“Oh Brad, that was so good, a million thanks. Now it is time for you to eat something nice.”

We are in her room now and she says, “Brad this is our room now, our bedroom.”

“No problem with that, Gaile.”

She is on her back and with a few pairs of her sweet half-glasses, and yes she is donning a pair. I stretch her legs and begin to rub her glasses all over her love lips and I hear the nicest oohs and awes. Then I begin to run the beaded chain of glass diamonds and pearls through her lips and she is wriggling at the hips.

Oh Bra-a-a-ad, it feels so good. Yup Gaile is getting squishy and gushy there, the half’s are removed and my tongue is licking her lady parts, short and quick, long and slow. . .

“MMMmmm Oh Where’ja learn that Brad?”

“It jus’ seemed like the thing ta do Gaile, sounds like you liked it.”

“Do the things with my boobs an glasses, it was so wild.”

“Is it true that the feelings go from the boobs to the parts in waves of pleasure?”

“No, they take a Sporty right to that place says Gaile between heavy breathing.

“Now Brad! I need it now!

I am on top of my biker Momma bringing that piston to top dead center and there’s gonna be a spark that sends her over the edge, just as I finish the stroke her head moves just enough that the light of the bedside lamp sparkles in her half-glasses like a sparkplug firing and Gaile sighs as a mighty orgasm floods her sex parts.

Fully satisfied we lay there in our bed for hours. Damn um starving.

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