Bikini And A Badge Ch. 10

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The guys woke up early Friday morning, much earlier than Brittany and Karen in the adjoining hotel room. After showering and dressing for the day’s activities, they decided to go out for breakfast and maybe do a little shopping for the girls.

Returning to the hotel later in the morning, they found both women still sound asleep. Jake took the task of waking the girls up.

“You two gonna sleep all day?” He whispered in Brittany’s ear. “Don’t forget we need to get up to Lighthouse Beach before Wayne takes off without us.”

Both women showered and quickly dressed in the new clothes the men had purchased for them, choosing shorts and tank tops to wear over the skimpy thong bikinis. After grabbing a quick bite at the hotel’s breakfast buffet, the five team members along with Brad Langley boarded the Hatteras cruiser, setting course for the north end of the island. Once they joined Wayne with the other cruiser, the plan was to meet Evelyn Brooks at Kingston, Jamaica, eight hundred miles to the northwest.

Arriving at Lighthouse Beach, Trace spotted his brother sitting out on the rear deck of the Navigator cruiser. Wayne gawked as the huge cruiser pulled alongside.

“What the hell happened to the powerboat?” He shouted.

“It’s sitting at the bottom of the sea where your sorry-ass should be!” Brittany exclaimed, jumping on board the boat.

“We had to commandeer Sanchez’s boat so we could make our escape.” She added. “No thanks to you!”

“You’re off the team!” Brittany continued. “Once we get to Jamaica, your ass is history!”

Wayne didn’t argue the point, seeing Brittany was infuriated with him. She rushed passed him, climbing the ladder to the bridge. Firing up the twin diesel engines, she let them idle for several minutes before turning the boat towards Jamaica.

Brad Langley joined Brittany on the top deck as she steered the course towards Jamaica.

“I can’t wait till all this is over!” Brittany exclaimed.

“Maybe it already is?” Langley responded. “You just haven’t realized it yet.”

“Whatta you mean?” Brittany asked.

“It’s impossible to rescue the last two women.” Brad answered. “The odds are too great you’d even make it to where they are.”

“Bogotá?” Brittany inquired. “Is it Bogotá?”

“Yep.” Langley replied. “Might be more than two women now.”

“Why’s that?” Brittany questioned.

“Last Saturday night, two women vacationing with their husbands were kidnapped down in Rio.” Brad stated. “I feel there’s a connection to the same people who’ve got the other two in Bogotá.”

“So, now there could be four women instead of two.” Brittany commented.

“Two, four, maybe more.” Langley remarked. “Who knows how many.”

“What kind of information do you have?” Brittany asked.

“Not much, I’m afraid.” Langley replied. “I’ll go over it with you once we get to Jamaica.”

It was late Saturday night when the team entered the harbor at Kingston. Both boats were running low on fuel. The crew tied the luxury cruisers off at the far end of the marina away from all the hustle and bustle of the resort city.

“We’ll have to turn Sanchez’s boat over to the DEA.” Brittany said to Langley.

“Like hell you will!” Brad immediately responded. “You confiscated this boat, not the DEA. By rights it’s now yours.”

“What the hell would I do with it?” Brittany said.

“Sell it if you don’t want to keep it.” Langley replied. “I can get you a salvage title for it. Myself, I’d keep it.”

“I don’t have any use for it.” Brittany remarked. “Guess I could sell it and use the money to reimburse Evelyn.”

“You’d be giving up one helluva lot of money.” Langley spoke out. “Sanchez paid almost three million for her.”

“I’m not in this for the money.” Brittany responded.

“What are you in it for?” Langley inquired, lowering his voice.

“I’m not sure anymore.” Brittany muttered. “Maybe just for myself. Something I just want to accomplish.”

The team shared a few cold beers and a late dinner before turning in for the night. Brittany found falling asleep difficult. Thoughts of planning the last rescue in the interior region of Columbia were on her mind.

Waking late Sunday morning, Brittany slipped on a robe before joining the others on the rear deck. Karen was showing off her new thong bikini. The guys were definitely taking notice. Everyone seemed in a cheerful mood.

“How about some breakfast?” Richard offered.

“No thanks.” Brittany responded. “Just coffee.”

“And cigarettes!” Trace exclaimed. “Don’t forget those damn cigarettes!”

“What’s on the agenda for today?” Jake inquired.

“Nothing really.” Brittany replied. “You guys can go ashore and enjoy the sights or whatever you wanna do.”

“Maybe we can rent a couple of those motor scooters and tool around the city.” Wayne suggested.

“You wanna go with us?” Richard asked.

“No.” Brittany answered. “Brad and I have got alot to talk about.”

“Suppose it’s about the next mission?” Trace bahçelievler escort bayan said.

“Yeah, it is.” Brittany responded. “But you and Wayne won’t be involved. We won’t be needing the boats anymore.”

“I’m not going back to Tampa without you!” Trace exclaimed.

“I don’t care where you go.” Brittany retorted. “You’re just not going with us.”

Shortly after noon, the team went ashore to see the sights of Kingston, leaving Brittany and Langley alone on the cruiser. Sitting out on the rear deck, Langley reviewed with Brittany the information he had on the last two women who‘d been sold as sex slaves.

The women were twin sisters in their early twenties. They’d been kidnapped off their parent’s yacht six weeks earlier, less than a mile off the coast of Cat Island in the Bahamas. Langley’s speculation was that the two young girls had been sold to Carmen Alverez. Alverez had been the president of her own financial institution and investment firm back in the states. Suspected of murdering her philandering husband, she’d fled to her home country of Columbia a few years earlier to escape prosecution.

He showed Brittany photographs of the two girls taken at their college graduation and some taken during their ill-fated vacation.

“So, this Carmen Alverez is into sex with other women, I take it.” Brittany said.

“No. She’s into prostitution.” Langley responded. “She owns a high class brothel near the outskirts of Bogotá. Caters only to rich businessmen, government officials and people involved in the drug trade.”

Their conversation was interrupted by the sight of Evelyn Brooks approaching the boat. Brittany was happy to see her close friend and confidant. Stepping aboard the Hatteras cruiser, she gave Brittany a big hug. Sitting on the lounge with Brittany, she listened intently as Langley continued sharing his information.

Brad showed the two women several pictures of Carmen Alverez. She was in her late fifties but could have easily passed for someone much younger. Alverez was quite beautiful, tall and slender with long black hair that ran halfway down her back. Langley stated she always dressed in exquisite clothing and wore fine jewelry, something very noticeable in her photographs. Her make-up looked impeccable. Carmen Alverez was definitely a woman of class in a very lucrative business.

“What else have you got?” Brittany asked.

“I’ve got some aerial shots of the Alverez home and maps of the city.” Langley replied. “That’s about it.”

“You mentioned the kidnapping in Rio last weekend.” Brittany said. “What makes you think that’s tied in with Alverez?”

Langley produced several photographs of the women who’d been kidnapped. Both women were in their mid-twenties, both blondes with blue eyes. The two women who’d been kidnapped off their parent’s yacht were also blondes with blue eyes.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Brittany exclaimed. “Your basing your assumption on hair and eye color!”

“Columbians are known for their love of American women with blonde hair and blue eyes.” Langley responded. “I’m betting you’ll find them with Alverez. That is, if you get that far.”

“You’ve got to get through miles of rough terrain inhabited by drug dealers, bandits and rebels.” He added. “This ain’t no amusement park you’re going into.”

Brittany sorted through the aerial photographs and maps. Along with the photographs of the four women, it didn’t amount to much information. She put all the information back into the folders for safekeeping. Brittany and her team would have to plan their mission around what little information they had.

Langley left late in the afternoon for his flight back to Dallas. Evelyn and Brittany decided to stretch out on the top deck and catch some sun. While sipping iced tea, they discussed the pros and cons of attempting the rescue mission. Evelyn expressed her concern for the team’s safety, especially Brittany’s.

Glancing up the dock, Brittany noticed two neatly dressed men and a woman approaching their boats.

“Let’s get down below.” She stated.

Brittany scurried down the interior stairway to the salon. Evelyn quickly followed behind her. Brittany hurried to her stateroom. When she returned, Evelyn noticed she was wearing a wrap over the bottom half of her bikini.

“What’s the matter?” Evelyn asked curiously.

Before Brittany could answer, the two men and women were standing at the rear of the cruiser.

“Excuse me.” One of the men spoke. “Are you Ms. Michaels?”

“Yes. I’m Brittany Michaels.” She replied.

“I’m Victor Ramirez.” The man introduced himself. “And this is my wife, Teresa.”

Ramirez, a fairly handsome gentleman in his late forties, had coal black hair and a short, well-groomed beard. He was about Brittany’s height, 5’8” but slightly overweight. His wife, Teresa was much younger, twenty-five at most. She was taller than her husband and quite slender. She could have been a beauty pageant contestant. balgat escort Her dark hair was cut short exposing her ears ornamented with feathered earrings. The other man, Ramirez hadn’t bothered to introduce, was stocky built, clean-shaven and like Victor, neatly dressed. The slight bulge under the left side of his light jacket was obviously a .45 automatic in a shoulder holster.

“We’d like to purchase Carlos Sanchez’s boat.” Ramirez stated. “I assume you’re wanting to sell her.”

“Well, ………. I might be interested.” Brittany choked out the words.

“Mind if we take a look at her?” Ramirez asked.

With Ramirez’s bodyguard’s hand for assistance, Brittany and Evelyn stepped up onto the dock. Teresa Ramirez seemed quite excited at the prospect of purchasing the luxurious Hatteras cruiser. Stepping onboard the large yacht, Brittany and Evelyn stood back while Ramirez and his wife carefully inspected the boat. His bodyguard stayed out on the rear deck, obviously keeping an eye out for the safety of his employer.

Evelyn was curious as to how the couple knew the cruiser had belonged to Carlos Sanchez but was reluctant to ask in their presence. After checking out the boat, Victor and Teresa came back to the salon area.

“We want the boat.” Ramirez stated. “Let’s talk business.”

Brittany took a seat across from the couch were the couple had chosen to sit. Evelyn sat at the bar directly behind Brittany.

“I’ll give you a million and a half for her right now.” Ramirez offered.

“Sanchez paid three million for her a few months ago.” Brittany stated.

“But she’ll only bring a million and a half on a salvage title.” Victor countered. “I’m assuming she is salvage. You did kill Sanchez to get it, didn’t you?”

“I didn’t kill Sanchez personally, but yes, he is dead.” Brittany muttered.

“That’s the best news I’ve heard all week.” Ramirez said, displaying a big smile on his face.

“We have to fly back to Cartegena later this evening.” He stated. “I’d like to have your answer before then.”

Victor’s mention of flying to Cartegena stuck an idea in Brittany’s mind.

“Maybe we can negotiate a deal that won’t cost you a million and a half.” She stated. “I’m assuming you have your own plane, perhaps a twin engine prop that could land near Bogotá.”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do.” Victor responded, a sly smile forming on his face. “What are you getting at?”

“I need a plane to fly me and my team to Bogotá, then fly us back out.” Brittany said. “Safe passage in, safe passage out, with no questions asked.”

“That could be risky for my aircraft.” Ramirez responded. “The DEA patrols most of that area.”

“I’ll trade you this boat for safe transportation in and out of Columbia.” Brittany stated. “You can take possession as soon as we’re all safe back here in Kingston.”

“I can fly you in and out from Caracas.” Victor countered. “That’s the best I can do.”

“Ok.” Brittany agreed. “I can agree to that.”

“Would you care to throw in that derringer you’ve got strapped to your leg to cinch the deal?” Ramirez kidded. “Teresa would love to have it.”

“Sure. Why not.” Brittany responded, pulling her wrap open and unfastening the Velcro band.

After a brief discussion, Ramirez agreed to have one of his cargo planes waiting at the airport in Caracas Wednesday afternoon. Brittany was counting on Evelyn’s private jet to get them to and from the Venezuelan capital.

Brittany and Evelyn watched as the couple, along with their bodyguard, made their way up the pier.

“Mind telling me who those people were?” Evelyn inquired.

“As I recall, Victor Ramirez is one of the youngest drug lords in South America.” Brittany responded, lighting up a cigarette. “He carries alot of influence in the cocaine cartel.”

“Oh God!” Evelyn exclaimed. “You mean you just made a deal with a drug lord!”

“Well. At least we’ve got transportation in and out of Bogotá.” Brittany replied. “That’s more than we had a little while ago.”

“He seemed to know who you were.” Evelyn commented.

“I’m sure they’ve got as much information on us as we have on them.” Brittany responded.

Karen and the guys returned to the boat later that evening. Brittany filled them in on the information Langley had provided them. Everyone sat down together to review the photographs and formulate a plan of attack. The team discussed ideas till early the next morning. Not coming up with a definite plan, they decided to call it a night and get some sleep.

“Why don’t you and I share a stateroom?” Trace whispered in Brittany’s ear.

“Depends.” Brittany murmured. “How’s your leg?”

“Almost as good as new.” Trace replied. “Why?”

“Think you’re up for a threesome with Evelyn and me?” Brittany asked, keeping her voice low.

“Hmmmmmm.” Trace responded. “Oh yeah!”

Brittany approached Evelyn, nudging her towards the master stateroom. Trace closed the bedroom door behind them, twisting the security batıkent escort bayan latch.

Trace embraced Evelyn in his arms, kissing her passionately. Brittany slipped out of her bikini before pulling the comforter off the bed. Trace turned Evelyn around till she was facing Brittany. Her face was already flushed with anticipation. Brittany unbuttoned Evelyn’s blouse, exposing her lacy, white bra. Brushing her shoulder length hair aside, Trace placed hot, wet kisses along the back of Evelyn’s neck. Brittany fondled the woman’s breasts through the gauzy material of her bra.

Trace slipped Evelyn’s blouse down her arms, tossing it aside. While he unhooked her bra, Brittany worked the zipper down at the side of Evelyn’s shorts, letting them fall around the woman’s ankles. Clad in just her panties, Evelyn could feel Trace’s huge cock pressed against her butt through the material of his dress slacks. Trace cupped Evelyn’s breasts, massaging them hard. Brittany took each nipple between her thumbs and forefingers, twisting them hard till Evelyn emitted a long, loud moan. Gripping the woman’s nipple between her teeth, Brittany flicked her tongue over the button. Evelyn was pushing back against Trace, pinning him against the door as Brittany sucked on her nipples.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh …Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……….Mmmmmmmmm” Evelyn softly moaned.

Brittany eased her hand down over Evelyn’s lacy bikini cut panties, rubbing lightly over her pubic mound. Sliding her fingers between Evelyn’s legs, she found the woman’s panties soaking wet.

“Hmmm. You’re a hot little lady, aren’t you?” Brittany murmured. “Soooo hot. Sooooo wet.”

Evelyn’s head barely nodded at Brittany’s comment. She was in sexual ecstasy, in another world. Her body had taken control of her mind, creating decadent thoughts. Brittany pulled Evelyn’s panties down to her knees, exposing her triangular trimmed pubic hair.

“Spread those gorgeous legs for me.” Brittany commanded.

Evelyn lifted her feet from the shorts around her ankles. Spreading her legs apart, she stretched the elastic on her panties to their limit. Brittany slid two fingers inside Evelyn’s hot pussy, swirling the digits around. Her thumb rubbed lightly over the woman’s clit, setting off the woman’s initial orgasm. Evelyn moaned aloud, bucking against Trace.

Heavy juices trickled down onto Brittany’s fingers. Brittany slipped the fingers from Evelyn’s pussy, putting them to Trace’s lips, letting him taste Evelyn’s juices.

Trace lay Evelyn face down on the bed. Brittany shoved a pillow under the woman’s tummy to elevate her butt. Spreading Evelyn’s legs, she licked up and down the juicy folds of her pussy, her tongue tapping lightly on her sensitive clit. Evelyn’s body quivered as Brittany continued her oral stimulations.

Trace quickly stripped out of his clothes, his huge cock bulging against the cotton material of his black briefs. Brittany sucked hard on Evelyn’s clit sending her into an incredible orgasm. She cried out as the orgasm violently shook her body. Evelyn was gasping for breath as the sexual climax slowly waned.

Brittany rolled Evelyn onto her back. Her body was at a near loss for strength.

“Put your cock in her mouth.” Brittany ordered. “Give those hot lips of hers a good fucking.”

Trace held the back of Evelyn’s head, while he fucked his hard cock in and out of her mouth. Evelyn’s lips slurped hungrily over the huge cock, lubricating it with her saliva. Brittany fucked two fingers slowly in and out of Evelyn’s gaping pussy.

“She’s definitely ready to have her ass pounded!” Brittany exclaimed.

Releasing his grip on Evelyn’s head, Trace positioned himself between the woman’s legs, lifting them to the crooks of his strong arms. Brittany guided the mushroom shaped head of his massive cock to the entrance of Evelyn’s pussy. Trace penetrated her pussy, burying his huge organ in one slow stroke. Evelyn’s pussy was stretched to its limits. Trace fucked her slowly and rhythmically, savoring the pleasure.

Brittany embraced Evelyn, kissing her passionately. Massaging the woman’s breasts while stabbing her tongue between the woman’s wet lips added to the sexual bliss. Evelyn’s eyes rolled back in her head, a loud scream escaped her lips as she crested with an extraordinary orgasm. Her arms held Brittany close to her body till the climax gradually faded.

Trace pounded Evelyn’s pussy several times before forcing his cock hard into the woman, holding her butt suspended from the bed.

“Did you cum or have you got some hot cream left for me?” Brittany asked in a sexually excited voice.

“Get that hot ass of yours over here!” Trace exclaimed. “Let me pump a hot load up that tight pussy.”

Trace forced Brittany face down on top of Evelyn’s exhausted body. His cock was covered with Evelyn’s cum. Guiding the bulbous head of his cock to the entrance of Brittany’s pussy, he slammed it hard and deep. Brittany gasped as the hard cock ripped her pussy. Trace fucked his rigid shaft hard and fast into her. Brittany’s hands were grasping Evelyn’s arms as Trace continued his almost brutal assault on her pussy.

Trace gyrated his hips as he slowed his tempo, deliberately teasing and prolonging her orgasm.

“Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder!” Brittany cried out, her body craving to be satisfied.

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