Bimbo Hypnosis

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Bimbo Hypnosis


The studious white wolf barely looked up from the textbook, his hind paws slung up on the bottom of the bed as he relaxed back, although his demeanour was anything but. Of course, he was concentrating on getting his degree, being as focused as was possible for a wolf at college to be, what with all the eye candy around. And his roommate was one of those inclined to be that kind of eye candy, as much as Xavier tried to ignore his presence when the drake was actually in their room.

One ear twitched and Xavier’s brow furrowed as he pressed his lips even more tightly together, but the wolf managed to ignore the blue-scaled dragon, lounging in the doorway with just a towel around his waist. Jeez, couldn’t the drake just put some clothes on? He was studying, for heaven’s sake! He actually needed to get some work done! Didn’t Kao have to work too? And yet the drake was so toned and slick in his physique that even the ‘nerdy’ wolf had to admit that he could have, in fact, have skated by on his looks, if not anything else.

And he was something to look at indeed, when he did manage to give himself just the tiniest scotch of a study break, which didn’t happen very often, admittedly. A lightly muscled specimen, he clearly made the most of his time on the track and the college gym, which Xavier had heard was well-equipped, although he had not yet found the time to go there, what with the balance between studying, socialising and sleep being stretched thin as it was. Kao shook his head slowly, though it wasn’t as if he was disagreeing with something, only demonstrating just how in control of the situation he was, the towel slowly easier down around his hips.

Xavier gulped, his resolve wavering even as he dragged his eyes back down to the textbook. He had an exam soon… He had to focus, get his head down, do good work. And he always did his best in everything he took on, of course. It wasn’t as if it his will, however, had been that strong to begin with and those blue eyes were so eerie, pulling him in like mossy pools beneath a jungle waterfall. Licking his lips, the wolf shook his head and tried to break the dragon’s stare, those eyes seeming to bore into his very soul. The drake’s light-coloured horns tapped lightly against the wall as he leaned back, pushing out his chest seemingly without thinking about it, the difference in their physiques noticeable even to an eye that was not keen on adoring the male figure.

And that just made it all the harder for Xavier to hold back, to look away, when those eyes locked onto his, making a part of him want to get to his paws and, well… He didn’t know what else. At least, not yet.

“Can’t you at least put some damn clothes on?” He said, although his tone was lighter than he would have liked and shakier too. “Really… It’s just… Such a distraction! I’m busy here and you’re flaunting everything, swanning about like…like…”

Yet he didn’t have the words that he needed, nose dropping as if he was already thinking Amsterdam Shemale about tucking his tail down over his rump and playing the part of the submissive well and truly. Oh, it was hard to sound dominant and forceful – that was what it took with a dragon, wasn’t it? – with Kao right there, just the slip of the towel enough for his will to slip away just a little more.

“What?” Kao hissed, his eyes intensely unblinking. “Do you have something to say, wolf?”

It was a harsher tone than he would usually take and Xavier whimpered, wanting to look away and fold his ears back, to do anything at all to appear just as submissive as he needed to be – as Kao needed him to be.

Juddering back to reality for the briefest of moments, the wolf grunted and blinked, but the eyes caught him again, drawing him in as the dragon advanced, emerald orbs shimmering as he closed the distance and caught the wolf who, just sometimes, needed a little more persuasion to put the books down.

And just where was the fun in that?

“If you want me to put clothes on,” the drake breathed, maintaining fixed eye contact with the helpless pup. “I think… I think there’s something in the bag on my bed just for you. Why don’t you go check it out?”

It was so casual a suggestion that it seemed to take no effort at all for Xavier to nod and go along with it, his hind paws moving before his mind caught up with his motion. But Kao wouldn’t do anything to him, would he? And in a bag… It was hard to think, one thought slipping away as soon as he tried to bring it to the forefront of his mind. Better just to do, to look into those glowing eyes and appease the dragon in whatever way he possibly needed to be appeased.

And the bag… All it took was a softly spoken word and a tickle of the dragon’s tail easing around his waist to coax him on, taking out the frilly, pink skirt and mesh “boob-tube” top. Being mesh, it would have covered nothing at all on a femfur but would highlight a male’s chest and nipples nicely and Kao was even kind enough to help out by lifting the mesh ‘shirt’ up and over Xavier’s head, slipping it

“What a good wolf… This suits you better, doesn’t it?”

Happily, Xavier nodded, swaying as his tongue lolled drunkenly from his lips. It was hard to keep his expression as it always had been, a softer, more feminine lilt entering his tone as he wagged and slurred.


Blinking, the wolf shook his head and tried again, but Kao was already there, pushing the skirt into his paws so that he could slip it on. That sat snugly around his hips, making him see more girly than he ever could have been without a drop of magical intervention (perhaps Kao would have to speak to another dragon about something that would allow that at another time), cock slipping into a soft, velveteen pouch that was designed to hold it in place, making it seem smaller and even more insignificant than it actually was.

Whimpering, the wolf shivered and allowed the string sides of the new undergarment to sit around his hips and under his tail, a soft purple shade. They wouldn’t restrict access to his tail hole but rather drew the eye down to it and all it took was a light, suggestive touch from the dragon in the small of his back to get the soon-to-be bimbo to lift his tail wantonly, eyes hazed over with Rotterdam Shemale suggestion and lust for the one who controlled him. He didn’t even notice the towel dropping to reveal that hotly dark length of dragon-meat, hard and throbbing and waiting on Xavier’s attention.

“Can’t even speak? Well, don’t worry, you won’t need to speak with my cock in your mouth.”

And then he was going down, down, down – down on his knees, right where he belonged. It seemed only natural to be before Kao like that and Xavier shook himself, letting out a soft whine that seemed to come with a more feminine lilt the deeper he sank into the dragon’s hypnosis. It would have been too hard anyway for him to stand up as he was, his legs too weak to support him, suddenly so much more frail and fragile than he had been. Whining, Xavier trembled, tipping forward for that hunk of dragon-meat that he’d really wanted all along, bobbing just before his muzzle. He didn’t know what he had to do to get it but, oh, he wanted it! He wanted it so badly he’d do anything to get it in his muzzle!

Anything at all.

“Ah, ah, ah…”

Holding him back, Kao shook his finger at his roommate, eyes twinkling with a strange mixture of wicked lust.

“Pleesh…” He moaned, swaying as he tipped forward, eyes glassy and hungry for that aching shaft. “Pleesh… Let me… Take me… Ohhh!”

That last word devolved into a moan as Kao held him back, stopping the bimbo from slavering over his cock before he was sure that he was good and ready for it. And it only made them all the more eager for the waiting too, Xavier whimpering and mumbling slurred lust, hardly able to put his words together as his tongue twisted around language that was really far, far too much for such a simple, bimbo mind.

“Not yet… There’s more in that bag for you first… Put it on. All of it.”

And the wolf’s paws moved without his mind’s permission, applying the make-up he found there so sweetly that it was as if he had been doing it his whole life. Of course, the dragon’s hypnosis and sense of persuasion helped some too, Kao smirking like the devil himself as he turned his nerdy roommate into a bimbo just there for his sexual satisfaction. Wasn’t that what being friends was all about, anyway?

Well, perhaps with just the smallest dose of suggestion.

Made up in the face well and truly like a bimbo, Xavier yipped happily and wagged, his rump waggling lightly from one side to the other as if he just wasn’t strong enough to control his own body. His gleamed with a touch of saliva in his eagerness, a sliver of drool glistening at the corner of them too, and only then was he fed that delicious length of dragon-cock, shoving into the back of his throat just where it belonged.

“Swallow it all, slut.”

What sort of bimbo would he have been to ignore a command like that? Moaning sweetly around the dragon’s hot length, he took what he’d wanted all along and pressed his tongue up to the underside, pushing down as far as he could. No one cared about a mess like that, however, and it only drove Xavier to slurp and whimper all the more lustfully around that fat length of dragon-cock, wanting it so much that he found it difficult in the moment to give Kao the pleasure he’d wanted to begin with.

Even his thoughts were slower, a paw curling Netherlands Shemale around his cheek offering the hint of suggestion that he could push harder still and Xavier desperately put his paws on the dragon’s bare, strong thighs, pushing all the way down until his air supply was cut off and he was left gagging and eyes watering as that shaft rammed into the back of his throat. Simpering around that thick length, all he could do was paw helplessly and completely ineffectively at the thighs of his better, eyes watering and tail wagging all the while. For what bimbo-fied wolf wouldn’t want to be on their knees sucking such a beautiful cock? If he’d been free to talk and not used as a fuck-hole, jaws stretched agape, he would have professed in the girliest of tones just how lucky he was!

But a bimbo was there to be used and, although he may not have quite had the purely feminine figure for it, he had the sluttiest mouth around and moaned like one too as Kao huffed and drove in, wings half-mantled up over his back. The towel lay, of course, forgotten, partly beneath one hind paw, but the drake wasn’t about to consider something like that as his control on Xavier slipped ever so slightly, eyes faltering in their glow.

And the dragon above him huffed and panted wonderfully, a beast in the heat of the moment that the wolf could only watch, spellbound. His mind was free but he did not pull away, instead letting out his most whoreish moan yet and squeezing a paw between his thighs to play with and fondle his prettily clad cock, hard and wanting even within its little pouch. And he didn’t need a bigger pouch for his wolf-dick, the knot as yet unformed at the base, because he was only going to get off when the dragon creamed under his tail anyway, so where would the point have been in freeing himself?

His head swam and the wolf whimpered mutely around the monstrous cock, which seemed to grow larger and even more powerful, dominating his entire world as Kao’s mild control took back what he saw as rightfully his. His mind was melted into nothing more than that of a simpering, lustful bimbo whose only desire in life was cock, the pretty clothes Kao had dressed his roommate in all premeditating the situation itself. But Xavier was hardly even aware of his state of dress as he lashed the dragon’s cock with his tongue, playing it across the tip each and every time the drake drew back enough for him to do so.

As he was, however, Xavier was too far gone to even realise when the dragon was about to reach his limit and so the first jet of cum caught him by surprise, shooting into the back of his throat. But Kao held him down, a paw coming down hard on the back of his head as the dragon snarled, lips pulling back from his teeth as his eyes glowed just that little bit more aggressively.


What else was he to do? Forced to drink down every drop, the wolf whimpered and gulped and gulped and gulped until Kao was good and satisfied, yet his cock did not soften in the slightest even as it was yanked from his muzzle without even a pat on the head. The dragon’s hypnosis slipped softly from him like the wool being removed, figuratively, from the wolf’s eyes and Xavier blinked and panted, chest rising and falling altogether too rapidly for any sense of comfort in his little mesh shirt.

He could have left but he was already right where he wanted to me. And, as Kao smirked, he whimpered and bent over the bed, lifting his tail submissively to expose his clenching pucker for what the drake really wanted.

A bimbo wouldn’t have done anything else, after all.

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