Birthday Fantasy Comes True

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Do all men have fantasies about their wives female friends? I think they do.

My husband has for years. He has made it very clear that he is attracted to a few of my friends. I can’t blame him I do have some very attractive friends. I love teasing him during sex, its funny how he gets so worked up over it. After all it’s just a wild fantasy, something that will never happen. All my friends are respectful and classy. I just couldn’t see anything ever happening with any of them and my husband.

I have several close female friends that I have known for many years. He likes all my friends but its Sonia and Wendy that he fantasizes about in particular.

Sonia is Eastern European and has never married. She has lived with different men on and off. Sonia is gorgeous, dark hair, blue eyes and a light complexion. She is tall and thin and could pass for a model. She is the wild one. Never shy and speaks what’s on her mind which of course gets her into all kinds of situations. I have never been out with Sonia when men aren’t hitting on her. It doesn’t matter where we are, the grocery store, coffee shop, she is just a magnet for men. My husband has known her for many years and has always loved her.

About ten years ago she got breast implants. She came over to the house and couldn’t wait to show me her new acquisitions. My husband happened to be home but Sonia is far from shy. She just opened up her blouse to show us. She was so proud. She even let my husband touch them with my permission of course. My husband still fondly talks about that day.

Wendy, on the other hand, is the sweet and proper type. She married her high school sweetheart, now has two kids and life is good. She is the typical mom with the mini van. She is very attractive in a cute way. She is the youngest of the group. I have always considered Wendy as my baby sister. My husband has always fantasied about both Wendy and Sonia.

My friends and I usually get together a couple of times a year at one of our homes. It’s a girl’s night out. We catch up on life, update on men and bitch about partners, accompanied by lots of wine. Its always a fun evening.

It was my turn to host, so I told my husband they were coming over the next week. Well, he started in about his fantasies, just like a kid. His birthday was coming up and since he didn’t really need or want anything he said the least I could do was hear him out, so I did. Yeah just like a kid.

A little bit of background. When we were dating I surprised him with a threesome with my friend Jenny and I for his birthday. Back then every guy that I dated asked me for a threesome with Jenny after they met her. I always had the same response “I already had a threesome with Jenny, you just weren’t there”. My husband never asked me for a threesome when we were dating. In fact he never mentioned Jenny, although I’m sure he was thinking all kinds of things. I found this to be very respectful and so I surprised him on his birthday. To this day he says that was the best birthday gift ever and that’s when he decided he wanted to marry me. I’m sure he was hoping that Jenny was part of the package.

I decided to play along and hear out his fantasy. He had this fantasy çıtır escort that he would stay up in our bedroom when the girls arrived and watch TV so he couldn’t hear us. Then during the course of the evening I would ask the girls if any of them wanted to go up and play with husband. They would knock on the door and he would blindfold himself and lie on the bed and wait.

No talking allowed…just music or the TV in the background to disguise sounds. They could do whatever they wanted to him, preferably of a sexual nature. When completed they would leave without saying a word. Obviously he had given this a lot of thought. I joked and added that he wasn’t allowed to touch or grab them and he couldn’t ask me which friend it was. It would be more erotic to never know. Those were my rules. He quickly agreed and was thrilled at the possibilities.

Of course I laughed. I told him there wasn’t a hope in hell that any of my friends would play along. But I had a plan so I agreed that I would ask my friends. No guarantees and don’t get your hopes up. I think he was shocked that I had agreed to his fantasy. He was thrilled.

Since his birthday was coming up and I had no idea what to get him I thought I would trick him into thinking one of my friends went up to visit him. This would be a gift he would never forget and driving him crazy trying to think whom it was.

I planned that sometime during our girl’s night I would excuse myself and go up to the bedroom. I would pretend to be one of my friends. Since the rules were he had to be blindfolded, no talking and he wasn’t allowed to touch, it shouldn’t be too hard to pull off. My plan was to sneak into our bedroom and give him a hand job or blowjob before sneaking out. He would be on cloud nine and forever grateful. I was so proud of myself for coming up with this plan. It was not only exciting, but it also got me off the hook for a gift.

The day of our get together finally arrived. That evening before my friends arrived my husband showered and shaved and even put on some cologne. I commented that he didn’t even clean up this much for me. I reminded him that the chances of anything happening were pretty remote. I was setting him up for my plan to sneak into the bedroom and make him think it was one of my friends. He was eager and hopeful as ever. He closed himself in our bedroom just as the doorbell rang.

It was a beautiful evening so as my friends arrived we all sat outside on the deck. The wine was flowing like always and we were all having a great time catching up. There was five of us; Laura, Cathy, Wendy, Sonia and myself.

Midway thru the evening someone asked where my husband was. I burst out laughing, I had completely forgotten about him. In laughter I told them “you wouldn’t believe me if I told you”. They were eager to find out. I told them about his crazy fantasy and how I planned on tricking him for his birthday. They didn’t believe me, “I told you won’t believe me,” I said in laughter. I said I suppose I should go up and give him his birthday gift. All at once Sonia jumped up and said she wanted to see, the others all agreed. They were all drunk and laughing. I don’t think they believed me.

So escort demetevler like a bunch of schoolgirls we all sneaked up the stairs laughing and giggling. I knocked on the bedroom door. We heard the volume of the soft music increase, followed by my husband saying, “Come in”. We open the door and slowly peeked in. My husband was lying under the covers blindfolded. Even from the doorway you could see he had and erection. Was he naked underneath the sheet? The girls couldn’t control their giggles. They pushed in for a closer look and we all flowed into the room. I couldn’t believe all five of us were standing around the bed smirking and trying not to giggle too loud. The center of focus was my husband’s erection propping up the bed sheet like a tent pole.

It was pretty obvious from the giggles my husband knew there was more than one of us in the room. At this point I thought the girls had seen enough and would leave but I was mistaken.

Laura and Wendy signalled each other and then on queue each grabbed a side of the covers and pulled then off. I was glad to see he was in his boxers, but it was obvious he was aroused.

I whispered to them if they wanted to leave I would take care of things here. To my complete surprise Sonia motioned to me if they could touch him. I just shrugged and gave her the thumbs up sign. Sonia and Laura began running their fingers across his hairy chest, playing with his nipples. Wendy not to be out done ran her hands up his leg. Slowly she moved her hand up his inner thigh until her fingers extended beneath his boxers. It looked like she was tickling his balls. That’s when Laura started running her hand down from his nipples to the top edge of his boxers. We could see his hard-on twitching through his boxers as he began moaning. He was enjoying all the teasing.

Sonia not one to play coy went right for his package and gave him a good feel and rub through his boxers. Wendy obviously drunk decided she wanted to see more so she yanked off his boxers with one tug. I was shocked; this was not the Wendy I knew. They all giggled with approval as my husbands cock sprung free. It looked like my husband did some trimming for the occasion. He was as hard as I had ever seen him. I had no idea what would happen next this had already gone further than I ever imagined.

Sonia motioned me if she could kiss him. I mouthed to all of them that he’s all yours girls, do whatever you want. After all this was his birthday gift. At this point Cathy thought it best to leave the room and returned downstairs. This left Laura, Wendy, and Sonia. As I watched they proceeded to give my husband a hand job. Taking turns stroking and teasing him. My husband was squirming with delight. He could feel all the hands on him.

Sonia was wearing a flimsy top so she opened it up and shoved her beautiful tits in his face. I’m sure my husband would recognize those boob anywhere. By now Laura and Wendy began kissing and licking his cock. Each were licking up and down either side of his shaft. It wasn’t long before they both began taking turns sucking him. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I have known these girls for decades and never did I escort dikmen think this would happen…well maybe with Sonia yes but not the other two. Soon all three of them were taking turns sucking and stroking him. It almost became like a contest. Who could take the most in their mouths, who could stroke the hardest?

That’s when Laura turned to me and held up her thumb. She had a devilish grin on her face. I just gave her a big smile and nodded. I thought it was a thumb up for approval. She put her thumb in her mouth to lubricate it and without hesitation stuck it up my husbands butt as Wendy was sucking him. He arched his back and let out a loud moan. I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m sure he wasn’t expecting that…lol Laura was older and married so that was completely unexpected.

It wasn’t long before the hubby let out a loud long deep moan as he exploded. Laura’s thumb still penetrating and wiggling up his ass. I’m sure he shot his sperm clear across the room. The girls were thrilled, drunk but thrilled. Sonia gave my husband one last nibble at her breasts as the other two girls playfully said good bye to his limp spent member. They couldn’t stop giggling as we all returned to the deck.

Once back out on the deck they couldn’t stop talking and laughing over it. They said this was the best meeting ever and they should do this at all our get-togethers. I think they were in shock that it went that far. Laura asked how I felt about it and I assured them I was fine with it. They actually did me a favor and I wouldn’t have to worry about a birthday gift anymore.

We continued to have fun and consume more wine. After a while I noticed that Wendy had gone to the washroom and not returned. I went in the house to make sure she was OK. She wasn’t in the washroom.

As I looked around for her, I heard noises coming from upstairs. No, it couldn’t be Wendy back in the bedroom. Wendy had surprised me earlier as I would never have guessed she was so promiscuous. I thought she was happily married and would never cheat on her husband. But still it couldn’t be her up there with my husband.

I quietly went upstairs and peeked in the door. I was shocked. There was Wendy naked riding my husband. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I began to leave but decided to sneak a couple of pictures. My husband looked like he was still blindfolded so these pictures would make an excellent birthday gift. I’m so bad.

Wendy was facing me as I took a few pictures but I’m not even sure she saw me. I think her eyes were closed and concentrating on other things. She was giving him quite a ride. I have to admit my voyeuristic side found the whole thing very hot. Wendy has always been on the tiny side but I never realized what a sweet tight little body she had. She had an ass to die for.

As much as I wanted to join in, I had guests downstairs and I didn’t want to embarrass Wendy. So I quietly returned downstairs to join the girls and opened up another bottle of wine. I needed another drink after what I just witnessed.

Wendy eventually came back down to join us. She appeared very sheepish and had that just fucked look that only I picked up on. I asked if she was OK, she timidly nodded her head. I gave her a warm smile and another glass of wine. We never spoke of the events of that night.

On the other hand my husband has never stopped talking about that evening. I even gave him a couple of pictures of Wendy riding him for his birthday. What have I done…lol

True Story


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