Birthday Party Ch. 01

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This birthday thing started about 4 years ago. I was just about to turn 51. I have always done something on my birthday that I would not do the rest of the year. Like going out to a expensive place to eat. One year I went to New York and had dinner. But this year I was thinking of something different. At 51 I was thinking of doing something I only thought of doing. Going out and getting an expensive hooker. Not just any hooker, but one that has something extra. That was 4 years ago. I have been doing it ever since. Sue is her name. Sue is about 5’7″ tall. About 135 and has a set of tits that most women only dream of. She is a white women and has a tan that she works on all year. Best of all she can pass with the best of them. This is what happen on my 55th birthday.

I called Sue and told her that my birthday was coming up. “Yes I remember you Bob, I was hoping you would call me. Now remember that we have to do lunch before hand to talk over what it is you would like this year.” Sue and I have done this since day one. Lunch at a nice place downtown. A few drinks and then we would meet later on in the week or the next one. After lunch all was set. I was to take a change of clothing. Socks, underwear, shirt and pants to work and leave them. When she called me I would meet her for dinner and then a night of sex.

Just after my birthday I got a letter at work. ‘Put your things in your car after work. Make sure you clean yourself, inside and out. Meet me at Fat Fish Blues at 5 tonight. If you can not, call me and let me know. I have cleared the night for you my love’. I got my bag and put it in the car. I also went and took my enema. I took one at 11 and then the last one at 3. This was a must with Sue. She had told me that if, “I’m going to use your ass it better be clean.” And I must say she can use your ass.

I walked out of work and went to Fat Fish Blues. As I sat and had my drink I saw her walk in. Fuck did she look great. Her Red dress was open about half way down. You could see her breast as she walked in. The side of her dress was slit about up to the knee. Just looking at her this way, you would never know her secret. But I did. Sue walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek. “Hi Love. So I hear it is your birthday. Would you like to buy a lady a drink”? We sat and talked for about 20 minutes and was just about to get up when Karen walked up. I work with Karen and have thought of her in bed more then once.

“Hi Karen this is Sue. Sue this is Karen I work with her.” They said hello to each other and talked for a few. Sue told Karen that it was my birthday and that we were just about to leave for dinner and… Sue just smiled. Karen just looked at me and smiled.

“Would you like to join us It might be fun. You look like your bi. Are you Karen.? Are you bi”? I thought I would die. Sue was asking her if she would like to have sex with us. And not only that but if she was bi. I just held my breath. I tried to smile but I couldn’t. Sue looked at Karen and then bent forward and kissed her on the cheek. Her hand went to Karen’s ass and pulled her towards her. Karen smiled and looked at me.

“I would love to. But I have a date and I do not think he is bi. So maybe another time. Okay”? With that she turned her head smiled at me and then kissed Sue right in the mouth. Her fingers went to Sue’s cleavage. She ran a finger down it and then pulled back. “And yes I am bi, very bi and kinky. You two have fun.” illegal bahis With that she walked away. I must have been as red as a beet. I paid the bill and we went to my car, then to Sues place.

Once at Sue’s place I took a shower and as I did I could hear Sue doing the same thing in her bathroom. I put on a clean pair of underwear, socks, shirt, pants and then my shoes. I was just walking out when I saw Sue in the living room. The lights low, wine and her standing with a blue blouse on open to show her bra. A skirt that was just below her ass. Garter belt and stockings. I knew she had panties on. But I could not see them. She sat down and told me to come sit next to her. We had one drink and then I stood up to get another. As I stood in front of her she started. She started by unbuttoning my shirt.

“So it is your birthday, and you told me that you would like to take the next and last step. Just do what you like and you do remember the safe word. No matter what you say it keeps on going till I hear the safe word.” Sue removed my shirt. She kissed my nipples and then bite them. Her lips and tongue went down to me navel. Then she bent and took off my shoes. Next came my socks and she kissed and sucked my toes. Sue would look up at me and smile. Then as she sucked my nipples I felt her hand unzip me. My pants fell and then I felt her remove my shorts.

“Good God your cock is so great looking and I love that you have kept it shaved for me. You know I love that big cock shaved.” One thing about Sue. She always man me feel like I was the only man for her. And that I was the best lover. I’m not that big. About 6.5 to 7″ and I’m still learning.

Her hand went to my cock and her lips soon did the same. I felt her lick the tip and then start to take me into her mouth. Sue had a thing about music. She would play a CD and when a new song came on she would start to do something. Then when it ended she would stop. Then with the new song something new would start. The music was slow and she suck my cock slow. I was looking down and she looked up at me she licked her finger and then sucked it. Then I felt that finger on my ass. I stood looking at her as she slowly socked my cock back into her mouth and I felt her finger trying to go into my ass. It went in about 1 inch.

“Relax Bob. This night is going to make you wish you did this last year. Close your eyes and enjoy. You did clean…” I open my eyes looked at her and said “YES.” I then felt her finger once more. She had put some KY on it and I felt it slid gentle up and in my tight ass. Her mouth went down and her finger came out. Then her mouth came up and her finger went in. This woman knew how to pull the right strings. Up and down, in and out, up and down, in and out. This was getting to the point that I was just about to cum. Then the music stopped. She slowed to a stop and then a new song. Her mouth was off my cock and her hand went to a towel. She clean her fingers and took a drink. I was just looking at her. She kissed the tip of my cock and asked.

“Are you having fun lover. This is just the start. Next step.” Sue stood and kissed me. This is something I do not do but Sue is so nice and sexy. She pushed me around and I sat on the end of the chair. She knelt and pushed my legs open. The music started and she bent and took my cock back in her mouth. She sucked it and then pulled back. I then felt her on by balls. Licking and sucking them. Sue’s hand was illegal bahis siteleri jacking me off as she did this. I felt her wipe and clean my ass with a wet and dry rag. I then felt her tongue lick my balls. Then I felt her going lower. Was she going to…YES I felt her tongue on my ass. Then I felt her hand pick up speed. She was doing something she never did. Tonguing me ass. I felt her hot breath on my ass and I felt her trying to get her tongue into me. All the time I felt her soft hand jacking-me off. Her touch was so soft. Sue always gave the best hand jobs. That is why I always get her. They music came to a stop and Sue looked up at me. She was kissing my cock and she came up to my face. I knew she was going to try to kiss me. I bent towards her and let her. What could I do. We both knew that we were clean and safe. So why not. Sue pulled back from the kiss.

“Bob, this is why I love dating you. You always treat me like a lady. You always kiss me and never treat me like… And now the next step, but first a drink.” We had a drink and I clean myself and she washed her hands. Sue then knelt back down and open my legs once more. This time before she started she took her blouse off. Her breast look bigger then I remembered, but then it has been a year. I could see them rise and fall as she bent forward to once more sucked my cock. This time she sucked it harder, deeper and faster. She pull me to the end of the chair and I thought she was going to use her finger. Wrong. I felt something bigger. I looked down and Sue had a dildo in her hand. It was about 6″ long and about 1″ across. About the size of two fingers across. I felt her push it and then I felt it going in me. It was not that much bigger then the fingers that she used before but it felt bigger and better. I could see Sue’s eyes looking up at me from my cock. She could see the smile on my face and this told her to go on. She looked up at me as she socked me and kept on fucking my ass. This was something new to me. She has only used her fingers up till now. Sue pulled back from my cock and looked at me.

“Do you enjoy this? Does my lover like to have his ass fucked like this? Does he? Now you know why women like it. Just think of how I feel with this big cock of yours fucking me. Do you like it slow? Or do you like it fast? Hard or soft”? As she said each word her hand moved different. She would go in slow and easy. Then fast and hard. Deep one time and only a little the next time. I was watching her and then I looked her in the eyes.

“Yes I do like it. All of it. Now I wish I have had you do this 3 years ago when you told me about it. Please I think I’m going to.” Sue stopped and pulled it out. I felt empty. I felt that I missed it and it was only just pulled out. Sue bent and kissed my cock and then stood.

“Have a drink, clean yourself, you know how I feel about that.” She smiled and was walking away towards her room. “I’ll be back, right back.” I got a drink and a towel and clean myself. I was sitting and I saw her walk out of her room. She had removed her skirt I could see her in her bra, black lace, holding her breast high and close. A black lace garter belt. Holding black stockings. Black lace panties. A smile on her face. And that was it. I met her in the center of the room and we kissed. I felt her body and my cock started to grow once more. She knelt and took me with her. Soon both of us were lying on the floor. She was on top of canlı bahis siteleri me when I unhooked her bra. Her tits came free and I started to kiss and lick them. I felt her nipples getting hard. She pulled back and down.

“Would you like to fuck my tits. I know that you have thing for them. If you like I’ll let you.” With that I had her on her back and I was soon fucking them. I could hear the music and I could feel myself getting closer. I felt her tongue each time I pushed forward and I could feel her fingers playing with my balls. I was just about to cum. The music stopped and I pulled back. A smile came to her face. “You do know how to please me. You never cum to soon. That is why I love you so much. Now the next step.” With that Sue pushed me over onto my back. I felt her move down and kiss my cock once more. I just laid back and let her kiss and suck. I could hear her moving but never open my eyes. The music stopped and I felt her pull off. I open my eyes and she smiled at me.

“What do you think? I bought it just for your birthday. I thought you might like to try it out. How about it? The next step.” I was looking down at a strap-on cock that Sue had on over her panties. It was about 6.5′ long and about 1.5″ across. It looked like a real cock, it had balls hanging down and it looked like they moved as she pumped it at me. Her had went down to it and started to jack it off. “Would you like me to jack-off for you. I know that you like to do that in front of me. And I love to watch you. Or would you like to go one more step”? With that she pulled my legs up some and placed it up to my ass. I looked at her and a smile came to my face. I felt her push and then it went in. Just about an inch. Then Sue pulled back. Forward and then back. About 3 inches in she pulled back and out. She put more KY on it and then I felt her push back in. “Breath in as I pull out and let it out as I push in. That way you can take more and more. Just let Sue do you. Let me take you one more closer to the end.”

The music was slow and Sue did me slow. In and out. Out and in. Slow and soft. It felt so great. I would never have let anyone else do this to me. I has in heaven. Why did I wait so long to let her do this. I should have been doing this for years. I took my cock in my hand and started to jack-off. I was watching Sue. She was watching me. I could see her breast swing as she push and pulled. I was getting to the point that I was going to cum without her. My face was starting to show it.

“Stop jacking-off. I’ll let you have your fun… soon.” I stopped and looked at her. “Now I’m going to let you know how it feels. How do you like it”? I felt her push in and pull out a few more times and then I saw her reach down to her dildo balls. She pushed in and then I felt it. Something hot coming out of her dildo. It was coming in my ass. I felt it empty in me. It was great. Sue was making it cum in my ass.

“Now you know why women like to have a man cum in them. And why we like to get fucked so much. Do you like it”? With her eyes on me she kept on squeezing those dildo balls, and it kept on shooting into me. I can not explain how it felt. I was like something I never felt. If you have ever had a cock cum in your mouth it felt like that but in your ass. I just let it wash over me. Sue was on top of me and the music had stopped. I felt like I was going to cry. I pulled her to me and just said… “Thanks.”

Sue looked at me kissed me back and said. “On to the next step”? All I could say was “Yes.”

I’ll stop now, go on to Birthday Party part 2 and see what happens. E-mail me… Tell me about your first time… You must be over 21. Not into underage people… Thanks

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