Bisexual Black Power

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My name is Stephen Prophet and I am a rather adventurous man who’s led quite a life and has a fantastic story to tell. Though I may be young, I’ve lived quite a life. Academically, socially and sexually, I’ve often been known to push the envelope. In high school, I was the first Black male to become Valedictorian in decades. In college, I was the Class President and constantly atop the Dean’s List. In Law School, I remained at the top three percent of my class.

Nature and fate have blessed me in a variety of ways. They made me Black, for which I am thankful. I am proud of my people. We have a long and rich history. They made me Male, which I accept with pride. It’s good to be a man! Good men helped build this nation. They made me Intelligent and Beautiful, which I am eternally grateful for. Finally, they made Bisexual, which is something I’ve struggled a long time to understand and even longer to accept.

Six feet two inches tall, a bit muscular where it counts, with dark brown skin and long hair braided into neat cornrows, that’s me. Or at least, it used to be. I was born in the city of Boston in 1978. I love Boston and that’s where I went for my higher education. I graduated from Emerson College in 2000 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice. I went to Suffolk University to get my law degree and these days, I work as an assistant District Attorney in Suffolk County. I aim to become the top prosecutor in my district someday soon.

Boston hasn’t seen too many high-ranking Black males in the field of Criminal Justice. It’s an area where Black people are underrepresented and I am proud to say that I represent us to the best of my ability. I am very dedicated to my job and I prosecute any crime case that falls on my desk to the full extent of the law. I’ve put dozens of Criminals of both sexes behind bars. I firmly believe in the legal system. It’s not perfect but good people can make a difference if and when they’ve got the will and the means at their disposal.

I come from a rather prominent family. My father, Matthew Prophet was the first Black man to become a Police captain in Suffolk County. My mother, Eleanor Brown Prophet was the first female Warden in the Massachusetts Department of Corrections. The overseer of New England’s largest Women’s Prison. As you can see, law enforcement runs in our blood. My brother, Louis Prophet is an officer with the MBTA Police and my sister Gina Prophet is a defense Attorney in Baltimore. The Prophet family has always had a respected name. It is one that I am proud to uphold.

I’ve always been a very ambitious person. Naked ambition runs in my family. I’ve always dreamed of one day becoming a judge, maybe even in the Supreme Court. That would top any achievement by any member of my family. This is the very top of the legal system. There is no higher court in the U.S. Department of Justice. It is an honor to even be considered. There are Nine Justices on the Supreme Court and they’re all here for life. These people outlast presidents. Their power sometimes rival that of Congress. There is nothing they cannot do. I dream of having such power.

Although my life sounds just about perfect, it’s not. Working as a District Attorney doesn’t exactly make you a lot of friends. In a city like Boston, appearances are everything. I’ve personally met the Mayor, the Governor and several Senators but that doesn’t mean squat. District Attorneys get all the glory. Assistant District Attorneys slip through the cracks. We barely get any recognition though we often do the bulk of the work. There is nothing which pisses me off more, I can tell you that much right now. To work all day, putting the most dangerous men and women on the streets behind bars and have your boss get credit for it in the news that very same night. Unbelievable but true. Like I said, it pisses me off.

The only good thing I seem to have going for me right now is Andrew Dillon. How to describe Andrew? He is a college student I met at Suffolk during my last year of law school. Andrew is a tall, light-skinned youth with golden brown eyes and curly Black hair. He is simply the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen. When I met him, he was only eighteen, a freshman at Suffolk University. He was interested in Criminal Justice, intending to follow into the footsteps of his father, a Police sergeant. When Andrew and I met, it was like I’ve been struck by lightning.

I’ve heard of love at first sight but I didn’t believe in it until I met Andrew. He was so beautiful. I approached him and we illegal bahis started talking. This lad was so beautiful that in that moment, I felt a pang of regret that men can’t procreate with each other. We looked that good together even then. I liked Andrew, mostly for his looks but personality-wise, he was even more amazing. Andrew was a charming and funny guy. He was also kind and generous. Like me, he believed in hard work and thought ruthless ambition was something men should aspire to have. Like me, he was a staunch Black Republican.

We had a lot in common. At the time we met, Andrew was dating a young woman named Claire Barcelona. I met Claire and was rather pleased, though somewhat jealous that she had stolen Andrew’s heart and not me. Claire was a tall, elegant woman with shoulder-length blonde hair and pale blue eyes. With her athletic figure and alabaster skin, she looked like a female Viking. Claire and Andrew had been dating for some time now. Claire was a Police officer in the city, a rookie fresh out of New Braintree Police Academy. In spite of myself, I found her to be rather charming.

You could see my dilemma. I was a Black male who worked as a District Attorney and had fallen in love with a Criminal Justice student who was himself in a relationship with a female Police Officer. To say that I was conflicted would have been an understatement. On top of that, I had to keep my private life a secret from my co-workers and my family. My parents are very traditional-minded people. They aren’t at all in favor of Gay Marriage or anything like that. My siblings wouldn’t exactly to tolerant of me if they were to find out about me.

To date, I don’t think anyone knows about me. I’m a tall, good-looking and masculine Black male. I’m a hard-working professional. I’ve always had girlfriends, in high school and college. It’s only after graduating from law school and moving out of my parents house that I began to explore this side of myself. Looking back, I’ve always been attracted to both men and women. I always hid the feelings I felt for men since the world around me was very homophobic, especially my fellow African-Americans. We’re the most anti-gay community on the planet.

So, what’s a brother to do? The answer came when I least expected it. Andrew and Claire invited me to dinner one time. That’s when they laid the cards on the table. They told me the truth.

“Steve, we have something we’d like to share with you,” Claire began.

She nodded at Andrew, who continued.

” Claire and I are rather fond of you, and we both find you very attractive. We would very much like to extend you an invitation into our bedroom.”

I looked at Andrew, then at Claire. Andrew’s angelic visage gave away nothing of his emotions. Claire was smiling.

– “Well, Steve, what do you say?”

I looked at them. ” An invitation to your bedroom, to sleep with you?” Claire laughed. ” There is usually very little sleeping done in our beds,” she said, looking at Andrew.

Andrew looked at me. He took my hand in his. ” I know you want me, Steve. It’s okay, I want you too.”

Claire looked at us, and nodded.

“The truth is that Andrew is bisexual and I am fully aware of it. In fact, I am not only supportive of it, I am bi-curious myself.”

I looked at them, not believing what I was seeing and hearing. The college student and the female police officer were not only lovers but also swingers. I was simply amazed. They had invited me to dinner, smiled at me, then they dropped the dime. They wanted a threesome with me. Things like that just don’t happen every day, at least not to me.

“So, Steve, what do you say?” Claire asked, her beautiful face jovial.

I looked at her, then smiled at Andrew. ” Just tell me when and where, pretty boy.”

I went home with Andrew and Claire, and we ended up having the night of our lives. Both of them were very sensual and they started making out right here in my car. We hurried into my apartment. We drank some wine and then got down to business. With condoms and lube aplenty, the action began. I wanted to watch Andrew and Claire go at it. I’ve always had a bit of a voyeuristic streak, you know? They indulged me. I watched as they got naked. Andrew looked beautiful naked. He was tall and lean but muscular, with a rock-hard body and the smoothest skin. His dick was huge, at least eight inches thick and uncircumcised. Yeah, he looked hot.

Claire was one hot number too! This athletic girl had a rock-hard body. Nice shoulders, large illegal bahis siteleri and firm breasts, round and firm-looking butt, shaved pubes, killer legs. This girl was all that and then some. She kissed Andrew, and wrapped her arms around him. I watched the two lovers as they embraced. I’ve never seen a more beautiful couple in all my years on this planet. They looked great together, especially naked!

Andrew kissed his lovely girlfriend all over, caressing her smooth body. Claire responded by smiling and moaning, and she returned the favor by kissing and licking nearly every inch of Andrew’s fine-looking, masculine form. I watched, feeling myself grow hard at the sight of them. They started making love right then and there. Andrew climbed on top of Claire and she spread her legs, welcoming him inside her. Andrew put his cock into her, and thrust. Claire winced as her man entered her, then she put her arms around him. Tightly embraced, their bodies fused together as they made love.

Claire moaned as Andrew thrust into her. The young man kissed her and took her with all of his energy, with deep and swift thrusting motions. I watched them. Lord, they were so beautiful and sensual. They suddenly cried out in orgasmic bliss. Sighing deeply, they lay side by side on the bed. Their athletic bodies heaved with sweat. I smiled, blown away by how beautiful they were and the intensity of their lovemaking.

Andrew winked at me and Claire gestured for me to join them. I was out of my clothes in a flash. The two of them drew me down on the bed. As I lay between them, they kissed me. I kissed them both. Never have I had such beautiful companions in my bed. They were exquisite, like an angel and a nymph. I felt Claire caressing my chest as she kissed me. I looked down to see Andrew playing with my aching manhood before sucking my shaft into his delicious-looking mouth.

I licked Claire’s breasts and caressed them. She laughed and stroked my head. I went down to her pelvis and began to lick and probe her labia. Claire tilted her head back and closed her eyes as I began to pleasure her. Meanwhile, Andrew had his way with my cock. He sucked me and fondled my balls until I cried out in sheer pleasure. Moments after my orgasmic scream filled the room, Claire’s echoed it. I watched this beautiful woman as she came, and it was glorious. She held onto me tightly as pleasure wracked her supple form. I pulled Andrew to me and kissed him, tasting my seed on his lips. Andrew kissed me back, and we both kissed Claire. The three of us held each other like this for some time.

Claire was the first one to speak. Looking at Andrew and myself, she voiced a request.

“Steve, why don’t you take Andrew? His butt looks so cute and you know you want him.”

Andrew and I looked at each other. We could definitely do that! I put on a greased-up condom, then pulled Andrew to me. My beautiful boy climbed on top of me. We kissed and embraced each other. I felt my hard cock rub against his smooth, hairless bottom. I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. I read the desire in his gaze and knew that he wanted this as badly as I did. With a swift and smooth thrust, I entered Andrew.

My lover’s eyes widened as I entered him. I kissed him, silencing his scream. I placed my hands on his hips and thrust into him, hard. Gosh, I had dreamed of this moment for so long. I wanted this man so badly. His body shook under the force of my thrusts. Briefly, I pulled away. Andrew looked up at me. I looked into his face. His angelic, boyish and beardless face. Those eyes of his, the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen, looked at me and pleaded. I froze. Did I hurt him? Could I have hurt my beloved? Not possible.

Andrew smiled and begged me for more. I went back inside him, and then I was lost. I was lost for our bodies merged beautifully. We existed in this moment. A man making love to another man. We lived in our own world. Nothing else mattered. Andrew’s athletic and muscular body embraced mine and we fused together. Like pieces of a very erotic puzzle, we fit together. Like a lock and a key. Perfectly. When I came, and my seed headlong, it was glorious. Andrew’s cries of ecstasy and release echoed my own. As my seed rushed inside the condom, his splattered across my washboard stomach. I kissed him again.

I looked up to hear someone moaning. It was Claire, who had watched the whole thing. Her hand was in her groin, wet, and doubtlessly she had come time and again from watching us.

– “That was the most erotic canlı bahis siteleri thing I’ve ever seen, ” Claire said breathlessly. “Simply beautiful.”

I looked at her and smiled. ” Yeah, we look good together, don’t we?”

Andrew waved at his girlfriend. ” Won’t you join us, dear?”

Claire did not hesitate for one moment. Instantly, she was right next to me. I received the shock of startlingly beautiful, mischievous blue eyes. “Hey, handsome,” she said. ” Care to try me?”

I looked at her, then at Andrew. What exactly did they have in mind for me right now?

Claire clarified things for me.

” I’ve always fancied you, counselor. You gave me a speech at my graduation ceremony at the police academy, I’ve always wanted to sleep with you.”

Andrew smiled and kissed me. ” It’s true, Steve. She wants you bad, has wanted you badly for a long time. You’ll do her, won’t you?”

I stared at him, astonished. What a world, the world of a bisexuality! A handsome young man was asking to have sex with his girlfriend, right in front of him! I smiled and nodded. Why not?

Claire put her arm around me and licked my cheek.

“I have an old fantasy,” she said softly. ” It came back to me when I watched you take my Andrew. You two were so great together. I want you to take me the same way.”

I stared at her, shocked. Did I hear right? Was this woman actually volunteering for anal sex?

Claire nodded. ” Yes, Steve. I want you to take me that way. I’ve always wanted to try it.”

Andrew nodded and laughed wistfully.

” Yeah, man. She wants to do it with you. She’s always complaining that the women don’t receive anal sex in the bisexual DVDs we rent at the store and the bisexual men get to have all the backdoor fun.”

Andrew prepared his girlfriend for a little backdoor action. I watched these intensely erotic preparations.

Claire grabbed the bottle of KY Jelly and gave it to him, then she got on all fours, showing us her sexy, apple-shaped bottom. ” Grease me up, buttercup,” she said with a grin.

Andrew playfully smacked her butt, and Claire protested. “Ouch!”

I stroked my cock, which hardened at the sight of the muscular, masculine youth caressing the lovely young woman. These two were the most sensual people I’ve ever seen. Everything they did exuded raw sexuality and sensual power. They radiated pheromones like the wild cats in the Amazonian jungle. Simply irresistible and beautiful, that’s what they were.

Finally, Claire was ready. I came up behind her. “Are you ready for this?” I asked.

She nodded, ” Sure thing, champ. Andrew’s been telling me how great this is, let’s do it!”

I had to admire Claire’s spirit. She was alright. Andrew winked at me, and planted a kiss on my lips before stroking my cock and balls.

“Show her how it’s done,” he told me.

Gently, I pressed my cock against Claire’s backdoor, and pushed. I’ve never had anal sex with a woman before. I had so many questions in my mind. How would it feel, to take a woman in this manner? I knew this was something many heterosexual men dreamed of doing but this butt pirate usually preferred male bottoms. And now this!

Claire did not scream when my cock went inside of her. Andrew sat close to her, stroking her hair and smiling at me. I placed my hands on Claire’s hips and thrust into her. Her butt felt tight and warm, not unlike a male bottom. The went deeper inside her, the tighter it felt.

Andrew stared at me. ” Do you like her ass?” He asked.

I nodded, barely stopping myself from saying, not as much as I like yours!

“Are you okay?” I asked Claire. The girl nodded, and I kept going. I thrust harder, went deeper inside of her. In spite of the speed of my thrusts into her anal canal, Claire did not scream. She took it like a champ, as they say. Her tight bottom gripped my cock like a vise and it wasn’t long before I pulled out. I pulled off the condom, and came on her back.

Claire sighed, and fell on the bed. Andrew took her in his arms. ” Are you alright, baby?” He asked.

Claire looked at me, her eyes wide, her pretty face covered with sweat. ” That was frigging awesome!”

I looked at her, then at Andrew. ” Yeah, this was great, we should do this again sometime.”

All three of us lay on the bed and went to sleep. Andrew rested his head on my chest and Claire’s face nudged my shoulder. I looked at them. Wow! These two were perhaps the most beautiful and sensual lovers I’ve ever been with. I had discovered new pleasures. I listened to the sounds Claire and Andrew made as they slept. Beautiful sounds. As I lay there, staring at the ceiling since I was too pumped up to sleep, I thought to myself, maybe being a bisexual Black man in America isn’t so bad.

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