Bitter Sweet 05


Chapter 05
Rules are rules

“Richie.” I opened my sleep filled eyes as she shook my shoulder again.

“Mm,” I said, stifling a yawn as I rolled onto my back.

“Go make me a cup of coffee,” she asked lazily.

“Mm,” I agreed, stretching and letting the yawn come this time.

I swung my legs to the edge of the bed as she lay back down. I got up and passed my cock cage on the floor; if she wasn’t going to get up and put it on I certainly wasn’t.

Feeling a bit daring as I set out naked, I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen. I made two cups and took them back upstairs. I’d expected Dafne to be still in bed waiting and was pleasantly surprised to find her sitting at the dressing table wearing a sports bra.

“Do you exercise?” she asked as I walked across.

“Not much,” I replied.

“I think you should. I’m going for a jog. When I get back I’ll see about getting you some running gear so you can join me.”

“Sex keeps me fit,” I replied with a chuckle.

“I’ve no complaints there but you could do with toning up,” she said, as I set her cup down on the table.

“Ah ha,” I acknowledged.

“We’re going to have to work out our personal contract and get it submitted today. When that’s sorted with immigration we’ll be all legal,” she continued.

“Ah ha,” I responded again before taking a sip of my coffee.

“Get me a comfortable pair of panties will you?” she asked, looking up at me in the mirror as she finished fixing her hair.

I nodded, reached over her to put my cup down, then turned to walk over to the drawers. She sat drinking her coffee while I sorted through to find a couple of pairs of white cotton ones.

“This do?” I asked, holding them up.

“You should get used to calling me Mistress. I know it doesn’t matter when we’re alone, but it’s better to keep it up till it becomes automatic. It’s a seriously punishable offence if you don’t.”

“Yes, Mistress, I replied, mockingly bowing my head.

“I’m serious, it’ll be your own fault if I have to stripe your arse.”

“I won’t forget, trust me. I’m used to saying, ‘Yes Boss’,” I assured her.

“You didn’t use it then,” she accused.

“No…,” I admitted before adding, “Mistress.”

“That’s better. Yes, they’ll do, bring them over.”

I walked over, half holding them out to her. As I drew near she raised her feet for me to slip them on. I went down on one knee and guided them over her toes and as I pushed them up to her knees she dropped her feet and stood to let me pull them all the way up.

I savoured the touch and feel of her soft skin and the view I was getting of her partially spread pussy lips and the pale hood of her clit. It was enough to start my cock twitching by the time I drew the waist band up to cover the tantalising sight.

Her hands brushed mine off as she adjusted them, leaving me to stand and step to the side to retrieve my cup. Before my hand could close on it she spoke. “Find me my running shorts; the pale blue ones.”

I gave a silent sigh but complied, turning to revisit the drawers. I vaguely remembered putting them in the second drawer thinking they were costume stuff.

As I sorted through she came over to the wardrobe and selected a sweatshirt. I found the shorts and turned to her as she was putting the sweatshirt on. When she was ready she lifted a foot.

I knelt and let her thread her feet through, giving way to her hands when I pulled them up to her knees. I stood and stepped back, if I were anticipating then it would be sport socks next, or trainers.

She turned back to the wardrobe and stooped. She had her trainers when she straightened, handing them to me as she made her way back to sit on the stool. I followed and went to one knee in front of her as she held her foot up.

While I was putting her shoes on she picked up her cup and finished the coffee. When I was done I stood, she rose up and wrapped her arms around me, standing on tip toe to press her lips on mine.

I responded to the passion of her kiss, my arms enclosing her as she hugged me tight. The thrill of the kiss and her body pressed against mine was enough to set my cock off, rising to press against the silky feel of her shorts.

She broke the kiss and stepped back. “Behave yourself while I’m out,” she said with a grin.

Grabbing up her pad she packed it away in the pouch on the sweatshirt before blowing me an air kiss as she headed for the door. My coffee was lukewarm but I drank it anyway before heading to the bathroom.

I was laying freshly showered on the bed when she returned. I sprang up as the door opened, swinging my legs to the side to face her as she looked across at me.

“I need a shower,” she said, pulling her pad out while strolling across.

I stood and took the pad as she handed it to me. She sat on the side of the bed as I put the pad on the pillow. As I turned back she was gripping the hem of the sweatshirt, she lifted her foot and said, “Shoes.”

I went down on one knee and Marmaris Escort lifted her foot up onto my other to loosen the straps and ease it off while she pulled the sweatshirt off. She removed the training bra and then massaged her breasts as she waited for me to finish taking the other one off.

As I released her foot she stood. I took that to be an invitation to pull the shorts down, my eyes fixed on her crotch as I eased them down her thighs.

She sat and swung her legs up to let me side them off. “Put them all in the wash,” she ordered as she stood.

I nodded as I stood, following her as she crossed to the bathroom. She paused to watch me bundle it down the chute then said “Come, you can wash my back.” She paused again at the shower, letting me step in to turn it on and wet my hair for a second time.

Washing her back turned into washing her arse then playing with her pussy. It didn’t take long massaging her clit till she was demanding I fuck her. When I plopped out she sank down to sit against the tiled wall, grabbing my hand to pull me down next to her.

It was a few minutes till we had the energy to finish washing her, and then another few as we dried off. I admired her figure and wiggling arse as we traipsed through to the bedroom.

“Bring me your cage,” she said casually as she sat on the stool.

I groaned mentally as I turned to pick it up. This was one of the things I wished we could do without, I’d have to get her to get me something more comfortable for casual wear.

She took it from me when I reached her and began fitting it, I stood patiently till she finished.

“There, now you can go and start breakfast. I’ll have a couple of eggs, scrambled,” she said patting me on the hip.

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied as she turned back to the mirror.

I picked up our cups then walked over to the door and down to the kitchen where I found Dmitri preparing bowls of cereal for himself and Chloe. I worked around him, getting one of the Pyrex bowls and four eggs to start beating them.

Fortunately this was one of the things I could cook, I used a small knob of butter in the saucepan and added a little milk along with the salt and pepper to the mix. As the butter melted I tipped the bowl in and began stirring over the low heat.

As it thickened I let it simmer and washed the cups up. I gave it another couple of stirs then served it up onto the plates. I wasn’t sure if she would be down soon, so I put them on a tray and walked them back up to the bedroom.

She was standing in front of the full length mirror in the wardrobe. My eyes scanned her up and down. She was wearing a white blouse, the tails tied around her midriff and a dark blue gym skirt with suspenders and stockings.

“Ah, good. Your back,” she greeted me. “Put it on the bed, I’ll be there in a sec.”

I turned away and crossed to the bed, sitting so I could still watch her as she finished positioning her breasts inside the tight blouse. She made a sexy sight as she strolled over and sat the other side of the tray.

I finished my eggs first and waited till she was done. As she put her plate back I started to rise. “Wait, you can do that in a minute, I want you to help me with my wig first.”

She slipped off the bed and over to the dressing table and opened up one of the side drawers, pulling out a card of white hair-grips. I followed her over and stood behind her as she sat.

“You brush my hair up and I’ll pin it,” she instructed, handing me a hairbrush over her shoulder. When we had it all flattened on the crown of her head she reached back into the drawer and pulled out a black wig, it was centre parted and had two long plaits secured with white ribbon bows.

I helped her seat it and held it in place while she used black hairpins to secure it.

“Okay, you can take the dishes down now and bring me up another coffee to the lounge,” she said as she smoothed the wig down.

She looked so different yet still eminently desirable. The black wig somehow added a hardness to her face, yet let her beauty shine through. I stole one last glance at her as I opened the door to take the tray back down.

I put the plates and things into the dishwasher after I started the coffee, and set it running. I didn’t mind doing my share but she was playing the part of a Mistress convincingly this morning and making me do everything.

I left the dishwasher running and took the coffee up, knocking before entering in case Chloe was there. She was, with Dmitri knelt by her feet. I walked over then went to my knees to say. “Your coffee, Mistress.”

“Doesn’t your sub,” Chloe said disparagingly, “know he’s supposed to use a tray?”

“He does now,” Dafne replied defensively.

“You should punish him anyway, he’ll never forget again,” Chloe retorted.

“No,” Dafne answered calmly, as she took the cup, giving a slight rise to her eyebrows as she looked at me.

I kept a straight face as I shuffled around to kneel beside her chair. Marmaris Escort Bayan As she sipped the drink I spoke up. “Mistress.”

Dafne didn’t bat an eyelid.

“Mistress, may I speak?” I asked trying again.

“Yes,” she answered sharply

“Mistress, I need to put away the breakfast things.”

“Well go on then, come back when you’ve finished.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I said before shuffling around to face the door and making my exit.

I got to my feet and took the stairs two at a time, annoyed at Chloe for darkening Dafne’s mood. How was I supposed to know I had to use a tray, was it usual? I feared little things like that would keep catching me out.

I calmed myself while I put the washing away then climbed back up the stairs. I was hoping Dafne had some plan to get us out, she mentioned shopping and the contract; either would serve as an excuse.

I went to my knees before I opened the door and caught Dafne’s swift glance. I shuffled across to kneel beside her while they continued to watch some celebrity interview on the screen.

After about twenty minutes Chloe clicked the time up on the screen and announced, “We should go down now and get things ready.”

The pair of them stood while Dmitri leant forward onto his hands and knees.

“Richie, I want you to go to the laundry room, you know where it is?” Dafne said

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, sort out ours and put it through, then join Dmitri in the kitchen.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I said with an inward sigh.

I followed them down and slipped through the concealed door while Dmitri followed them through into the downstairs lounge. I didn’t mind missing their performance; I didn’t get a kick out of watching someone being humiliated.

I supposed I’d have to get used to being a house husband and bottom of the pecking order for the next three months. Roll on the time for Chloe to leave and we could relax and do as we pleased in our free time.

There were two piles, one I’d term delicates and the other the outer clothes. I put the delicate ones in first and set it to the correct wash cycle then pressed the go button. I made my way to the kitchen mentally giving it twenty minutes before I needed to check on it,

I glanced at the time as I entered then went and sat on a stool to wait. Dmitri came in a few minutes after me and uttered not a single word as he crossed and mounted his stool.

While he meditated I counted the time off till it was time to check the laundry. I don’t know if he heard me when I told him and didn’t really care. There was only one other place I could be.

It was on its last spin cycle and I waited the few minutes for it to stop and then transferred the contents to the tumble dryer. I set that to low and left it running while I put the rest in to wash.

I tested the drying clothes, fishing them out when the felt ready. The sports bra was the last to dry and I folded it on top of the pile. The full cycle was half over and I reckoned that I’d need to come back down in half an hour.

I made my way back to the kitchen and found Dmitri still perched on his stool. Though he didn’t give a sign I was sure he noticed my arrival back but I played his game and ignored him.

The washing was going to finish after the session I calculated as I glanced at the clock, I’d have to tell Dafne as soon as I got a chance. I sat and waited, wondering if I should start preparing for the call for coffee.

I heard voices through the hatch and set the kettle boiling then got a cup ready. The voices also stirred Dmitri. He sat and watched till I’d settled back on my stool then added an extra cup with a teabag.

There was a sudden silence then a raucous laugh from Chloe along with a yelp of shock. I looked over at Dmitri but he kept a bland face. There was a further lengthy silence till I saw the client exiting on the monitor.

Dmitri was already standing when Chloe called his name; he popped the hatch open to answer. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Tea,” she commanded.

As he retreated I popped my head out. “Two cups, and bring them to the bedroom, I’m going to change and shower,” ordered Dafne.

“Mistress,” I acknowledged, ducking back.

Dmitri had poured his cup. When I’d checked the kettle it seemed heavy enough for the two cups, I wondered if it would stretch to three. Fortune favoured me, there was enough just. I set them on a tray to carry up.

She was half undressed when I got there, standing one foot on the bed rolling a stocking down. She turned to me as I flicked the door shut.

“That woman had him lick me all over, I feel all sticky and smelly,” she complained.

“Sorry,” I commiserated as I put the tray down.

“I know.” She replied twisting to sit on the edge.

She held the foot up with the stocking bunched around her ankle while she started on the suspenders holding the other. It was still damp to the touch and I handled it gingerly as I removed it.

I was just as circumspect Escort Marmaris with the remaining one, dropping it on top to make a little pile while she undid the suspender belt and stood up.

“I’ve got to attend to the rest of the washing, it’ll be about ready for transfer to the dryer soon,” I said rising up myself.

“That can wait a minute, at least one of us should drink it while it’s hot,” she replied before turning to the bathroom.

I sat back down and took a sip of the coffee, smiling at the thought of her experience. After a second sip I used her skirt to bundle her stockings in and dumped it all down the laundry chute. I followed it down the long way.

The machine was in the last rinse cycle. I leant against a wall and waited the few minutes it took to stop. I transferred everything into the dryer and set it to medium for twenty minutes.

I picked up the pile of delicates to take back up with me and made my way back to the bedroom. The tray was on the floor and Dafne was lying face down on the bed.

“Do you want to wear any of these or shall I put them away?” I asked as she rolled to look over.

“Bring them, and I see you forgot the Mistress,” she replied.

“I know, don’t worry, I won’t slip up outside,” I replied, spreading the clothes out. “I’ve got the others in the dryer on a twenty minute timer.”

“Okay, you can take the tray down and wait for them to finish while I dress. We’ll be going straight out afterwards.”

“In that case you’d better unlock me first,” I replied. “I’d best use the toilet before we go out.”

She gave a sigh as she pushed herself up. “Come here then,” she said reaching for the dangling key.

I leant over holding her shoulders as she unlocked the flap then loosened the laces. I loosened them further as I made my way to the toilet and unhooked the little strap and tucked it into the belt before sitting down.

I let the strap dangle on the way back, giving the laces a few tugs to tighten them instead. She was sat on the side of the bed wearing one of the bra and panty sets I’d brought up.

I walked across and let her tighten the laces further before relocking the flap down again. I stepped to the side when she finished, stooping to pick up the tray as she stood and walked around me to the dresser.

I left her taking the hair-clips out and took the cups back to give them a rinse out, then down to the laundry room to check and see if any of the clothes were dry.

Fifteen minutes later I had them all dry, folded and ready to put away. As I cheerfully made my way back to Dafne’s I encountered Chloe on the landing. To be safe I dropped to my knees and let her pass.

Dafne was dressed casually, sporting a band’s logo on her t-shirt and wearing a pair of faded jeans. She’d tied her hair back into a short pony tail that made her look younger.

“You can leave them on the bed,” she said, standing.

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, making my way over.

She crossed behind me to wait at the door. I laid them down and turned to see her smiling at me. “Come on; let’s find you something to jog in.”

She opened the door as I caught up to her then led the way out to the street. The taxi was a few minutes coming; when we climbed in she dialled up the shopping centre and then sat on my knees facing away.

“Massage my shoulders,” she requested arching her back.

I reached up and started on the nape of her neck, bringing my fingers into play as I slowly worked my way out. ‘Mm…’ she breathed as I felt her relax. As we were stopping she twisted around and gave me a quick kiss before opening the door.

I could see the tourists casting glances at us as we rode the walkway, so much so I got bored looking back and trying to embarrass them. Dafne looked quizzically at my amused expression when she turned to signal we were getting off.

I gave her an enigmatic smile back then moved to the edge to dismount. As the size of shops here go this one was on the small side. Ignoring the racks she led me straight to the counter.

“Can I help you, madam?” the sales assistant asked.

“Yes, I want him kitted out for jogging,” Dafne replied.

“Certainly madam,” he answered. “Will your man be wearing that?”

“No, of course not,” she exclaimed.

“Of course, madam,” he demurred. “And what kind of quality were we thinking of?”

“Something comfortable, but we can skip the silk lining.”

“If you’ll follow me,” he replied, pressing a button on the counter.

As he led us off I noticed his replacement taking his place out of the corner of my eye. We settled on a cotton lined one and a pair of mid-priced trainers. She had lunch next on the list and we climbed up to the balcony and walked the short distance back to the steak house she’d spotted.

“I was going to talk about the contract later but Chloe sprang a session this afternoon on me,” she started, pausing to let the waiter hand us the menus.

“What goes in it?” I asked as he walked away.

“All the things we agree to, there are model ones we can use for ideas.”

“Like what?” I asked, probing.

“That you affirm allegiance to me as your Mistress. Promise to obey me in all things. I promise to accept responsibility for your well being, see that you come to no harm,” she answered.

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