Black Magick Ch. 12


Nick lay in the darkness, his mother Susan’s head on his chest. Her breasts pressed against his pubic bone. The moon was so bright that it seemed as though the sun would be rising soon, though it was only a little past midnight. Nick slowly extricated himself, very careful not to wake his mother, went to his school desk and looked out the window into the night air.

Half of Elisabeth and Amber’s “month of purification” was over now, and that meant the time for the great ritual would soon approach. The girls were probably out somewhere again, engaging in some sort of kinky ritual. He ought to knock on Elisabeth’s door and check if she was still in bed, but for some reason the task seemed loathsome to him.

Nick continued to stare out the window into the night, and his right hand wrapped around his cock and he began to pump. His spent cock quickly sprang back up to erection.

If he turned his head a little to the right, he could see the pool out of the corner of his eye.

His pace on his cock quickened. A drop of precum glistened on the head.

Nick squinted into the darkness.

The moon was so bright he couldn’t make out any stars.

He grasped the head of his cock and squeezed it.

He pulled a tissue out from the box on his desk and shot a wad of cum into it. As he continued to stare out the window, he tossed the wasted paper into the trash receptacle.

He crawled back under his covers and his mother yawned and eyed him hungrily. They slept the rest of the night having hot kinky sex in every position imaginable.

Sunday morning, the entire family was sitting in front at the kitchen table, eating toast and bacon before church.

Elisabeth, who was now attending mass morning and night, was wearing a white loosely crocheted mini-dress which resembled a lacy doily, and she had to wear a thong underneath, or her crotch would show between the elaborate loops, which adorned her body rather than hid any part of it from her bother’s view. On top of that, she obviously had altered it so the neck-line was low over the her cleavage.

It had to be a miracle that she was allowed to leave the house dressed liked that, though Susan has become a little more lax since Nick became her personal sex toy.

In Nick’s twisted, hormone-drenched mind, Elisabeth looked like some perverted caricature of a nun, and Nick began to fantasize about his sister joining a convent. Knowing her, she’d start a tradition of hardcore lesbian S&M orgies after mass and then make a killing selling tapes of it on the Internet. People had a creative knack in Nick’s family.

Nick reached down slowly beneath the table and let his finger rub against the crotch of his pants. He was hard enough to burst.

Across from Elisabeth, Victoria was sitting, in a little white dress and thigh-high stockings, kicking her legs in and out as though pushing herself on a swing. Her large breasts loomed dangerously close to her breakfast plate with every oscillation.

Nick excused himself from the table and ran into his room, making sure to lock the door behind him. He ripped his cock from his pants and began to stroke it wildly.

In under a minute he’d filled another tissue full of cum and mixed it in with the crumpled pieces of scratch paper.

He heard a knock at the door and, stuffing his cock back into his pants, went to open it. His father Samuel eyed him darkly from the door.

“Time to go to church,” he said, in a less-than-eager tone of voice.

Nick shrugged. He didn’t care much these days whether he went to church or not, they only went because his mother, and now Elisabeth too, demanded it of them.

Samuel straightened his son’s tie and gave him a sympathetic half-smile.

Nick knew that his father always carried a piece of scratch paper and a pen around with him to church and family gatherings, and spent most of the time scribbling notes for new money-making schemes.

What right did his father have to smile at him, like he was some sort of co-conspirator? Not one word of their stupid preacher’s pathetic sermons would reach Samuel though the brick wall he had put up against the world.

Nick had never met anyone so good at being isolated from his surroundings. Samuel couldn’t really be considered to be anywhere.

Nick balled his fists and stepped away from his father.

In the living room, Victoria was standing on a chair so she could reach down into the urn that supposedly held their grandmother’s ashes, but in fact contained the remains of some complete stranger.

“I wonder who that really is,” Nick said, stepping closer to his sister so only she could hear him. Nick was pretty sure that the two of them were the only ones who knew those ashes weren’t really his grandmother’s.

“Oh, she’s a 19-year-old runaway turned cheap street prostitute. She died of a heroin overdose twenty years ago,” Victoria said, scooping up a handful of ashes and letting it slide slowly from her fingertips, back into the urn. “No one bothered to claim her ashes, izmit escort so that’s why we’ve got them now. It kind of makes you feel sorry for her, doesn’t it?”

“Don’t tell me you’re planning to bring her back to life!” Nick exclaimed, taking a step away from his youngest sister.

“And why not?” Victoria replied, replacing the lid of the urn roughly. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have an older sister for a change? It not like your family’s too poor to take in another stray. Your father really has a talent for making money.

“That’s not the issue!” Nick exclaimed. “I’m sick of all this black magick that’s running wild all over the house. I don’t want to see any more spirits brought back to life on a whim. Have all the women in this house gone mad?”

“What in heaven’s name are the two of you doing there?” their mother Susan called from the doorway, where she was standing with Samuel and Elisabeth. “How many times do I have to ask you to leave my mother’s ashes alone? They’re not playthings. Now hurry up and wash your hands, for goodness’ sake, we’re going to be late for church!”

“Yes, ma’am,” Victoria said, jumping off the chair and running to the kitchen to wash her hands. Nick watched, openly hypnotized by Victoria’s butt bouncing up and down as she struggled to get her hands under the stream of water. If the rest of his family noticed his fascination, they didn’t comment. Elisabeth smiled vaguely and his mother gave him a bit of a stern look, but it was hardly worth mentioning.

Before long, the whole family was in their big white minivan and on their way to church. Samuel had collapsed the back seat, so he’d have room to stack old computers and metal pieces he had collected from the junkyard for one of his new ideas, so Nick was squeezed in the middle between his two buxom sisters.

“See, there’s no room for a big sister,” Nick hissed in Victoria’s ear. They were packed in so tight that Nick had to pull his shoulder free from behind Elisabeth’s back to turn to talk to her.

“What are you two talking about?” Elisabeth asked suspiciously.

“Oh, nothing,” Nick said quickly. “Victoria just wants to perform more dangerous magick, that’s all.”

“Oh, don’t mention magick,” Elisabeth gasped orgasmically, her face coloring slightly. “I’m not supposed to be doing any magick except spells to increase arousal, or getting off at all until the ritual, and I’m going through such withdrawal, I feel like I’m about to start twitching! I still have two more weeks to go!”

Nick’s cock reached new levels of hardness from the slutty arousal in his sister’s voice, and he slowly began to run his hand under her skirt. Elisabeth moaned slightly and let her brother inch slowly up her thigh.

Nick felt his heart begin to race. His parents were in the front seat. It didn’t matter that he had to play dildo for his mother at night. She didn’t know that he had a sexual relationship with his sister, and Nick knew she’d certainly kill him if she found out.

The naughtiness and the danger was intoxicating to him. His hands became very sweaty and his breathing ragged. Victoria stared at the two of them out of the corner of her eye so she could catch a glimpse without their mother catching on.

Nick inched up closer and closer to Elisabeth’s pussy, but when he circled his finger under the elastic of her thong, she covered his hand with her own.

“No, I need to be good,” she whispered. “I’ve only got two more weeks, that’s all, and then I can have all the hot steamy sex I want.” She pushed Nick’s hand away.

Almost immediately, Victoria grabbed Nick’s hand and tucked it under her own skirt.

“I don’t know why both Elisabeth and Amber insist on being so silly, purification is highly overrated,” she said, pushing one of Nick’s fingers into her velvety interior.

Nick moaned slightly and bent slowly to nibble at the side of her neck. Damn, he was so aroused. It was almost as if he hadn’t jacked off just half an hour before.

Nick pushed his fingers between Victoria’s pussy lips. Her juices stuck between his digits as he playfully explored her body. It was now Elisabeth’s turn to watch hungrily from the corner of her eye, and it was obvious that she was having a hard time struggling against the urge to touch herself. Her nipples were hard against the fabric of her lingerie-like dress and her lips had become rather redder than usual from arousal. She forced her gaze forwards and kept her fingers kneaded together in her lap, her thumbs rubbing back and forth softly along her skirt, as though they had a mind of their own.

Nick smiled broadly. It was fun to see her squirm.

He pushed another finger into Victoria’s pussy and spread his fingers apart, causing her to gasp uncontrollably.

Susan looked back from the front seat, and Nick barely had enough time to extract his hand from beneath his sister’s skirt before his mother could catch him pleasuring his sister.

Nick glared at Victoria, furious at her for almost giving the two of them away.

“Oops,” izmit escort bayan Victoria mouthed and smiled devilishly. She licked her top lip enticingly, making Nick’s voice catch in his throat. His pulse was still racing, but all anger quickly dissolved. He felt exhilarated.

Elisabeth stifled a lusty snicker.

“What in heaven’s name are your kids up to?” Susan asked, casting her voice backwards while still concentrating on driving.

“Nothing,” Elisabeth said trying to keep the laughter out of her voice.

Samuel, who otherwise appeared completely asleep, slapped his wife on the thigh roughly and left his hand there, toying with her leg playfully with careful flicks of the wrist.

His wife moaned and that was the end of the confrontation.

Nick quietly slipped his hand back under his sister’s skirt.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed his father’s thumb slip underneath the elastic band of his mother’s underwear. Like father, like son.

Nick parted Victoria’s pussy lips again and she sighed contently. Elisabeth was nearly trembling from sex withdrawal, the white strings of her skirt pushed up almost all the way to her panties, and she was seriously biting her lips to keep her hands from her pussy.

That, too, added significantly to Nick’s intense arousal. His cock was pressed menacingly against the material of his dress pants.

Oh, what he wouldn’t give to rip off that dental-floss dress, throw Elisabeth over the edge of the seat and fuck her brains out. But there was no way. Not here, not now.

“Two more weeks,” he thought wistfully, plunging a couple of fingers into Victoria’s pussy. Just two more weeks, and he’d get to fuck both Elisabeth and Amber.

It was going to be great. If only they’d forget about that stupid spell and let him fuck them now. He began rubbing himself through his pants with his free hand.

He was so distracted that he didn’t realize, until he looked, that he was fucking Victoria hard with the four fingers of his right hand. She was riding his fist like an oversized dildo.

“Shit,” Nick gasped under his breath.

He released his cock and turned towards Victoria to see how much of his other hand he could stuff into her. He was getting way too aroused by now, and the contents of his balls were threatening to spill into his pants without further stimulation. He forced himself to hold back.

He didn’t think he’d feel right sitting through mass in cum-soiled underwear.

Victoria came quickly after the extra fingers were inserted, and she had to bite her upper lip to keep herself from crying out as the great wave of pleasure wracked her body.

Nick bit his tongue and forced back his own orgasm. There’d be time for that later, he’d make sure of it.

Very soon after, the car came to a stop in the church parking lot, and Nick tried desperately to compose himself for the sermon.

One look at the great church building was enough to make him lose his erection, but he couldn’t so quickly dispose of the blotch of precum that shined against his black pants.

He picked up a rag that was lying on the floor and began to rub.

Even without the erection, his cock was still extremely sensitive, and he very nearly sprang back up to attention from the pressure of the rag against his crotch.

Elisabeth wiped away a trickle of blood from the corner of her mouth, where she had bitten her lip. Victoria pushed her skirt down to cover her soaked panties and skipped along behind her parents and siblings.

They stepped into the entryway to anoint themselves with holy water. Nick absently dashed a little on himself out of habit and Elisabeth put her finger to her mouth afterwards and sucked on it, her eyes glazing over in satisfaction as though eating something tasty. Victoria sidestepped away from the bowl and walked into the sanctuary unblessed.

Elisabeth sat down with Amber, who was wearing a little china dress with a long slit in the leg that went all the way up to her hip, and her family. Amber’s brother Mark had his hand glued onto her thigh in a manner not entirely brotherly.

Nick blushed, remembering the way he’d fantasized about throwing Elisabeth over the seat earlier.

Nick couldn’t pay any attention at all during service. Victoria was obvious still really aroused from the fingering he had given her earlier, and spent the entire time playing with herself through the material of her skirt.

Nick had to force himself not to look at her and she found this very amusing. She snickered twice rather loudly on the priest’s heated sermon denouncing ‘the pleasures of the body’. Nick was absolutely certain he heard her orgasm at least once.

“Come around back,” she whispered after mass. “There’s something I want to show you.”

Nick nodded obediently, stroking the head of his cock slightly though his pants in anticipation. His mother was busy talking to the women who had been sitting a row ahead of him, and their father was frankly fast asleep, izmit sınırsız escort so they were able to easy slip away unnoticed.

He noticed Amber and Elisabeth slip away from the Story family just as easily moments ahead of him, and his heart began to race from the excitement of following them. Whatever they were doing, it was obvious that they were up to no good, and Nick wanted to be part of it.

Needless to say, Nick was right on the money about the virtue of Elisabeth and Amber’s departure. When his sister and her friend walked into the little courtyard behind the church, they were met by a group of altar boys who’d snuck out the back through a door behind pulpit. The boys were fishing their cocks out of their black dress pants when Nick and Victoria came into sight. The devils!

Nick gasped. His own cock of course had become rock hard in anticipation, but now that he saw what was going on he instantly broke out in a nervous sweat.

Elisabeth and Amber knelt down almost as though in prayer and took the cocks in their mouths. Was it possible that this was part of the purification? It looked so damn holy somehow, besides being so incredibly slutty and the sighte of Amber and Elisabeth swaying back and forth with the boy’s cock’s in their mouths was hypnotizing.

“Wow, having sex on church grounds, how avant-garde!” Victoria whispered with more than a trace of arousal in her voice. She was beginning to play with her nipples through her school dress and Nick couldn’t help but reach is hand up her skirt and begin fingering her sopping wet cunt.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Victoria gasped. “You’re going to give us away, and I was so looking forward to seeing what happens next!” Reluctantly, Nick slowed the pace of his hand in his sister’s pussy so she could keep herself from crying out too much.

“I thought you already knew all about this,” Nick said, watching Elisabeth take the whole length of a cock down her throat. “Isn’t this what you wanted to show me?” He gestured towards the two girls, who hungrily pumped the plump members in and out of their mouths while squealing rapturously like the schoolgirls they were. Oh, what Nick wouldn’t give to see them put their hair up in pigtails!

“Well, I sort of wanted you to see it,” Victoria said dismissively. “I did catch the two of them doing basically the same thing last night, and thought: ‘Hey, Nick would love to see this.’ But actually, there is a rosary buried at the foot of the statue of the virgin Mary that I want.”

“Why would you want the rosary?” Nick asked. He was having trouble taking his eyes and mind off Elisabeth’s nearly naked body, especially her butt cheeks that stuck out oh so temptingly from the back of her skirt and thong.

“It used to belong to that girl I told you about. The one whose ashes rest on our fireplace.”

“Yeah?” Nick said absently. His free hand was reaching into his pants as he continued watching the two girls pleasuring the altar boys. While he watched, the priest shooed the two boys away and then pulled his own cock from his robes. Amber and Elisabeth wigged their way over to him and began to lick his cock at the same time. Periodically, one of them or the other would take the whole length into their mouth before returning to lick it.

“Well, she buried it there years ago, after her father raped her,” Victoria added, her hand rubbing between her legs and gingerly rubbing against Nick’s hand in the process as he continued toying with her pussy. “That’s part of the reason she ran away from home.”

The priest came explosively, covering Amber’s face with cum, which Elisabeth quickly began to lick clean, pushing some of the excess into Amber’s mouth with her tongue, paying extra attention to cleaning off her friends eyelids and obviously relishing the taste of cum in her mouth.

“Shit, that’s hot!” Nick moaned, completely forgetting about Victoria, who pulled her wet hand out of her wetter pussy and grabbed him my the left hand as he was stroking himself with his right. She dragged him off towards the statue of the Virgin Mary.

It was the sort of beautifully crafted stone statue that seemed to cry in the rain and really gave the onlooker the feeling of divine retribution and mercy.

Victoria touched the ground in three places, fondling the grass as though it was a woman’s public region, before she figured out where to dig. Nick didn’t know for sure just what criteria she was using to decide, though his cock was paying extra special attention to the whole procedure.

Eventually, he came to his senses and decided that it was wrong to let a girl do all the work. He got down on his knees, gently nudged Victoria out of the way and began to dig in her stead, though he missed the tender way she seem to crease every handful of dirt. He found himself strangely reminded of the time two weeks ago when Victoria had exhumed her own coffin at the local cemetery. Had she used her bare hands then, like she did now? It must have taken her ages! Not to mention the effort of hauling the heavy wooden casket above ground. It had taken four grown men to carry the coffin to the cemetery. The task was obviously impossible for a normal girl. Of course, Victoria was hardly normal. He wondered vaguely if his sister’s pussy had been wet while she opened the lid to her own coffin.

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