Black Man Dominates Black Woman

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Double Penetration

Sliding my long and thick, uncircumcised black dick into the widening asshole of a chubby, dark-skinned black woman, a strange thought enters my consciousness. The only time today’s black women seem to notice black men is when those same black men are seen in the company of white women. When a black man is by himself, he’s of no interest and no worth to the black woman. Handsome, educated, single black male professionals receive no love from black women. No matter how hard they try. Why is that? I don’t know. And what an odd time for me to be thinking about this.

The name is Stephen Voltaire, a big and tall, openly bisexual West Indian-American college student, writer and human rights activist living in the city of Champion City, Massachusetts. Right now, I’m butt fucking a certain slut named Rhonda Saint George in the basement of my Seventh-Day Adventist church. It’s a late Saturday afternoon. The service is over, and the two of us are the only people left in the building. Rhonda is the biggest slut I know, literally and figuratively. She’s around five-foot-eleven, with huge tits, wide hips, a very heavyset body and a gigantic ass. We’re talking about more than seventy inches of thick black ass on this 270-pound chubby black mama.

I have been staring at Rhonda Saint George’s big black ass all morning. I arrived at the West Indian Seventh Day Adventist Church of Champion City early, around ten thirty in the morning. There are lots of black women with big butts in the church. Black chicks in their twenties with thick rumps and middle-aged black women with huge round asses. That day, the women didn’t notice me checking them out because their attention was clearly focused elsewhere.

A light-skinned West Indian-American man came to the church with his lady, a blonde-haired white woman, along with her blonde-haired white female friend, her silver-haired mother and her curly-haired, tight-lipped middle-aged white man of a father. Oh, and their daughter, a half-black, half-white individual, was also present. That day, even though they simply sat there just like everybody else, silently I might add, they were the center of attention. güvenilir bahis We don’t get a lot of white visitors at the all-black West Indian Seventh Day Adventist church of Champion City, Massachusetts. The light-skinned West Indian-American man with the white wife was a lawyer, an accomplished professional and a pillar of the local community. The black women in the church gave him dirty looks as he sat there with his white wife, her equally white parents and their half white daughter.

I’m almost completely indifferent. You see, I don’t care if white people visit the black church as long as they behave themselves and don’t make a mockery of our sacred practices. We don’t go into their churches and mess things up so they had better not mess things up in our church. Seems only fair. I also don’t care if black male professionals marry white women instead of black women. Why do so many black men date outside of the race? The black woman only has herself to blame. Black women are harder on black men than all of the racist institutions that white men created to keep black people down. Sometimes, I wonder who hates black men more, those man-hating black women I keep running into or the racist white cops who give me dirty looks? I think it just might be a draw. Angry black women and racist white cops have been the downfall of more black men than I can count.

The undying hatred black women feel for white women is something I find quite funny. I heartily wish I could meet a black woman who was smart, educated, confident and decent. A black woman who doesn’t hate black men. A black woman without man-hating lady friends who twist her views of the world. A black woman who doesn’t feel the need to completely dominate a brother’s life. One who lets a man have some breathing space. A black woman who doesn’t lash out verbally or physically at a brother whenever she doesn’t get her way. Yeah, if there are black women like that out there, let me know. I’ll move to their village, town, city, state, country or whatever.

Yeah, the ceremony rolled on. The white family and the west Indian man who married the white woman left together before the service türkçe bahis ended. I’m pretty sure I heard the black women breathe a sigh of relief when the black man who married the white woman exited with his white wife, their biracial daughter and the white wife’s very white parents. I shook my head. If black women want to keep their black men, here’s the foolproof formula. Give the brother less lip and more sex. As in stop harassing him over every little insignificant detail of the house, the relationship, the party, the church, the dinner, or whatever.

Instead of constantly nagging the black man you’re married to or dating, give him less talk and more sex. Suck his dick. Spread your legs and give him some pussy. Spread your ass and take his dick up your butt. All men love anal sex. Give your man anal sex and you will pretty much guarantee he stays with you. Make him feel good. Stroke his ego. Tell him that he matters to you. If you don’t do this, he will dump your ass. He’ll find another woman who’s more understanding of his needs. He’ll spend his time, money and energy on her. And you will go back to using your vibrator for satisfaction and bitching about men to your equally bitter girlfriends. You will end up a lonely hag. You dig?

All those thoughts were running through my head as the ceremony winded down. After the church service, I volunteered to help take care of things in the basement. The church deacons and deaconesses can’t do it all by themselves. Guess who volunteered to help me out? My favorite big-booty church-going black slut, Rhonda Saint George. We took care of business, in more ways than one. Rhonda is a sister who knows what a black man needs. And I’m glad to say we had a great time together.

We got busy in the men’s room. Way down in the church basement. I mean, she hiked her fancy green skirt up and knelt before me, sucking my dick like it was a frigging chocolate tube. I ran my hand through her weave, and closed my eyes as she sucked my dick and licked my balls. Hot damn, I like a chubby black woman who sucks a mean dick. And Rhonda was definitely my kind of sister. While sucking my dick, she fingered that güvenilir bahis siteleri fat pussy of hers. After she got done licking me, I laid her on the floor ( she didn’t care ) and gave her snatch a good licking. I don’t normally enjoy licking pussy but Rhonda was one freaky sister and I wanted to taste her quite badly.

Rhonda Saint George had a sweet tasting pussy, but it’s her ass that I wanted. I put the big black woman on all fours and spread her ass cheeks wide open. I breathed in the scent of her ass, then started licking and fingering her asshole. She loved that. After a while, she was begging me to fuck her in the ass. I pressed my cock against Rhonda’s asshole and pushed it inside. The big black woman’s asshole felt warm and tight around my dick. I placed my hands upon her wide hips and thrust my dick deep inside of her. Rhonda had a tight asshole but this fat black mama was no stranger to anal sex.

I spanked her ass and she yelped in surprise. Laughing, I smacked her face while fucking her in the ass. I love fucking fat black women in the ass. Especially loud-mouthed chubby black sluts like Rhonda. They’re the best fuck ever. Fat women have tight assholes. And chubby black women have the tightest assholes of all. Once you’ve had a piece of chubby black woman’s asshole, you become addicted. Trust me on that one. Your dick won’t tolerate anything else. I grabbed hold of Rhonda’s weave and yanked her head back while slamming my dick deeper into her asshole. She cried out in pain and pleasure as I rammed my cock up her ass like anal sex was going out of style. She howled. She squealed. She begged. She pleaded. She begged and pleaded. I pounded my cock into her ass and didn’t relent until I came, blasting the chubby black woman’s asshole with load upon load of my manly spunk.

Afterwards, I made Rhonda suck my dick right after I pulled it out of her ass. She seemed hesitant. I grabbed the back of her neck and made her suck my dick. She could taste her ass on it and I smiled. Yeah, I don’t know about you but I feel great. I’m a strong black man and I dominate black women. It’s the way the world should be. Word up. After this experience, Rhonda became addicted to my cock. She craves butt fucking now. I dial her up three times a week when I want some ass. She’s become docile and pliant. The way a black woman should be. Can I get an amen? Yes!

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