Blast from My Past


Author’s Note: I wrote this so the reader can imagine the characters however they wish. I didn’t want to detail the characters’ appearance as I wanted the reader to be able to envision them how they wanted or maybe even imagine themselves as the characters.


“I want your lips wrapped around my cock.”


When I was in college, I had a boyfriend; actually, boyfriend isn’t quite the proper term. He was a guy I got together with often. There was no commitment from him, and the times we got together couldn’t be classified as dates. No, instead, they were merely times of sexual depravity. Primarily me acting like a depraved slut for him anywhere and anytime he wished. He would text me at any point in the day, telling me to meet him somewhere, and I would eagerly drop whatever I was doing and meet him. Each time, I would do something for him that was sexually humiliating for me, but I never said no to him. He had somehow picked up on the fact that I sincerely enjoyed behaving as such and being treated that way, and though, on the surface, I wanted to keep from meeting him, it was my deep-down natural response to do as I was told by him.

One of the more memorable moments from that period of my life was when we both happened to be at the same house party near the campus. He was with another girl, and I had come with my roommate. He said nothing to me when we noticed each other at the party, but I kept my eye on him as he moved around the house with the bimbo he was with, dancing, playing drinking games, etc. Eventually, I watched as he snuck off with her to an upstairs bedroom for what I assumed was to have sex with her. I didn’t try and watch; I just stayed and enjoyed the party with my roommate and friends we had met there, though I wished it was me in the bedroom with him. I knew for sure that whoever the other girl was, she wasn’t doing what I would have done for him, which made me smile. It was an hour later when his text message pinged my phone.

“I’m out back, behind the shed.”

That’s all it said, yet I knew what he wanted and was supposed to do. I excused myself from my friends, telling them I didn’t feel great and wanted to get some fresh air. My roommate asked if I needed her to go with me, and I told her it was okay and that I would probably just head home. I encouraged her to stay and have fun, which didn’t take much encouragement, and I was soon heading outside. There weren’t many people out back, just a few on the patio smoking pot near the house’s light before heading back inside once finished. I paid no mind to them, as they didn’t seem to pay attention to me either, and spotted the shed in the back left corner of the yard. With confidence in my step, I walked towards it in search of the man who would be using me in a very sexually humiliating way in mere moments. I found him just on the backside of the shed, between it and the fence that formed the yard’s perimeter. He smiled as I joined him behind the relative cover of the shed.

“There’s the simple slut. Always quick to show up to get used,” he said in a mocking and demeaning tone. I said nothing, as both of us knew what was expected of me; instead, I just silently stood in front of him while he continued to talk about me in the humiliating way he always did. “Take your clothes off. You know you look most yourself when you’re completely naked.” I did as ordered, as always, and was soon standing before him without a stitch covering my body and my clothes and shoes discarded behind me. The cold and damp ground and the cool night air caused my body to shiver. “I bet a slut such as yourself was jealous seeing the man that gives her so much pleasure at a party with another girl.” Again, I stayed silent while he continued. “I know you saw me take her into the bedroom, and to answer the question I know you are asking in your simple head, yes, I fucked her. I enjoyed her quite immensely, and the fact that she was so worn out after that she had to go home and get some rest proves she enjoyed herself as well.” He laughed at this, and I continued to stand naked in front of him, though my breathing had become deeper as my body responded having sex with him typically meant, in my case.

“Fortunately for you, I still have plenty left to give, so why don’t you get down on your knees and beg me to let the girl I ‘give’ it be you.” He loved making me beg. He always liked the power it gave him to have me humiliate myself by begging him to use me. Truthfully, I loved it too.

I dropped to my knees, feeling them sink into the over-saturated soil, and began to beg, “Please use me. I need it so much. I need you to use me like a slut. Let me please you however you wish.” I wasn’t just putting it on for him; it was all true. His only response to this was a devilish grin and to step toward me. I watched as he unfastened his jeans and pulled his semi-erect cock out. He placed his cockhead on my lips and gripped the back of my head with a free hand. I took the cue and soon had his tokat seks hikayeleri hardening member in my mouth. He held me so that I had all of it in my mouth as it grew, and then he asked, “can you taste her?” The most I could do to reply was to moan around his thickness. I could taste her. The obvious tanginess of an excited pussy coated his cock, and I felt so cheap that I was now cleaning another girl’s juices off of him. It made my pussy flood with arousal.

He finally let me free of his grip and allowed me to begin just bobbing up and down on his impressive shaft while continuing to talk to me. “It’s not just her pussy on my cock. She let me fuck her ass too. That’s why she was so worn out.” I just moaned deeply on his cock at his revelation. To my knowledge, that was the first time I had ever tasted a cock that had so recently been in another girl’s ass. “How does that make you feel slut? To know you are sucking my cock after it was in some other girl’s ass.”

His cock was pulled away from me to allow for a reply, in which I said, “I feel so slutty to be sucking some other girl’s ass off of your cock.” With a soft laugh, he returned his cock to my mouth for the time and allowed me to savor the naughtiness of what I was doing. After a few more minutes of the steadily sloppier blow job, he pulled his slick pole away again and spoke, “stay slut, I will be right back.” I watched as he vanished around the shed out of my sight. From what I could hear, it sounded like he went into the shed to retrieve something. I heard things being shifted around from within but had no idea what he was doing.

Moments later, he returned, cock still out and raging hard. In his hands, he held some rope, and as he stepped up to me, he ordered me to stand. I was then instructed to bend at my waist and put my hand on my knees. He then kicked at my feet to make me spread my legs open further. When he was happy with my positioning, he squatted down and began to tie my hands securely to my legs. It didn’t take him long to complete the task, and once done, I could no longer stand up straight.

Now immobilized and naked, he returned to stand before me and feed his cock back into my mouth. Unlike earlier, he just began to use my mouth. He was forcefully shoving it in and out at his will while I gagged and leaked saliva from around it. The rough mouth fucking lasted for a few moments before he unceremoniously ripped himself free and walked behind me. I let my head fall to look at him from between my legs. I watched as he trampled my discarded clothes and kicked at my shoes as if clearing a space for himself. His efforts were wrecking my only clothing, and I couldn’t care less. Of course, I knew it would make for an awkward return home when our meeting ended, but that didn’t matter at the time. It added fuel to my fire, making me feel like a slut.

A hard smack on my left ass cheek brought me back to the moment and was soon followed by another to my right ass cheek. I could feel the heat from the impacts radiating in my skin, but I only let out a slight groan in response to the strikes. He must have wanted more because, in rapid succession, he landed another three smacks to each cheek, each as hard and firm as the previous.

“Tell me what you are,” he said once he finished swatting my ass.

“I’m a slut,” I answered. Another flurry of swats followed my reply, and he then asked, “What kind of slut?”

Knowing how he wanted me to answer, I quickly responded, “I am a stupid slut.”

Three more slaps to my burning ass before he asked, “What does the stupid slut want?”

“I want you to use me. I want you to fuck me,” I pleaded in response.

“Beg,” was all he said after another barrage of smacks.

“Please use me. Please just use me like the stupid slut I am. I need you to just fuck me as you desire. I’m tied up and can’t stop you. Pleeease, just use this slut.”

My pleas earned one last hard slap before his massive erection pushed into my soaking cunt in one stroke. I let out a guttural moan as he bottomed out balls deep inside me. He proceeded to fuck me roughly for the next few minutes, holding onto my hips to gain better leverage and keep me from falling face-first onto the ground. I moaned through it all as I felt like I was in heaven. Nothing else around me mattered at that moment.

As he tired from the aggressive fucking he was doling out, he slid out of my battered pussy to catch his breath and leave me panting. He returned in front of me, only to drop his pants down his legs and turn his back to me. With one of his hands, he reached behind him to grab ahold of my hair and began pulling me towards him. I struggled not to fall because I was tied up, but I managed to scuttle forward and was soon pulled into his ass.

“There we go,” he stated, “I need to catch my breath, and I thought you would feel even more like a stupid slut if I had you eat out my ass.” He then used both hands to pull open his ass and let me get my face between his cheeks to lick out his rear hole. I felt so degraded but in an overly turned-on way. My tongue instantly plunged into his asshole, and I feasted on his ass. He, in turn, let go of his ass cheeks to allow my face to be partially swallowed by them and thus forcing me to work a bit harder to rim him. Though I couldn’t see, I sensed that he occasionally tugged at his erection while grinding his ass into my face.

“God, you are such a disgusting slut,” he said as I continued my duty, “first, you eagerly cleaned some other girl’s ass off my cock, and now you enthusiastically eat my ass out. I will have to hurry and get my nut not to have to spend more time with a filthy slut like yourself.”

He then just stood up and walked back behind me. Again, he purposefully stepped onto my clothing before lining his cock back up with my open cunt and stuffing it inside. His rhythm was purposeful and direct, only focusing on bringing himself to a climax. So it wasn’t a surprise when he soon reached that point and abruptly pulled himself out of me to eject his sticky offering all over my ass and back. Once he recovered from his orgasm, he ensured I understood he was all done using me as he pulled his pants back up and refastened them. All I could do was remain as I was, still bent over and tied up. I yearned for him to continue using me, to allow me to reach my climax, but it was not to be. He untied one of my hands and then walked away, leaving me to undo my other hand and get put together.

It was typical of him to leave me in such a fashion, leaving right after getting his jollies off and making me scramble to get myself put back together. I always loved it and patiently waited until I got home to get myself off thinking about everything that happened. This time was no different. I got myself untied, retrieved my dirty clothes, redressed, and headed back home. My orgasm that night was quite powerful.

But he was five years ago in college; I hadn’t heard from him since he graduated later that year, and I had soon begun trying to find a substitute for the feelings he brought out in me. I was never successful, though, and I always found myself thinking back to my days serving him, even to this day. So it goes without saying that when I received an out-of-the-blue text from him, I was eager to return to old times.

His text was as if no time had passed. His words didn’t care what my life was like now. The message didn’t worry that I was in a committed relationship with someone for the past year or sitting behind my desk at work when I got it. It cut to the chase, letting me know what he thought of me and what he expected.

“I want your lips wrapped around my cock,” was all he sent. Nothing more, just that simple declaration. Even though it was unexpected, it still instantly charged me up. I could only do one thing, reply, “Yes, please.” With my reply, everything else went out the window for me; all I could think about was meeting him and letting him use me. He, however, seemed to want to play with me before setting up a meeting.

“Wow, someone is an eager slut! What are you doing right now?”

“Yes, I am! At work, but now I can’t focus on work,” I texted back.

He typed back, “and why is that slut?”

“Because all I can think about is your cock in my mouth, among other things,” was my response.

“We will return to the other things in a moment, but first, I need to see if you are still worthy of my cock. Send me a nude pic of yourself.”

“I don’t have nude pictures of myself on my phone,” I sent back.

“A slut with no nudes, that’s unlikely, though you could just take one now and send it to me,” he purposed.

“Okay, give me a moment,” I typed without thinking about the logistics. I was in my office, but it had glass walls that looked out onto the rest of the office, so I would have to go elsewhere to take it. The staff restroom was often very busy, but I remembered the stairwell. While some in my office did use the stairs, there was a little landing before the locked roof access if I went up past the top floor. No one needs ever to go up there, and it was semi-private.

I rushed out of my office and to the stairs. I took a moment to ensure no one else was in the stairwell and then made the trek up four floors to the landing. Once there, I tried my best to settle my breathing, and then without thinking about the risk too much, I pulled off my dress and nearly ripped off my bra and panties. I decided to leave my heels on as they added a level of sexiness. Wanting to ensure I got the best picture possible, I set my phone up and a piece of piping before starting the timer and then posed naked in the stairwell of my work’s building. I reviewed my picture and was happy with the result. I stayed naked on the landing to prove my worth as I sent him the picture.

He replied, “Yep, still the same slut I remembered. So, back to those other things you said you were thinking about; tell me about them.”

“Thank you. I will just give me a minute to get back to my office. I don’t want to get caught naked,” was my reply.

“No, stay where you are. Stay naked and tell me what you were thinking about other than just sucking my cock,” he sent.

Though I knew it was not wise to stay naked in the stairwell, my slut-self was in control, and I did as he told me. I typed back, “I thought of how good your cock would feel inside me, the warmth of your cum, its taste, the simple joy of having you use me again.”

Continuing his toying with me, he responded, “Beg me then. Beg me to use you, slut.”

“Please, please use me. I need it so badly. I haven’t been used like the slut I truly am in so long. I need you to use me for what I am, a slut. Please,” was my quick reply.

“Is that so? Do you need to be used like a slut? If it has been that long, I’m sure you will be willing to do anything to get what you need,” he texted.

I only responded with one word, “Anything.”

That’s how I found myself standing outside his hotel door an hour later, completely naked. He had instructed me to redress but leave my underwear on the stair landing and go home early from work. I was then required to get a long coat from home, wear only it and heels, and go to his hotel. Once there and standing in front of his door, he told me I was to drop the coat and knock.

He opened the door moments later, and the first noticeable difference from the last time I met up with him was the technology level of cell phones. He was holding up his smartphone in his hand, and based on how he spoke to me after answering the door, I knew he was recording me. I went from dripping to desperate, as I had never performed on camera for him before. Though it did frighten me some that he would have digital evidence on his phone of me acting like a slut, I also couldn’t deny just how excited I was to be once again getting the chance to do so.

After noticing he was recording, I noted that he was already naked and sporting a semi-erect cock. He wasted no time getting the action going as he said, “there’s the slut. Leave your coat in the hall and get in here so you can start sucking my cock.” I followed him inside the room, and as he sat down on a chair, I continued up to him before dropping to my knees. Without a word, I took his stiffening cock into my mouth and dutifully began to blow him. It wasn’t lost on me that I instinctively acted like my old slutty self and had his cock buried in my throat in no time. His response indicated that this wasn’t lost on him either.

“Damn slut,” he stated, “I ain’t seen or heard from you in like five years, and the moment I text you to come over, you show up less than an hour later, naked and eager to get my cock.”

I could only moan in response, as all my focus was on devouring his wonderful cock. For the time being, he allowed me to do just that. It didn’t take long to begin gagging myself on his erect shaft, coating it with my saliva. I pushed myself to perform my best as I knew he was recording every second, so I loved it when he suddenly stood up and took hold of his cock with his free hand. While kneeling below him, he began using his meaty tool to slap my face. Each smack landed with a firm thud on my forehead, cheek, or nose. Each time, I tried to use my tongue to lick it and guide it back to my mouth. However, he was determined to degrade me on video by continuing his cock assault on my vulnerable face.

Eventually, his slaps slowed, and he began to ask me questions.

“So, what has the slut been up to since I last saw her,” he asked.

“Oh god, nothing. Work and life,” I replied, desperate to just have his cock in my mouth again.

“No slutty time for you then,” he pressed.

“No, just normal life,” was my response.

“That’s a shame. Don’t you have a boyfriend that treats you like the whore you desire,” came his next question?

“Yes, I have a boyfriend, but he doesn’t treat me like a slut. I’m his princess,” I answered playfully.

He seemed excited to hear I had a boyfriend as he continued his questioning after a few quick cock slaps to my upturned face.

“Oh, so the slut has a boyfriend but is here with me; why is that,” he questioned.

My answer came quick and dripped with desperation, “because I need to be a slut.”

He laughed and then continued, “your boyfriend doesn’t know you need to be used like a slut, and that’s why you are here; to be my slut.”

“Yes,” I responded lustfully.

“You need me to use you in ways he never can,” he started saying, “to make you do all the slutty things you long to do.”

Another desperate “Yeeeess” escaped my lips before being slapped by his hefty meat.

“Get up and go open the drapes on the window,” he ordered.

Wanting to be used, I stood up, walked the short distance to the windows, and drew open the curtains. It was still daytime, and I could see the street below and the building across the way. I knew that meant that anyone looking would be able to see me as well. Turning back, I saw him walking towards me, his cock pointing straight out in front of him as if leading the way.

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