Blended Family Pt. 03


In the here and now, Carla’s mouth was still riding her brother’s 7-inch pole, and Laurie decided to help her loving sister out. She started to rub a little harder against Carla’s back as she inched her hand down and swirled it through Carla’s neat blonde triangle, enjoying the moan that she made around Zack’s cock, and her fingers went lower, seeking the hot, wet heat, oh yes, and she stroked at the wet bare lips of her pussy.

“Oh yes, so hot so wet, gonna make you cum while you suck Zack’s cock, make your mouth tighten up with a sweet hot grip that will suck every drop out!”

Laurie was watching Zack’s face, she knew he was getting closer.

“Are you just about to explode sweet brother?”

At Zack’s grunted Yes, Laurie started to polish Carla’s straining clit, cooing, “Grab his balls.”

Zack felt his balls cupped, and Carla’s soft fingers started to squeeze gently, coaxing the explosion. He felt Carla’s muffled squeals of pleasure around his dick as she crested, and her mouth tightened down on him in the midst of her climax. That brought it on, and he could feel his prick erupting.

Carla was ready for her mouth to be filled, and Zack did not disappoint. The first blast hit the back of her mouth, she quickly gulped it down, the hot sucking action keeping his prick going, and 3 hot blasts peppered the roof of her mouth, 3 more spewed all over her tongue and she savored the taste before she swallowed, and she nursed at his prick, sucking in the last few dribbles of spunk.

Laurie whispered in her ear, “Let me taste it.”

Carla pulled her mouth away, and Laurie was right there, lips quickly fused together, and Laurie’s tongue dived into her mouth. Carla’s cum slick tongue rose up to play, and they moaned into each other’s mouth as they shared up the remnants of Zack’s explosion.

When they came up for air, Carla cooed, “That was very tasty, wouldn’t you agree sweetie?”

Laurie gave Zack a big smile and replied, “It certainly was, next time, it’s my mouth that will get flooded.”

Just at that time, they heard the door of the attached garage opening, and that broke the sexual spell that had enveloped them.

Zack said, “Sounds like Mom and Dad are home early. We’d better get ourselves to right.”

Zack quickly pulled on his clothes, and the whole time, Carla and Laurie let him gaze at their nudity, god what a smoking hot twosome his sisters were.

Laurie cooed, “To be continued, we are both looking forward to more.”


Zack hustled downstairs, and his step Lefkoşa Escort Mom came in through the connecting door between the utility room and the kitchen, In the few seconds before their eyes met, Zack drank in the vision, god, his step Mom was a real MILF. She was wearing a conservative dress and blouse, what she called her work clothes.

He remembered the vision of her at the beach, the view of her bikini-clad body, her tits were enormous and filled her top to the limit, her waist had that sexy as hell curvy flare, and she had what he called breeder’s hips, that sexy wide flare of her hips, the small triangle of fabric covering her pussy, and the view he had gotten of her superb ass, so gracefully curved, with just the right amount of fullness, the cheeks perky and smooth.

No wonder Dad bones her as much as he does, I’d do the same crossed his mind. He met Melissa’s eyes, she smiled and said, “Hello Zack.”

He replied, “Hey Melissa, how was work?”

She said, “Pretty busy, everyone wants to buy a house, but that’s okay, it keeps a roof over our heads.”

Less than a minute later, his Dad came in. Melissa and he both worked in real estate, and they had teamed up when they got married.

“Hello Zack, how’s school going?”

That’s dad alright, getting right to it, and he said, “it’s going great, I’ll pass with flying colors.”

His dad nodded approval and said, “Good to hear, like I always say, gotta get ahead in life and keep well schooled.”

He saw Melissa behind him, she grinned and rolled her eyes at Zack, having heard his Dad’s sermon more than once. Zack smiled, and just behind him, he heard two sets of footsteps descending, and Carla and Laurie hurried forward.

After the first few months, Carla had developed a full-on daughter-mother love for Melissa. It wasn’t like she was being unfaithful or dismissing her birth mother, but fate had taken her from them, and Melissa had been so kind, so patient and so loving, that it made Carla’s heart melt and she wasn’t afraid to call her Mom and let her know how much of a bond she had developed for her.

It felt very natural, hugging her tight and saying, “Hi Mom, it’s good to have you home,” before pulling back and giving her a quick peck on the lips.

Melissa felt her heart warm, having been accepted by Carla made her feel so good, and she cooed, “It’s so good to be home sweetie.”

As Laurie moved in to greet her Mom, Carla went to her Dad, and said, “And you too daddy,” as she gave him a big Girne Escort hug, and a quick peck on the cheek. Laurie’s turn and she gave him a hug calling him Dad, and a quick peck on the cheek also. Laurie was a bit more reserved. In the early days, she didn’t know what to call him. Using his first name seemed a bit too familiar, using his surname of Mr. Ronson or Step-dad felt stilted and unnatural. She had finally settled on Dad, and it fit well.

Carla said, “Okay Mom and Dad, time for you to relax, Laurie and I will be in charge of the cooking, we got sirloin steaks, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob ready to be cooked, with a nice green salad. Come sister dear, let us create a feast. Zack, you come too, so you can set the table for us.”

Zack was happy to follow, the sister walked side by side, their hips swinging just a bit, and Zack stared at the sweet sight. God, two sets of perfect teen asses, their jeans were tightly wrapped around their buttocks, outlining every smooth, soft curve. No panty lines, his sisters were going commando. The gentle swaying of those racy rumps made his cock surge back up.

Carla and Laurie smiled, they knew exactly what they were doing, and had dressed accordingly, to keep Zack perked up.


Upstairs in the master bedroom, Melissa undressed, she had noticed Zack checking out her body. The idea that a young 18-year-old was turned on by her 40-year-old body was very stimulating. It had started the itch between her legs, and she could feel could the beginning flow of her juices.

Now down to bra and panties, her husband came up behind her, undoing her bra and sliding his hands under the loose cups. George’s hands cupped her full breasts, fingers teasing at the rapidly stiffening nipples. Melissa let out a soft purr of pleasure, and wiggled her ass against her husband, he was naked and sporting a full-on cock.

As he knelt and rolled down her panties, Melissa cooed, “George, I don’t know…the kids are home…wide awake and making dinner….”

George growled, “Seeing you at work today, kept me horny all day. We have time, the kids are downstairs, we can have a quickie, help take the edge off until bedtime, so I can then give you a proper hot fucking. So, you wanna get fucked, baby?”

Whenever he was like this, Melissa became very hot and eager, and she cooed, “Yes, oh yes I wanna get fucked, right now!”

George picked her up and carried her into the ensuite bathroom. He placed her down gently on the bathroom counter, Magosa Escort watching as she smilingly spread her thighs for him. She could feel the slicking up of her pussy lips, covered with a well-trimmed thatch of honey-colored blonde bush, and she saw George gazing at it, unable to take his eyes off.

Mmmmm, the sight of that sexy blonde bush and her sweet cunt lips, pink and wet, ready and waiting, made him eager to take the plunge.

Carla, playing the sex kitten, purred, “Come here lover, give me that big, hard dick, I want it and I want it NOW!”

She knew that sex kitten role really punched his hot button, and he was looking her in the eye as he lined up the head of his cock with the mouth of her vagina.

With a hard thrust, he drove inside. Melissa gave out a whimpering gasp of pleasure as he powered in. Her pussy was excessively wet with the excitement that had built up in her, and yielded with willing ease to the hard, filling thrust.

“Yes, yes, right there, now fuck me hard I need it!”

George picked her legs up and hooked her knees over his forearms to get a good grip, then started driving into Melissa’s creaming pussy hard and fast. Melissa was getting shafted just like a live sex doll. That idea excited her, she was looking down at her husband’s rigid pole as it was plowing her cunt.

George was entranced by the sight of his wife in the midst of sexual excitement. God, the sight of her big full jugs, the sexy V of her pussy, and the full, curvy hips, always fired him up. When he imagined himself between the spread of those sleek, sexy thighs, he wanted to do her in real life ASAP.

Melissa was purring and moaning, she was so close. A fantasy raced through her mind, her stepson was taking her, ramming his teen cock inside her, building up to an explosion of hot teen spunk. The shock gave her a huge push as a flash-fire of orgasm ripped through her body. Her cries and moans of pleasure filled the bathroom, another orgasm raced at her, and she came hard on George’s pile-driving cock. Melissa could feel a third orgasm ready to swamp her.

“Fuck, cumming again, cum with me lover, cum deep, CREAM MEEE!”

She tumbled blissfully into her third orgasm, her cunt muscles spasming again around his cock, causing his own nut to erupt. He drove in as deep as he could with a growl of pleasure, grinding his pelvis against hers as he flooded her sweet cunt with a rush of hot spunk. They stayed joined for a short time, keeping her plugged with his cock, letting his spunk soak in good.

After a few minutes, she said, “I think we should get dressed and go downstairs, dinner should be ready soon.”

As they got dressed, Melissa reflected on the fantasy of her stepson fucking her. Well, no harm done, it had powered her to a string of 3 in a row. A little fantasy can’t hurt.

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