Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Ch. 3


Nicole just laid there recanting her dreams and powerful orgasms that they gave her. She began to wonder if other people dreamed of shit like this. As Nicole laid there she continued to think. “Did dad fuck mom like this?” She found her mom’s stash of sexy clothes and toys and there were some wild and bizarre shit in her closet. Finally Nicole got up out of bed and went to take a shower.

The water felt soothing as she stood under the stream of warm running water. Nicole still felt weak from the string of orgasm’s she had last night. Even her ass hole felt a little weird after she stretched it open with that cucumber. Again Nicole scanned the dark blue bathroom tiles for her dad’s cum but she found none. Nicole finished showering and dried herself off. She walked over to the mirror and looked at her naked body. She admired herself the whole time she put on her make up and fixed her hair. Nicole walked up to the full length mirror and turned around. She bent down and spread her ass cheeks to examine her ass hole. It was a little sore but appeared normal. Nicole walked back to her room naked and reached into her drawer for a pair of panties. There were no more clean panties in the drawer so Nicole pulled on her jeans without any underwear on underneath. She pulled a tee shirt on and decided to go do the laundry.

Nicole gathered up her laundry and walked downstairs to the washer. She ran back upstairs to get her father’s laundry. She grabbed his stuff and headed for the basement. Nicole really liked how it felt to walk around in jeans with no panties on. She wondered if that’s how it felt to wear a thong or g-string. Nicole started the washer and went back up stairs. Nicole looked at the calendar and remembered she had an appointment at the beauty salon the next morning.

Since it was a nice sunny day Nicole decided to take advantage of being home alone. Nicole went up to her room and stripped down naked and put her white bikini on. She walked over to her window and opened it and pulled the screen out. Nicole stuck her bare foot out the window and stepped onto the small balcony below. The balcony had a two foot high privacy fence around it. Nicole spread out her towel and laid down. The warm sun felt wonderful on her body. As Nicole applied sunscreen to herself she decided she didn’t want to get her bikini greased up. She knew she was alone and nobody on the ground could see her so she took her bikini top off. The cool air rushing across her breasts caused her nipples to stiffen. Nicole squirted sun screen on her hands and began to cover her body with it. She cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples as she greased up her hot little body.

Nicole lifted her hot little ass up a bit and slid the bottoms of her bikini down her legs. Nicole could not believe she was outside naked and how wonderful it felt. She continued to grease up her legs and feet. She lay totally naked now out on her balcony. As she laid there tanning she began to analyze her dreams. “What do they mean” she asked herself? “Are these dreams really about my mom?” “Is this the way dad treated mom.” she wondered? “God, I would never want my dad to take me that way.” “So much force, miss treatment, even rape at times.” The more Nicole thought about it the more her pussy started to tingle.

Steve returned home early from work and Nicole did not hear him pull up the driveway. Nicole could not help the fact that while she analyzed her dreams that her pussy began to get wet. The longer Nicole tanned the more turned on she was becoming. Steve continued to walk around the house looking for his daughter. He peered into Nicole’s bedroom and didn’t see her, but saw the screen was removed from her window. Slowly Steve tip toed closer to the window, as if he was drawn to it. As Steve moved closed he could see his daughter’s bare feet. As he moved closer and closer to the window he could see more and more of his lovely daughter until he could see all of her, completely naked laying in the sun.

By now Nicole had her legs bent at the knees and parted. She began to run her fingers through her pussy hair. Nicole cupped her pussy with the palm of her hand and squeezed. Her back arched slightly from the sensation that it caused her throbbing pussy. Steve began to get a raging hard on as he stood there watching his daughter begin to masturbate. Steve could not believe what he was watching. Slowly and quietly Steve unsnapped his jeans and pulled his zipper down praying his daughter did not hear him. Slowly he pulled his jeans down to his knees. His cock was rock hard and his boxer’s looked like a tent. Steve eased his boxers down and wrapped his hand around his cock.

Nicole continued to massage her burning pussy and occasionally pinched her nipples with her other hand. Steve’s silent stroking continued as he watched his very own daughter masturbate. A drip of pre cum oozed out of his cock. Steve wiped it up with his finger and licked it up with his tongue. Again he continued to stroke bursa escort his member as his daughter rubbed her pussy only a few feet away. Steve knew what he was doing was terribly wrong but he was hypnotized by his daughter and her sexy body.

Nicole’s thoughts were about her father as she continued to rub her cunt. Nicole pictured her father licking her pussy and ass hole. Her hips began to gyrate as she was close to cumming. Nicole had her whole hand on her pussy with her middle finger sliding up and down her wet slit sinking only slightly into her cleft. Nicole began thrusting her hips. A slight moan escaped her lips. Nicole arched her back high as she began to cum out on her balcony in plain view of her father. “Oh god” Nicole moaned. “Oh my god” Nicole moaned again. “Oh my fucking god” Nicole moaned even louder as her whole body twitched and convulsed in orgasm.

Steve knew he better cum soon before his daughter finished and busted him for standing there jacking off in her bedroom. Steve felt the rush in his balls as he watched his daughter cumming. He reached down for a tissue from the tissue box and accidentally grabbed a pair of his daughter’s panties. He didn’t have time to get anything else as his cum began to surge up his hard shaft towards the tip of his cock. Steve lowered his daughter’s panties to his cock and began to pump his cream into them. The soft nylon material of his daughter’s panties felt magnificent wrapped around his shaft as he continued to pump his cum. Then Steve panicked as he watched in horror as his daughter pulled her bikini back on and stood up. Steve Dropped his daughter’s panties and pulled up his jeans and ran quietly from his daughter’s room with his jeans bunched up around his waist.

Nicole stepped back into her room and returned the screen to its proper place. Nicole looked down and saw her panties laying on the floor and wondered how they got over there. She reached down and picked them up. As she grabbed them her finger’s slid into something warm and sticky. She looked at them and realized that it was cum. “Who came in my panties” Nicole wondered. She walked to the back window and looked out. “Oh my fucking god yes!” Nicole thought. She saw her dad’s truck and knew that it was her father that came in her panties. “Oh my god, he watched me masturbating through my window.” “He came when I came!” Nicole thought.

Nicole pulled her bikini off and made sure her door was locked. Nicole jumped on her bed with the panties that her father just loaded with cum and raised the dainty material to her face. She inhaled her father’s scent. She brought the material closet to her lips until they met with her father’s warm cum. Nicole began to slide the cum soaked panties over her lips. She started to lick it off with her tongue. “MMMMMM” Nicole moaned as she licked up her father’s cum. Nicole really liked the taste of it and knew she was going to have to get more. A lot more. She longed to feel her father’s cock in her mouth. She wanted so badly to feel her dad’s cock explode in her mouth and throat.

Nicole licked up all of her father’s cum. Her pussy was now on fire again. Nicole grabbed her pillow and placed it on the bed. She grabbed the cucumber that was still laying on the floor and placed it on her pillow. Now Nicole placed the panties with her father’s cum on them on top of the cucumber. Nicole rolled over and straddled the pillow and cucumber. Nicole lowered her aching pussy to the cum soaked panty covered cucumber and sank down on it. The curve of the cucumber laid in the cleft of her hot pussy.

Nicole began to rock back and forth on the vegetable as she imagined it was her father’s cock She could feel her pussy sliding over the cum soaked material as the cucumber parted her pussy lips. Nicole began to hump her pillow like a woman possessed. She began to grunt and moan as images of her father under her flashed through her mind. In her mind, it wasn’t the cucumber parting her lips and stimulating her clit, it was her father’s cock. She pictured her father under her as she placed her hands on his chest as she steadied herself. She could even feel her father’s hands on her ass as if they were there. “Oh god” Nicole moaned. “Oh fuck yeah” Nicole screamed out as her toes began to curl. Nicole gripped the sheets beneath and her fingers were clenched into fists as she began to cum. Nicole continued to ride the panty covered cucumber as she imagined it was her father’s cock fucking her.

“Oh shit” Nicole moaned as a second orgasm began to surge through her body. Nicole’s breathing was like that of a runner. Her breathing was hard and heavy. A sheen of sweat was now forming on her naked body as she continued to cum. “Oh yes,yes,yes,yes…” Nicole moaned as a third orgasm caused her pussy to open allowing more of the cucumber to slide into her opening. The thought that her father just pumped a load into her panties caused her body to tremble with a fourth orgasm. Nicole came so bursa escort hard she began to see stars. She began to get very dizzy as the room began to get dark. That was all Nicole could recall as she passed out.

Sometime later Nicole came too as she still laid naked on her bed with the cucumber still lodged in the cleft of her pussy. Nicole was cold. She looked at the clock and realized she was out for a little over an hour. Nicole got up off of her bed and was still a little shaky. Her knees were weak as she pulled her robe on to go take a shower. She couldn’t believe the powerful string of orgasms she just had. Never before has she cum so hard. Nicole walked down the hallway to the bathroom to take a shower. As she stood under the warm running water she began to regain her composure. The shower felt invigorating. Nicole finished showering and then dried off. She dressed and went back to her room.

Nicole looked at the place where she returned the panties too and they were gone. Nicole now knew it was for sure her father who came in them because now the evidence was gone. She purposely returned them to the place where her father left them so he could clean them and Nicole would pretend like she never even saw them.

Nicole went down stairs and met her father. She laid down on the sofa and began to watch TV with her father. Steve sat there in his arm chair watching television but Nicole could tell that he was a little nervous. They watched a couple of movies together and then they each went off to their own bed rooms.

It was Saturday morning and Steve got up early and left for work. Nicole got out of bed and hit the shower. Quickly, she scanned the tiles for her father’s cum but found nothing. Actually she was glad she didn’t find any because she was already a little late for her beauty appointment. Nicole Quickly fixed her hair and threw on a pair of underwear and bra. Next she pulled her favorite tee shirt over her head and her favorite jeans up over her sexy ass. Nicole grabbed her keys and out of the house she ran.

Nicole looked in her purse to see if she had the couple of nude pictures of her mom. Nicole spotted them in her purse and blew a whistle of relief as she sped down the street. She pulled into the tiny beauty salon parking lot. There was only one other car there. Nicole took a deep breath and walked into the salon. There was Mandy standing there. “Good morning Nicole” Mandy said softly. “Good morning” Nicole replied. “This way” Mandy said as she turned away from Nicole and walked over to a chair where Nicole’s hair was going to be cut. Nicole followed and sat down in the chair.

“Now, how do you want me to cut your hair Nicole.” Nicole reached into her purse, a little bit apprehensively and pulled out one of the photographs of her mom and with shaky hands she handed it to Mandy. “Can you cut it exactly like this?” Mandy Gazed at the picture. Man, she is beautiful Nicole, who is this?” “My mom” Nicole blurted out as her face reddened. Mandy kept gazing at the naked picture of Nicole’s mom. Finally she handed the picture back and began to work on Nicole’s hair.

Mandy kept giving Nicole compliments on her mother until Nicole finally told her new friend that her mother had died in a car accident. Mandy felt terrible about it. As Mandy continued to work on Nicole’s hair the two girls continued to talk. Nicole was a little taken in by the beauty of Mandy and wished that she had the same outward appearance as she did. She liked the way Mandy was dressed. She liked her shoes, and she liked her personality.

Nearly two hours later Nicole’s hair was finished. Mandy handed Nicole a mirror so she could examine it and she loved it. Nicole quietly thought to herself how her secret plan to seduce her father was coming along. “I have a question for you” Mandy asked. Nicole snapped out of her fantasy and mumbled “what?” “If you help me, I’ll help you” “Oh yeah, how so” Nicole replied. “My apartment is getting sprayed for bugs and everyone has to vacate the building for 48 hours.” “I really don’t have any friends around here and I was wondering if I gave you the hair cut for free, would you let me crash with you for a couple days?” Nicole thought about it and knew her dad was going to be away at a job site. “Sure” Nicole said as she knew she liked her new friend and a little company would be nice.

The girls exchanged phone numbers and addresses. Mandy’s next customer arrived and Nicole left. Nicole drove home and went to her mirror and looked at her new hair style. She walked over to her father’s room and went to her mom’s closet and quietly opened the door. Nicole took off of a hanger her mom’s favorite dress. Quickly Nicole undressed and stood there completely naked. She walked over to her mom’s underwear drawer and reached in and took out a red thong. Nicole stepped into it one leg at a time and pulled it up her sexy legs. As the material slid into her ass Nicole could feel herself bursa eskort getting a little excited. Next she reached in and took out one of her mom’s red push up bra’s and put it on. Nicole loved how it make her breasts look. Nicole fumbled around and pulled out a pair of her mom’s white thigh high stockings She sat down on a small chair and began to roll the stocking up her left leg and then her right one. She stood up and adjusted the stockings so they were both the same height. She gazed at herself in the full length mirror in her mom’s walk in closet and Nicole liked her new look. With shaking hands, Nicole grabbed the sexy red dress and stepped into it. It was a three quarter length dress that had a slit on the side. Nicole went over to the shoe rack and placed her mom’s 5 inch red spiked heels on the floor and stepped into them. She bent down and fastened the straps around her ankles.

Nicole then walked over to the mirror. What she saw was her mother. She looked exactly like her mother. She knew her father wasn’t going to be able to resist her. He couldn’t resist her. It was a little bit difficult to walk in those shoes so Nicole decided to practice walking so she could put her plan in to action. As Nicole walked past the mirror she could see the tops of the stockings and a bit of bare thigh. Nicole knew when her father saw that he would be under her control. Now Nicole just had to figure out how to go out on a date with her father without making it too obvious. Nicole went back to the closet and undressed and returned everything to its original place. She put on her own clothes again and quietly left her dad’s room.

Nicole went and showered because she knew Mandy would be along soon. Just as Nicole finished drying off the phone rang. Nicole ran naked from the bathroom to her bed room and answered the phone. “Hey Nicole, I’m on my way” Mandy said. “OK, I’ll be here waiting for you” Nicole replied. Before Nicole could even finish getting dressed Mandy was ringing the door bell. There was no time to put on a bra and panties so Nicole just threw her long sleep tee shirt on and ran to the door. Mandy saw her and let out a seductive whistle and walked into the house.

Mandy followed Nicole as the girl’s walked to Nicole’s room. Mandy dropped her stuff on the floor and said she would sleep there if she didn’t mind. “No, not at all” Nicole said. Nicole pointed to the bathroom and told her to make herself at home and take a shower whenever she wanted. “Great” Mandy said as she began to peel off her work clothes right in front of Nicole. Nicole had never been attracted to girls before but there was just something about Mandy that Nicole liked. She didn’t mean to stare, but Mandy undressed so fast she couldn’t help to see her breasts as they hung freely in front of her. Before Nicole could muster a word Mandy’s panties were on the floor. All Nicole saw was a small neatly trimmed design of hair over Mandy’s pussy as she turned away and walked naked to the shower. Again Nicole couldn’t help but to look at Mandy’ ass as she walked to the shower.

While Mandy was in the shower Nicole put on a pair of panties and laid on her bed. She turned on the television. Mandy returned from the shower naked and reached into her bag. She pulled out a brand new pink and white teddy and stepped into it. “There is a supplier for Victoria Secrets” that comes to the salon and gives me samples all the time” “Do you like it Nicole” Mandy asked? “I have to say it does look nice on your body.” Mandy reached into her bag and handed Nicole her mom’s picture that she forgot at the salon. Mandy jumped up on the bed and the girls decided to watch television.

There was absolutely nothing on. Mandy asked Nicole why she wanted so badly to look like her mom. Nicole was embarrassed and tried to give her some lame excuse but Mandy wouldn’t buy it. Soon it turned into a tickling match and Mandy was getting the best of Nicole. Nicole was thrashing around on the bed and soon her long tee shirt was up around her waist. Mandy took this opportunity to playfully smack Nicole’s scantily clad ass. SMACK. “Why do you want to look like your mom so much for Nicole” Mandy asked through her giggles. Nicole was giggling and laughing so bad she couldn’t stop.

Finally Mandy eased up and Nicole stopped laughing. She looked Mandy in the eye. “If I tell you something, do you promise not to tell anyone?” Mandy took her fingers and crossed her heart. Nicole paused for a moment and then looked up into her new friend’s eyes. Her face reddened as she was unsure if she should say anything at all. Mandy reached over and took Nicole’s hands into hers and squeezed them for support. “I’m in love with my father” Nicole mumbled. Mandy’s eyes widened. “No way!” Mandy whispered loudly. “I know it is sad but true but I want nothing more than for my dad to have me.” “Oh my god Nicole, that is so hot.” Nicole looked at Mandy a little oddly. “Incest fantasies make me so hot” Mandy said. “When I was younger I fantasized about my brother all the time and then finally I just seduced him.” Now Nicole’s eyes widened. “You did.” Nicole stammered. “Oh yeah Nicole, we have been fucking ever since although now it usually only happens when we are all together for the holidays.

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