Blue Comes To Bed Pt. 01

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My dear readers – Just a few things which I don’t think are in my profile: Blue and I live a life without clothes inside or outside. We live in the middle of nowhere, so that’s pretty easy.

My body is darkly-tanned all over…I try not to miss a day with time in the sun. I’m probably addicted to it.

Blue doesn’t care much for all that sun, but she has prettiest, alabaster-white skin I’ve ever seen! She has short black hair that REALLY looks good on her…she’s so gorgeous!

My hair is almost waist-length platinum blonde. No, that is not my real hair color, but I do keep it that color.

Blue and I want each other all the time and have sex very often…never less than twice a day…three times a day is not unusual.

I want to thank you for reading and for your lovely comments! I cherish them all!

This is part one of a three-part series I wrote about a month ago.

Blue was busy typing, so I went to bed and sat up, reading a book. It didn’t take long for Blue to come to bed. When she climbed into bed, she had that look…those gorgeous eyes that always say, “do me or I’ll die”…

I laid my book aside…I can’t resist those eyes!

Blue climbed on top of me and rested her already-wet pussy on my tummy. I held her hips and let her grind it against me…she was sitting up with all her weight on her pussy against my skin…her juices canlı bahis şirketleri already in a puddle on my tummy. She moved her hips around…rubbing her pussy against me hard while looking into my eyes.

I pulled her down to my mouth and she kissed me hard with urgent need, fucking my mouth with her tongue. My hands moved to her ass and squeezed it firmly…she whimpered and kept kissing me…savagely now, while she fucked her pussy on my firm tummy.

I slid a finger up between her ass cheeks…she grabbed my hair with both hands and a scream came from her throat into my mouth…she tried to devour my lips…her tongue reaching for my throat.

I dug my nails into her ass and screamed back at her, still with our lips locked together. But, when I slid my finger up through her ass cheeks again, much slower this time, she was a fucking animal in dire heat…biting my lips with hers and pulling on them.

I held her body and rolled us over…I pulled my lips from hers only a little…I wanted her to feel my breath on them…

“Oooooooooo, my pretty Blue…I think your pussy needs my attention.”

Blue pleaded with me. “Oh…Sunny…please, baby.”

She reached for my lips, but I pulled back and smiled at her.

I slid my silky-smooth thigh against her sloppy-wet pussy. “Tell me, my love, who is your hot little slut?”

Blue canlı kaçak iddaa pulled harder on my hair…she was so worked up and breathing hard, she could hardly form words. “You Sunny! It’s…you…fuck Sunny…you, baby…”

I held her down and gave her lots of hot, teasing, little kisses on her lips, then, kept my mouth close to hers. “Who is the woman who makes you cum SO fucking hard every time?”

“Oooooooooohhhhhhhh…it’s you Sunny! Only you! Fuck my pussy!”

Oh…this was going to be fun…I reached for our favorite toy…our double dildo!

Blue’s eyes lit up and she started shaking…

I slid down and Blue spread her legs for me…I sat between her legs, facing her…and that pretty pussy of hers. She sat up and I spread my legs, crossing them over hers. She could see how wet I already was.

Oh yes…I was going to take my time…I’m such a fucking tease!

I made her watch me as I slid my finger inside my swollen pussy…I made a show of it, making my body jump a little and squealing with delight.

Yes…I was getting to her…Her eyes watched every move I made and her mouth was open partway…

“Oh…Sunny…no, baby…don’t fucking tease me…please…”

I smiled and pulled my finger out of me, holding it out to her. She went for it with her mouth, but I pulled it away.

“Ooops! You almost had it! Try canlı kaçak bahis again!” I held it out to her again and pulled it back when she went for it…

“Dammit Sunny!”

“Oooooohhhh…poor baby…I have something better for you!”

I grabbed the double dildo and used the large end, my end, on the outside of her pussy…rubbing it against her and playing with her clit with it…Blue leaned back on her hands, her head back, and raised her ass off the bed…

“Ooooooooooooo…fuck me Sunny…give it to me, baby!”

Blue’s sweet juices were already pouring out of her pussy…I turned our toy around and let her watch me use it to play with my wet, swollen orchid…I looked right into her eyes…

“How hard would my baby like to be fucked?”

“Hard Sunny! Real hard! Ram that thing against the back of my pussy!”

“Hmmmm…okay…you know you’re hot slut will NOT show you any mercy, right?”

Then, quick as lightning, Blue grabbed the toy and shoved it HARD into my pussy! I screamed out loud! “FUCK! DAMMIT!”

Blue giggled joyously and shoved her hips forward…her end disappeared inside her…she collapsed onto her back, then got back up again and giggled some more!


“You’d better find something to hold onto! You’re REALLY going to get it!”

My legs were on top of hers…I raised my ass off the bed, gripped that toy with my strong pussy muscles and started working her end in and out of her…gently at first…but, this was NOT going to stay gentle…

Part Two is coming soon.

Thank-you for reading!

Love to all,


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