Boarding School Magic Ch. 01

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The Boarding School was halfway up a mountain, overlooking a quaint European village built on the shore of a beautiful lake.

Lenka loved opening the windows in the morning and breathing in the fresh mountain air. She had been at Miss Astor’s Boarding School for Young Witches for over a year now and she still wasn’t tired of this morning ritual.

She had been living alone in her room for two over the last couple of weeks because her roommate had to leave, her parents had settled in another country and they wanted to have her daughter closer. Not that Lenka minded, she enjoyed being alone, she could concentrate on her spell work and listen to stories on the radio for as long as she wanted. The radio had been a present for her 18th birthday from her mother and was Lenka’s most prised possession.

Her first lesson of the day was history of witchcraft. Lenka loved it, her teacher, Miss Beauregard managed to make it all sound so fascinating. Lenka could have listened to her for hours. Today though the lesson was interrupted by Headmistress who opened the door and walked in with a girl behind her.

“Everyone”, the headmistress said in her elevated voice, “this is Kiki your new classmate. I trust that you will welcome her amongst your midst and make sure that she will settle in nicely. Oh Lenka,” I looked away from the girl and towards the headmistress, “Kiki will be staying in your room, and will be sitting next to you in class, I trust that you will make sure she has got all she needs and help her with her schedule.”

“Yes, headmistress” I nodded seriously.

The new girl sat down next to me and smiled at me, “hello, I’m Kiki”, she whispered. “I’m Lenka, nice to meet you.” Our teacher gave us a stern look and we spent the rest of the hour sitting very quietly, occasionally looking at each other.

Kiki was a very pretty girl, she had lovely blond hair, tied together in a pony tail, blue eyes and a very friendly laugh.

Over the next few days I made sure that Kiki felt welcome, we spent most of our time together, we discovered that were almost the same age, Kiki was only a few weeks older than me. We also liked the same radio programmes and spent a lot of time in our room listening to stories from all over the world. She didn’t like history of witchcraft as much as I did, she preferred Spell Education. She liked to do active things and it was soon clear that she was a top student in Spell Education.

When it wasn’t raining we spent our days outside, lying in the sun, or we went swimming together. Kiki looked divine in her bathing suit, I had to remind myself not to look to often at her chest. I felt very skinny and flat next to her, but Kiki didn’t seem to mind. She kept holding my hand, pointing somewhere and pulling me after her, there was never a dull moment with Kiki.

We kept canlı bahis şirketleri practicing our spells, Kiki was a natural and she loved trying out the things we learnt in class.

One evening after school, there was a bit of a thunderstorm and we couldn’t listen to the radio.

Instead we both lay on the floor and talked about our favourite teacher. We both liked Miss Bellard best, “she’s so intelligent” I said.

“And so pretty…” Kiki said, “I love her red curls. Do you think she has a boyfriend?”

“Maybe she got a girlfriend.” I said, blushing, Kiki looked at me and we both started to giggle.

We continued to talk about silly things and listened to the rain outside. Now and then we’d shoot sparks out of our fingers that flew into the air and turned into different shapes, animals, objects, we kept trying to outdo each other.

It felt so peaceful, I smiled at her, I was glad the radio wasn’t working tonight. Kiki looked at me and she seemed to feel the same thing. Our hands touched and without thinking, we both cast a spark spell, there was a warm light and on the ceiling appeared two faces moving towards each other and their lips touched before the sparks shimmered down on us.

We both blushed, and laughed nervously. Kiki looked at me and cast a spell that created a red blanket that slowly flew through the room and landed on the lampshade, softly dimming the light. Our hands still touching I cast a spell that turned the ceiling into the night sky and millions of stars illuminated our faces.

“That is beautiful” Kiki said, looking at me, her eyes smiling. “Let me try another spell, don’t move.” She sat up against the bed closed her eyes, I could see the concentration on her face. Suddenly I felt myself floating slowly off the ground. I gasped, but didn’t dare move, I didn’t want to break her concentration. I was only a few inches above ground, she made me float towards her and magically steered me to land in her lap, my back against her.

“That was amazing Kiki. You are so strong, I’m really impressed!” I nuzzled myself more comfortable against her. “I think you’re going to be a great witch Kiki.”

“You think so Lenka? I really hope we both will be great witches and always stay friends.” Her hand squeezed mine and I looked up to her and blushed with happiness.

“Get on the bed, I want to show you a trick!” Kiki suddenly blurted out excitedly. I did as I was told and Kiki did another spell, it got even darker in the room and the sound of bells chimed through the air.

She stood a couple of steps away from me and started to move to the music, it looked magically and dreaming, she looked so sensual in her uniform. Suddenly I noticed that her tie was floating in the air and started to unknot, yet her hands where still dancing in the air, moving to the music, canlı kaçak iddaa she did it all with magic. The tie slowly came off and floated towards me, I caught it and held it tightly. Kiki still had her eyes closed, the buttons on her uniform started to open one after another and without using her hands the blouse slid over her shoulder and onto the floor. I started to blush and changed my sitting position. I had never seen something so sexy. Kiki’s skirt started to slide down her legs and she was dancing in her underwear. She turned around, moving her hands in the air like an enchantress and her little bra started to open and floated away. I swallowed audibly. Kiki placed her arms in front of her chest and turned her head. “Did you like that spell?”

My face must have been the colour of a lobster, all I could do was nod enthusiastically. Kiki smiled and stepped towards me. It was dark but I could still make out the shape and little bits of her body where the light of the stars was shining on her skin. I hoped she couldn’t see me blushing, I was so excited. She placed her hand on my cheek and guided me to her belly button.

“Would you like to kiss it?”, Kiki whispered so quietly I wasn’t sure if I heard her or just imagined it.

Instead of answering her, I placed my lips on the soft skin right next to her belly button. I could feel a little shiver going through her and she giggled. “It tickles, do it again.” I placed another kiss on her tummy and this time Kiki didn’t giggle, it was a different sound. I licked my lips and placed another kiss against her, her skin felt so good. I parted my lips and carefully let the tip of my tongue move up her skin. I could feel the tiny hairs on her, I kissed her again, slightly sucking on her skin. Kiki moaned and ran her hand through my hair.

“Oh Lenka, that feels so… Let me do it to you. Close your eyes and get on the bed.”

I did as I was told and moved back up on the bed, lying on my back, conscious of my breathing, fearing it would give away how excited I was. I felt Kiki climbed over me and slowly unbuttoned my blouse and helped me out of it. She straddled my legs and bent down to kiss my tummy. Her lips were so moist, I felt like a thousand butterflies where flying around inside me. She kept placing little kisses on my tummy. I shivered and moaned as she used her tongue to lick my skin. “Oh Kiki…”

She moved up to me, her finger drawing little circles on my belly. Little sparks of blue light where connecting her finger and my skin. “That feels good doesn’t it?”

“Mhmmm” was all I managed to reply.

“Lenka?” she whispered next to me. “Have you ever been kissed by a girl?”

I could feel the heat shooting into my cheeks. “No… but I would like to be…”

I felt her move next to me and then she placed her lips softly onto mine. canlı kaçak bahis I thought I had known magic… we parted our lips only to kiss again. And again. Our lips made smacking sounds as they pressed against each other, our bodies started to move together and we held each other, kissing and kissing.

“That feels so good Lenka, your lips taste like cherries.” Kiki muttered between kisses.

“Mmmm and yours like strawberries”, I replied. We giggled and kept kissing. During a longer kiss our lips parted accidentally and the tip of her tongue touched the tip of mine. We both broke off our kiss, surprised by the sensation. “Do it again!” We kissed again and this time our tongues dared to move a bit further. It felt so good! Our tongues kept moving together, hers on mine then mine on hers. I both our bodies heat up as our curious tongues kept exploring each other.

Eventually we stopped and Kiki looked at me. “Do you have that feeling between your legs too Lenka?”

“Mhmmm”, was again all I could manage to say.

“Would you like me to touch you there? To see what it feels like?”

I nodded in the dark, but I was sure she understood. She kissed me again and her hand which was glowing in a sensual red colour moved from my cheek over my shoulder down to my tiny breast, it felt so warm when she touched me and I felt my nipples swell and grow hard, her hand moved down, warming my tummy and then moved over my underwear.

I gasped as she was touching me. Her fingers slowly exploring me through the layer of cotton. “Oh Kiki… it feels… it feels so good!” pressed my thighs against her hand and moved towards her. She kept touching me, moving her hand and I couldn’t believe how good it felt.

“I want to feel it too.” With her other hand Kiki took my arm and guided my hand between her legs and I slowly started to touch her where she was touching me.

“Oooh”, Kicki moaned. “oh that is…”

We stopped talking and just started to move our hands between each others thighs. I hoped she wouldn’t notice that I was getting wet inside my underwear.

“Faster Lenka”, Kiki whispered, “don’t stop, don’t stop”. Our hands where glowing between each others thighs and we started to rub our fingers in slow circles, both moaning and panting until we suddenly felt something completely different, it hit us almost at the same time. A wave of newfound pleasure was flowing through our bodies, we both gasped and looked surprised at each other, breathing heavily, sweating.

“Do you think that was…” Kiki tried to find the right words.

“I think it was!” We giggled and kissed each other. Our bodies felt like they were made for each other. Our curiosity for each other was only just beginning.

Kiki kissed me and whispered “Let’s do it again Lenka, but this time…” her words trailed off as her hand disappeared down into my underwear.

I moaned as her fingers touched me at my most secret spot and I could feel the sparks through her fingers. I arched my back, moaning happily, looking forward to all the discoveries we would make that night.

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