Boxing Junkies Pt. 03

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Part three in the tale of August and Mason during which the D/s aspect of their relationship intensifies and August really, really likes it. Since the first two installments were focused on Mason’s boxing world, this one is more about August’s as a legal professional, though there is a little bit of boxing fun at the end. As always, you don’t need to read the other stories to enjoy this one, but it will be more enjoyable if you do. I didn’t use the BDSM main classification because the BDSM content is, in my opinion, pretty mild in the grand scheme of things. Full disclosure: this one is also full of romantic feelings and I will not apologize for it. The more I fall in love with the two of them, the sappier my writing seems to get. It is also quite long, but most of it is sex, so you’re welcome.


Some days I have no idea why I became a lawyer. Maybe because I wanted to prove to everyone in the neighborhood that I could, or prove to my dad that I was actually as smart as he thought I was, or maybe at some point in undergrad I lost my mind and just decided to just go with any fucking insane idea that popped in my head, like attending law school. In any case, that was where I ended up, a certified jock in a desk job. I, of course, indulged my true love of boxing and kickboxing during my free time. But some days, really bad days, I would sit at my desk, stare out the window at the river, and wish I had done anything with my life besides go to law school.

I was having one such day, an absolutely awful Wednesday, when everything suddenly took a turn for the awesome. And what followed was an evening that broadened my definition of pleasure.

Just after one in the afternoon, my secretary Annalise caught up with me in the office kitchen as I was coming back from lunch and making myself a cup of life-giving tea. “August, there you are. Mike was looking for you.”

I rolled my eyes openly. “Of course he was. This day just keeps getting better and better. Ever since he blew the Henderson appeal he won’t so much as file a Notice of Appearance until I check it for him.”

“That’s what you get for being the best.” We walked down the hall together toward my office and she passed me a manila file folder. “The James’ Motion for Summary Judgment that you had Will do. But if I were you -“

“Jesus, what the?”

“Yeah, I was gonna say, I took a look at it, pretty terrible. You’re gonna wanna go through it with a fine-tooth comb.”

“This is like first-year intern level garbage. Freaking…ugh. There goes my afternoon.”

Annalise snatched the file back from me. “Tell you what, I’ll go through it first and fix all the grammar, spelling, and formatting errors. Then you can just worry about content, deal?”

I sighed and gave her a one-armed hug when we reached her desk. “You are a goddess.”

She waved me off. “Yeah, yeah. Just remember that in a two weeks when my review is up.” I gave her a wink and started toward my door before she spoke again. “Oh, shoot, sorry. There’s also some guy in your office.”

I turned around. “Some guy? What guy?”

“He didn’t want to give me his name, said he was a friend. Tall, muscular, tattoos on his arms, blond hair, lovely green eyes, looked like a boxer, so maybe someone from your gym?” Annalise shrugged and I hid a smile. I knew exactly who it was. “It’s ok that I put him in there? He was pretty insistent that he not wait out here.”

“That’s perfectly fine, Annalise. Can you, uh, hold all my calls for about an hour. And if anyone stops by, tell them I’m in with a client, ok?”

She flashed me a knowing smile. “You got it, boss.”

I opened my door and just as I expected, my darling heavyweight Mason was playing on his phone while sitting in one of my visitors’ chairs. He looked over at the sound of the door and smiled wide before standing to survey me.

I shut the door behind me and said, “I asked you to keep our relationship private at the gym, not in front of my co-workers. It doesn’t matter if they know.”

“I know, but I’ve grown to enjoy subterfuge, makes me feel all clandestine, or something.” I walked over and greeted him with a kiss. “Damn, baby girl, is this how you always dress for work?” As he kissed me deeper, his arms wrapped around to grab my ass and pull my body flush against his. I was wearing a black pencil skirt, shiny black heels, and a billowy yellow top, and Mason groped every inch of me he could reach.

“Sure is. You like?” He pulled his face away from mine to look me up and down again.

“Oh, yeah. I like all this. Makes me wanna sit in your big, fancy chair and have you on your knees in front of me.” He reared back and smacked my ass hard for emphasis.

Even though my pussy pulsated at the thought of groveling before him, I gave his chest a stiff jab and he quickly released me. “I know your schedule is pretty wide open until your next fight, but did you really have nothing better to do than come and harass me at work?” I circled around my desk and plopped down in my big, fancy chair.

Mason resumed his seat and also merter escort his verbal molestation. “Oh, mama, I haven’t even begun to harass you. And when I start, you’ll know it. Those creamy thighs’ll be wide open and my cock’ll be buried in that sweet pussy you got hidden under that tight ass skirt.”

His grin was childish, but his eyes were focused and earnest. I fought the urge to smile but failed. “You’re a fool. And you should’ve called, we could’ve gone to lunch.” He just shrugged; I continued, “So, what’s up?”

He shifted slightly and cleared his throat like he had something to say but wasn’t sure how to begin. I just waited. Finally he said, “Wanted to ask you something. In person.”


“How much notice do you need to take off work, for say a week?”

“Two weeks, normally. But this place has been in shambles since one of the senior partners died, so right now, probably a month. Why?” I took a sip of my tea, wondering what he was up to.

He got up and came around my desk to lean against it in front of me. “I wanna take you away somewhere, baby girl. Lay on a beach, get drunk everyday, and fuck you for about a week straight.”

I couldn’t have stifled that laugh if you had paid me a million bucks. “Yeah? Where did you have in mind?”

“Anywhere in the world you want. My treat.”

“Mason, I -“

“I know, I know you make good money and you’ve got an independent streak a mile wide. But after that fight on HBO I’ve got the cash and a lot of interest for more fights.” He grabbed both my hands. “That win was huge for me, August, and I know it’s gonna be the difference I needed to start a run for the title.”

“Trust me, I understand better than most how important that was, babe. And I am so, so proud of you. That’s why you should let me treat you.”

His eyes were hooded as he looked down at me and bit his lip. “You already do, several times a day.”

He pulled me up and kissed me like he wanted to take me right there at my desk. And, Lord help me, I was about to let him. That’s when I heard muffled shouting outside my office and with Mason’s arms still around me, Mike burst into my office.

“Oh, sorry, August. I didn’t realize you had someone in here.”

Annalise now poked her head in the door looking exasperated. “That’s why I said the words ‘she has someone in there’ to you, Mike. Several times.”

Mason released me and looked amused more than anything. “Who’s this, now?”

I answered, “Mike Daniels, he’s an attorney here. And you met Annalise, my secretary, earlier.” Before turning to glare at Mike, Mason smiled politely at her and Annalise issued a familiar wave back.

Mike eyed Mason with equal malice. “And you are?”

Mason’s reply was harsh and final. “None of your business.”

Annalise and I locked eyes and shared a smile. I stepped around Mason, patting his back as I did so. Men are so cute when they get territorial. “Mike, what do you need?”

Still staring at Mason, he responded, “Just wanted you look at that brief I was working on.” Finally looking at me, he lowered his voice, “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, why – oh, this guy?” I pointed a thumb at Mason over my shoulder. “Old friend.”

Mike nodded slowly and leered at Mason again. “So, the brief?”

“I’ll meet you in your office in an hour so we can go over it.”

“But -“

“Goodbye, Mike.” He looked like he was going to argue, but instead snapped his mouth shut and left in a huff. Annalise followed, closing the door.

Before I could turn around, Mason’s arms were around my waist and his voice was deep in my ear. “Friend, huh?”

I let out a sigh as he started kissing my neck. “You’re right, subterfuge is fun.” I let out a yelp as his teeth dug in.

“You think either of them bought that load of shit?”

“Nope, and I couldn’t care less.”

“Mmm. So, what do you say, friend, can I book us a trip somewhere hot?”

I could feel his half hard dick against my back and leaned into it. “Hmm, hot like this office? Hot like my pussy right now?”

Mason groaned into my skin and licked up my neck. “Yeah, hot like that.”

“Sounds perfect, friend, but tell me this.” I spun in his arms and laced my fingers together behind his neck. “Why were you afraid to ask me to go away with you?”

His nervous returned again, right before my eyes. “I don’t know. I just, uh, didn’t wanna scare you.”

“With the terrifying idea of a much needed and much deserved vacation?”

“Well…yeah. A trip out of the country, a week just the two of us…that feels…serious, you know?”

Now I was nervous. “And you aren’t sure if you want serious or…?”

“No, baby girl, no, you don’t get it. I want it so bad. I just wasn’t sure if you -“

“I want it. I want that with you, Mason.” I kissed him hard, trying to convince him with my lips that I was all in. From what I was getting from his mouth, he felt the same. After only four months together we had never really talked about our relationship in the formal sense. And the fact that no bayrampaşa escort one besides my godfather, his wife, and few close friends knew about us did give the whole thing a flighty vibe.

I was very into him, though, deadly serious, and quite frankly relieved that he felt the same. When he mumbled my name, I was about two seconds away from ripping off his clothes to show him just how serious I was. Too bad for me, he broke our kiss to stroke my face. “I gotta go before we get into too much trouble. But I’m glad…you know…”

“Me too.” Have I mentioned how cute I find it when I make the normally cool and collected Mason stammer? Because it’s pretty freaking cute. I kissed him again, not ready to get back to the piles of shit on my desk just yet.

“Mmm. You coming over tonight?”

“Of course. You wanna order a pizza, watch the Velasquez/Brady fight, and then fuck until the food coma wears off and then fuck some more?”

I had meant it, but Mason laughed. “You’re a dream come true, you know that?” I blushed under his affection and nuzzled my face against his palms that still cradled my cheeks. He planted one final, lingering kiss on my lips. “Ok, I’m outta here. Text me when you’re on subway.”

I spent the rest of the afternoon clearing off my desk, helping Mike, and trying to deal with the garbage Will had passed off on me. By the time I made it to Mason’s place it was late, I was exhausted, and very much looking forward to a lazy evening. Someone, however, had other plans.

Mason greeted me at the door in a black suit, black silk tie, and crisp white shirt that all fit him like a dream. Considering that I rarely saw him in anything other than sweat pants, athletic shorts, and sweat stained t-shirts, I was taken aback. And more than a little turned on.

“Ms. Matthews.”

“Uh, Mr. Winger.” He let me pass and I tossed my purse and briefcase on table by the door, about ready to jump on him. He looked so damn good. “I didn’t know you even owned a suit.”

He looked pleased as punch and brushed himself off. “Nice, eh? It was supposed to be ready for the Travis fight, but the tailor ran behind so I just got it last week. I clean up good, right?”

Goddamn right he did. “Uh, yeah, real good. But I thought we were staying in?”

Coming toward me he said, “Oh, we are. I just thought we could play a little game.” He eyed me lustfully and I instantly liked where he was going with this.

Remembering how sexy he found my office attire, I thought I knew what he had in mind. “Like an office romance game?”

“Heh, yeah. I can be the boss and you can be my…secretary.”

I reached up to run my fingers through his shaggy blond mohawk. “Mmm, sir, yes, sir.”

He leaned down and brushed his lips lightly over mine, reaching out to tease me slightly with his tongue. One hand cupped my ass and the other traced across the tops of my breasts and collar bones. He whispered against my mouth, “You know I know what you like, but I wanna get a little intense, so do you want a safeword?”

I swear I could have come just from that utterance: his voice, the absolute truth of his assertion, and his ceaseless concern for me was all a little too much when combined. I managed to gasp out, “Miranda.”

He chuckled softly at my legal joke and said, “Good girl.” Then he broke off all contact and I nearly fell over.

He left me standing there as he took a seat on his beloved brown recliner in the living room space just a few feet from the door. “Now, bring me the Smith file.”

I held back a giggle, determined to play this seriously. “Of course, sir.” I looked around. “Um, and that would be…where?”

He pointed to the bottom of the coffee table in front of him. Heels clicking on the hardwood floor, I sashayed over and bending at the hips, grabbed a plain folder from the bottom shelf of the table. I felt his eyes burning into my back as I stood up slowly and turned to face him. “This one, sir?”

He licked his lips and nodded. I took one step toward him and then dropped the file on the left side of his chair instead of in his out stretched hands. “Oops. So sorry, sir. Let me get that.”

Stepping between his wide open thighs, I bent over from the hips once more to grab the file, putting my ass almost directly in his face. Before I could stand up, I felt his hand slip under my skirt, quickly making its way along my thigh and up to my pussy. I braced my hands on the side of the chair, the file forgotten, and let out a breathy moan.

“Why, Ms. Matthews, you seem to have forgotten your panties today.” My first instinct was to reply with a sassy remark about how he always insisted I never wear panties so what did he expect to find. However, since apparently he was playing Mason my boss and not Mason my lover that night, I went with it.

“Indeed, sir, I think I must have.” I was already dripping for him so two fingers slipped easily into my channel. My skirt being tight, I was unable to really spread for him, which only made the whole thing even more arousing.

His çapa escort free hand stroked the back of my neck and his breath was hot in my ear. “That was very naughty of you, Ms. Matthews. Tell me, did you feel like a little slut, your bare ass just a few inches away from being exposed to your colleagues?” He worked his fingers in and out slowly as I struggled to find my words.

“Ugh, yes, sir, I did.”

“And you liked it.”

It wasn’t a question, but I answered him. “Yes, very much so.” He paused and his hand stilled. “Sir. Yes, sir, very much so, sir.”

He resumed pumping his long, thick digits into my pussy. “I should have you over my knee for bringing this sort of behavior into my office, you know that?”

“Ugh. Please, sir, is that necessary?”

“Oh, I think it is.” He removed his hands from pussy and neck and used both of them to shove my skirt up over my hips, exposing my bare bottom half. He tisked and ran a palm over one round cheek. “Such a pity, all this pale skin. I would love to see it turn pink, maybe even bright cherry red. What do you think, Ms. Matthews?”

Panting I replied, “Yes, yes, sir. I always liked the color.”

“Which color, pink or red?”

“Red, sir. Dark red.”

“Put your hands on the coffee table.” I maneuvered myself as he asked, palms on the coffee table, legs straight, bare ass in the air and in his face. When I felt one of his colossal hands come down on my ass for the first time I clenched and leaned my hips closer to him.

“Look at you, naughty little secretary, leaning into your punishment.” His hand connected again and again and again. Mason, being a heavyweight boxer, was quite capable of truly harming me if he chose to do so. The fact that I could feel him holding back his power and giving me just enough to blur the line between pleasure and pain was deliciously intoxicating. It was his control, over himself and me, that really had me moaning nonstop. I had played the dom/sub game somewhat in the past and never really enjoyed it that much. With Mason, though, it just felt…perfect.

In the middle of a resounding smack, I felt overcome with fondness for him and said, “Thank you, sir.”

He stilled. “I’m not even done and you’re thanking me already?”

“Yes, sir, Mr. Winger.”


I turned to look at him over my shoulder, not wanting to break the mood, but also feeling sort of sappy, which was quite odd considering what the hell was happening in his living room at the time. “Because you’ve always been a good…boss to me.”

He smiled and winked, understanding that I meant more than just today, more than just this game. “And you, Ms. Matthews, are by far my favorite employee. ” His hand met my ass yet again and he continued to give me several good, hard, echoing whacks, each punctuated by a gasping moan escaping from my lips.

He continued to work my ass, occasionally pausing to stroke my pussy and use the wetness from it to increase the potency of the whacks. I could feel my skin turn increasingly darker shades of pink, and then, after a little more time, red. His apartment was cool and the breeze created by his smacks added another layer of sensation that cooled my skin just before it was set burning again.

Just when I thought I was about ready to call uncle, Mason ran a soothing palm over both cheeks before licking at my pussy briefly.

“You’ve taken this so well, Ms. Matthews. I think a little treat is in order.”

“Please, please yes. Sir.” I heard him scoot forward on the chair before he lightly grabbed my hips, mindful of my sore bottom, and then tongued at my clit. My knees started to give out, but I snapped them back into place, though not soon enough. He landed several more well positioned smacks on my ass.

“If you can’t handle your treat, I will stop.”

“No, sir, I can. I can handle it, please.”

In reply he licked at my clit once more before running his tongue back along the length of my slit until he reached my asshole, which he circled with just as much care. I spread my legs further and forced my knees to behave as he came back through to repeat the motion.

He laved lovingly at my cunt, alternating between tending to my clit and sucking at my inner labias. I let out a harsh groan and was starting to thrust my hips back to meet his mouth. And just as I was about to come, Mason removed his mouth from the equation, leaving me to let out a frustrated moan.

“I’m quite hungry, Ms. Matthews and sad to say that your pussy isn’t filling me up.”

“I’m sorry, sir. I wish I had a more substantial offering.” I bit my lip to stop a laugh from rising up and I heard him fighting back the urge as well. “How can I remedy the situation, Mr. Winger?”

Both of us back on track, he pointed to his cell phone on the coffee table. “Order me a pizza and we’ll see if I can’t tide myself over until it gets here.” I started to stand up, but a hand coming down repeatedly on my ass stopped me. “I didn’t say you could move.”

“Of course, sorry, sir.” I maintained my position and reached forward to grab his phone. As I was dialing our favorite place, Mason’s soothing palms were doing their work again on my ass. When my call was answered and I was about to speak, his mouth returned to my pussy and I let out a wanton gasp right as the pizza guy greeted me.

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